Who can replace Ramsey when Arsenal play Besiktas?

What kind of an effect will Ramsey’s suspension have on Arsenal?by SE

The Welshman getting a one-match ban for his transgression against Besiktas is something of a blow for the North Londoners, who now have a difficult task on their hands if they are to qualify for the Group Stage of Europe’s elite competition. Ideally, you want your important players leading from the front in those potential ‘winner takes all’ games but, on this occasion, Arsenal will have to do it in the absence of Ramsey. As a result, what kind of an effect will Ramsey’s suspension have on Arsenal?

Ramsey, in recent times, has been the go-to-man for Arsenal, and already this season: the Welshman has been subject to Arsenal taking 4 points in the league so far. His injury-time winner against Crystal Palace saw Arsenal pocket all three points; and against Everton, Ramsey, albeit a meager tap in, was at the right place at the right time to instigate an Arsenal turnaround. Pragmatically, hence, Ramsey has been pivotal to Arsenal’s four crucial points to kick start their league campaign.

Purely from a psychologically point of view: In sport, a beleaguered team doesn’t always surrender in the heat of the moment, owing to the absence of its talisman. In Arsenal’s case, you’re probably looking at Wilshere, Flamini and Chambers, as midfielders, to fill in for Ramsey, and harness that added responsibility in the best way possible.

Most recently, in the Premier League: Manchester City lost Vincent Kompany, their talismanic skipper, to a red card offence against Hull City at the KC stadium, en route to winning the Premiership. I wouldn’t want to talk of Silva and Dzeko’s goals, which saw City win that game 2-0; but there was this under-fire midfielder in Javi Garcia, who filled in for his skipper at the heart of Man City’s defence, and played a significant part in his team securing all 3 points, in addition to keeping a clean sheet. More importantly, Kompany getting sent off didn’t disrupt the job the other 10 men had to do – but it galvanized them – and they thrived on it big time.

On Wednesday night against Besiktas, it doesn’t matter who adopts that extra responsibility, but it has to be a midfielder in Arsenal’s ranks who has to step up to the plate, and conceal Ramsey’s absence in the best possible way. And, going by the depth and invigorated hunger that this Arsenal’s squad possesses, it should be academic really, to see someone step up to the plate and fill in for the 23-year old Welshman, with great aplomb.

Who is up to the job?


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    1. Who should replace Rambo?…Ans:Whoever Wenger Picks,dont stress yourselves.Where’s Jojo,Muff,Leo,Twig et al to spice this place up…oh I see Muff below me,sup

    2. this should be our lineup: in my opinion

      debuchy Chambers Kocienly Monreal

      Flamini Jack

      Sanchez Ozill Santi


  1. 3 hours away… see how besiktas like playing us on proper grass. not chernobyl looking ravine they call a pitch

  2. All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe…OMG…WRONG PLACE!…but a nice wish innit

  3. Sorry arsenal fans but MR AW should have sorted this b4 the season started. We need players and not just replace some. Our RB to me is a very big prob. We have no great back up in any of the back line. TV still no replacement Y Man U are letting DW go so go get him he is a good player. Alax would never had him at Man U if he was shit. I don’t think we will win on wend sorry as much as I want our club to just got this feeling. And I’m very sorry about this but AW is not the man to take this great club FOWARD any more ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

    Arsene seem to put much faith that this guy could be one of the world’s best. And I presume he is the reason for Cesc not coming to emirates. Hope Wenger is right in this one, though wilshere looks shabby at times.. If we are to win PL this season, either wilshere or ozil must perform alongside ramsey. Lets win the besiktas match. COYG

    1. And for the striker problem, I think arsenal need this composition: A worldclass striker that bang in goals for fun(dont hv) + an experienced PL striker with high teamwork value(giroud) + an unproven but hot prospect striker (we hv 2 in sanogo n campbell, which I think is too many, need to loan/sell one of them)..

      1. a world class striker is a must to win a title(look at dortmund 2 yrs ago with lewandowski and atletico last season with diego costa). Please Wenger get us our own TOP STRIKER in Cavani.
      2. An experienced PL striker is important as a cover to the main striker, a reliable guy to look to when the main striker has injury, fatigue, or when we need a more balanced team play than threat upfront. This is definitely GIROUD
      3. A young striker should not be a cover, but rather a “luxury” player. He should only play when we are not in dire need to win and slowly prove that he is worthy to spearhead the team. Also, a good 2nd choice cover. We have SANOGO and CAMPBELL here. Need to get rid one of them (loan or just sell) as they should be considered as “luxury” or let them compete(will result in less playing time for both).

