Who Arsenal should sell this summer? And who should stay…

Who to Let go and who to keep? By Galen Sona.

Ospina. Well Wenger is right about one thing. He is too good to be a number 2 keeper. Keep
Cech. He should visit the bench when he makes mistake. Still worldclass. Keep
Bellerin. He has got the potentials to be top quality. Keep
Boss. He is the best defender at the club. Keep
Mustafi. He is a young CB and he still has so much to learn. Keep
Xhaka. He can’t tackle and lacks pace, but for £35million, you can’t sell him. Keep
Cazorla. By far the best midfielder at the club. Keep
Theo. Scores a decent amount of goals. Keep
Ox. Should be kept as a CM. Keep
Welbeck. We haven’t seen much of him lately but he is solid professional. Keep
Sanchez. Why should he want to stay? The club can’t match his ambition. Please Stay
Giroud. Good target man. plan B. Keep
Coquelin. A decent squad player like our entire midfield. Keep
Iwobi. I don’t see the fuss about him. But Keep
Gibbs. Good back up LB. Keep
Elneny. Unknown quantity so far. Decent squad player. Keep

Players to Go.
Debuchy. He still gets paid by the club? GO
Jenkinson. How do we sign these players? GO
Ramsey. Maybe he is at the wrong club. he is not a AM. Lost all his confidence. GO
Gabriel. Not an Arsenal CB. I have got more trust in Holding. GO
Monreal. I prefer Gibbs to him now. Thats how bad things are at our Left back position. GO
Lucas. Why should he stay? Iwobi plays ahead of this guy? Fraud. Please GO
Ozil. For £250,0000 a week? He doesn’t deserve it and has done nothing to show that he is worldclass. In every big game, he just goes into hiding. If the amount of money he is demanding is true, then please he should GO
Per. Too Slow to play for Arsenal. With his injury he would play at walking pace. GO

Players I want to come to Arsenal.

Can you remember when Arsenal fans were saying If we buy Alonso, it will delay Denilson’s progress? Or Vidal is too old? or Draxler is rubbish? As a club we are scared to spend and scared to improve our squad. Keeping a squad full of average players.

Always knew he was quality but playing under Tony Pulis would make anyone look bad. He is tall, can shoot, can pass a football, can tackle, got good pace, can defend and he is powerful.

Van Dijk
Don’t tell me he is expensive. Or he is not good enough. He will be available in the market. He is tall, imposing, and very good defensively. Mustafi is a very small CB. We need more imposing figures. He has Premier league experience. Remember Toby Alderweireld? He was at Saints too.

Last year the Arsenal Coach Niel Banfield spoke extensively about him. I had my doubts because he was having his first season in Europe. Don’t tell me we have enough midfielders! I have seen enough of Coquelin, Elneny, Ramsey and Xhaka to know that we are not winning a thing with them. Go in there and pay the money.

Jose Gaya
I have seen enough of our LB’s to know that we need a new LB. Gaya would represent a short term and long term solution.

Scoring goals is not an Arsenal problem but we could do with one more proven world-class player in our forward line to give us more variety in our play. With Sanchez playing well as centre-forward, we can’t say we don’t have a top striker. Sanchez needs help and Reus will be the perfect player to complement his skill.

He has earned the right to decide when to go. I would rather he leaves on good terms than getting the sack. These players have let him down big time. That’s for sure. He has made loads of mistakes too! I wish i could know what he’s thinking sometimes. But the pressure on him this week has been crazy. The players should come out and take more responsibility. A shame really…..

By Galen Sona.


  1. Jansen says:

    If Wenger stays, it really doesn’t make a difference who he decides to sell or keep. Next season would be like the once before it.

    If we get a top quality new manager, I would leave it him to decide. There are some players in our squad that could do well under a new manager. Some managers have the ability to raise a players level. Lucas when used correctly by a Simeone, could add value, he is a great finisher. Ox to me is not a wide man but could thrive in the middle under a proper manager.

    This top is meaningless without a new manager.

  2. Jansen says:

    PS: Sanchez is gone with or without a new manager. Simeone could convince Sanchez to stay but Wenger will stay and Sanchez didn’t need 13 years to figure out what that means. Should Wenger surprise us and leave, the club will mess around long enough before appointing a successor for the new manager to have a real chance to convince Sanchez to stay. Just hope we don’t sell him to a PL rival.

    1. Trudeau says:

      I agree with you that Sanchez will leave if Wenger stays. But I think he would happily stay if the right new manager comes in. This is a very talented team and a pragmatic manager with a solid track record at a top club (yes Allegri I’m talking to you) could bring in one or two top players and win something. All things considered, I think Sanchez would want to be part of that.

  3. frank says:

    I’m not going to say anything about who should be brought in and I agree with most of your keep and sell list except Ramsey, Gabriel and Lucas.
    Ramsey has been robbed by Wenger, continually played out of position.
    Gabriel is a good squad player, sell Per and upgrade.
    Lucas hasn’t even been given a chance, is better than Welbeck.

