Who agrees that Ozil needs to leave Arsenal this summer?

What could be The Real Reason for Ozil Snub? By Goonerboy

Mesut Ozil has always been a divisive player since joining Arsenal and, for the record, I have NEVER been an Ozil fan since his very first season in Arsenal. For me he symbolised Arsenal’s reactive transfer policy and lack of ambition, yes you read that right – lack of ambition!

I know you are thinking “but he was our then record signing”, but before you wonder further, remember the summer we bought Ozil was the same summer we made that ridiculous bid for Suarez.

You and I know that we wouldn’t have signed Ozil if we got Suarez, which shows that Ozil’s purchase was actually to appease the disgruntled fans. That was a period where we had the likes of Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky, Cazorla and we never needed Ozil.

When we bought him, yes I was happy to see us sign a player deemed “world class”. But fast forward to present day, he has been such a disappointment for me. I know his die-hard fans would never agree but I don’t care.

Look, I have never seen a so-called world-class player so one-dimensional, lazy, have so many stupid excuses made for him and so divisive. Ask yourself, if he was really good, why would he need people to constantly make excuses for him?

When Cazorla came, his quality shone through, he improved the squad, no single person questioned his ability, it was so glaring – and to this day we still wish we had him. Can we say the same about Ozil when he leaves? Certainly not me!

Fast forward to this present day, to be fair to him, he was at least showing desire under Arteta but since the restart, he has not even kicked a ball.
We have had ‘he was injured’ and all of that, but now he is fit, and he is not even making the bench. I expected to see him start against Villa, but he was not even on the bench.

I thought about it again and then I remember the reports about his refusal to take a pay cut as the rest of the team did, could that be the reason why he has been side-lined? If not, is he that useless that he can’t even make the bench against Villa?

I don’t want to believe he has been snubbed just because he is not hardworking or good enough, you can’t go from starting every game pre-lockdown to not making the bench. Whatever the case might be, the earlier we get rid of him, the better for the team and the club as a whole, I want him gone so bad that I would consider it a good summer if the only business we did was to offload him…




  1. I agree. Take The Oriental Express to Istanbul, herr Özil. Back Asn’l. Arteta and Kroenke out.

    1. hahatake U think they have seats available; id like to reserve for that all dumb board. One way tickets be fine.

      Ozil takes jets or Yatch in summers.

  2. I do want him gone this summer, even if only to free up some funds.
    However, I just cannot accept the possibility of having Mesut gone the only piece of transfer business this summer….that would be straight up mind-boggling!

    Just look at where we are!

  3. Yes, I agree. It cannot be good for the overall atmosphere to have anybody hanging around on that salary, doing nothing, while everyone else works their socks off to get in the team and not getting anything like that stupid salary. A liability all round.

  4. The scoop is to actually have this as a question. I have no other answer your honor!

    Question is; how do we offload a Diva who doesnt even play golf in Uk?

    Lets be serious here; to get rid of him or Bale ,you just pay that last year we will pay for anyhow…

    End of it.

    1. Dont understand a word of this twaddle! Not that its worth understanding though , so rather glad that I don’t , as the few things you ever write that I do understand are the most unintelligible nonsense going!

    1. What’s wrong with History ?
      I find Egyptian Hieroglyphs fascinating,I actually went to the Tuthankhumun Exhibition at the saatchi Gallery before Christmas ,wonderful experience.
      So that means I must move Ozil 😂

      1. I went as well Dan. Very well put together and not too many exhibits. It gets mind boggling otherwise.

  5. such an question i did not even though of it.

    Hahaha! Thumbs up! We do need a laugher, Oz does all day, already got that Yatch waiting for his summer cruise while dude ask if he should go.

  6. i have a new songs to propose for the fans to sing along, a remix actually.

    Please dont Go, Dont goooooOz please dont GoooooZ ohhhhZ please dt go.

    Title is : “Dont GoooOz!”

  7. It’s not to say our poor performance is due to the presence of Ozil. They are so many factors that contributed to our declining performance, namely, 1. Team selection is poor. 2. Team playing structure is rigid. 3. Team playing formation can be easily marked out of the game.
    We only want to attack using the wing-backs and when we lose possession the opponents will use those vacant positions to attack our team. There’s no attacking midfielder to supply balls to our strikers.

