Who agrees that Arsenal need a new top class goalkeeper?

Arsenal needs a world class goal-keeper ASAP! By Sylvester Kwentua

Just this morning, I watched clips of Petr Cech while he was at Chelsea and I must say, I was really impressed by his heroics in between the sticks. He was a marvel to watch while at Chelsea, he had records of clean sheets while there and whenever the ratings was out, he was always among the top five goalies in the world! Petr Cech was a great goal keeper.

When Petr Cech came to Arsenal, I recall a particular footballer, John Terry I think, claiming that Arsenal had bought a goalkeeper who was gonna save us 12 points, every season, and true to his words, Petr Cech’s first season in Arsenal was superb! But that is where it all ends, and you won’t any tipsters recommending Cech in any betting accumulator tips to win the Golden Glove in this campaign.

Ever since this season started, we had lost games in which a better performance from Cech would have won us the points. Our first game of the season against Liverpool was a game that if Cech had come to the party, we would have either drawn or won the game. Our defense was in confusion and a keeper of Cech’s reputation would have gathered all the experience in the world to coordinate and motivate them, especially as the defensive pair was made up of two not so experienced defenders. We lost that game, partly due to Cech not being at his best.

Just recently against Chelsea, Petr Cech committed a schoolboy error by gifting the ball cheaply to a former Arsenal captain to score a foolish goal! Probably, he was showing professional courtesy to Fabregas, or how else will you explain the folly? However, Cech is not the only Arsenal goalie to take a stick for committing cheap and foolish errors.

David Ospina, was our savior in the group stage of the UEFA Champions league, especially against PSG and he must be commended for accepting to be a 2nd choice keeper (that is what he really is for now), despite being the first choice goal keeper for his country.

Nevertheless, Ospina in my own opinion has not done enough to push Cech all the way, and if we are to judge based our last games against Bayern Munich and Sutton FC, he is not yet ready to be number one! As far as I am aware, there is no difference really between Cech and Ospina.

One of the first things the coach for next season must do is to address the goalkeeping department. Petr Cech has to go and in his place, Arsenal should get a younger, taller and ambitious goal keeper to complement and really fight for a first team shirt with David Ospina. Who will I recommend for the coach? Folks, we can tempt Kasper Schmeichel to Arsenal if we put in a bid that carries a lot of weight at the end of the season. Or what do you all think?


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  1. If we could get a genuine worldy well then I’d say go for it. Schmeichel is not that keeper. I like the look of Jordan Pickford but he has a ways to go yet. Germany is usually a good place to look, that Neuer fellow is easily the best in the business, not sure if they have anyone pushing him close enough though. I would have thought Arsene would get Loris, he was France no1 when they signed him. Ospina, I don’t see the sense in selling Cech and keeping him, Cech might now be more easily swayed fighting for a starting place than he was before signing with us.

  2. I think you are a little harsh on Cech. Is he still at his prime? No he is not. Is he still one of the best? IMO he is still definitively better than what City or Liverpool have between the sticks.

    Top goal keepers are hard to find and when you do they make a difference. Lloris and Gea are great keepers and but after that are their many who would top Cech?

    Sure we could improve on Cech but given that we are a club that will not spend what a Man U has spend the last several seasons, with Cech and Ospina in our squad would upgrading really be a priority?

    I would like us to spend our limited resources on some more pressing positions, Striker (especially if Sanchez leaves, winger (no not Wenger), LB/RB, creative midfielder (especially if Ozil leaves).

    Also, I think should Cech decline further Ospina when given regular game time could well do the job for us. He is probably a better shot stopper and could learn to improve on the other elements of his game when given the opportunity of regular football. Better goal keepers are hard to find and expensive.

  3. I think it’s pretty obvious Cech’s still working for Chelsea!

    Cech needs to go in the summer. He’s been really disappointing since day one, where he gifted West Ham the win. He’s seems to get beaten almost every time at his near post, which is not the sign of a top keeper. Cech was class at Chelsea, but I do think the defence made him look better, whereas at Arsenal, Cech has no protection on too many occasions.

    I was a huge fan Ospina, but you can see he’s not quite the same anymore, after barely playing for almost two seasons. He wasn’t deserving to be pushed into the role of reserve keeper, just so Wenger could bring in his long-term target Cech, especially at a time when we had so many issues in the outfield that needed to be resolved…which were ignored!

  4. I agree that Arsenal needs a new Top class manager
    ….oops sorry!
    As for that helmet wearing gaffer…..He’s finished for me…

  5. Martinez has always done well when given a chance. Has anyone seen him play recently?

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