White explains how he and Gabriel work so well together despite their language difference

Ben White has discussed the impressive on-field chemistry that he shares with his defensive partner, Gabriel Magalhaes, despite the language limitation they both have.

The Englishman admits he speaks very little Portuguese and Gabriel speaks limited English.

However, they have managed to achieve success so far because they both know what to do and have just “clicked”

White joined Arsenal in the summer, while Gabriel joined them at the start of last season.

They now appear to be the perfect centre-back partnership at the club and have conceded just one goal in the four league games they have been paired together so far.

Their partnership is making Arsenal fans dream of ending this season in a European place, but some are curious to know how they have got on with the job so well and White believes their abilities have helped despite the language barrier.

“He doesn’t speak much English. I don’t speak Portuguese,” White explained during a livestream on Twitch

“There’s not much we can say to each other.

“[But] we know what we have to do. We just click.”

Both defenders will maintain their place in the Arsenal team when club football returns after this international break and they will target more clean sheets.

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  1. Gabriel and Rolls Royce has been playing really well now. Hopefully the good performances continue.
    Somewhat offtopic but relevant to this, White had the tall Dunk and Burn as his partners in a backthree which allowed him ball carrying license. I wonder if with the return of Saliba, we can see a similar setup at Arsenal?

    1. If this happens , I wonder if their new owners will come over for the odd pint of newkie brown and a dip in the Tyne, as frequent as our owner graces us with his presence in dear old London Town ?

      1. I would imagine Steve Bruce’s odds of being next manager sacked have tumbled off the betting charts .

        1. Yep for sure D K.

          If this done come of this time, wonder who they will pay shed loads of cash to bring in ?

          They’ll be a few managers out there adding a few zero’s to their T & C’s !!

          1. And “of” =”off” too, if you wish to join the pedants society , of which I am the President!
            I wouldn’t recommend it though! I wish I were able to leave but I am trapped, permanently!

  2. Ah come on,he’s been here a year now,he should be able to communicate with his teammates by now, especially if he’s been taking English lessons.

  3. @Jon

    Mr President.

    Damn – never noticed that, given my original correction was upon second read through !!!!!!!!!

    I can see why you have risen through the ranks to attain the position over which you today preside with such authority.

    I personally would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your insightful, loyal service and guidance.

    However, I fully acceptant I have miserably failed the pedants society entrance exam, and withdraw my application in good grace.

    (I thought the annual subscription fee to be exorbitant anyway).

    P.S. I did however see fit to double check the term “pedants” , before realising there was in fact no grounds to instruct my solicitor (if I had one) to commence legal proceedings.


    The eternal conundrum.

    When should one not reply to ones own comment(s) correcting grammatical / spelling errors.

    Should one simply take as read that those reading will accept such errors have occurred, due to afflictions such as “failing eyesight” “wondering fingers” or simply being “As Thick As a Brick” (Jethro Tull), whilst fully understanding ones original meaning ?

    P P P S – Please God don’t let there be a typo lurking in the above text.

    Well done Jon (no smiling emoji).

    1. AJ, I have to officially now welcome you into the pedants society, as you have passed the examination .

      And you have my deep sypathy on your fate!

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