      Our problem right now is, as I see it, Giroud is number 1, Sanogo number 2, Campbell is number 3. So there you go, sanogo/campbell leading the front line since giroud is injured.

    2. There is no single player that ensured Wenger did not go for Cesc. It was the large collection of CAMs as a whole. Wenger calculated (rightly or wrongly) that he simply had plenty of quality midfielders.

      And Wenger may even be carrying a little grudge. After all, Cesc turned on Wenger and DEMANDED to leave immediately and refused to play any summer friendlies.

  5. Wish we had the 18yo wilshere who played against barcelona…
    Flamini will probably get a red card for a 2 footed tackle so I’ll put my faith on the Ox

  6. This is Wilshere’s big chance to prove himself. Let him play in Ramseys position with Chambo next to him. Even though it’s a risk, lets take it.

    Chambo is hungry for this chance. Remember when he played CM against Bayern or Milan. Animal…

  7. My team for the game:


  8. Szczezny
    Debuchy Mert Kos Monreal
    Wilshere Chambers
    Campbell Özil Ox
    This is how id line up against Besiktas. Chambers stops us getting overrun in midfield and prevents counters. But the attackers have more than enough to beat Besiktas.
    Off topic- Bayern have officially signed Benatia. Why not go after Badstuber. Before his injury his was incredible and that would give us enough centre backs.

    1. They bought Benatia because of Martinez’ injury, so why would they now sell another defender? Makes no sense…

      1. Could be brought in to replace someone independent on martinez’ injury aswell. I see the logic in that

    2. why would arsene experiment a wilshere-chambers partnership in an important match against besiktas?!…wilshere leaks goals and keeps trying to recreate that norwich goal in each and every game, flamini instead of chambers and rosicky for wilshere…

      1. @vijaygunner
        “Wilshere leaks goals and tries to recreate that Norwich goal in every game”
        I would go with Rosicky and Chambers instead of Flame and Jack. The young and the old.

        1. It’s not about a partnership between Chambers and wilshere. It’s pretty much playing 5 at the back but releasing some pressure off of Chambers by putting him in front of Kos and Mert. Sitting chambers in front of the back four gives him some more big game experience and because he’s a defender, he will sit back and give us more stability when Besiktas counter and height for set pieces. I’ve only put wilshere there because I know he will start. My personal choice would be Rosicky but Wenger will play Jack.

  9. Two years go you ALL wanted Ramsey gone.
    Two games ago you ALL wanted Giroud gone.

    Now, you ALL are in a PANIC about replacing them.
    I can see the pigs flying !

    1. Funny thing is if Giroud had some decent pace he would be unplayable. For his height the guy is incredibly technical and yes I give him a lot of stick too but the guy is really an important member of the squad whether we agree or not…

    2. I am very tired of the skewed memories of some self-ritcheous fans. I remember almost nothing about fans wanting him GONE as you claim.

      In 2012 many fans wanted him to earn his way onto the pitch instead of being started every game while playing poorly and fans were furious with WENGER for treating him like a special child. Fans want EVERY player to earn his way onto the pitch. Ramsey is no different – then or now.

      But if it makes you sleep better to pretend you hold some moral high-ground, I guess it is not all bad. Just don’t try to fool me with the nonsense.

      (But I’ll bet you have a poster of him with little pink hearts drawn on it hanging on your bedroom wall)

      1. You,re right, though SOME did want him sold.
        Had, Wenger left Rambo out then, he would never have been the player he is now.
        Same goes for JW now. Agree he is not yet playing his best football, but, just leave him out and he will never be the great player Wenger and others believe he will be.
        Wenger also believes in Giroud.
        I think, we should accept that the boss is far better at seeing talent in players than any of us, who can change their opinion game in, game out.

        1. Even for practical reasons selling him did not make sense – he was playing poorly and would not have attracted a reasonable transfer fee. I remember suggestions that he go on loan for a while.

    1. After what happened to Giroud I would be shocked if Wenger doesn’t bring in a ST and Cavani fits the bill perfectly. I just can’t stomach seeing City or Chelsea lifting the trophy come seasons end. If we do come up short I rather City claim it (would still be pissed inside but) based off the managers. Pelligrini I have respect for but Mourinho, well I just won’t say what I really think of him…

      1. u know what , im tired of watching anyone lift the league trophy.
        since when do we settle. its been a decade. no more waiting this season we want the league. no less.

        no excuses. nothing to say anymore

        we have not spent. if we flop- its solely down to le prof

        1. I want to see us lift the trophy as much as you do but we need the right reinforcements to do that. Not to mention our history of injuries and look how much we’ve suffered already with just 2 league games into the season. The good thing is the transfer window is still open and if we don’t make those additions and come up short with the finances at our disposal I will be very disappointed in Wenger…

  10. Excited about the game and no doubt we will get our result, but more excited about the day after as it seems that’s when our transfer window re-opens for about 5 days.