    1. Very correct. Rigidity will fail Arteta. Management of players. Needs to handle players as a father who’s mature and doesn’t hold grudges.

  8. When you consider his performances and the financial outlay on him, Ozil can only be regarded as the biggest flop in world football! How people can still support this guy is beyond comprehension!

  9. We are 16th in the league in terms of chances created,and you think our problem is defence.This is the worst we have finished in 55yrs.Freddie was better than Arteta there was no time to judge but at least he had managed our under23 successfully.Arteta was a bang average midfielder very overconfident though and some people thought that’s manegerial qualities I heard he used to fine those who attended training late during Wenger time.You don’t judge players by how they perform in training talent and ability is supreme.Hes a gambler can win or lose games that doesn’t mean he knows what he’s doing. Allegri in Arteta out!

    1. Lord, this is what I have been saying for quite some time. No consistency. We reached the FA finals, good build on that and march forward.Be ruthless not toothless. The usual suspects Kolasinac and Cedric.If the coach finds these players as the building blocks for next season, he will be gone before December. Shame we are now below Burnley.

  10. Ozil being treated like a rabid dog by someone who’s not a coach,he should leave but can you blame him for losing to the likes of villa

    1. Well well dear me, just like the famous Jon vs Phil bet, are you willing to stake your money on it that Arteta will leave this club before Ozil?
      Put your money where your mouth is at, and you’ll see that this ain’t the same situation with Emery.
      This is a coach who has been giving the free pass to handle the team whatever way he wants, and your god Ozil will be leaving soon.
      For the love of God I really don’t know shat you guys still expect from the man

      1. They should get rid of him, but i think they should tighten Arteta’s leash abit. And force him to play ozil alongside lacazate and aubamayang. And told ozil to run. We wouldn’t be nearing 10th

        1. Why should they tighten Arteta’s leash?
          If things fail, will Ozil be blamed or Arteta be blamed? You guys ain’t ready to let go of sentiments are you?
          This ruthlessness is exactly what we’ve always needed, ship all of them out.
          No one stopped Pep from doing what he did with the City squad he inherited right?

      2. Eddie don’t waste your time on some people, they will support a player that is past it but not support a coach who is trying to get us back to the top.

          1. No shît genius….
            Because even Klopp did it in a season and Arteta is in his third season

        1. Lenohappy I don’t understand it I swear..
          Even you know I stood behind Ozil for years, and to some point I will defend him only when it comes to insulting him because of his wage.
          Other than that, I accepted the man has declined years ago.
          It’s not a crime, there’s no shame in admitting a certain player is declined or declining, even CR7 and Messi are both declining a lot because of their age, and yet some choose to live in denial that Mesut is an early decline type of player

        1. Nobody’s imposing any opin on anyone just like no one will impose his/her opinion on me.
          Just wake up and smell the Roses, Mesut is not the player we once knew!

          1. I do not say he is. What I don’t like and don’t get is the hate and the abuse he receives from the likes of you. And the cold treatment he receives from the club.

            I wonder what exactly did he do wrong?

          2. Mate you’re probably new on here if you think I hate Ozil or if you think I abuse Ozil.
            Even his biggest supportesw will tell you I don’t. I don’t hate the man, he was a joy to watch in his prime.. But what we are saying is he’s not that player anymore, Ozil is a declined player. There’s nothing wrong with declining, nothing wrong in accepting a player is declined. On that note, you admit he’s not the player he was, then it’s time for him to move on!!!! Simple as that!! I’ve never called or insult Ozil for his wage, heaven knows so…
            Hell I defend him when people attack him for his wages, but football wise??
            He’s done with us!!! Move him on and bring in better players for the growth of the club, if that is abuse to you or hatred then I’m sorry you’ve turned a fanatic who’s living in denial of the truth. That’s just it, I’ve never insulted Ozil, but he’s not the player we need anymore, drop the sentimental bûllshít that he was this or that player.
            Everyone moves on, accept the truth and don’t tell me I hate the man, I’m done with this discussion

      3. How was the Jon Fox and Phil bet settled ? I think Jon should remind us, I’ve forgotten the details.

  11. Something is happening behind the scenes for you..like it or not,Ozil is still the most creative force we’ve got….Are we doing better without him??the answer is No.i’ll like him to move to a club where he’ll be loved

      1. Arteta doesn’t want a revolving door in midfield, who when he loses the ball doesn’t put in a tackle or track back, but waves the opposition through and jogs behind. Unfortunately the creativity of one assist in 19 games doesn’t make up for the defensive downside.

