Who are the ones responsible for this Arsenal Mess? Guilty or Not Guilty‏?

Who is to really to blame for Arsenal troubles? by GS

Its been a troublesome summer for Arsenal and Arsenal fans but I am not surprised. I think deep down most Arsenal Fans are not surprised. Yes we are frustrated but we all did see it coming. How many more embarrasments do we need? From being beating 8 by united, 6 by liverpool, 6 by chelsea and 6 by city , to players like Mahrez and Vardy using Arsenal as a means of getting new contracts for Leicester city football club…. Do you know how funny this sounds?

Lets see who are the key Players at the Arsenal.

1) Dick law. Law, a FIFA-licensed agent, has an office at the training ground and his main responsibilities are strategy, contract negotiations, administration and planning. He was previously Arsenal’s scout in South America and, subsequently North America and helped to establish Wenger’s network of scouts there. He is understood to be in London for two weeks per month and players seeking to open talks on new deals are being directed towards him. I would like to insist that law is not a director of football. he is just a negotiator and for this reason I don’t hold him responsible.

Verdict : NOT Guilty

2) Stan Kroenke. This quote best describes our owner (March 2016): “If you want to win championships then you would never get involved. I think the best owners in sports are the guys that sort of watch both sides a bit. If you don’t have a good business then you can’t really afford to go out and get the best players unless you just want to rely on other sources of income.

“Over there in the Premier League] it was sort of like ‘well, we’ve got guys from the Middle East, the oil price is over $100, they can spend anything they want’.

“But the problem I saw with all of that; those people can lose interest. It doesn’t mean that they will, but I sort of threw that out there: ‘What happens when the Middle Eastern family realise this thing’s costing a lot of money and they decide to go home?’ I said what really happens in those situations is the fans get hurt because the players get picked up and paid if they’re good, the front office gets other jobs.”

I am sorry Mr Silent, but to get better you need to spend. If you are worried about losing interest then you better go now. We pay the most expensive season and match day tickets in Europe. We have earned the right to watch classy players play at our stadium. The policy of not spending clearly comes from him . This good business plan policy has turn Arsenal football club into a laughing stock. 40 million and £1 for Suarez comes to mind.

Verdict : Guilty.

3) Josh Kroenke. he is a director at the club.
Like father like son. Verdict = Guilty.

4) Ivan Gazidis . He is the club CEO and has already warned the fans not to expect any big money signings. he said the club can’t compete with rival clubs, and we need to spend our money wisely. This is a quote from July 2016 “This approach, for us, gives us a very, very powerful balance because it’s not just about spending money but about how you spend your money and doing it wisely,” Gazidis told ESPN. Not paying £30 million for Higuain, not paying £50 million for Suarez, not paying £25 million for Draxler? You talk about spending money wisely? You haven’t got a clue my friend.

Verdict: Guilty. He should be sent to jail. He lies in every interview as well. Disgrace.

5) Mr Wenger. He is the manager and head coach of Arsenal foodball club. He is probably the only true manager still left in the game. Every other club has got a sporting director, or director of football or some vice chairman to help you. Wenger is a one man Army. He is at the begining and at the end of almost every decision the club takes. Can he just be a coach and focus on football? Guardiola has Txiki Begiristain. Mourinho has Woodward. Wenger clearly needs help. Since Dein left he has become clueless.

He has lost touch with the reality and is taking the fans for granted. We needed a CB before Mertesacker got injured and now we lost Per and Gabby. Yet the manager was not active eneough to get a replacement CB. That is totally insane. We knew months ago that we would be playing liverpool and Leicester.

What Wenger did was irresponsible. taking two kids and throwing them in at the deep end. Conceding four goals at home to Liverpool and going into the season unprepared. I am losing every faith in him.

Verdict : Guilty. Should go on retirement.

6) Sir Chip Keswick. Arsenal Chairman.

Verdict Guilty. They are all part of the money making board who are all earning a fortune and charging the fans top dollar.

7) Ken Friar and Lord Harris. Arsenal Directors. Nothing much on them . I know they do get a good cheque at the end of each year.

Verdict Guilty. They should leave our club as quicky as they can.

The Arsenal board and manager should go. This year is make or break. Am tired of them all. They clearly lack the ambition you need to be a winner.

