Who could Arsenal sign to replace Danny Welbeck up front?

Danny Welbeck has been ruled out for the next nine months following the knee injury he picked up at the weekend, and Arsenal will surely have to sign one or two new strikers to cover for him.

We have been linked with a number of options, and while some of appear a little far-fetched, the possibility still remains.

Alvaro Morata has refused to rule out an exit from Juventus this summer, and the Italian champions have a number of strikers vying for first-team football. The Spaniard actually started less matches than both Mario Mandzukic and Paulo Dybala, and could be willing to leave. Real Madrid are tipped to activate his buy-back clause, but there are also unrealistic reports that they will do so in order to sell him on for a profit. Chances of signing 6/10

Fellow Spanish international Paco Alcacer has also been linked with Arsenal previously, and at 22 years-of age, looks an exciting player for the future. The Valencia star has scored over 10 league goals in his last two seasons, and would no doubt be provided with many more opportunities in front of goal with our club. He is under contract until 2020, and appears keen to stay on with his club, but people can be swayed by money and the Premier League is an exciting option for him. Chances 4/10

One Premier League striker who is linked with a move to the Emirates is Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge. Despite him joining LFC in the same season as Giroud, he has much less league goals than our equivalent, simply because he is never fit. Our club hardly has a record of keeping our players fit, and this makes 0 sense to me whatsoever. Likelihood 0.5/10

One player who we are ALWAYS being linked with is Karim Benzema, and with his off-the-field antics currently forcing him to miss the European Championship, his club could also be set to cash-in. They would of course need to find a replacement before allowing him to leave, and we would likely have to fight Manchester United for his signature, but I think this could be our best shot at signing him from the Spanish giants. Chances 8/10

One player who was snubbed by his international boss for the upcoming Euro 2016 is Alexandre Lacazette. The 24 year-old has scored over 20 goals in consecutive seasons for Lyon, and we all know that Arsene loves a French goalscorer. The striker has talked up a move this summer, citing interest from PL sides, and he also looks likely to be available this summer. I find it strange that he has been overlooked by Didier Deschamps, especially with Gignac favoured, as well as the out-of-sorts Olivier Giroud ahead of him. Chances 9/10

Who would you rather see join our ranks?

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  1. Nobody. Use Akpom to replace Danny until he comes back
    Sign a Top CF to be our new #1 (ie Lukaku, Lewandowski, Aubemeyang, Morata)
    Sell Theo and Sanogo

    1. New CF
    2. Giroud
    3. Akpom

    We NEED a Top CF
    We have needed one ever since RVP was sold

    1. Morata in the same sentence as those other few??
      I thought fans wanted a natural scorer? He has 7 league goals this season from 33 apps…..

      1. dude its so embarrassing when these people keep mentioning morata he is so average

        1. Not to forget we are in dire need of a winger also since Walcott is set to go. So i would love to see Lukaku and Lacazette both come in as the latter also plays as RW and would do well there and will comprise a deadly trio of Sanchez, Lukaku and Lacazette being our front 3 with the likes of Ozil and Cazorla behind them…

        2. Goonsquad8, I thought I might be the only one thinking this at one stage. The only thing Morata has excelled in is his work rate, he put in some almighty shifts last season.

          The striker that I want to see coming in, obviously I would love Auby Higuain and other top names but I’m not sure there is any point mentioning them. The striker Id like to see come in is Vincent Janssen. I think he could have done well for us this season if he had the type of faith Giroud was given. Obviously if a top name comes on the market we should go for him, but for the mean time, Janssen wont break the bank and the kid would be worth a shot.

        3. Ayy, he’s the Welbeck of Manchester United, who’s only big achievement is scoring the goal that sent his mother club out of a tournement (CL semi)
          I don’t expect a striker coming in our doors this summer. In fact, I don’t even expect a midfielder to come either, nor a central defender. Walcott does not leave unless the transfer is opted in by walcott himself. All I see coming in are insignificant squad players not doing anything to our current placement in Premier League, or talents noone has ever heard of. I expect to see West Ham spend more than us.