    1. frank says:

      But damn I hope Wenger and Ozil leave

    2. bran99 says:

      Ramsey has been robbed by wenger? Really? Or you meant to say Wenger played Ramsey in almost every position to determine which position he strives but the experiment failed? He doesn’t fit anywhere.. he had a half season wonder and that was it. He should go as well, people praise him coz of his engine but without football brain? that’s not enough

  4. Skills1000 says:

    Why do guys keep saying Wenger has earned the right to decide when to go ? Is it Arsene football club or Arsenal Football Club ?
    Ancelloti has won 3 Champions league. He won Madrid la decima but was still asked to go. Wenger should have called it quits immediately after the bayern loss. Benitez was sacked by Real Madrid. He won two la liga titles with Valencia and a Champions league with Liverpool in what is arguably the best champions league final. Mourihno won Champions league with Porto and Inter milan.
    He has won 3 EPL titles. Pellegrini, Mancini won EPL with Man city. These managers were sacked by there clubs. what makes Wenger different ? What is the big deal in sacking him ? Loius Enrique wont continue as Barca boss next season. Why are we different. Why do we accept failure ? 13 years without EPL title. 7 years consistently playing CL and not getting into a quarter final.

    We could not go past Monaco over two legs. We cant sack the players. But we can sack the Manager. We fans, and former players who keep saying Wenger will decide when to go are the problem with this club. This statement suck. Is Wenger the owner of the club?

    The man does not teach his players to defend. Ozil when he was in Real Madrid was not playing every minute under Mourihno. At times, he takes him off at 60mins. Mourihno has the balls. No player is bigger than the club. the team success comes first.
    Ranieri after loosing a match at Roma resigned himself.

    Againat Bayern, They had space. Our players lacked the awareness. Wrong team selection. Welbeck should have started the game. Even when Kos was injured. He should have brought in Elneny and switch to a 352 formation. Elneny dropping back playing close to our defence. Coq playing in advance role presuring Alonso. Either Giroud or Welbeck to replace Iwobi. Play more long balls. more crosses for Giroud. If they score 4 goals, we score 3.

    Wenger deserve a sack after that Bayern loss

    1. gotanidea says:

      This is the best statement I have ever seen in this forum! What you have said is the fact about the difference between Arsenal and other top clubs (if we can call our beloved club a top club nowadays). Yet nobody from the Arsenal’s board of directors dares to say it in front of the public. It is simply because no Arsenal executives have balls to change. The Arsenal executives are in a very comfort zone, sucking millions of dollars from Arsenal fans, without having enough pressure to improve Arsenal.

      I urge all Arsenal fans in England to stop coming to Arsenal games and stop buying the tickets until a major change happens! Do not worry even if Arsenal has to crumble because of our actions. If Arsenal is a truly great club supported and ran by great people, it should be able to restart and achieve the greatness from the bottom, like what Leicester City, Manchester United and Juventus did. Remove the clowns first. Get the people that can really carry the team like Sanchez.

      1. Skills1000 says:

        Thanks. Wenger does not show emotions. So comfortable. Let him go. we need change. How do you explain loosing at home to Watford? How do you explain playing against Newcastle, 4 goals up only to end up drawing the match. We are 10 points behind Chelsea.
        We lost to Everton, Watford, and drew at Bournemoth and Middlesbrough. 2 points out of 12. Wenger in a bid to accommodate his favourite players would sacrifice his best performers. We have 5 strikers for goodness sake. No other team in the epl has this amount of quality strikers(Walcott, Sanchez, Welbeck, Lucas and Giroud). Wenger should be playing 3 of those in matches. Lucas would have been a beast of a striker if he has played more epl games. 433. front three of Lucas Welbeck and Sanchez. Lucas had an hat trick in CL against Basel. What was the reward. He went back to the bench. Wenger deserves a sack. We need a new Manager with fresh ideas. i dont care if our important players go.

    2. bran99 says:

      No comment beats yours sir, salute

  5. Ramterta says:

    I want many to be sold
    But realistically my go list is

  6. Trudeau says:

    Fraud? Very, very, very harsh criticism of Lucas. He has only had one poor outing in an Arsenal shirt. I’m still dreaming of the day that we start with Sanchez, Welbeck and Lucas and really go after teams from the opening whistle.

  7. Linsagunner says:


  8. Vlad says:

    WOW! Lucas is a fraud, and Gibbs over Nacho?! Are you on crack?

  9. N4NICOLAS says:

    Wenger isn’t going Anywhere, I don’t know if Arsenal is a club anymore… fans have to decide between love for Wenger or Arsenal FC.. once we make the decision then we can move from their. Me I know where my heart is Wenger can’t give us trophies we have waited for trophies for 13yrs and nothing has happened giving Wenger another year is just plain stupid

  10. Break-on-through says:

    I don’t agree about Ramsey. Ramsey is one of the few that has different facets to his game. Our problem is we have too many players that are good at only one facet of their game. Ozil Walcott Coquelin Xhaka Giroud they all fall into that category. Alexis can/has run tackle shoot intercept pass assist aggression hunger, as well as always being available ..ie doesn’t hide. The thing is ..Ramsey can be this player, not on quality, but he’s one of the few that has different sides to his game. With the right guidance, remember that season, well with the right guidance and the right teammates surrounding him Ramsey is a type of player that we need more of in this team. It’s the Ozil’s Theo’s Giroud’s and Coquelin’s that is holding us back. I agree Coq could make a decent squad player, and Giroud already should be described that.

  11. Wilshegz says:

    Let Go: Wenger.

    Get in: Simeone.

    the rest ll sort themselves out.

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