    1. Arsenal 314, Really, ozil and creativity is like word and opposite. Ozil doesn’t even know what it means to be creative again.

  12. Ozil is a top player who made a choice to stay in a club with no ambition for money instead to leave while top teams were still on him and win titles; succeed.

    He became that player with no ambition beside money; like Bale

    1. when u splash money to a person not used to or ready for it, they lose it and forget the rest.

      He should have left free, top teams wanted him with bonus; he just saw these numbers for 3 years and signed!

      Kroenke tricks are all hunting him; Ozil and Pepe of course, Luiz new contract!

    2. Couldn’t agree with you more. Its almost like a well paying job he his half hearted about

  13. Ozil is a class footballer but he can only perform in a certain kind of team which is not arsenal FC at this a point in the club’s history … Which makes him excess baggage … But whether he stays or goes is irrelevant to the future of the club … The slide began when he was a regular and continued when he wasn’t … The return over last few weeks demonstrates the problem is a low quality squad … Xhaka Luiz mustafi bellerin Willock kolasinac Nelson who have all figured more regularly than ozil under arteta are substandard if the goal is to challenge for top 4 and at least one of aube lacazette should be moved on as they just don’t work together … Guindhozi can leave as far as I’m concerned and saka needs to be put out on loan … I think arteta deserves another season but he would be mad to continue without a serious clear out and financial backing from the club … This squad can’t be tinkered back to health and fixating on ozil won’t get us anywhere

    1. Doesnt fit in any team anymore honestly. Modern football doesnt allow for passenger CAM’s anymore. Everything is about the press, and even attackers have to do it now. Ozil is unwilling, so should go to a retirement team and enjoy the rest of his career there… After he milks us out of the rest of that absurd contract of course.

      1. 👍 Real Madrid had Ronaldo and a galaxy of stars for Ozil to play with, yet still sold him on.

  14. RSH,

    Agree with your statement to the max!

    Sell or pay his way out, ozil is finished in the EPL.

  15. A lot of personnel need to be moved from this club. Starting with Kroenke. Then the management. And the guy who make transfers. Paying 72 million for Pepe is far greater sin than paying Ozil 350.

    What has the whole Arsenal defense done to justify their salaries? Are they working their socks off shipping goals and losing to relegated teams? What about midfield?

    What about those three kids Arteta love to sub what are they contributing to the team?

    What about Arteta what has he done to justify his salary? Last I checked we are still in the position Emery left us in.

    The only players I see that justify their payment are the great Pierre, Leno, Martinez, Martinelli, Saka and Tierney.

    Lacazette is paid 200k per week. FOR WHAT?

    Ozil has not played since restart and we have seen the same old Arsenal so what is his fault exactly? WHAT? Shouldn’t we have been flying since the so called problem does not even make a match squad?

    This Ozil hate has far deeper roots than a lot would like to admit.

      1. That it’s a trend and cool thing to do to hate Ozil. Tell me then Mr Martin as one of Ozil’s most critics what is Ozil fault for our poor performance since restart when he does not even make the match squad?

        Can you with a straight face tell me that Ozil is the biggest Arsenal problem? Is he a problem at all?

        1. He is by far the biggest problem, that is not even a debate any more. Since the restart, we have beaten Liverpool and Man City and reached the FA Cup final without him. Now, please answer my initial question. Admit what?

          1. What do you mean? I already answered you it’s a trend to hate on Ozil. A lotta people hate Ozil just because it’s cool. To try and fit in. Just because the majority does it.

            That’s my opinion which I am entitled to.

            You have not said why Ozil is the biggest problem. But it’s fine, let’s do this in a proper way.

