Whilst Arsenal fans rebel, Man United are applying pressure

Manchester United climbed to within one point of Arsenal in fourth place tonight, while Arsenal are struggling to attract the support they are succumbed to.

Manchester United beat Crystal Palace 2-0 tonight, and have closed the gap between themselves and Arsenal to only one point, but the latter have a match tomorrow to restore their four-point lead.

At this point in the season, the Gunners can not allow themselves to slip up, but whilst the club are desperate to reignite their side, the fans seem disinterested. Only 18 of the 134 seating sections are sold out according to e-ticketing (at the time of writing), and there has been claims of a social media walk-out being arranged during the game.

Should Arsenal fail to win the must-win match against West Brom tomorrow, there will be uproar, but I would be more livid with the so-called supporters than the team or the management.

You are supposed to be a fan through thick-or-thin, highs-or-lows, and your team needs you now! You want to push for a new manager, but you want all of our best players to stay? Who is going to be more effected tomorrow, Ozil and Sanchez or Wenger and the board?

I know times are hard right now, I’m as annoyed as any of you that we have fallen from title-challengers to fighting to stay in the top-four, but I will be in that stadium tomorrow cheering my team on to rectify things. The be-all and end-all is that our problems are on the pitch, as if we was winning and top of the league, there would be no problems!

If we drop out of the top-four this season, yes, maybe Wenger will have his hand forced to move on, but I don’t even believe he would leave if we did! But I do know that Ozil and Sanchez deserve to be playing in the Champions League, and I want us to sign other players who fit the bill also.

We are already expected to see a huge influx of top players to the Premiership this summer, and we will struggle to land any of those if we did lose our grip on qualification for Europe’s elite competition.


Updated: April 20, 2016 — 11:17 pm


  1. If Arsenal are winning it
    might back fire if the
    fans walk out.
    Wenger could say
    “Look we are doing what the fans want and they still walk out”
    The media will say “fussy Arsenal fans walk out on winning team”.
    The best time to protest is after a loss.

    1. I really don’t care if we beat W.Brom 5-0 or whatever

      This Team can’t guarantee the fans on a 5 game winning run

      and since when was it an easy walk against pulis’ men?…..won’t talk of Big sam’s or NeiL’s or worse still Pellegrini’s

      Team Arsenal is in total disillusion and regress, it will Take a miracle to rescue us…

      Arsenal fans are not REBELs…..so don’t preach to me bout rebellion , 12 good years of standing by wenger and his averages with nothing to show for and they say we should continue being the gentLe , supportive Librarians?

      They think we rebels cuz we want what’s best for our club?…. Sitting all day cheering for the boys against the albions will not change a thing going on at this club……The Rot will continue…. Only a Revolution can end this $$$h!t



      these words…..these words

      Where are the Authors??????

    3. You’re may be right, but IMO it makes it look like the root of our protest has a recent origin. Protesting against a winning team really shows that our cause has its roots from long before that.

      As an example, Barcelona/Real Madrid fans being outraged at the players as they leave the stadium after a loss look more like spoiled crybabies, whereas Liverpool-supporters leaving anfield while their team was winning 2-1 (ended up drawing 2-2) proved how serious they are about their cause.

      We need to be consistent and united with our message.

  2. OT
    Jack Wilshere’s back.
    I thought it was his ankle 🙂
    Actually Jack has missed 50 games
    this season so for him it’s
    an early “come back” 🙂
    It would take a check out operator at Tescos
    620 years to earn the amount of money Jack has been paid
    for his zero minutes played this season.
    Poor Jack..I mean poor rich Jack:)

  3. Any slip ups now could spell disaster for us, with both Manchester clubs in the mix still!

    1. what?……….missing out on UCL spot is Disaster?

      Oh c’mon man……u dn’t know real disaster!

      Tell u where the real disaster lies….. No EPL in the Next 50yrs under wenger, Arsenal become a mid-tablers , Arsenal relegation candidates ….Arsenal becomes Leeds FC…..Arrrgghhh!… Oh what’s wrong with me….. I better stop….i better stop!

      Phew….now thats better… *All in the head*

  4. Arsenal fans “rage” mmm?
    The “Library” fans might start
    savagely clicking their biro pens,
    shake their heads in unison or even
    brandish their red library cards
    at Wenger while whispering
    “its time to go old chap” 🙂

  5. For the first time since opened, Emirates will produce many echoes from the empty seats. Sad to see, but that’s the consequences for being undervaluation to the fans. Again sad to see, that wind of changes will need to blow this way. Good luck for the revolutions guys!
    Back in the game, I’m definitely backing my team whatever happen, and I’m sure most of rebel gooners will see this match from distances anyway. ManShit was tight last night so 3rd place is wide open to grab. ECL non qualification spot is the best thing we can get. This team must answer fans rage, not the complete one, but at less, save our dignity please! You must have it somewhere. COYG!!!

  6. Wenger said he won’t let ozil and Sanchez go because they have 2 year contract remaining. He won’t buy top striker either because he doesn’t want to win trophies.

