Who could Arsenal replace Alexis Sanchez with this summer?

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is claimed to be reluctantly considering the sale of Alexis Sanchez this summer, but who could take his place within the first-team?

The Chilean forward has shown glimpses of his world-class ability over his two seasons at the Emirates, but is now claimed to be pondering whether he is happy to stay with the club.

Alexis has two years remaining on his current deal, as does Mesut Ozil, and the Gunners are eager to tie the pair down to extended contracts at the moment. The former Barcelona star is said to be unwilling to commit his future however, forcing Wenger to consider his exit.

Should the 27 year-old leave the club, we would be short in attacking options, and would most likely have to replace him with another goalscoring midfielder.

My favoured option should we HAVE to let him go, would be Borussia Dortmund’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who has played a part in over 50 goals this season. Micky has been credited with a huge 23 goals and 30 assists in all competitions this term alone, and is believed to be unwilling to extend his Dortmund contract, which is entering its final 12 months currently. The Armenian all-time top goalscorer is also claimed to have sent family members house-hunting in London, which is an interesting thought…

Alarcan Isco is also claimed to be a target of ours, and the exciting playmaker can play in a whole range of positions. He would no doubt be a long-term option for our midfield, but unfortunately I don’t believe Real Madrid would be willing to let such a star to leave the club.

On the other hand, James Rodriguez has lost his place within the first-team, and is most likely willing to quit the club in search of a regular starting place. The Colombian would no doubt command a substantial fee, but we are not short of cash, and I would love to see him grace our famous red shirt.

We have been disappointed with Arsene Wenger’s failure to bring in the required players to strenghten our side previously, and another option could be to return Aaron Ramsey to the starting line-up. Chris Willock is tipped to be promoted from the youth squad for next season, and could have a chance to push for a starting place, but it would be too much of a risk to not sign a proven scoring midfielder wouldn’t it?

Could Ramsey re-find his goalscoring boots of 2013-14? Who is more suited to replace Alexis of the three targets?

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  1. To suggest that Ramsey is remotely close to the footballer that Alexis is laughable. The constant inclusion of and reliance on Ramsey, Jack (quality footballer but can’t stay healthy), Theo, Ox, Giroud, to eventually come good is a reason (if not the reason) we don’t lift trophies. We find ourselves in these contract situations with players like Mesut and Alexis, true class players that have played with true class players, that have to watch the team struggle because of the constant inclusion of average players like Ramsey into the lineup.

    If truly quality players aren’t brought into the squad, then both those players will leave. I would imagine that Alexis and Mesut won’t re-sign until they see the classiest 9 available – not Suarez, Lewa, Benz, Aguero, griezmann…don’t even suggest these guys because they’re not coming – brought into the club. We have to show true ambition, and stop forcing average players into the team and expect to keep true quality players.

    1. The article says:
      “The Chilean forward has shown glimpses of his world-class ability over his two seasons at the Emirates” (talk about damning with faint praise)
      Clearly Sanchez has shown more glimpses of his world class ability than his manager Wenger, so why not get rid of Wenger and keep Sanchez???????

      1. OK, so in a hypothetical world we end up selling Sanchez and Walcott… We should buy Lacazette and Griezmann. We need to keep Giroud now of course because of Welbeck’s injury, but we should obviously buy a world class striker like Aubameyang. They can form a lethal front 3 with the creativity of Ozil and Cazorla behind them.

        Bellerin – Koscielny – NEW CB – Monreal
        Coquelin – Cazorla
        Lacazette – Ozil – Griezmann

    2. If it really mean to be, Since its bayern then I suggest we should demand an exchange for Lewandowski and add some cash to them.

      West ham want walcott then we can go ahead and to the same with PAYET.

      TURAN is a surplus at barca we can try our luck their too.

      Same bayern bought Hummels and Sanchez (not Alexis) why can’t we chase one of their CB’s BOTENG?? MARTINEZ??

      Just me managing from my keyboard office. #DreamON

  2. Yes he might be upset and frustrated by Club’s lack of ambition but I don’t see him leaving this summer.Do not believe everything you read from media,this time of season in particular.

  3. dont care what it takes.he stays
    he is the best player arsenal have signed in more than 10 years.

    he embodies everything we want in our players, he leaves dont care who replaces him wenger an the board will never recover there reputation

    all this no ones bigger than the club bs is reserved for teams like bayern who cherry pick the best
    we say that when we lose rvp an replace him with giroud

    hes not for sale end of

    1. Wow!.. You’re rating Sanchez higher than Özil? ?
      (The Incredible Sulk V Satellite assisted navigation ?)
      Maybe some fan’s will now realise, why Barcelona sold Sanchez.