            I challenge you to a one on one article. You write one on why Ozil is the biggest problem and I write one in defense of Ozil.

            1. By all means, write one in his defence, it will be one of many already done, then you can read the many I and others have done explaining exactly why a player contributes almost nothing when he plays should be thrown out as a matter of urgency. You never answered the question at all, you only said it was cool in this most recent comment. It is not a trend to hate Ozil, all that has happened is that people have finally run out of arguments why he is of any use and have finally realised that what some of us have been saying for years is in actual fact correct.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. Rarely I have seen so much hatred directed at any player, let alone by ‘his’ own fans. Yesterday it was Wenger, today Ozil. Tomorrow? Pepe? The Gervinho2.0.

        1. I wish people would look up the word “hate” in an English dictionary to see what it actually means. It is a very strong word and doesn’t ascribe to how most people on this site feel about Mezut Ozil.

  16. Ozil can leave and when he does who will the supposed supporters pick on and demonize to mask the reality that Arsenal has a poor squad and are even more seriously poorly coached. I like Arteta but he doesn’t focus on creating consistency and a defined style. Giving youngsters an opportunity is noble but not at the expense of performance and football standards. What part of last night’s match was there any excitement or passion in the team. I refuse to be bashing Ozil continuously when the coach is not picking him but putting out players who aren’t ready for the EPL. Ozil is scapegoat for our slide into mediocrity. And all the articles posted here attributed to topic him has become obsessive in stirring up hatred towards him. Is he Arsenal s biggest problem ?

    1. I agree completely. They may say time and time again that they are seeing improvements but the table doesn’t lie.

      The FA final should not be a justification when Emery got us into the Europa final.

    2. Gunners SA, give me a break. If he was good enough, he’d feature. He is a not-good-enough player on the best-player wages. It’s not his fault that he got that contract, and whoever made it happen, I hope the person is fired.

  17. We are treating a 31 year old player as if he is still a youngster. Ozil is no longer interested in football

  18. Arteta is being forced to play with 3 at the back due to our defenders being too bad at defending.

    Thus he has had to sacrifice one creative player, not that we have those in abundance either but here we are.

    Sorting out our horrible defending was first priority. Arteta has now fixed the defense as much is possible with the current players.

    One would think Arteta would want to address that in the transfer Window.

    TLDR Arteta is doing great with inadequate resources. Give him some good players and we will start flying again.

    1. They are the same resources Emery had. And since we are still in the same position Emery left us in, what good has Arteta done exactly?

      1. @Highbury Hero If you do not see the progress I doubt anything I could say would change your mind.

        I could say that we have more clean sheets but you would not accept that. I could say we kept the best offensive team in the leage, Man City, to 1 shot on goal, but you would not accept that. I could say that Mustafi has improved a lot, together with Xhaka and Ceballos but again, that will not change your mind at all. So instead of have a discussion with you I bid a a pleasant evening.

        1. It will not change my mind just as those improvements have not changed our position on the table.

          When a team improves they go up the table.

  19. Ozzie, who in our squad does actually track back when loses the ball and win it back aside maybe Torreria. I see most of them jogging behind opponent players.This is not to defend Ozil but at least he does play forward through the middle whether they lead to an assist that is another debate. As far as I’m concerned Ozil is out of the picture and the problem at hand is greater than him. Arteta has had his work cut out for him. You said he should be support and given his players. Well 3 players had been signed since he’s being our coach. Are those 3 with question mark on them are kind of his players. I’m the usually the one that complain about the kind of players we have but is Luis the kind cb we need or Mari. I believe with we need pace with strength and intelligence at the back. May God help Arteta.

  20. I have always been Ozils greatest fan. I particularly like his great will to win and the way he gives his all in every game. Never lazy even for a moment and as a natural leader of men he is the clear best choice for club captain. He always insists on playing on, diving into tackles and fiercely chasing every 40/60 ball even with those slight backaches that he is prone to suffering but never mentions. In this pandemih he was the first to offer a huge wage reduction in his paltry £350, 000 a week, a mere pittance for a great p[ayers like him. He remains my greatest football hero.

