Who are the BIG money Arsenal transfers Wenger has planned?

Arsene Wenger has painted himself into the corner with the Arsenal fans in the build up to the January transfer window. The manager has already spoken a few times this season about the nedd to strengthen the Arsenal squad, especially in the area of defence, so there is no way that the Frenchman will get away without signing at least one centre back next month.

And Wenger has now gone one better than that, as an report in The Observer explains. The boss was responding to the idea, quite common among Arsenal fans and anyone who has witnessed our recent woes in one transfer window after another, that he is tight with the transfer cash.

Instead Wenger insists that he has merely been looking after the financial solidity of the club and that he is perfectly willing to splash the cash now that the funds are there, as the recent transfers of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez would seem to back up.

The Arsenal boss declared, ““There is a huge difference between the perception that people have of me and [the reality]: I’m not scared to spend money. If you go out with me one night, you will understand that.

“What I don’t like is to spend money that I don’t have. Now I have money so no problem spending it at all. What I fought against was spending money that would have put the future of the club in danger.”

However, another accusation labelled at our long serving manager is that he is always too focused on the creative and attacking side of the squad and does not do enough to make the Gunners hard to beat at the other end and in the centre of midfield.

So Arsenal fans will be expecting that the boss not only spends some decent money in the transfer market, but that he does it on a defender and a defensive midfielder. I am hoping for the Celtic centre back Virgil van Dijk and Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton.

So which big money players do you think Wenger has his sights set on? Or do you think we are heading for the bargain basement brigade again?

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  1. If it were me in charge I’d bully Basel for Schar, tell Southampton I want Schneiderlin or Wanyama….then, and only then…try and work a Poldi/Campbell out for Shaqiri or Pedro.

    But we will likely just talk a good game, go all Jan linked with Hummel’s to Howedes…have Kos back by then, and end up buying Mings on the last day only to loan him back along with the sound bite “Us, United, many teams in Europe look for top quality, but it is never easy in January”.

    Rinse and repeat until 2016.

    1. Kondogbia is under Mendes = zero chances to sign him
      Howedes is in UCL 16th with Schalke = zero chances to sign him.

      1. CF – Edison cavani or Pedro
        Mid : sneiderlin and victor wanyama
        Defence : anyone better than mertesacker. In fact , I will happily take back senderos and djorou.

        OUTS ( January or summer)

        LOAN OUT

        I will keep welbeck for his work rate

  2. BIG MONEY??? Will not be suprise he doesn’t buy anyone. He will buy expensive french wine and cheese for himself, and will again fool the fans with the likes of Squid, kallastrom type of players. Hope I am wrong!!!

  3. i dont care anymore who wenger will buy …i just want a new manager with the mentality of a champion…

    1. Couldn’t agree more with this comment. Teams need to be organised also and Wenger can’t do this. Why do we make the same terrible mistakes every time

  4. Getting Kramer and Schar for dm and cb wouldn’t be that difficult. They are both out of contract in May. Varane and Kondogbia in the summer would be a dream. Hopefully we’ll poach some quality youth from teams in financial need to loan back out and add them to depth in the summer. Age is showing BFG, Monreal, Flamini, arteta, Rosicky and cazorla, Need to start looking for young depth.

  5. get a specialist coach at defending corners. We have thrown away so many points conceding at corners its ridiculous.

  6. More b#llshit from the master of b#llshit.

    I have to laugh at the Wenger in/out comments and how they change, literally with every game.
    Part of the problem is Arsenal fans, too many sheep, following the crowd and switching allegiances with each game won or lost.
    If more Arsenal fans had a backbone we would have had Wenger out a few years ago.
    I have been unerring in my hope that he would go, if more had that commitment he would no longer be our problem.

    Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me…
    So many fans deserve exactly what has happened to this team!

    1. Are so many fans really changing allegiances?? I think that many Wenger supporters hit the website to celebrate a victory while many Wenger detractors take out their frustrations on this website after a poor performance.

      I just wish Wenger would either wake up from his ego-coma or offer his resignation.