Who is responsible for this mess?

By Galen Sona.


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  1. I don’t even know what to think or do anymore. It’s all up to the fans in London now. We can sit and chat all we want but the English Gooners hold the baton. I just hope and pray to God that it doesn’t take for Arsenal to absolutely fall off the cliff for people to take any action. Regardless, I’ll cheer the team on during match days. COYG!

    1. unfortunately football has not been affordable for the working classes for a long time now and season tickets are bought by affluent supporters who have money to burn and who will continue to spend with every price rise. The board and manager are urinating all over this once covetted institution to gain as much as they can without trying to give the club an even chance of winning the top prizes. Those who have season tickets will not boycott matches and so the only way to force out the people who run, own and manage the club as I see it is for the worst possible situation to happen. That means bad results leaving the club outside of european football thus effecting incoming tv revenue, gate reciepts through loss of sale in season tickets and merchandise and a fall down the league and eventual relegation. As a fan of 45 years and counting it would break my heart if arsenal ever got relegated but unless there is a change of heart or common sense from within the Emirates halls then I believe that is what it would now take before we get our club back.

  2. Fans – for enabling all of the above do whatever it is they want. GUILTY!

    All I see here is empty words and no action. You want to make a difference, hit them where it hurts the most – revenue/money. Stop buying merchandise, stop buying season tickets / attending games. Only then you’ll see some changes.

  3. I am not saying I know what the answer is but telling fans to stay away from games does nothing. Maybe 5% or less of match day supporters read this site so say 3000 stay away, no result as they still get their money. Say 10000 do not renew season tickets, there are 20000 waiting to snap them up. Most merchandise is bought by tourists, you cannot move in the Arsenal shop because it’s rammed with Japanese and American tourists who love us but never see a live game. What the answer is though, I do not know.

  4. Put it this way, if we were getting the right results on the pitch, then no one would be blaming anyone, for anything.
    Would you care about new signings if the squad we had were showing fighting spirit?
    The tendency to be able to change gameplans and formation to adjust during any game where we are having difficulties?

    The only person that is guilty here is the manager

  5. The author should look at the financial reports before criticising directors for having their nose in the trough. Lord harris gets a good cheque at the end of each year!
    Here are some actual facts,
    Sir chips cheswich is paid £2500 per year,
    Lord harris is paid nothing

    1. This is a factual statement, how can ot be thumbed down. The article said that lord harris gets a good cheque at the end of the year. The accounts dhow that he receives nothing.

  6. Why do arsenal fans keep repeating liverpool propenganda about suarez.

    Suarez was believed to have a release cluse in his contract of over £40m so arsenal bid that.

    Liverpool denied that such a release clause existed and said that the clause only required them to inform the player that a bid over £40m had been received. Arsenal were not party to the contract so could do nothing to resolve the issue. Suarez could have taken liverpool to court but did not do so. Later liverpool admitted that there was a release clause of over £40m.

    At the time suarez had in the past been banned for racial abuse. At the time of the bid he was part way through a ten match ban for biting. He had stated he was fed up with england and the media attention and gave every impression of being deeply troubled. Taking all this into accound and what we had sold rvp for (who had just fired manu to the title), I thought at the time that the £40m bid was a bit high and a big risk.

    Liverpool won the propaganda battle with the commets about what are they smoking at the emirates etc. They lost the battle for acting professionally with their employee.

  7. It’s simple, Wenger follows the board’s orders and gets paid 8m a year in return for taking all the blame, and the club gets away with it because fans keep generating profits which to the Gazidis and the owner means we’re content with how everything is run when in really we’re not at all. If you want Arsenal to compete with the biggest clubs stop buying tickets and let the owner know you’re not happy with how the fan’s money is being spent. Everyone is to blame, not just Wenger.

  8. 8) Steve Bould – who sits around chewing his gum all the time. No advise or any utterances to Wenger throughout the full game. Being a defensive coach and shoving two kids to be tortured left right and centre. They are scarred…
    Verdict: GUILTY!

  9. Fans= The biggest culprit. Our delusional attitude led to this. we should have been ruthless. Sir Alex and Jose made a mockery out of Wenger.While we were busy criticising other clubs we ourselves became a huge joke

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