    I have only one gripe though but its not his fault. The gripe is that as I can write fantasy of this quality, why on Earth am I not rewarded with untold riches for my fantasy ability, since JK Rowling , a far lesser writer has made millions from Harry Potter. Rather unfair, as HARRY POTTERS WIZARDRY IS QUITE BELIEVABLE COMPARED TO MY FANTASY ON OZIL.

    PS. My latest book entitled “How to con a football club out of £350000 pw without even trying” hits the bookshelves tomorrow.

  21. Agree it’s best for all if Ozil goes, even if Arsenal need to buy him out. I’m interested though in what happened during lockdown that led to Ozil stopping on the lay-by rather than continuing down his gradual road to redemption under Arteta. Whose book will come out first?

      1. Sue and Trudeau: My own two pence is that he is being punished for not taking a pay cut or because of his wages that are crippling the mighty Arsenal. He is not playing for reasons far beyond football.

        1. With the best will in the world I do not believe that the club would be spiteful just for the sake of it. They have to honour his contract and pay him in full regardless of whether he plays or not.

          Better for everyone that he plays if fit and training well.

          1. Why should he be paid for doing nothing? Would Ozil play for us for a season for free if his contract ended? He’s always taking photos kissing the badge, saying stuff like “forever Arsenal.” I bet Ozil wouldn’t even play one match for free for Arsenal.

    1. The refusal of pay cut and being left cold at the same time is no coincidence. This is why I say as much as I like and respect the man, he is showing that he is a yes man.

    1. Sue, do you really believe articles about Ozil will disappear when he leaves? Of course they won’t, he will be blamed for everything that Wenger is currently blamed for. This article totally glosses over his early years with us and the great midfielder he once was. Yes he needs to leave but you can bet your bottom dollar there will be sad articles on him forever more.

      1. I have to admit Declan, I find it all really tiresome. There’s only so many times you (not you personally!) can call him a fraud, a thief, lazy, spineless…. but hey, if that’s what sets you up for a great day knowing you’ve said all of that for the 100,000th time, then good for you, crack on!
        I was under the impression all our troubles would be over once he was frozen out, from what I’ve read on here time and time again! The Illusory truth effect??!! 😆
        I suspect you’re right, Declan, about future articles!

        1. The Arsenal has survived the loss by transfer, injury or retirement of far better footballers than Mezut Ozil. When he and his sycophants finally leave the Club, life will go on.

  22. Hi everyone, we have Wenger to blame he is the one who gave this loser, Ozil the wings to fly you know…..ozil is such a liability!

  23. I am an ozil fan but i do wish that he leaves not because his form has dipped,hell no.But when you are not appreciated by the club,the manager(not the keyboard ones..😂) and all thats the end of the road.

    MA seems like a very good coach so if he doesnt see ozil in his plans,please leave mesut atleast i can enjoy a few more quality years from you in a different club who will appreciate your service.And one day Mesut will anyway leave this great club and that day i will show some stats of what ozil has done over the years and why he is WORLD CLASS and hopefully that will silence his critics forever

    And please MA atleast call Smith rowe back because Ceballos cant do it all alone……


        1. It isn’t over yet, QD! Anyhow, way up there in the league, doesn’t bother me anymore..☹

      1. Thanks
        Hope you are enjoying the man united game….😂

        Leicester vs man utd will be a good one…..

        1. Very much so 😉 Who’d have thought with one game to go they’d be 3rd?! I think they have Bruno Fernandes to thank for that…. and De Gea should be at the front of the queue 😂😂

          It will be… will Vardy get back to scoring ways?!! With De Gea in the vicinity, I’d say so!! Haha!

  24. If you want Arteta out your not an Arsenal fan or just clearly don’t know football. Top 4 in terms of results since he arrived and an fa cup final to suit. Hasn’t has a single transfer window to improve the team but has made Mustafi and Xhaka look like completely new players. Wait till we get a few more player w/o are comfortable on the ball and we will be flying. If your expecting us to win the league any time soon I suggest you support someone else, the backing City, United and Chelsea have is vastly superior to ours. Don’t start with Leciester that was a one off monumental occasion that happen when City and United got new managers and everyone else was dire.