      1. I judge it from thumbs up/down.
        Supporters of both camps visit the site regularly but the thumbs up down change dramatically with wins, losses or a string of losses.
        I would take that to mean people who can’t make their mind up.
        I see it face to face with Arsenal supporters who want him out after a bad game but then when we win it is ‘oh give him to the end of the season/his contract/time…’
        Weak willed fools, make a decision and stick to it!
        18 yrs, 9 of those some of the most trophyless for the club.
        Now we play with Wenger’s transfers, Wenger’s staff, Wenger’s tactics, if you haven’t got it right after 18 yrs then you never are…

    2. Its not a case of fans switching sides its just when we win positive people will come here to comment also the vice versa and then you have regulars who are of both camps commenting most days. You know what sort of comments you are likely to read before you come on here. So unless you can actually give a specific case in point i think you are wrong.

  7. I respect Wenger but he should stop taking a monkeys out if us each season.. In the summer he assured us that we were definitely going to get in at least one or 2 more defensive players, I was excited, but then it all went quiet and all I heard in the last hours if the window was that Arsenal are trying their best to sign Welbeck, could not believe it.. Now he is saying we will get in a defensive player once again. Smh

    1. Yes. He promised another defender was coming in but he then just sat on his hands.

      He never promised to acquire a DM but the entire planet knew Arsenal needed one and Wenger’s early season response to his critics was priceless………….

      He said that Diaby was his answer at DM. I was too shocked to laugh or cry at such a ridiculous statement. Nevertheless he actually said it.

  8. Palaces offense just got taller, slower and a lot more awkward. To be of arsenal quality he should be able to sart at CP. Right?

    1. Let’s get Klopp in as manager, Roberto Martinez as his number 2, Breden Rogers as head of scout and Wenger as the Director of football. What a line up that would be. It would be fun. lol 🙂

  9. Let’s break it down again.

    Mertesacker, our captain now, 6ft 6 etc, but he is the most girly player we have when it comes to defending high challenging balls into our box, the usual straight forward ones from the opposition goal keeper he shows off when it comes to those, but let a winger get to the by line and fizz in a sweet cross, our giant CB goes into hiding. Has anyone noticed how he alway let’s the shortest and smallest defenders mark the most dangerous opponents? Example, he let Monreal mark Gomis at Swansea. He kept letting Bellerin mark Crouch in the Stoke game. Yesterday againt Liverpool he tries his best to stay away as far as possible from Skrtel. Smh

    Chambers can’t read the game or defend, his body positioning is terrible all the time. And now I am getting worried where his best position is, RB definitely not for him, I have watched him play CB twice for us and he was terrible, the Stoke game the recent.

    Flamini. This guy thinks we are dumb or that gullible, isn’t it? He thinks that because he keeps shouting, clapping and pointing that is enough to cover for his poor defensive and positional play. He is always pointing and telling others what to do when he himself is doing nothing. Pathetic.

    The OX has got to step up now, we have had him for enough seasons now, he needs to show some improvement and consistency, to me he has not developed at all. 2 good games and 6 rubbish ones after that. step up man.

    Welbeck, What to say about him. We bought him to score and assist, not to run about aimlessly like Forrest Gump. How many goals had he scored so far? The more the season is moving on the more he looks like a mid table player, he never looks like scoring. May be he should have been a marathon runner instead of a footballer, coz it seems to me like all he does to chase after his own bad first touch game in game out.. Smh..

    The rest of the team I am still analysing them and will come out with my findings too. Lol

    So frustrating this bunch of girlies.

