Who can Arsenal draw in Europa League Round of 16?

Arsenal only just qualified for the next round of the UEFA Europa League despite losing to Ostersunds last night, and they could now be drawn against any of the 15 teams left in the competition. Arsenal started this competition as one of the favourites to win it, but after last night I can’t see any of our possible opponents worrying about facing us in the next round.

Of these 15, 10 of them have previously appeared in the Final, and it is worth noting that the three Russian sides and Dynamo Kyiv CANNOT be drawn together as a precaution. Considering that a Spanish police officer died during confrontations with Spartak Moscow fans last night, no one will want to welcome the Russians into their grounds.

Although Atletico Madrid and Dortmund are the obvious dangers, I think that the worst possible outcome for Arsenal would to be drawn against Locomotiv Moscow who are clear at the top of their League and have won 8 of their last 10 League games. In March temperatures usually drop to -10 and lower in Moscow!

Here is a list of all the possibilities….

AC Milan (ITA)
Round of 32: 3-0(A), 1-0(H) v Ludogorets
Domestic league position: 7th

Athletic Club Bilbao (ESP)
Round of 32: 3-1(A), 1-2(H) v Spartak Moskva
Domestic league position: 14th

Atlético Madrid (ESP)
Round of 32: 4-1(A), 1-0(H) v København
Domestic league position: 2nd

CSKA Moskva (RUS)
Round of 32: 0-0(A), 1-0(H) v Crvena zvezda
Domestic league position: 5th

Dortmund (GER)
Round of 32: 3-2(H), 1-1(A) v Atalanta
Domestic league position: 2nd

Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
Round of 32: 1-1(A), 0-0(H) v AEK Athens
Domestic league position: 2nd

Lazio (ITA)
Round of 32: 0-1(A), 5-1(H) v Steaua București
Domestic league position: 4th

Leipzig (GER)
Round of 32: 3-1(A), 0-2(H) v Napoli
Domestic league position: 5th

Lokomotiv Moskva (RUS)
Round of 32: 3-2(A), 1-0(H) v Nice
Domestic league position: 1st

Lyon (FRA)
Round of 32: 3-1(H), 1-0(A) v Villarreal
Domestic league position: 4th

Marseille (FRA)
Round of 32: 3-0(H), 0-1(A) v Braga
Domestic league position: 3rd

Plzeň (CZE)
Round of 32: 1-1(A), 2-0(H) v Partizan
Domestic league position: 1st

Salzburg (AUT)
Round of 32: 2-2(A), 2-1(H) v Real Sociedad
Domestic league position: 1st

Sporting Club (POR)
Round of 32: 3-1(A), 3-3 (H) v Astana
Domestic league position: 3rd

Zenit (RUS)
Round of 32: 0-1(A), 3-0(H) v Celtic
Domestic league position: 2nd

Who would you like to draw?



  1. John Wick says:

    Doesn’t matter who we get we aren’t good enough in Europe under Wenger we’ve trying since we were knocked out by PAOK Salonika in the Uefa cup in his first year in charge 22 years later we still haven’t been successful in any European competition just counting the days until the club actually wakes up and appoints a new manager one disillusioned fan here. Have a good day folks ☺

  2. McLovin says:

    Let’s be unrealistic for a change and put aside how terrible we are:

    I think Salzburg would be the best option. Also Athletic Bilbao wouldn’t be bad.

    Collectively I’d say Plzen are the worst of the bunch but as we tend to stoop even lower if the opposition is considered low, they could humiliate us the most.

    If we want to save ourselves from humiliation: Athletico Madrid. Therefore we would only be ridiculed for another round 16 exit.

    Maximum humiliation: getting eliminated by Plzen. Therefore we would be ridiculed for being eliminated again round 16 AND being eliminated by farmers etc. jokes.

  3. GB says:

    Hope it’s Bilbao then I can see the away leg.

  4. Sue says:

    I hate to think who we’ll draw, but I bet whoever it is they’ll be rubbing their hands together…. especially after that CRAP last night!

    1. chris says:

      Looking at the teams till in the draw …. how does anyone imagine we have the slightest chance of winning this cup ?

  5. tas says:

    don’t mater what the organizers say this kind of draws are usually fixed with TV revenues in mind, it would suite Europa league if Arsenal wouldn’t go the full way or at least to the last four

    1. tas says:

      our first eleven is capable of wining any team once but we cant get our first eleven to play together because of injuries

  6. Admin says:

    So far….

    Lazio (ITA) v Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
    Leipzig (GER) v Zenit (RUS)
    Atlético (ESP) v Lokomotiv Moskva (RUS)
    CSKA Moskva (RUS) v Lyon (FRA)
    Marseille (FRA) v Athletic (ESP)

  7. GB says:

    And it’s………….Ac Milan

  8. Admin says:

    Sporting CP (POR) v Plzeň (CZE)
    Dortmund (GER) v Salzburg (AUT)

    We not getting Dortmund or Atletico

    1. tas says:

      it could be better but not so bad,
      P GD PTS
      5 Inter Milan 25 19 48

      Inter not so great anymore just like us, but all Italian sides are great at defending and wait for counter attack which don’t suite arsenal

      1. McLovin says:

        We are playing AC Milan, NOT Inter Milan.

          1. tas says:

            Even Beter 🙂

            7 AC Milan 25 5 41

  9. AndersS says:

    Plzen for sure.
    That should give us the best chance of winning, and if we loose, it would increase the chance of getting rid of Wenger. A win-win situation.

  10. McLovin says:

    AC Milan… aaand we are OUT.

    Didn’t matter who we get, with a performance like yesterday even my national team (Finland) could beat Arsenal.

  11. Admin says:

    Milan (ITA) v Arsenal (ENG)


  12. Admin says:

    Last one drawn… lol

  13. rkw says:

    we are playing our future!!!

  14. Dean says:

    Milan are shit in attack this year. Lacazette is better than anyone they have right now.

    But their defending is much better than ours, and god forbid Holding plays for Arsenal again. The lad is the worst defender I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt ever.

    With our luck re: draws, we’ll have to win 4 good teams to win it – No chance (well, maybe 5 percent)… Though, honestly, we’re not good enough for the CL anyway and won’t be for at least a couple of years.

  15. Roachie says:

    I think we should concentrate on the Premier League……….lol

  16. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    It was nice while it lasted

  17. Sue says:

    He can’t play Iwobi, Chambers, Holding or Welbz in that game surely. Although right now it doesn’t seem to matter who plays! They’re all rubbish!! What’s wrong with them all??? It breaks my heart at how s**t we are!
    From one match to another you never know which team will turn up! Really p****d off right now ?

    1. georgie b says:

      I don’t think they are all rubbish Sue, just poorly managed, as we all hopefully know by now.

      1. Sue says:

        Got another season of it yet ?

        1. georgie b says:

          Yes Sue, it makes for many hours of restful refreshing sleep. (sarcasm).

          1. Sue says:

            Yes & a bucket load of frustration!!

  18. Shinoda says:

    I want us to win the Europa League but then again, what’s the point of getting into a competition (CL) where we are constantly embarrassed? As we have all seen with Arsenal, it doesn’t matter who we face, we always f*ck up. As long as Wenger is the manager, you can always expect an unmotivated, underperforming, overpayed boring team that always finds an excuse for constant failure. I hope this club finds some redemption coz we are screwed big time.

  19. st sass says:

    individually our players are standard for the Europa both A and B, it’s only the cohesion and it all goes down to management.

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