Who believes that Jack Wilshere still has a future at Arsenal?

Does Jack Wilshere have a future at Arsenal?

With the 2017-18 Premier League season about to kick off, Arsenal fans once again want to know the future of injury-hit midfielder Jack Wilshere. Will The Gunners’ star stay, leave on loan or even get a game for Arsene Wenger?

It’s a familiar story for Arsenal fans. Yet again Jack Wilshere finds himself battling back to fitness after another injury, with talk rife of whether The Gunners will keep hold of him and if his place in the first XI is guaranteed. The spotlight has been on the talented midfielder, a boyhood fan of the club, ever since he made his Premier League debut as a 16-year-old. But, now in his mid-twenties, what does his Arsenal future hold?

In the summer of 2016 Wilshere took the decision to spend a season away from The Emirates, to play regular Premier League football on loan at Bournemouth. The season before he’d made just one league start after a lengthy recovery from a broken leg. It was the second time Jack had been on loan, following his successful six-month stint at Bolton in 2010. Back then he was just a teenager trying to establish himself as a Premier League player. Last season’s spell at the Vitality Stadium, however, was designed to prove his fitness and that he’d lost none of his legendary touch, vision and creativity after a succession of ankle, foot and leg injuries. Judge for yourself whether the loan worked out or not.

Wilshere made 27 Premier League appearances for The Cherries, with five of those games coming from the bench. He failed to score and also recorded two assists. His league game count was his highest since he clocked up 35 matches in 2010-11 and only 14 short of what he’d managed in total over the previous three seasons. Jack racked up an impressive 20 league games in a row, not counting the games against Arsenal that he was ineligible for, and seemed to finally be over his injury nightmare. But then, ironically, a challenge with Tottenham hero Harry Kane broke Wilshere’s leg and his season came crashing to a halt in mid-April. He’s now recovering his fitness as the debate rages on whether he will, or rather should, get a game back at Arsenal in 2017-18.

Gunners’ manager Arsene Wenger has already stated Wilshere’s in his plans this season, but experts and fans are not convinced. The club’s well stocked in midfield, with Wenger on the lookout for new defenders and forwards rather than strengthening the middle of the park. In 2016-17, youngster Alex Iwobi made 26 Premier League outings, scoring three goals and mixing it in the Champions League against the likes of PSG and Bayern Munich. Francis Coquelin also proved what a reliable defensive midfielder he can be. The £35 million signing of Granit Xhaka was more hit and miss, but Wenger hopes his all-round midfield class will shine through in his second Premier League campaign and justify his price tag. Throw in the likes of quality internationals Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey and, if he stays, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, then Wilshere has a massive fight to feature on the team sheet. With no Champions League distractions this season, Arsenal hope to fly out of the blocks in August and set a pace at the top of the league. The Gunners are seen as outsiders for the title by 888sport, but they have done no harm to their chances whatsoever with the signing £46 million striker Alexandre Lacazette. A settled midfield selection could already be in place by the time Wilshere’s fully fit, which may leave him picking up minutes in the Europa League and domestic cups.

There’s no denying Wilshere’s talent and indeed his love for the North London club. Lesser players may have thrown in the towel years ago and moved to a smaller team to duck out of the pressure and spotlight. The 25-year-old seems to have the right mentality now, following some off-the-pitch incidents he’s been involved with in the past, and it simply comes down to his ability to stay fit. It will be a surprise if another team wants to buy or loan him in the summer transfer window. But come January Wilshere could once again be looking to leave The Emirates, especially with a World Cup finals in 2018. The wonder of Wilshere continues.

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  1. Answer: NOT ME

  2. Well, it’s an undeniable fact that he’s talented but he spends most of his time on the treatment table than on the pitch…

  3. No. Extremely unlikely at best.

    Wilshere’s body just can’t take the rigours of being a professional athlete in a contact sport.

    Nice to see Iwobi doing well, and Coquelin maybe finding some form again though.

    1. How do youbhis body can’t take it anymore?I’m sure the same was said about Van Persie.Wasn’t Van Persie called the” man of glass”?Didn’t Arsenal fans call for his sale because of how frequently he got injured?All he needs is an injury free season to make it happen.If you ask me he’s already maximised his potential but injuries are causing him to be inconsistent and reserved.His performances over the years will confirm this.From that day he had the serious injury when he was very young till today he’s shown his old self in many matches but injuries are bringing him down.

  4. Highly, highly, unlikely or just plain NO

    I remember two seasons when Wenger forcibly played jack so that he could be a part of the English squad when there were more useful players in the team at the time.

    I think Jack has not taken long enough to heal, always rushing back and instead of resting himself properly, he has put his football career at risk. Jack is a true talent, but can not reach his peak unless he takes at least one-year off football. Do some Hiking, gym work, speed training and some yoga. Allow his muscle and bones to get sufficient time to heal, then come back to football and see if he can restart his career.

