Who can replace Wenger at the end of the season?

Arsenal considering possible targets for Wenger’s replacement?

It’s no surprise to see that some Arsenal fans have already got on Arsene Wenger’s back this season, after a poor start to the campaign and prior to our latest signings, a poor transfer window as well. His actions have left Arsenal fans frustrated and whilst much of the fan base remains split on whether he should end his time with Arsenal this season, it seems as if the board may already be planning for life after Arsene.

It is pretty much set in stone that it seems Arsene Wenger will remain involved with Arsenal for as long as he desires, out of a matter of respect for what he’s done for Arsenal football club. Now this isn’t the right approach a football club should take, but I’ve come to accept that the board is unlikely to change that and so I’m expecting Wenger to remain for at least the remainder of the season. The thing is however that during the summer, Wenger himself hinted on a few occasions that he may be considering his future at Arsenal after this season closes, which has led to a few discussions on who could be the next Arsenal boss.

Arsenal have been linked a fair bit with Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe, who has worked wonders on the south coast, taking them up through the divisions of the Football League, all the way up to the Premier League. His dedication and work ethic and of course his success towards one club is what has attracted Arsenal and it is possible they may be lining up the young manager as a possible replacement once Wenger goes.

Another manager to recently come to light is Borussia Dortmund boss Thomas Tuchel, who has been in charge of the German giants since Jurgen Klopp left to take over at Liverpool. Klopp was very much a fan favourite regarding a possible Wenger replacement before his move to Liverpool, however his successor at Dortmund has also supposedly impressed the bosses at Arsenal, after a showing a similar approach to the game. The Metro have reported the link and say that “Tuchel’s work with Mainz and Dortmund have drawn comparisons with Jurgen Klopp after he took a similar career path in the Bundesliga, and he has since shone in the Premier League with Liverpool.” Could Tuchel be a likely candidate for the role once Wenger leaves?

Of course Arsenal no longer have a pick of the bunch to chose from when it comes to managers. Many of the top range managers changed clubs this summer, including Guardiola and Conte, however Atletico’s Diego Simeone and Germany national team manager Joachim Low may still be available for when Arsenal come calling.

Arsene Wenger is in the final year of his current contract at Arsenal and he has said that he will not consider signing a new one until the end of the season. Could any of the names mentioned be in the position of Arsenal manager this time next year?



  1. He (or perhaps it should be kroenke) should have filled the glaring weaknesses in the team last summer rather than this summer. The money was there, welbeck had long term injury last summer as well. We would now probably be champions, wenger could have retired on a high note ( like fergie), we would have a new manager and be in a much better position to get ozil and sanchez to sign contract extensions.

    Ok that is all hindsight but the point is that the footballing world, and us fans, last summer were telling Arsenal to strengthen in the positions he has filled this summer. The money was available last summer but we went in to last season with the glaring gaps in the team and it cost us.

  2. Joachim Low? No thanks. Club management at the top level is different than managing a top international team with a great selection pool and the pressure of games is different. We need a young hungry manager who has the desire and the capability of taking the club to the next level!

    1. Summary Low experience
      – 4 years, club youth and assistant manager
      – 6 years club manager, stuttgart, innsbruck, karlsruhr, wein, fenerbache, adanaspor, no big clubs.
      – 12 years assistant and manager of germany.

      Nothing there to suggest he would be a sucess at Arsenal. As rashid said, club manager is very different to national.

  3. Assuming Wenger does not sign an extention to his current deal, I would be happy to see either Diego Simeone or Joachim Low take over as manager of Arsenal. Simeone has done a remarkable job for Atletico managing to compete against Barca and Real on a substantially lower budget with consistant results while Joachim Low has had success with the German national side. Both would represent a change for Arsenal in the way we play but could bring us success on the field. Eddie Howe has done a great job for Bournmouth but I feel he may struggle at a bigger club managing players with bigger ego’s. Thomas Touchel is making a name for himself in the same vein as Klopp before but it may be to early for Arsenal to consider him. Given the options I would go for Joachim Low as i feel he would be slightly more suited to our style of play.

    1. simeone is just pure poison.. a lot of people hate mourinho but simeone is the biggest basta**** manager football has ever seen, he should be banned for 2 years for what he did against malaga and dont you dare spout such nonsense as “thats a winning mentality” its a joke he is just a cheating idiot who can’t win otherwise..

  4. The big problem as I see it is that the board does not have the expertise to pick a new manager. They may rely on wenger to advise them as fergie at manu, and look how that turned out.

    I think that for many of us, our first choice has just moved to one of the other PL teams.

