Who could replace Bukayo Saka in Arsenal’s game at Man United?

Three players who can replace Saka against Manchester United By Sylvester Kwentua

Hello friends. Ever since Saka was substituted against Newcastle on Saturday, I have been searching virtually every sports website, waiting to read the good news that Saka’s injury was not as bad as initially feared. However, with just two days to the game against Manchester United, Saka’s involvement in the game on Thursday is still uncertain, and the club have not revealed the results of his tests.
Bukayo Saka has played a strong part in Arsenal’s revival recently, and it will break his manager’s and fan’s hearts, if he is unable to shake this injury in time to get involved in the Manchester united game. But if he is not able to get fit in time for the game on Thursday, these are the players that can be called into action against Manchester United, and I am sure these players can do a good job.
Martinelli: Gabriel Martinelli is an enigma and if he is asked to start in place of Saka on Arsenal’s left attacking position, he is surely going to do a good job. This Brazilian skillful burden of talents is a good attacker; he can score, he can create chances for his team and can also cause problems for opposition defenders. Against Newcastle, he came on and proved to Arteta why he should be considered for more games.
If Saka can’t shake up his injury in time for Thursday, then Martinelli should play from the left, Lacazette in the center and Pepe from the right. I know a lot fans won’t like to see Pepe play, unfortunately he still remains an Arsenal player at the moment and he will still play games this season.
Nketiah: If Arsenal is looking at fielding a youthful team that can disturb Man United, then Nketiah should replace Lacazette in the aforementioned tactical suggestion I made earlier. Martinelli remains at the left wing, while Nketiah plays from the center, flanked by an equally youthful but fast winger! Pepe anyone?
Odegaard: In the summer when Arsenal indicated interest in signing Odegaard on a permanent deal, I was among those who felt Arsenal didn’t really need him, not because he was not good enough for Arsenal, but because Arsenal had enough midfielders at that time, who could run a whole season. However, he signed for Arsenal and he is a strong member of Arteta’s first team. With this fact established, Odegaard then should be ready to fight his heart out for a regular shirt whenever he is called upon by Arteta.
Yes, the few games he has been involved in this season, he played well, that’s why I insist that if Saka can’t make it on Thursday, then Odegaard should be moved to the left side of a three man attack, allowing Martinelli to focus on scoring goals against Manchester United on Thursday.

In all of all these submissions, I didn’t mention Aubameyang, and it is for obvious reasons. Aubameyang should be rested against Manchester united, so as to prevent him from keep soiling the name he has made at Arsenal. Aubameyang is unfit for purpose and nothing seems to be working for him at the moment, and he needs to be rested and allowed to work on his mental strength and psych. What do you guys think?

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  1. With no European football so far we have been able to field no more than 13 regular starters.
    Tomi White Gabriel Tierney/Tavares
    Partey Lokonga Odegaard ESR Saka
    Auba + Laca.
    Martinelli, Niles + Pepe Elneny Niles occasional subs.
    The other 12 invisable, injured or on loan.
    Now with games coming every 3-4 days we may be forced to finally rotate. Even so the rotation can still only include the 13 “starters”.
    I doubt Arteta will start Martinelli in Thursday. Man U at OT is hardly the time to experiment. More likely he would protect the youngster and use Lacazette or Tavares as Saka’s replacement. Martinelli is better coming from the bench when the game opens up second half. 72 mill Pepe is an unpredictable option/Nketiah a real long shot. Niles/Elneny to shut down the game may be. Consistency the key I reckon.

  2. I would like to see Odegaard there
    I think he has the potential to be our own Bernado Silva if his played regularly on that flank… And ofcourse that’s were he performs for Norway most of the times

  3. First of all, Nketiah shouldn’t be in the conversation, yeah. In the absence of Saka( God forbid!), Martinelli definitely should be brought in his stead. I just think we need a leader upfront, ya, he starts for me, Lacazette. And Smith rowe keeps his place( leftwing) as I don’t really trust Pepe. I really would love to see Maitland nile start against Man united, likewise, Odegaard. Our defenders keeps their place, for me or a three men defense that includes Tierney while Tavares gets fielded in mid of the pitch.

    1. I think Saka should sit regardless, he is playing to much. Laca Martinelli, Odo, and ESR as the forwards. Auba start on the bench and come in 2nd half.

        1. @gai..yea I’m just saying we need to see more these boys in and around the first team..can’t wait till they are fully integrated into the first time

    1. Gai
      I will chose PePe he still has a goal threat in him. Hutchinson doesn’t have pepe’s experience in first team. Arteta should if possible use AMN instead of Tomiyasu Sancho and Rashford could worry him. Lacazzet should also be used instead of Odegard. I don’t see Odegard competing well against Man U midfield. Lacazette though slow still has energy and good hold up. Would have preferred Thieney instead of Tarvares but he wouldn’t be match fit now. I am afraid of Tarvares leaving space at the back because of his runs and Man U have pacey wingers. I see a draw game. 0:0 or 1:1

      1. I agree, but Tavares has to be a starter again

        If we execute the left overload tactic properly, we won’t have to worry too much about the space he leaves behind when attacking. Because the tactic will block Man United’s RW and RB from penetrating through our left wing, if we manage to congest the left side with Smith-Rowe, Lokonga and Magalhaes

        We really need Tavares’ ability to cut inside, rather than relying on Tierney’s wasteful long crosses from the left byline. Tierney’s old-school attacking method requires someone like Vlahovic on the right side, to receive Tierney’s long ball

  4. We either play Martineli on the left with Laca/Auba at the center and Pepe on the right, ESR behind the striker

    ESR to on the left, Laca/Auba at the center, Pepe on the left, Odegaard behind the striker.

    Playing United at OT is the type of game to make too much rotation. We can rotate against Everton.

  5. You guys should stop acting as if you all don’t know that pepe is the right choice to start if saka isn’t fit. Recent history should tell us that he ( pepe) plays very well against man utd and west ham.

  6. Its either Pepe on the right with ESR on the left or Martinelli on the left with Pepe on the right and ESR just behind the main striker, which in my opinion should be Laca. Auba needs a break to recharge and refocus. I also support the idea of AMN to partner TP in such a crucial match.

  7. Isn’t the most likely scenario that Laca just comes in .
    Not even sure how Eddie comes into the conversation.

  8. In my opinion, we should use this;

    Tomi White Gabriel Tavares
    Partey Lokonga
    Martinelli Lacazette ESR

    Pepe is fast and shoots well, Martinelli(false 9), Lacazette attracts defenders.

  9. If Saka is not fit for the game, his replacement must be Pepe. And, as for Aubameyang, he should be dropped and Lacazette should start, with Martinelli coming in from the bench.

  10. I don’t understand how you guys rate pepe ahead of martinielli and nketiah,,,I’ll rather start Balogun over pepe

  11. Martinelli came on for Saka at the weekend and played in his role on the right. Few games back, that sub would have being Pepe, like for like it seems.

    But in this compact 4-4-1-1 or 4-5-1 having and errant player that loses the ball, try passively to track runs an can’t mark is a minus against the team.
    Martinelli should keep his sport on the. It gives the team a front leg approach on the wings like Saka does as against having Pepe dribble back at every chance.

  12. The best replacement for Saka should be between these three players, Pepe – Martinelli – Odegaard.

  13. Saka will be missed but Martinellii, Pepe and Tierney are additional cards the manager holds if only he had the imagination to utilise their talents. Make no mistake this is a big game. United have a lot to prove in front of their fans while Arsenal need to demonstrate that they can deal with this type of pressure.

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