  5. Jack had his best season in a while for the cherries last yea, with Ramsey and santi being injury prone as well
    He could be a good player to have in the ranks
    If he understands that his role is different now, I say yes.
    I’m not convinced by el neney still he’s playing good now but it’s pre season, so I say jack can have an impact still.
    Like I said he played real well last season, probably one of bourmouths best players, and he also played more than half the season, so it’s brighter than it was a few years ago.

  6. To me, initially I believe he have a future but at the moment I’m not so sure. He’s very inconsistent and injury prone. Football has gone beyond dribbling and always wanting to hold on to the physical football has taken over. When you see the like of Kante, xchaka, casemiro etc

  7. All Wilshere needs is an injury free season which makes his situation more frustrating.You have to judge a player looking at his top form because that’s the player’s highest point.At top form he can still be in the Arsenal squad.Deny it all you want but if he had Ramsey’s fitness he’d be better than him.Also at Bournemouth he was their best player as expected and I quite remember him having some man of the match performances.Don’t let the stat deceive you.He did well at Bournemouth and against Chelsea and Liverpool.What he needs is an injury free season but for that he needs to go elsewhere.I’m just praying he has the luck of Van Persie for one season.He can still do it.

    1. I watched a lot of matches with bournemouth, because of Afobe, Jack and their forward Josh King (thought he would have been of interest to arsenal)/

      Getting back to Wilshere he played 27 matches 22 starts, 5 from bench and 2 assists, 3 yellows, I watched at least 13-14 of his games, he played ok in most of them but nothing dominant, he was poor defensively, look good on the ball going forward. To me he played like a player with an injury and was not interest much in the tackle.

      I can not see Wilshere assisting arsenal in anyway the Elneny many speak about has a far better engine than Wilshere and more discipline in defending. Wilshere must move on arsenal can no longer hope for wilshere to reach the heights he once was at with such a fragile state.

  8. Loan him out again for 6 months

    1. One full season. That’s much better.

  9. Sell him and free up wages for a potential replacement like leon goretzka or pablo fornals..

  10. I think jacks ability is there to see and on form would give wenger a positive selection headache. He can play in the middle as well as from deep.
    I would be inclined to let him stay in the squad and have him play in the Europer and domestic cups as well as a few epl games and set a target of 20 to 30 games for the season with adequate recovery time between matches.
    In the past he has pushed too hard to gain fitness and over played on his return.
    I think as others have mentioned he needs a balance of play and rest time.to help him gain form and fitness. An in form jack would be an asset to this squad and help them win the epl so yes he has a place.

  11. Any News on Jeff Reine Adelaide?

  12. Unlike Wenger, I learn from my mistakes…no more ruin-on sentences and maybe a few paragraphs along the way

    I really thought Wiltsire had figured it out when he scored those glorious goals for England, but the injury that followed seemed to change everything. It might be me, but he appeared bigger upon his return. Whether he thought it might help to reduce injuries or maybe it was just what happens when you can’t be in true game shape for an extended period of time, he moved differently, not as quick, and he was too easily put off the ball.

    The Wiltshire I remember showed glimpses of genius and relished 1 v. 1s in the middle of the park. His petulant behaviour and familiar scowl were welcome distractions from the sometimes sterile environment. Unfortunately, and not too dissimilar from Walcott, injuries have robbed him of the freedoms he once enjoyed. Not quite as agile and too aware of the dangers of hard contact, his movement in the middle of the pitch became choppy and less direct; which is very problematic in a League that gives little time on the ball. For me, LaLiga would be best.

    In the end, you just can’t devise a scheme around a diminishing return with that injury portfolio…time to cut ties, make a few bucks and wish him the best because soccer is better served with him playing than not

  13. I said it many times, and I say it again : God given Jack a beautiful mind of football but not with the right pair of legs.

  14. The question is can he ever go a season without suffering a heavy injury? Based on that the answer is no…you can’t plan a season with Wilshere in it.
    Unfortunately he is a mercurial talent but football keeps moving and new talents, wonderkids emerge everyday. On talent alone he would be a starter in that team, probably a captain and would’ve played so many games.
    But the story is the total opposite and I wouldn’t be mad if Arsenal were to sell him to accommodate a new injury free but highly talented player: Goretzka for example or a Renato Sanchez.
    The only thing is I would include a buy back clause as I still a feint hope that Jack the lad will make the grade sooner rather than later…

  15. O T…
    pls what is Wenger waiting for on mahrez transfer? The guy is a cake for us… we should not let it go …

  16. … it’s time we forget about this injury prone dude, Wenger must next step bring us Leon Goretzka, as a club we should be thinking of moving forward… not discussing our injury prone players every season.

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