While it’s disappointing, it’s more upsetting to hear why Miedema joined Manchester City Women

Ask any die-hard Arsenal Women’s fan what they expects for next season, and they will tell you that they expect Jonas Eidevall and the girls to finally click as a team and compete for the league and other silverware.

The injuries that have plagued our Gunner Women over the last two seasons (especially the 2022–23 season), as well as the signing of over ten players between 2023 and the present, justify this anticipation. These new recruits, who arrived at the club with a variety of personalities, attitudes, ideas, and expectations, undoubtedly required time to form a bond and excel.

Last season, the club was inconsistent because most players were still getting to know each other and trying to understand what the technical bench demanded of them. There were also a number of returning players – particularly players returning from ACL injuries that require a long rehabilitation process. While it’s plausible to argue that Arsenal didn’t consistently perform at their best during the previous season, it’s absurd to suggest that they never demonstrated exceptional football.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. While it’s disappointing to see Vivianne Miedema join Manchester City Women, it’s even more upsetting to hear her declare that her main motivation to go there was that she only wanted to play at a club that plays “good football”.

“Having thought really hard about my future after leaving Arsenal, the main thing that popped up was that I wanted to be at a team who are playing good football,” said Miedema of her decision to join Manchester City.

Miedema has also put out a statement on X Twitter today:

With these statements from the Dutch goal machine, one can’t help but wonder, “Is there no hope for Arsenal Women playing good football?”

Really.. What do you think?

At the end of the day though, we wish Viv the best of luck in her future.

Susan N

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  1. It hurts seeing her in the Man City sky blue. Very good player when fit but she has become the Partey of the women’s team, always injured. As a top earner, she has to be available for games. The same reason I want Partey gone. Good luck to her. I hope we beat them to the title.

  2. While Jonas Eidevall is the head coach at Arsenal, Vivianne Miedema will not be the first player to make such a comment, and she certainly won’t be the last player. Nothing wrong with what she said whatsoever. Other players have ivisaid the same that have moved on, while Eidevall has been at Arsenal. It’s a shame ex players have not exposed his intimidating out of the blue mood swings. Best of luck to Vivian’s Miedema. It is a shame she’s gone. It now makes Manchester City even more stronger going into 24/25 season

    1. Hope she is a failure at Man City
      She disrespected a club and fans that idolised her
      She has earned all the boos she will get when she plays against Arsenal
      We were better that City last year and will be even better this.
      She has given Arsenal players even more motivation

        1. In essence, you want her to score a hat trick against us just to smite Eidevall. Talk about cutting your own nose just to smite your face. I wish her well, but not against us

        2. And what’s the hell is your name
          She was nothing till she came to Arsenal and she will be nothing again.
          You do not insult your old teammates when leaving a club
          Mind you she will be in good company with you

  3. I want what’s best for her because she gave the best of her to us. I want her to do well at city but for us to beat city in wcl and wsl title. Is that too much to ask?

  4. Maybe the attitude is in those dutch who left because they wanted to be somewhere else.
    Van Persie was similar.

  5. As a Chelsea fan looking at the league Jonas’ transfer policy as well as his antics are what’s holding Arsenal back. Chelsea are still the side to beat and are signing top quality (have you seen the front players) whereas the others are scratching about for other teams cast-offs. This is down to Hayes and the culture she created there.

  6. looking forwards, the main thing is that Arsenal gel as a team of many talented super players, if they do this, and i think they will, other stories like the Viv saga, may fade a bit into history, though it s possible that she may give City some extra attacking options …. on balance though, i d much much rather be a supporter in red next season, rather than one in pale blue

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