    1. The team will make us all worry and fret until the final whistle is blown though.. They always do.

  11. I seldom say this but…… this is a big game. Going out of the CL now would really hurt the club in several ways. But Wenger knows this so…. he will put the best players he can find on the pitch.

    1. Midfield 3 will be Flamini, Wilshere and Özil. Rosicky will come on as a sub. Campbell and Ox on the wings and Alexis up top.

      Wenger said he’s keeping Podolski, could be a sign that he knows Giroud will be out for a while and he needs Podolski as cover. Always thought Podolski should play up front more, I think he’ll be great there. Lethal when the ball drops to him in the box, good at hitting it on his first/second touch too. He may play up front tomorrow and Alexis may play on the right, unlikely but possible. I can see Besiktas trying to play the same way Crystal Palace did last week, sitting deep in their half and trying to nick a goal and defend it, so Giroud could have been quite handy for this game…

      By the way, anyone heard anything about Koscielny’s injury? Will he be back for tomorrow’s game?

  12. It’s actually f*cken simple:
    Toby Alderwierld-8-10m CB cover, RB cover and could also play on rotation basis with Kos.
    William Carvalho- 24.5m plus Coquelin/Gnabry can be our beast as CDM and cover for CB if needed but could mould Chambers
    Keep Podolski-free or get Cavanni for 50m we still have strikers but getting a top top 1 would just be cherry.
    Hell all sounds so easy if only, would be very happy with Carvalho, Alderwierld and CL qualification…… COYG!!!!!!

    1. CGT,

      This would be the play if Arsenal were truly one of Europes BIG clubs and possessed the ambition to seriously contend in both the EPL and Champions League.

      Chambers @ DM

      Struggle for that 4th place trophy.

    2. I swear you do not want Alderweireld, as an Ajax fan I have seen him play a lot and he lacks the quality for Arsenal.

  13. I understand some fans being worried about the game tomorrow and rightly so. Looking back at the first leg and even though we didn’t play our best we could have won. I remember in the second half Wilshere had a clear chance but decided to try and walk it in the net instead and Ramsey has a similar chance after. For some reason it’s like we’re alergic from shooting outside the box and besides Giroud’s goal in the Community Shield, Ox is the only one attempting long range shots on a regular basis. Keepers are too comfortable at times and can easily be surprised from a far, more shots equals more chances of scoring. Goals win games…

  14. Hard to do line up for this game without Giroud, Sonago, or Ramsey-

    Since Sanchez looked off the boil, and still learning team-mates, I’d be tempted to use Podolski as a striker. Can swap (or add) Sanchez if chasing game or not working.

    A player I find hard to pick, but want to is Ozil – Yes he is total class, but since he’s never made a tackle in his life, he also makes as fragile in midfield if he plays there. Put him wide makes as less exposed, but also makes him less influential. Dilemma!

    I’ve put him wide, with Corzola in the middle, who does a little more and adds the threat of strikes on goal

    Debuchy – Chambers (keeps lots of pace in defence) – Kolchelny – Gibbs
    Flamini – Wiltshire
    Oxlade (looking good) – Corzola – Ozil

    Kind of shows how much we really need another class striker – don’t you think?

    1. Thank you, Simon, at last some common sense. Podolski is the striker with by far the most experience in the Arsenal squad. For goodness sake, why not use it. He’s strong on the ball, maybe doesn’t have a huge work rate, but at least he has a lethal left boot and is not afraid to use it. Ox should replace Rambo and Özil should play CM.

  15. Some people have been rubbishing Giroud for months now for various reasons. Whether that is right who knows. What I would say is, now is the time for others to step up, affect the game, score goals and stake a place in the first team.

    I don’t think it matters who that is, as long as they can show they are up to the job. Injuries give others a chance.

