Who agrees that Trossard has been the key for Arsenal in our super run since the New Year?

Micah Richards calls Leandro Trossard “Outstanding”

Ex Manchester City defender Micah Richards has recently come out in all applause for Arsenal’s Leandro Trossard after his recent performances in the red and the white. Since joining Arsenal Trossard has made a huge impact on and off the pitch and just seems to be getting better and better under the leadership of Mikel Arteta and his staff.

Richards was recently speaking on ‘The Rest Is Football’ podcast shortly after Arsenal’s win against Burnley on the weekend and said this about Arsenal’s Belgian winger/striker “You know who has been key for them with important goals? Trossard”.

“He probably doesn’t get in everyone’s starting 11 when everyone is fit, and Jesus is playing well and Martinelli and Saka are playing as they are now, but he just brings something different to that team with his runs in behind. Coming to the ball to link up. And then in front of goal he is clinical”.

“I knew he was a good player at Brighton but he has really come to Arsenal and fitted in straight away. To have that from the bench has been outstanding for him and when he starts, he’s been brilliant”.

And for me, I can’t agree more, Trossard has be unreal since joining Arsenal from Brighton and although I personally think we should have been playing a bit more, when he has played he’s constantly been a stand out player.

Not only does he get on the score sheet and create assists and chances, he brings so much energy to the squad and with Gabriel Jesus being out injured recently, he’s really stepped up for the team and has made the squad click a lot better.

Trossard has not only been great in the league but also has looked on form in The Champions League, scoring 2 goals and an assist and also scoring a massive 7 goals and assist in the Premier League. He brings so much more to the team than goals though and has looked to have settled in perfectly with the Gunners and could be a massive part of the future of this team.

Arteta clearly trust him and can see that quality he brings to the side and although he’s only been starting recently because Jesus has been injured, I think that could change quickly as we look like a more complete team when he’s playing. He’s versatile and can play in multiple positions giving us mor options when and if we need them.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. In the three games he started we have scored 18 goals and let it none.

    While that is quite some stat, not sure he is the key as he did not start against Liverpool, which was easily the most impressive result. I do not think any one player is the key, just massive improvement all round.

  2. Trossard has done well in recent games and in some other games.
    However, it is inaccurate to state that he has constantly been outstanding. If this were true there is no way he would ever have been benched.

  3. Trossard has been great since our return from Dubai. I hope he continues to start even when Jesus is fit again. Last season an In-form Trossard was dropped immediately when Jesus was fit, and the team immediately started to struggle.

    Trossard is our best finisher, and we are absolutely purring at the moment, why tinker and drop Trossard for Jesus who isn’t a scorer?

  4. Trossard has done well, but Saka has done better, Odegaard playing a blinder too – i see as more down to the team as whole rather than one individual

    Trossard has actually missed a bucket load of good opportunities as well, not denying his goals have been valuable

    Trossard and Havertz seem to play well in tandom, the classic tall guy and small guy, but it works and makes sense with his particularly low centre of gravity

  5. I actually disagree. In my opinion, Martinelli has been the reason we have been so dangerous lately, as he is constantly hungry to get in over the top, cut inside, or beat his man endline. Most chances and positive movements came from his side in the last two games, and I feel he should have had numerous assists. On the other hand, Leandro should have easily had a hat-trick in the last match.

    1. You are right, the left has looked lively but remember, last couple of games with Zinchenko out, white has been drifting into the midfield and kiwior has been behind Martinelli and stays back more making a 3 man defence. Havertz and Martinelli have covered left side tracking back and have linked up well going forward, as has Trossard when interchaging with Havertz from number 9 to left 8 role. Ode has definitely also seen more of the ball with White drifting into the middle to feed him, which Saka has also benefitted from. It’s all coming together rather nicely with Rice covering the defence as well. It’s looking really good at the moment but the table is tight. Everyone still has points to lose before the end of the season, now it’s just about riding the wave of good form that we are on but when the wave finishes, still grinding out wins when playing poor. City looked different today without KDB and at his age, will probably drift in and out of the starting 11 for the remainder of the season. Liverpool I’m a bit more worried about as they will want to finish Klopps era with a bang but the injuries are mounting up for them. We have a chance but we need consistency now because City and Liverpool have that capability, to grind out results, even when playing poor. It’s a great place for us to be, in the mix to win the league with 13 games left to play. I’m so looking forward to the run in! Let’s go Arsenal ♥️🤍

  6. Trossard, as good as he is and has been recently is not the key to our improved form, I think it’s down to Arteta and the break in Dubai with the team bonding and dare I say it, coaching on said trip. Having said that, we’ve not been under any real pressure in recent games because we’ve started on the front foot and taken early leads, an early setback might prove or otherwise if we really have improved.

  7. And to think , that had Chelsea so stupidly gazumped us, we were on thpoint of signing the completely ineffective Mudryk for three times what we paid for Trossard.

    What a magnificent escape.
    Grateful thanks, football novices Boehly and co!

    1. I remember at the time his then manager hyping him up by telling the media he was a future Balloon d’Or winner, so he could fleece us. So far Mudryk wouldn’t win a party balloon from a birthday clown, that was giving them away for free. We dodged an £89M bullet and Chelsea signed him for 7.5 years with an option for an extra year. I’m actually grinning as a Cheshire cat, as I write this.

    1. If that’s the case I’m surprised that Arteta hadn’t worked that out. I suppose every manager believes they can do better

  8. I think all the players have been key. It has been great teamwork from the players and great tactics from the coaching staff- e.g. the setpiece tactics and the tactical tweak to give White the licence to roam into midfield in certain phases of the game. What I like about the current Arsenal side is the team effort. Everyone plays a part.

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