          What I really don’t see why isn’t happening is this: Lukaku has said he’s leaving for a champions league club (? Don’t know, I’ve only heard it here), Leicester will probably not have the economy to get him, Tottenham won’t need him, so the only club I see would buy him is City, but they shouldn’t need him when they have Bony and Iheanacho as backup for Agüero. WHAT ELSE THAN WENGER/KROENKE’S GREEDY A$$ES KEEPS US FROM BUYING HIM?

      2. Very true Morata is bang on average he’s not a natural goalscorer,if we don’t get Lukaku I like the look Batshuayi 17 goals in a struggling Marseille side

      3. At least Morata is head an shoulders above Giroud in terms of talent. But he doesn’t excite me nearly as much as the others. I don’t see Wenger go for the others he is to stubborn. It would probably feel to him like admitting he was wrong on Giroud.

        I expect Giroud to be our main man again next year.

    2. We need to get rid of Giroud and his 130K wages so we can bring in Lukaku,what a terrible decision by Didier Deschamps to pick Giroud now there’s no way they will win the Euros with that guy as their main striker!

        1. I look ridiculous for saying Giroud is not good enough?well then let me look ridiculous just as Giroud’s stats look having gone 15 games without scoring while missing sitters which saw Arsenal fail to mount a title challenge

          1. 1) Giroud is not on 130k a week, but on 90k a week.
            2) It’s obviously difficult to find a top quality striker these days, and with the injury to Welbeck, we would need a replacement for him too. So if we sell Giroud also, who would be our back-up? Akpom, Sanogo? Or u expect Wenger to go out and buy 2 strikers along with all the other positions that he needs to cater to???

            1. Well I see you guys missed this,in July 2015 Giroud signed an improved 3 year contract at Arsenal that took his wages to 130 000 pounds a week!

              1. giroud is paid at 100k pound per week but i would see walcott going first than him. giroud is 2nd choice striker and stats show that he is better than welbeck expect in speed. but he is not at all 1st choice.
                sell giroud next season most probably.

  2. Lukaku. No brainer. Very expensive, but he’s still a young striker – it’s his 23rd birthday today. Has everything a top striker needs. 18 league goals in a poor Everton side, you’d assume he’d comfortably top 20 at Arsenal. Would solve our striker problem for years to come. Plus he’s less risk than other options given his Premier League experience.

    He may not be a massive name, but this guy is quality and is still far off hitting his peak.

    1. Sell Walcott to West Ham, trade Chamberlain and money for Lukaku, buy Mahrez


      aint too bad

      not happening tho

    1. not a lone ST. wed have to switch to a 4-4-2 which I’m absolutely ok with, him and alexis up top would be deadly.

  3. Im a BIG fan of paco! id love for wenger to bring him in but i don’t think he’d make an impact for a while and we need the finished article now

  4. Lukaku….Griezmann/Mkhitaryn….Xhaxa….Stones/Aymelic Laporte

    I know it may be asking a bit much considering normal transfer activity but I think that should make a solid team

  5. Lukaku is the best option he’s a proven premier league goalscorer,he’s young but experienced,powerful like Drogba he’s the one we should get

    1. On top of being big and powerful, he has decent pace to get behind the defensive line.

  6. Arsenal should be ashamed of getting linked with a player like Daniel,same goes for the writer of this article

  7. Whenever this subject comes up we get names like, Lukaku, Lewandowski, Aubemeyang, Neymar, Higuain etc. There are then articles in the press suggesting player A is unhappy/underpaid etc which are complete fabrication.

    The starting point should be who is realistically available. For example, lewandowski was a free agent, he could have chosen any club in the world and chose Bayern. My opinion is that the chances af him coming to Arsenal are zero. Similar comments apply to most other players. Lukaku being available is a possibility but would he choose Arsenal.

    We are at a disadvantage in attracting top talent. Our ambition is not to win the PL or seriously challenge for CL. Kroenke has told us he is not “involved” to win championships. Jack Wiltshire on Arsenal.com has told us the aims of the club and it is top four in PL (this means 3/4). RVP left because he could not see us winning anything.

    Basically, to attract top talent we need ambition to win more than the occasional domestic cup.

    Only other way to get a top striker is to find the player before they become a top talent, like we did with Thierry.

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