    1. If you want Arteta out your not an Arsenal fan or just clearly don’t know football? So unless everyone agrees with you they are not an Arsenal fan or ignorant. I suggest you be careful with those type of statements.

  25. Arteta no style or defined way of playing- best laugh I had today.

    Go back and watch that goal from the back against $h*tTy and get back to me.

    Just top 4 points since restart, under a goal a game conceded, goals score per game compared to the free fall we were in before Mikel was hired, drawing leicester with 10 men, beating pool and $h*tTy in the same week, and getting the club to the FA Cup final, after the mess emery left.

    Are some people here out of your collective minds? (You know who you are:-)) Seriously.

    Mikel was left with the worst AFC club in over 25 years.

    Also, I hold no malice towards ozil, he played well with Sanchez and co, but those days are long gone. We won 3 FA Cups with him, and for that I am grateful.

    Onward and upward.

  26. Pretty much we are in an Fa cup final and are in the top 4 regards results since his appointment. Clearly there are some spurs fans in here or maybe you just don’t know Football admin Martin? I suggest you be careful what you going to do ban me from just Arsenal you fucking Muppet

    Yup, you are banned and the reason is very obvious. I have approved this comment so everyone can see why.

  27. I don’t see him in our future team as he is not playing much and not offering much to play!
    He ruined his chances with MA and that’s why he is out.
    He did some great work with Sanchez and never did with the other players, although he can, but never did!
    I wanted him to have more chances to be clear but obviously he didn’t fight enough when he had his chances and ruined everything.
    Remember this, MA is giving everyone a chance even Luiz when he made those huge mistakes against Man-city, but not Ozil!
    Obviously, Ozil did something.. so we need to build a team not waiting for Ozil to decide when to put his best in the field!!

  28. Yeah blame ozil for everything, he plays in all 11 position we have on the field. No one is doing any good in this club at least because of ozil we are still popular around world. Selling ozil will not change the fortune of this club. We are a mid table team now, we will fail to attract good players and year after year this will become more of a reality. I predict we are not too far away from days when arsenal fans will celebrate finishing in top half of table like title win. We are no longer a big club and any one who fails to realise this needs a wake up call. We are no longer an attractive destination for world class players and if you think our youth will turn out to be Messi, inesta or xavi then only think I can say is fans are delusional. At best our young crop can keeps us in mid table. We will never win the title with out investment in big name players.

  29. Oh la la the ozil lovers are out in force, wonder how many will still be here after 2021 when he gets the boot.

    Those articles are pretty annoying and useless though as you won’t change the fanboys opinion and that leech won’t leave until his Contract is over.

  30. Ozil is a very good player who has a glittering CV as a football pro. He is among others, a world cup winner, a La-liga winner, Fa cup winner etc. Also as a playmaker he has great achievements- Top assister in a season in top 5 europe leagues, second highest assists in a single PL season and many others. But at the moment, the team structure doesn’t favour Ozil, who requires a lot of freedom to operate. Also the fact that he has declined from 2018 is a detriment for us. On a financial perspective, Ozil leaving Arsenal will be beneficial for us as it frees up wages. Now the question regarding replacing creativity at the club is tough, but I think if a get another midfielder like Grealish, Neves (dream signings) in conjunction with extending Cebs loan we would be fine. It doesn’t have to be a CAM, a forward playing Midfielder would do.
    On a lighter note, we definitely would find it difficult to replace the divisiveness of Ozil here, as, An Ozil article a day, keeps boredom away!😂😂

  31. Yes Sid, after he departs the scene ,which will not be before the end of next season,the volume of posts on this site will drop dramatically.Who will take over from Ozil as the target of frustrated fans?If I may digress to the matter of our defeat to the Villa,the experiment of playing with a back three should be consigned to the bucket asap.I can understand why Arteta has felt it necessary to deploy this defensive strategy due to the lack of pace and quality in our current group of CBs , but if we have aspirations of regaining our top four status, this defensive based system will not get us there.Arteta,more than anyone will have learned from Pep the benefits of a strong DM to pull the strings in a flexible 4-3-3 set up, and you only have to look at Liverpool to see just how effective such a system can be, subject of course to having quality players at the Manager’s disposal.Here endeath my epistle.

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