    1. We are not at the best yesterday, fact.
      But so far I did not see a single comment about Liverpool’s performance. It is like Arsenal suppose to win any game, if we draw or lost than it is Wenger’s or players’ fault. Liverpool did extremely well yesterday, their passing is spot on, they press relentlessly. It seems no one watch their match against Man Utd and just look at the result, and conclude they are garbage team. Fact is since they ditched Balotelli and move Sterling to center, they have become much more dangerous, at Old Trafford they should at least got a draw if not win it, lucky MU taking lead from very good Rooney individual effort, got a clear offside goal from Mata then have De Gea to thanks for denying at least 5 Liverpool chance. It is decent result given we started this game with Ox not fit, Alexis clearly look exhausted, Giroud and Debuchy are just back from long term injury. Flamini and Merte are clearly not champion quality but we cannot fix all our issues in one or two season.
      Liverpool dip so low, then throwing away their lead easily during the game but the fan are very vocal and still behind the team. The same thing happen to Arsenal at Emirates and all I see are silence and boo. We are so good at demanding and criticising the team, but when will we really look at ourselves and ask ourselves whether we did our job as the 12th man any better than them?

      1. Your right as rain there Liverpool were the far better side they were aggressive and wanted to win, they brought the game to us and never gave up and that’s why they took a point, however we should have been more than able to do exactly the same thing to them but thewhole team were ineffectual and lacklustre some slightly less than others but by and large they were rubbish as a collective. Now Liver pool were equally as rubbish in certain area’s but they WANTED to win. Wenger has no plan, no tactical idea’s on how to adapt and there are many that could say that’s cos his options are limited with injury problems but when is it gonna be realised that these limitations are his fault? (or at least the boards fault for home he is a representative) Webeck isn’t fit to play in top tier football, Mertsaker is only ever second choice in the german defence, Monreal is not much better and the likes of Chambers needs to play less and learn more to become a better player.this situation needs to change but I really don’t see it happening anytime soon .

  10. Sadly, Arsenal is very evenly matched with Liverpool.

    With closely matched teams the home team often comes out on top. Arsenal were lucky to escape Liverpool with a draw.

    Unless Wenger actually gets the crowbar to pry open his infamous (unused) war chest he boasted about this past summer, Arsenal will not need to worry about Europe next season.

    1. @ethan… No one is expecting us to win every game. But looking like little kids whenever we play any half decent team is what’s troubling.. Chelski, City, United, Everton, Southampton, Liverpool, Swansea. We have become weeping boys to the likes of Stoke..

      How can you be happy at Liverpool having 80% possession against us? They had 27 shots in goal we had 5 shots all game. We were lucky that they did not have a clinical striker like they did last season with Suarez and Sturridge, could have been another humiliation. They played with no striker but still had more troubling shots on our goal. We had 2 so called strikers in Giroud and Welbeck but we might aswell not have had Welbeck on the pitch. All I am saying is that againt a confidence hit Liverpool we surrender 80% of possession. What are we going to do against a Chelsea, a now firing City, how are we going to progress against the likes of Madrid, Bayern, Barcelona, PSG etc in the CL? We will get more spankings as always. Isn’t it?

      1. @Goonster
        your spot on there no one expects us to win EVERYgame but we do expect them to TRY and win every game and to win the games where we are leading the game . Yesterday was depressing and disgusting and it need to be addressed. and as for the TWO seasons comment its been far lomnger than that and we are moving backwards rather than forwards.

  11. Don’t really care anymore… but next season I want the transfer of Klopp. The whole Arsenal structure from the grass roots needs to be torn up and freshly laid with a new breed of Arsenal.

  12. Whoever says Jan transfer window is not easy is deluded as there are many players nearly out of contract and clubs will want to maximise on their fees, just as Arsenal maximise on their revenue stinging fans!!

    Fabian Schar – out of contract in summer and Basel will want some money as almost certain to leave.

    Morgan Schneiderlin – has come out before and expressed desire to play in Europe. Almost certain S’Hampton wont make it top 6.

    Moussa Sissoko – fantastic box to box and France international regular with experience playing alongside Schneiderlin. Will allow Wilshere and Ramsey to play the attacking roles which they both blatantly prefer.

    Howedes – Experienced defender whose been lookong for a big break past few seasons, a good offer will help Schalke part with him.

    Shaqiri – discontent at Bayern past season or so and surplus to requirements. Straight cash deal or a swap plus cash to Arsenal for Ozil the opposite way.

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