Who can become Arsenal’s next big game player?

Arsenal needs a player that can change the big games.

Arsenal is used to having big-game players and one of their most famous is Dennis Bergkamp.

The Dutch ace used to singlehandedly change games and there are just too many memories of his match-winning exploits to pick out a single one.

The Gunners have since had the likes of Cesc Fabregas and even Alexis Sanchez who have also singlehandedly changed games, albeit on an inconsistent basis against the big teams.

Now the Gunners are in a new era and the team needs another big game game-changer who would make the difference.

When I look at the current Arsenal team there aren’t many players that can be considered a big game game-changer,

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been the difference for the team in a number of games since he joined. However, Aubameyang has struggled in the big games, most notably he has never scored against Manchester City.

I think he is an accomplished player, but he doesn’t seem to force the issue in the big games.

Another player that comes to mind is Alexandre Lacazette. I will not forget his goal against Liverpool at the Emirates last season, he is a player that loves scoring at home and he seems to score when it matters, but consistency is still a problem for the Frenchman.

A player that I think can become our big game player is Gabriel Martinelli, the Brazilian scored against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup and scored a stunning goal against Chelsea in the Premier League.

Martinelli is still very young but I believe that the Brazilian has all it takes to become the big game player we are looking for at the moment.

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  1. You’ve said it all and I totally agree that Martinelli has a big game mentality. He’s one player that believes he can do something in any game. The Chelsea game is in my mind.

  2. How come did you omit Thierry Henry in your list? Henry should have been the first on the list. I also expect Patrick Vierra in the list. We really need a big game winner/changer in this current squad.

  3. Could be Bukayo Saka… If Arteta have the guts to let him play winger as the ung man wants himself. If Asn’l keep using him as left wingback, they better sell him to a team that let him be winger. A winger should have the right to use his wings.

  4. Let’s hand Liverpool d tittle be then we can go to Webley to knock out each other for the other 8 teams apart from City so we can determine CL places

    1. Arsenal needs a player that can change the big games.
      What has Liverpool got to do with this topic of conversation?
      Saka will become the most wanted English player in the EPL by the end of next year once he gets to play in his preferred wing position. Goals and assists will have all the top clubs knocking on our door wanting to sign him.

  5. I believe in d talent of gabi i fail 2 understand y he’s not playing
    d lad is hungry, talentd, speedy nd has proven he can score nd is a team player.
    am expectn nelson, saka nd gabi 2 step up nd b given game time
    saka’s talent is wasted at left back

  6. Saka is very consistent, he always makew the difference against opponent, provides a lot in attack.

    He is played out of position which limits his potential. Even then, he is player we always expect to create something.

    1. He is our team’s biggest threat to oponents. If at his natural position, he would do more damages, not oblige to defend as much. James at MU is played at his winger position and you see how much of a plus he is for the team.

      Hope we don’t bench him as Niles after using him up. It is not good for players’ mental, specially young ones…

  7. Nelson is also a game changer, he must play more to make difference. Martinelli is a great player but not as much of a game changer. You don’t expect that from him.

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