      Munich, amongst other clubs are said to be interested in signing Sanchez and we need an out and out attacker!
      So Wouldn’t it make sense to inquire about Lewandowski?
      Offer them Sanchez!… + cash if it gets the deal done and even bring back Szczesny to convince his international buddy, to come to Arsenal.

      Shame about Danny Setbeck, Out for 9 months ?
      A future wenger signing could be born in that length of time!
      Wishing him all the best in his recovery, it’s obviously not going to be a speedy one, but on a positive note, at least Wenger has got him pencilled in as a New signing come January 2017.

  4. Sanchez leaving? who even wrote this? Welbeck is out for 9 months. So if we sell Sanchez we might as well start preparing of a tough relegation fight next season. lol Am so sad for welbeck . Poor lad.

    1. And in what world is Mhikhatarian a better option ??! Replacing our only consisten goal scorer with another ACM ??! Smh, no more attacking mids, we need a CM to replace Cazorla and a CF with world class potential, not top class potential, but world class potential.

      1. Cazorla’s replacement is Xhaka or Kante. Arteta/Flamini/Rosicky leaving is filled by Elneny, Jon Toral and maybe Isaac Hayden.

        CF is our nr 1 priority – Welbeck out for 9 months. Or Akpom needs to do a Kane.

  5. So that’s Welbeck out for another 9 months. Basically a year by the time he will be fully fit again. ? surely now we must go out straight away and sign a world class striker. If Wenger dares to say we have the likes of Sanogo coming back to the team. I will cry

    1. Come on Sam. Sanogo?? lol I know wenger is sometimes crazy but he is not completely dumb . lol Any decent striker should score 20 goals with this team. If you watched some of the chances Ozil created? Any other top team he would have had 30 assist this season.

  6. If Sanchez does leave, only one man would be to blame for this, Wenger! I imagine Alexis was just about as gobsmacked as we all were at the transfer window. A 33 year old goalkeeper…and that’s it!

    I hope he and Ozil stay, but I wouldn’t begrudge them a move. They’re both in their prime, and having to play with some awful players on a regular basis, and working for a manager who describes Walcott and Giroud as world class!

    Even with Ozil and Sanchez, Arsenal are still no where near even challenging for a major trophy, let alone actually winning one, under the management of Wenger – so would it change anything if they left?

    1. What pissed me off most this season is that we held on to Arteta & Falmini. We knew they were old and injured a lot. Rosicky was a fan favourite but even with his age he should not have stayed. We had 3 players that were beyond there sell by date. These 3 will now all go.

      This transfer window we have 3 players at sell by date: Mertesacker, Debuchy & Walcott (yes only 27 but I can’t see him improve). Wenger please get rid of these 3, all the fans know it and don’t want them.

      Another player close to it and who may be sold as well will be Cazorla, 31 and 1 year left on his contract. His sale is different, where we may as well get money while we can. I see it a bit like Vermaelen whom we sold just in time.

  7. I just said this in a previous post but here I go again. No doubt we have the $$ to buy top class. Our problem has always been that we’re not willing to pay the wages that a top class player deserves. And what’s frustrating is that at Arsenal, to show “commitment” actually means to accept smaller wages then other players at other clubs. Should players like Costa or Hazard be getting paid significantly more the Ozil or Alexis?

    OT- just read the Wellz out for another 9 months. To have so many players with recurring injuries, it’s gotta be more then just coincidence. What the hell is going on?

    1. Have you seen our wage bill, it is higher than Chelsea’s. They pay more but have a lot smaller squad, which has hurt them this season. Barcelona has also a lot smaller squad but they play in the less physical challenging La Liga so can do with a smaller Squad.

      City struggled as they still have a small squad to compete on every level, it is their lack of homegrown players that caused it. They bought Stirling and Delph to offset the loss of Milner & Richards. Luckily they had Iheanacho coming through the ranks.

      Look at Arsenal’s books we made a small loss. It means if we pay more for top class we will have a smaller squad and more youth as backup.

      1. Chelsea had almost the exact same squad that won them the league last year. If you think that having a smaller squad is what hurt them, you’re fooling yourself. City has won more trophies then arsenal in the last 3 yrs with a “smaller” squad then we have in the last 10. You mentioned in a post above about promoting youth anyway. So I fail to see your point. Unless your saying that it’s good that we’re paying a lot to a lot of mediocre talent. Nasri getting paid almost as much as Alexis but yeah your right, let’s keep doing what we’re doing it seems to be working… lol

  8. It will be a disaster if we have to replace him. We need to see a quality arriving and been added to Alexis Ozil. So if he goes what are the chances that Arsenal can pick up two of the games most dangerous widemen before next season, Id say slim to none. I definitely wouldn’t say no to Mkhitaryan, just cant argue against those numbers. Reus is another one, Greizmann too, these are very wishful thinking targets though. Leic winger Mahrz, I’m sure many in here would like to see him added. Id love if Costa off Bayern were for sale, maybe we should say if you want AS so badly, well then give us one of Lewendowski or D Costa. Maybe Lewy and we put up 25m with Alexis.