    1. I think “He doesn’t want to” is just a ridiculous thing to say…..

  7. Wenger failure
    Kronke failure
    Gazidis failure
    Transfer policy failure
    Injury list failure
    Tactics failure
    Akb’s failure
    Big game failure
    Defense failure
    Strikers failure
    Arsenal = failure under wenger and will never win any major trophies until the greedy man is fired.

  8. You think we still care about the Top4???
    If they like let them win/lose..all I know is that I love what the fans are doing!

  9. Sam, need a striker

    “You are supposed to be a fan through thick-or-thin, highs-or-lows, and your team needs you now!”
    Arsenal fans are one of the most loyal fans in the world, we are here without EPL for long 12yrs and what we get out of it! listen to Wenger when he yesterday said:
    “I hope in the next years Arsenal will always play in the top three and hopefully people won’t get disenchanted and have to agree with less”
    This what we deserve right now because we didn’t get rid of him years ago …
    The ship is sinking deep, so part of being an Arsenal fan through thin, we have to do something (specially those in the UK) boycotting, protesting whatever …

  10. fans r not angry cos we are playing badly, but because our manager refuses to strengthen this team. if am not mistaken, there was a season we r top of the EPL instead Wenger to buy cover in Jan transfer, he went n brought injured kallstrom. and we all know how it turned out. this season again Wenger was supposed to buy a DM n a striker but he didn’t. he told us he didn’t see anyone who can improve what we have. but DAT summer kondogbia was available. what he did was to panick buy slow elneny with zero control and zero dribble. kondogbia n elneny who’s better?. him not buying to improve this team is one thing but not proving us wrong that we dont need to buy to win titles is another thing. this is why we fans are angry.

  11. Let it begin.

    It’s the only way they will listen and we can be heard.

    All change please!

  12. well every season I cme with the same optimism that nxt season is our year.then we face the so called big boys ,we get hammered and I always ask myself how and why were we nt able to win.then wenger after an accidental twiq to the squad finds the reason why ARSENAL was poor.I.e emergence of coq showed him that we needed a world class dm addition what does he do settles for average.this season also striking department pissnpoor.I love iwobi but his emergence shows neednof a world class player there.now ,every year I sit hoping wenger learns but I hve learned that he wilp not learn.the guys is blind just seeing the favourisim in the club shows that.his blind with faith and fears benching his favourite players.we need someone qho will see the problem and rectify it,pple hve pointed out for him the problm yet he he is still blind.I hope he prooves me wrong but I wouldn’t entertain another year of ifs and thebbiggest if will be why didn’t we change guard.if fans will entertain another year of heroic fourth place run in ,all I can say webr killing our club open ur eyes before reality gives us a part two coz its has realy kicked us in the gut this season showing us the truth.its arsenal I I love coyg!!

  13. Yeah, arsenal lost it when we all thought this is our season. But to sum it up, Arsenal is not a failure under Wenger cos most trophies we had came during his regime but recently we have not been doing really good. We lack fighting spirit, atimes coordination in the team, no real leader. But the truth need to be said, if Arsenal Wenger leaves today, which of the coach can fill in and do the magic for Arsenal. Man utd since the exit of Sir Alex, has lost a lot of respect from mid table clubs, Chelsea brought back one of the best Coach in MOU, but where are they today. Barcelona lost three consecutive la liga matches, their fans still stood behind them. We need to support the team to the end of the season. if we hate wenger, do we have to hate the players as well? If we want Wenger to go fine, but let’s get behind the playerst tonight and cheer them to victory. Take it or leave it, if you are a true Arsenal fan and we lose out of the champions league, how are you gonna feel when teams are lining up for the championship next season. Kudos need to be given to Leicester, losing three Matches so far deserve applause.

    1. Are you seriously comparing Barcelona losing three consecutive *matches* with Arsenal going 10+ consecutive *years* without a peep at the title?!!!

      Perfect expression of how Arsene’s zero ambition has corroded the whole Arsenal family. You deserve the team Arsenal has become.

      1. And has your hatred for Arsenal Wenger brought you the trophy? Point made by the fan but we still ne8to get behind the players. Let’s learn how to move on even when things are hard

  14. Who owns Arsenal, Wenger or the fans? It doesn’t matter how bitter we feel, there is no reason why we should abandon our team. It is silly! Hasn’t Leicester moved from bottom to top of the table? We have already made our point and that should be enough. What if Wenger leaves and some of our top players follow him? Do you think the likes of Ozil and Sanchez would stay in a confused team whose manager they may not know? I doubt it. Some fans may think Wenger’s departure is a panacea for all our ills but rational minds tread with caution. How many managers has Man U had since Ferguson’s departure and how much money have they spent but have they attained success yet? It is even doubtful that they would win EPL if they got Mourinho next season. There are many top class managers coming to EPL so it is not going to be easy next season. Do some fans feel the club would rather be wound up if it can’t win EPL in the next few seasons? How long has Liverpool gone without winning? What of the other 16 clubs or so which have never won it? Don’t they have fans who support them on a weekly basis? It is okay to protest and make yourself heard but this should not be exaggerated to the long term detriment of the team and club.

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