Who are Arsenal’s most over-rated stars?

Our Arsenal team is littered with top players, but for a number of reasons this season, a number of them have been off their games.

We are now on manager number three of the campaign, and have finally strung together three wins in a row, but which players are still not doing their bit to get our club back on track?

One player who I think has lost his spark in recent years is Hector Bellerin, and whilst I think there is argument for him to be on the list, he has missed much of the season with injuries and he does always seem to be trying his best.

Alexandre Lacazette and Mesut Ozil remain two of the names who are played regularly(at least a return to regular action under Arteta), and surely the duo are proving less and less influential for our side. The Frenchman has notched up three goals in his last four fixtures which would seemingly go against my comments, but I’d much rather see a front three made up of a mixture of Pepe, Nketiah, Martinelli and Aubameyang.

Two players who are a little on the young side, but are not going to escape the thread too easily, are Joseph Willock and Reiss Nelson. Both of these guys have featured more than 10 times each in the Premier League alone this term, but neither are showing enough to warrant regular action.

Nelson has had plenty of action elsewhere which tells me he just isn’t cut out for a regular role within our side, while I will give allowances to Willock as he has something raw about him, and certainly is yet to taste that much game time.

Who would be amongst your most over-rated players? Who would not get any more playing time if you had the choice?



    1. Exactly what came to my mind when I saw the headlines… Never seen a United/Chelsea blog written articles and calling their players overrated.
      It’s like it’s what some Arsenal fans live and thrive off now, just picking on players and throwing players under the bus just to make some unnecessary statement that we all know.
      If your kid is struggling with his academics and you know he has a hard time learning, you don’t call him a dullard even if he seems like one.
      You don’t label your kid names, because it breeds negativity and it doesn’t help anyone.
      It’s constant here

      1. The same writer that said Ozil is overrated has produced another article saying Jame Rodriguez will be an ideal signing for us. What does that say about his opinion on which player is good or bad.

      2. Hi. Don’t you think it can be fans of just Man United and Chelsea that’s writing this stuff? Wolves in sheep’s clothing, so to speak.

  1. Ozil as an experienced player has consistently been a poor performer over the last year to 18 months.
    Reiss Nelson i fear might turn into a Walcott physcially as it seems to get pushed off the ball easily. If he could build up his physical strength it might help him.
    Saka has just walked in the tema and he’s not even in his natural postion…..and Marri was looked comfortable from the off….
    Still dead wood to get rid of….Mustafi and Xhaka…..surely with Marri and Saliba (next season) their is zero room for Mustafi….

  2. Is this the start of the ‘cabin fever’ posts? Lets go through the minutiae of everything Arsenal because we have nothing else to do.

    1. We literally have nothing else to do. It’s raining here. And it is only Day Six for me…
      Write. Drink. Netflix. Repeat!

  3. Ozil is overrated, he plays football as if he is sick or not interested in what he’s doing

  4. Stars? I see no stars. If not “star” is a metaphor for something quite depressing to watch on a football pitch. Spontaneously I remember The Suns (?) remark after Roy Hodgson’s men had to embark the ferry from Calais to Dover (Euro-brexit 2016): “England’s overpaid celebrities get away with murder.” Why this headline seeks me I don’t know. But, do I ask myself time after time, who is the Ashburton Grove killer?

  5. What constitutes a “star” player I have to ask , reading this headline (though NOT the article – and they may be written by different people, eh Admin PAT?) which assumes we have many “star “players. I see only Auba as a true star right now and he seems likely to leave before June is out. If you ask a question that assumes a falsehood, how is one expected to find the actual truth? As a truth lover , I am uncomfortable calling any player save Auba a “star”. Sorry if the truth offends some on here. Nothing would please me more to be able , truthfully, to call many of our players “stars”. But only Auba is one, in my view.

      1. No confusion then. Still two separate people , which is what I said! Even Father and son are still two folk!

  6. Auba is one of very few signings in resent years who have NOT become a disappointment. So if he is not happy anymore at Emirates we must let him go to seek his happiness somewhere else. But I don’t think he will find it in England. I mean, if you can’t enjoy life in London, as a young man, where then? Thank’s for all the goals, and good luck.

  7. But at least you know he can sprint now Top Gunner.
    As for looking sick, perhaps he is so sick of fans who make accusations and claims, without having checked that what they are claiming is true?

    Plus the fact that, as long as MA sees him as an asset, he’s not interested in what others think about him?
    Overrated? Guendozi!!!

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