  9. If you are thinking of Juventus buying Alexis for more than 35 million euros rather Man city you are wrong and at the most Juve will provide 25 million for him due to his age and Wenger is more like money maker and will sell it Man city but will never take one from them. Wenger has now won the stay of his tenure and he will see to it what can he say to Alexis or Ozil to stay but if they leave to a premier league team it would be good on him rather than those players. This giving respect to Wenger is crap and undeserved which is where the example of Bayern comes to mind when they won the 4 consecutive league title and fans where sad they immediately signed Sanches and Hummels.

  10. I can understand the frustrations of players like Sanchez and Ozil because if I was a class player like them having played with some of the best players in the world md suddenly find myself with average players will be very frustrating but all this talks of them leaving is a bit premature if you ask me, like AFC will have nothing to say about it….need I remind folks these players are under contract which means they belong to the club and them leaving will have to be mutually beneficial for all.parties

    1. Yes obviously assisting Cristiano and assisting Giroud is massive difference and if Mr Wenger can’t see reason then what is the point.

  11. how very sad to hear of dannys terrible injury , he is a trier , i will give him that much . to think that sanchez could leave will put a cloud over us fans for the entire summer. personally , i hope he sees sense and stays , but on the other hand who could blame him . he is ambitious and the management of our club to have no ambition whatsoever. i do often wonder when i see some called fans on here being thrilled at other players injuries from other teams have we brought this curse upon ourselves.a lot of people on here actually get off on opposition players being injured , this is so unsporting you know , how sad it is that we arsenal fans have stooped to such lows. best of luck to danny and his recovery.

  12. Wenger’s reasoning, has no point!
    It’s just a continuous loop of hypocritical contradiction! ?

    If only somebody could be bothered to dig up a years worth of his dribble and use it against him, in a court of law. ? ?
    Or at least, On here! ?

  13. I think Robert Lewandowski prefer Real Madrid. he is very expensive too: roundabout 150mil €. He is very lucky in Munich. I think he stay. more realistic for Arsenal is Lukas Podolski. He loves the fans and the Club.

  14. It is Kroenke, not Wenger we have to worry about. Wenger said he would never sell to an EPL rival.

    Kroenke comes in, and orders Wenger to sell Nasri to Man City, we have that from the horses mouth. Wenger makes mistakes, and can be a pain in the rear, but we will never progress while Kroenke is in charge. We don’t know how much Kroenke manipulates Wenger behind the scenes, but we know that he does, and Wenger saying that Kroenke gives him all the money he wants is pure Kroenke manipulation.

    Fans need to realise that the sorry state of the club at the moment is down to Kroenke, and his need to bleed the club and fans dry. Wenger has done a lot for Arsenal in the past, and if he is really that bad, it is the majority shareholders responsibility to replace him.

    Arsenal as a club is completely mismanaged at the moment – it is only Wenger that is holding it together. This year will be a telling year, because there appears to be discontent amongst the players and fans, and Wenger’s contract will be coming to an end. Either Kroenke has to do something – be that sell or invest, not continue sucking us dry, or the club will go down the tubes. Possibly the worst thing would be if Wenger agrees to a contract renewal, then we can expect a continuation of the slow lingering death we have had to endure since Kroenke’s arrival.

  15. This Sanchez exit rumours is beginning to give me concern..
    We have to hold on to him
    Wenger should pls make sure he stays…

    1. OR Wenger should go with Sanchez at least that would balance out the loss of Sanchez!!!!

  16. Griezmann as a replacement, actually play Campbell as a squad player. I would still like to see A.Schurrle at our club too.

  17. OT but more important
    Hope your all praying sunderland slip up 2nite, norwich also win. That will make newcastle fight for premiership survival on sunday, spurs lose, arsenal smash villa, ST TOTTERINGHAMS day comes yet again


  18. Looking at our midfield now, and perhaps the addition of Xhaka,its gonna be a great fight for places,that’s why am still kinda skeptical about Xhaka strong rumours..
    CMs:Elneny again,Cazorla,Wilshere,Ramsey..
    Possible additions:Toral and Xhaka…
    That’s 8 midfield players fighting for two places, not even counting Ozil..

    Now injuries will be a key decider as Ramsey and Wilshere can NEVER sustain a title challenge and UCL…

    So we have Cazorla and Coq as our major pairing…
    Elneny will go to AFCON..
    Now if we buy Xhaka for the rumoured amount,you would expect him to walk straight into our eleven..
    So if that’s the case, who sits on the bench???

  19. As a progressive gunner, I hope Alexis and Ozil get better teams to add silverware to their cabinet as Arsenal under Wenger are contempted with fighting for 4th place

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