White reveals what career he would have had if he did not play football

Arsenal defender Ben White has revealed his most likely career choice if he wasn’t a footballer.

The defender moved to Arsenal last season from Brighton and has also had spells at Leeds United.

White is very open about not being a football fan and does not always watch games when he is not on the pitch.

The Englishman has revealed a baffling career choice if he had not succeeded as a football player.

‘I’d probably be working with my dad if I wasn’t a footballer. He used to be a gardener,’ he wrote in Arsenal’s matchday programme as reported by the Daily Mail

‘I think that’s why there was never any pressure on me growing up, because I would have been very happy with that.

‘I went into football but it would have been no problem for me to do what my dad did.’

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White seems very sincere and satisfied as he enjoys all the benefits of being a football player.

The defender does his job on the field and there is no need to fault his habit of not watching the sport.

At the end of his career, he can decide to stay retired and enjoy life or find another job.

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  1. Just shows that somepeople are not that career ambitious, which will often make them more content and fulfilled.

    Gardening ,it could be argued, is a more healthy all round career than being a footballer. As in many various careers, there are many people, who though they have a real talent for what they do, they are often not that passionate about that chosen career, when not actually working in it.
    Just as well for mankind, IMO!

    1. Interesting first paragraph Jon
      It really depends on how you evaluate career ambitious. Nothing wrong at all being a fully professional gardener rather than just a mow and blow
      The main difference is that unless you are Alan Tichmarsh the financial rewards don’t stack up

      1. It always amazes me how sòme successful people come up with stories of sort Jamy Vardy may have had one too, wondering what is Bill Gates story.?

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