    1. As long as he doesn’t pick Moyes I’d trust him over the idiots above him to pick one, He’ll find an unpolished diamond on the cheap no doubt 😀

  5. Simple diego simeone no ifs buts maybes

    He will get these pansies singing to his tune in no time. He is a world class manager between him & pep for the number 1 spot for me, as a matter of fact I think what he has done with Athletico surpasses what Pep has done at Barca n Bayern considering he had about a quarter of the financial clout.

    Diego all the way for me

    1. Managers like Jose mouriniho has done more with small clubs than simeone. Let us stop licking peps asss. He is a top manager no doubt but he didn’t do much with bayern, even Enrique has achieved great things with barca. To say pep and simeone are top 2.managers is a big joke. for me it’s Jose or ancelotti. But as usual our idiotic hatred for Jose will blind us. Just wait to see our glorified fans term Conte overrated just because he is managing chelsea

      1. “Managers like Jose mouriniho has done more with small clubs than simeone”

        Mourinho has managed the following clubs:

        1. Porto when it had almost the whole of the Portugal 2004 Euro finalists squad.
        2. Chelsea first term (Roman Abracadabra’s money signings)
        3. Inter Milan (Eto’o, Milito, Sneijder, Motta)
        4. Real Madrid
        5. Chelsea second term
        6. Manchester United

        Now, my question is, which of these clubs were financially “small clubs”.

        Now, what Pep didn’t do in Bayern? They played 3 UCL semi finals, won three Bundesligas, two German Cups, Super Cup and Club World Cup. Last year, while Pep was busy winning the Bundesliga, Jose took the defending champions to bottomless depths.

        I am not saying that Jose is a bad manager; he is a bad person. But you are glorifying Mourinho too much. He has never lasted more than three seasons and once he is done, the team needs fixing. If you are calling out bias, don’t be biased yourself. That, my lad, is called hypocrisy.

        1. Inter and porto were not champions league material, yet he took them to that level. . Ya porto had portugal players, so what, even Wenger had top french players who won Euro and World cup, did he even win any champions league . Pep had strong german base and he took them downward. Yes you are hypocrite when you base one rule for pep and one rule for jose. I am not judging each by how good a person they are because no one is perfect and jose certainly isnt but what I am saying is we are too quick to lick pep’s boots but are quick to undermine managers like mourinho just because he is arrogant and doesnt like wenger.

          You say jose only stick for 3 seasons at max, well pep has done the same so far. When things starts falling he takes sabbatical and runs away. Pep is a top manager but let us stop pretending jose is some lucky manager. Also winning bundesliga whilst managing bayern well that shouldnt say much. He got a treble winning squad and he couldnt win the champions league with them. I can bet if jose or sir alex were our manager and won trophies for us we would have defended them like our lives depended on us.

          Let us stop being hypocrite and appreciate managers

  6. Diego Simeone has done an outstanding job at AM, but his style of play is completely different to Arsenals, will he change his style to suit Arsenal, or will he try and change our style of play to his own?

    If it’s the latter, I’d rather go for someone who likes to play good, attractive football, I don’t want to watch that style week in, week out, I want to be entertained for my money.

  7. The most likeliest outcome is a contract extension of Wenger. I remember Ivan talking about a new deal when FA were after looking at Wenger as a possible option. I think Wilshere’s loan itself was an indicator of faith in Howe. As for Tuchel, he has dealt with financial pressures at the club well, and has experience at the European level. His inexperience in the English game would count in favour of Howe. Bournemouth play like Arsenal-lite, we will see how they do with Wlshere in the team.

    But if we do have the option to pick and choose, I would say Didier Deschamps. I have been keenly watching him manage the team. France were in utter mess when he took over after 2010 WC. He has gotten rid of revolting players ruthlessly (Benzema in Euros, Nasri in WC 2014) and has brought stability. Moreover, he has the star power to attract top quality players that, both Tuchel and Howe would not have. Make no mistake, the two are good at training youth players and giving them chances but Deschamps would be a statement of intent that we are not pushovers. And Diego Simeone won’t and shouldn’t come as his team plays a drab style of football. That would go against the very identity of our football club.

  8. The replacement for wenger is no other person but Eddie Howe, that’s why he was able to convince jack wilshere after revealing to him the secret decision of the arsenal board.

  9. Diego simeone”s style is worse than Jose. At least Jose is a master of counterttackimg football but simeone is just plain boring. I cannot see many top managers available so it is going to be a tough job.

    1. Yeah right, Jose the MASTER of counter attacking football. All hail Jose! We saw his finest hour last season with Chelsea – AMAZING. Which club do you support by the way?

      1. One failed season or 12 season of successful winning football. I do not like Jose a’s a person but as a Manger he is very best. Just because our manager cannot do cap doesn’t mean we undermine other managers. Whe whole world sings praises of sir Alex we hated him and undermined his success. Now similar with Jose.

