White Hart Lane delay gives Arsenal a disadvantage

Spurs’s stadium delay was originally a PR disaster for Arsenal fans to laugh at. Daniel Levy lying to his own fans, knowing full well their new home wasn’t going to be ready by August. Banter aside, no one would want supporters in an unsafe building just to save their blushes. But as their move date changes from 2018 to 2019 the more it impacts on us.

The North London Derby is scheduled for the 2nd of March with much debate about where the venue will be. Those responsible for it’s construction believe that the club deep down know the new target date of January 12th is not a realistic one. If that’s the case, Man United , like Liverpool and Chelsea will get to avoid having to play a rival at a brand new White Hart Lane. This is where the integrity of the competition gets questioned.

It’s expected to be 4 from 6 to qualify for the Champions League. There might not be too much points difference between 4th and 6th. Given the choice we much rather face them at Wembley then in an environment which will be more hostile, it’s two completely contrasting atmospheres.

Why should some get the comfort of going to the national stadium while others have to overcome new surroundings?
It could be the difference between us finishing above or below Chelsea or even Spurs. In terms of the title race, City watched how Liverpool silenced Spurs in their rented house. The Champions should get the same chance.

It could even have an impact on the relegation picture. It’s those scenarios why the League have long had the regulation that each team should only play at one home stadium before bizarrely undermining their own rule book.
Perhaps board members didn’t want the hassle of arguing with Levy? Out of the goodness of their hearts the Premiership have given Tottenham an inch, now they want to take a mile. There’s even talk of the MK Dons home being a third possibility, which further undermines the fairness of our domestic game.

Surely the time has come for their grand opening to be postponed for the next campaign, no one wins out of this current situation. Paying customers still cannot plan for match days. It won’t be as big a deal being unveiled in March or April and most of all, if the majority of the League gets to face them at Wembley, then we should as well.

Would that be the fair thing to do?

Dan Smith


  1. John0711 says:

    We gave our own problems we still can’t defend for ?

  2. jon fox says:

    What a narrow view about us having a disadvantage. The longer Spurs play AWAY from their real home, the more the advantage is to all their rivals, us included. It makes me laugh sometimes how so many see only the narrow picture, not the wider one. It already seems that IF, (A HUGE IF TOO) we are going to make top four, it will be at Spuds and Uniteds expense. The longer Spurs are delayed , then clearly the better for us.

  3. gotanidea says:

    Relax. Tottenham might struggle in 2019, because they still have to play in Champions League and they lack the personnel

    As far as I remember, most Arsenal fans never thought much of the opponents, because we knew that Arsenal were one level above the likes of Liverpool, Tottenham, Man City and Chelsea in early 2000s

    Now I know how Everton and Newcastle fans’ thoughts, after getting stuck in mediocrity for many decades

  4. barryglik says:

    Relocating in the middle of
    winter would be madness.
    The advantage of the new
    stadium has already been lost after defeat to Liverpool.
    All 3 group stage CL games are to be played at Wembly.
    By Jan Spurs could well be battling for top 4
    and be hidden away in the YouRopey League.
    A brand new stadium deserves a full pre season programme.
    Open days for the public. Special days for kids.
    Concerts and other high profile event in the warmth of summer.
    Two or 3 celebrity football games would highlight proceedings.
    A Xmas present opening might have been acceptable but
    anything after the New Year would be so underwhelming.
    Just imagine their first ever competition game being
    a loss v bitter rivals Arsenal 🙂

  5. barryglik says:

    OT but is it only me that thinks
    young Alfie the Arsenal Vloger
    is a dead ringer for Donald Trump.
    Sorry Alfie but to be fair you look
    like the 2nd most well known person in the world
    after Barry Glick of course 🙂

    1. jon fox says:

      Specsavers for you barryglik. One looks about 15 with fair hair, the other is fat, gross, racist, ghastly, fat, with grey hair dyed blond and is 70 years old. Anyone who sees a similarity in those totally different people has perception problems.

    2. gotanidea says:

      No, he looks like the young Axl Rose

  6. ozziegunner says:

    I always think the Arsenal is a class above gloating on the misfortune of others, even Spurs.

  7. Phil says:

    Surely the Premier League will soon demand that the Spuds MUST now play ALL their League games at Wembley for the remainder of the Season.That way THEY gain no advantage.
    We undertook the same project as they did.The Emirates was built ON TIME and ON BUDGET.If the reports coming out now are correct that the Main Contractor was not in overall control of the project due to Daniel Levy attempting to cut costs then they have dug their own grave.They would have known well before the season started that the Construction Works would not be finished on time yet it didn’t stop them getting their supporters to pay for the tickets.They are to blame for the whole fiasco so why should they be given any advantage?

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Exactly Phil and for that they should be penalised by the FA. Points deduction at least. Them and Liverpool are getting lots of positive media coverage lately along with United who’s always had it. Man City get a hard time but like the Invincibles we’re, are too good to have any effect.

  8. gearoid de burca says:

    the problem with gloating about others misfortunes is that it invariably comes back on us. karma is a great leveler , as we all know . remember how we used to laugh at manchester united playing on thursday nights in the europa league . now it is uniteds turn to laugh at us mugs !.we should leave other teams alone and get on with the job of supporting our own boys . i care not a jot if spurs never go back to the lane , i care not a jot about any other club . lets just concentrate on being united about our own club firstly . after all , we are not perfect, and it will take more than a season or two to sort our own problems out . i always find it funny that these very same arsenal fans who gloat about other clubs misfortunes are the same fans that come on here crying if some people have a go at the arsenal . funny old rock and world really , dont you think ?.

    1. jon fox says:

      True what you say, BUT it is a key and natural part of being a true football fan. We SHOULD, of course be grown ups BUT who actually wants to be one? Not me , for one! Football is about passiion and that leads to strong comments; goodness knows I , of all people, am guilty of that. But so are others and that is the natural world that we all live in. You want sophisticated behaviour? The go watch Ballet/ Opera. There is passion in those too but also no (overt, at least) gloating about others failures. I LIKE IT THE WAY IT IS. In any case , it matters little what anyone thinks , as nothing will change, in gloating. Part and parcel of the game, even though childish I do agree. Realism.

  9. Sue says:

    Sod the spuds!
    Under 23’s had another good win last night! Well done Freddie & the lads!

    Watched 2nd half of Fulham v Watford… not a bad half. Amazed at Newcastle selling Mitrovic (& even more amazed at them swapping Gayle for Rondon!!)

  10. Liam says:

    Comparing this build to the emirates is short sighted and like comparing apples and oranges. The Emirates is a ‘nice’ stadium but there is nothing architecturally impressive about it. I’d rather wait 2 years for spurs stadium than be stuck with the emirates for the foreseeable, the emirates is undistinguishable and soulless. Think about what’s being built, the fact that it’s built on the same site as the old ground to has its challenges that the emirates never had to contest with. The challenges faced by spurs at every level have been far greater than anyone cares to give them credit for. And remember they still finished above arsenal despite playing 38 away games. Perspective is in short supply I think. Don’t believe everything you read either…

    1. Break-on-through says:

      The home advantage is not just familiarity with the turf, it is the numbers, the home fans outnumbering the away by some margin. I’m sure they’re used to the grass and facilities by now. And why would you say you’d rather their stadium over our own, you have no idea what it’s like yet sure it hasn’t been built. The Emirates was marveled by many, everyone gave it plaudits and marveled at it. It is the fans responsibility to breathe life into it.

  11. Innit says:

    I would rather read an article on Everton than Spuds because at least we are playing them tomorrow.


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