  16. I said it long ago,our Achilles hell has been a lack of powerful DM which has been there for all to see.our team is to light in midfield and comparing with the likes of CITY – CHELSKi we cannot compete and i did suggest Yann M’villa but he went to russia and people said he’s not good enough.well i saw the fell playing for inter during the USA tour and he’s a beast..now we have a similar player in the mould CARVALLO so why dont we get him? why this self loyalty keeping faith in JACK when after more than 4 years since CESC left has not been able to prove his worth to wait? why not sending on loan again until they realise THAT ARESENAL is to big for him..we need a DM IF WE WANT TO CHALLENGE PERIOD..im not shouting just making it clear fellas.

  17. marco reus officials are in spain they will have talks with real Madrid + Madrid are also going 4 falcao how many do they want, this is a disgrace

    1. where are they finding the money to do this the Spainish banks are stuck and wont lend to them and they are up the kyber in debt (the di maria deal only just covers what they put out for kroos and rodriguez) if reus goes there that would really be it, or are you pulling our chains atm am sure wenger must have something big up his wizards sleeve come on brazil babes come to the emirates tomoz night and talk some sense in to le prof

  18. Think I am going to watch and support women’s hockey or volleyball as football has become a total f*cken joke……….how can a few teams be allowed to dominate transfers and completely F*CK UP the sport, C*NTS!!! AND I DONT CARE BAN ME YOU TWATS!!!!

  19. The midfield will be Ozil with Wilshere and Flamini behind him. The wings will likely be Chamberlain and Sanchez with Podolski up front. Wenger needs to put Podolski in the window for the shoppers to see. I don’t buy for an instant Poldi is staying if we buy a top striker.

    I would prefer Flamini at left back and Rosicky partner Wilshere behind Ozil. We will be more solid this way without Monreal. Ozil needs to be in his natural position with Sanchez in his natural position so they can get used to each other. Chamberlain and Walcott can be interchangeable on the left wing, or the right if Sanchez is on the left. Campbell looks more valuable to the team than the injury prone Sanogo.

  20. the fact that arsenal are waiting for cl qualification shows their level of confidence this transfer window we spent 60m & got 32m (from vela/fab etc) it’s all about balancing the books I still believe in wenger but if he doesn’t sign someone better then its time to rethink which direction we want 2 go
    there are options bony has 19m clause or show ambition & get cavani + cb & cdm

    1. wont we get monies from the c/l qualification something like £30 million add that to what we left from the transfer funds so thats a much needed boost to us i would hazard a guess that we have over £50 million(my guess is £65million) left to spend but a few positions to cover now wneger will make it stretch as far as it will go maybe the g-rod injury might stop him getting one big name now but we will see wont we maybe a seasons loan of remy might be wise to cover up front options through the season although what do you think of lacazette? my chioce carvalho reus and gustavo a double defensive coup and awesome attack options covered (gustavo can cover left back and c/h so would be a good secondary c/h option behind chambers and carvalho)

  21. Bayern faces injury concerns in the back,
    BUY Benatia

    Arsenal meanwhile………….

    And for those fellow Gunners that carry on about this player and that player NOT being of Arsenal quality, how many of the current 1st team Gunners are of that desired status

    Arteta…..not quite
    Sanchez…..not yet
    Walcott…..not consistently
    Debuchy….solid but no

    You are what you are

  22. Man utd have just signed Di Maria for £60m while Wenger sits there twiddling his thumbs. Utd have proved that any player is availble for a price. We need a world class striker NOW.

  23. I was fed with Ramsey in the 2012-2013 season and was pissed and said we should let him go.. my foolishness.. only to realize that it was Wenger who took the stupid decision to play him on the Right instead of center.. tried to make him a winger.. But his talent is now imminent and he is rising up the ladder to become a super star.. how many players like this has Wenger bought and played out of position.. Who should potentially replace him I think it should be the Rosicky if he is fit which I think he is.. He is creative moves front and attacks and has sublime passing skills.. that’s my pick..

  24. Who can replace Ramsey when Arsenal play Besiktas?
    NOBODY… Not Jack”where is the ball”Wilshere, that is for sure…!

    Wenger needs to innovate and may be do something different tactically (which he is totally incapable of, because he just does not have the skills or even the potential).

    I know we will qualify, but just because the players will want it more than Besiktas (same thing in the FA Cup finale… Nothing to do with Wenger… Only the players had just enough of the partner of failures and critics and made it happen).

    Now, tomorrow, we have to qualify because we cannot miss on the cash reward… The all season would have been for nothing (ask the shareholders, Gazidis and Wenger).

    On another note, I have the feeling he wants Podolski out in order to save his wages (£100,000/week)… And that is the ONLY reason.

    Anybody would logically wish Podolski to stay put and Wilshere to be sent somewhere… he is just rubbish and slowing us down!

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