        And it is true his team has always scored high number of goals. Check real Madrid stats, he’ll even under the most boring season for chelsea where he won the title his team scored more goals than arsenal. You forgot the 6-0 that his side gave to our manager.

        Someone’s side has never scored abundance of goals and has always played the underdog football. There is a reason his side games has always been boring to watch. M whole point is let stop being hypocrite. Like I said Jose as a person may not be a hod but then no one is. Simeone has been equally arrogant and has acted like idiot many times so don’t know what many are talking about.

        1. Successful or unsuccessful, as a manager is very difficult to determine. In 2004-05, I saw Chelsea outspend us and United by many times, bring in star quality and win the trophy. But is such a success, because of deep pockets of owner, or due to the tactical brilliance of manager, we may ever know. But if we attribute any success solely to tactical brilliance, success becomes relative and winning teams’ spending power cannot be neglected. Jose has spent almost a billion dollars in his management career of 12 seasons. Something that Alex Ferguson AND Arsene Wenger combined haven’t done (that’s more than 40 seasons’ experience). You cannot compare Wenger and Jose as Wenger and Fergie built a club and succeeding them will be difficult whereas Jose fools around, buys some class players, wins the league, goes downhill so that the next manager can come in and fix. If we spend millions and then Arsene wins, we would call HIM a chequebook manager. Who is being a hypocrite now?

          There was a manager called Brian Clough and he was the best. Sheer man-management. Fergie and Wenger would come close to him in greatness, Jose, albeit winning the UCL is nowhere near those club-builders. And I think Fergie secretly wishes Man Utd to collapse in every single way with his inputs in future managerial appointments at the club.

          1. You are correct about brian clough. It was a real shame that the alcohol sent him downhill otherwise I think he would have been one of the greatest managers ever, if not the greatest.

          2. Pep has spent close to 170 million so why isnt he yet termed as a chequebook manager. I am not here a jose;s advocate, i have just stated the hypocrisy that we arsenal fans always show. Simeone is a winner but Jose is not, pep is some god but jose is a fraud even though what Pep did at barca enrique is doing the same in a even better way. Yes we do not like Manchester United or chelsea or spurs or Jose or sir alex but if anyone is good he is good. We always bring jose’s one bad season but year after year he has done more than wenger and that is a truth. You will never hear a United fan say Theirry henry or bergkamp are bad players because they dont like arsenal but our fans are quick to criticize anything attach with other clubs. Stop this hypocrisy

  10. I don’t think Simeone would love to come to England. But other interesting names are Allegri of AC Milan and Bilic. But I think the best thing the club should do is to make Arsene the Director of football at the end of the season and a new manager comes in.

  11. Arsenal can never sign Diego simeone,he would have problem with kroenke when any transfer window opens,the board can’t control him because he’s not the type that keeps quiet,takes the fall,criticism every summer just because of a fat cheque like Wenger does,and also those favourite players of wenger would definitely be shipped off or rot on the sidelines

  12. The managers I have seen in the past, tegularly mentioned on these pages to replace wenger are Klopp, Guardiola, koemann, pochettino, simeone and Low.

    Of those, the first four have recently moved to new clubs and are not available, simeone’s playing style does not appearbto suit arsenal.

    Low has been assistant manager and then manager of germany for the last 12 years. That is very different to managing a club side, no financial constraints, no transfer windows to worry about, no developing young players on a daily basis etc. Before that he spent ten years in club coaching, with six of these years as the top man. He managed teams like stuttgart, fenerbache, innsbrook, kalsruhr, adanaspor and wein in those six years, so not long at each one and they are not top teams. He does not have a track record of managing top club teams and has moved about a lot so to me he is a non starter.

    I actually have no idea who is available and could sucessfully replace Wenger. My concern is that the board do not have the experience to do it and will rely on Wenger. That approach did not work out for manu when fergie chose his sucessor.

  13. Lots of debating (for want of a better word) going on about Pep and Mour, both good managers in their own way, both have been winners of the top prizes at the top clubs with the top players and neither having built a side on a lower budget which makes them cheque book managers. Mour likes to play on the counter and Pep likes to pass the ball around. Last season Mour had a rough time of it at chelsea simply because of a player revolt over the sacking of a female member of staff. Lets get this right, Mour was outed by his players for a decision over a member of staff, a decision in which he was in the wrong. The players revolted in such a way that was also completely unprofessional and they were in the wrong. The board acted against Mour which was the right thing to do but they should have acted against the players for not doing their job on the pitch. Personally i would have put the players up for sale or at leaset fined them heavily for not giving 100% on the pitch regardless of their views.

  14. All targeted manager’s are working for our rivals, Best option now is to extend wengers contract for 2 years and train our legends under him!! bring in Bergkamp and other possible legends

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