Who deserves to be awarded the Arsenal player of the month?

Who is your player of the month among the players listed on the official Arsenal website?

It is that time again where fans are asked to vote for their Arsenal player of the month. The opportunity for supporters to come out and say who has impressed them the most in the past month. The official Arsenal website has come out with a list of four players; who are all potential winners.

Lucas Torreira: The Uruguayan has proven himself to be a reliable player ever since his arrival at the Emirates. There is this charisma with which he plays. He is a hard tackler of the ball and he is good in attack. He won the player of the month for December and in all honesty, he deserved it. He is one player who has improved on his game and has made dropping him difficult for Arteta. Would you vote for Lucas again or would you rather vote for the next person on the list?

Bukayo Saka: With 14 Premiership appearances, 2 FA Cup appearances and 2 EFL appearances this season, Saka seems to be the player that has shone the most from Arsenal’s academy this season. He has 3 goals in all competitions to his name. Against Bournemouth in the FA cup last Monday, he scored a wonderful goal. It is a good thing he is on this list but the question is, has he done enough to win the January player of the month?

Gabriel Martinelli: The Brazilian wonderkid, who is beginning to form a deadly partnership with Saka, has all the stuff found in young, talented footballers. He has the pace; this was obvious in the game against Chelsea where he ran half the length of the pitch to score a beautiful goal. He is a good goal scorer and he is a good dribbler of the ball. With 21 appearances and 10 goals in all competition this season, the talented kid has done enough to win all the accolades he is currently enjoying. Is he your choice for the January player of the month?

Granit Xhaka: The player who divides opinions among the Arsenal fans, has deservedly found himself in contention for the January player of the month. He has really improved his game since the arrival of Mikel Arteta. He played so well against Chelsea; especially when he was used as an emergency defender, after the red card to David Luiz. He has had his issues with Arsenal fans in the past but based on how his game has improved recently, I am sure no Arsenal fan would frown at him being awarded the player of the month.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. According to Ornstein, we should be signing Soares tomorrow or next. It’s getting done either ways. 5million which covers his salary also.
    Plus it puts us in pole position to sign him for free at the ending of the season if he performs.
    I hope this means AMN gets his chance in the middle, or maybe he gets to fill in for Pepe once a while on the wings.
    But I’m satisfied with our business dealings this Jan if we get Soares too

  2. Granit Xhaka for me. He had a very ugly fallout with the fans, ex players and the club hierachy, battled depression, came back and did his job with a smile on his face like nothing happened. In Brendah’s own words Granit has shown alot of CHARACTER😂

  3. Torreira is the hardest working man on the pitch consistently. Xhaka, Martinelli, and Saka all had good months as well. Hopefully things start going our way in terms of results soon.

  4. Soares hasbeen”rubbish” this season according to a close friend who is long standing Southampton supporter.According to him he is no longer the player he was and is Not in the same league as Yan Valery.Before anyone shoots me down I am just the messenger in this case.

    1. It not like he will be our main rb
      Just 3rd backup to bellerin and amn, since chamber is already out this season

      1. i assumed he would be 2nd backup, and AMN would be used in midfield again. Kind of felt like AMN was starting to finally grow in that position, but ah well.

    2. He’s probably just going to be back up…. well, maybe unless he does enough to oust the starter…. I’m hoping we’ll sign Mativyenko too

  5. Soares couldnt make SOTON’s bench. anyone seen any latest videos of him? I mean this guy went completely MIA! Was he condemned to the reserves? Just curious nothing personal.

        1. Thanks Sue, he went MIA after a very solid season with the Saits. I guess he mustve fallen out with the new manager. Abput the dippers, the less I think about them the better. cant stand Twitter scoursers theyre the worst fanbase out there

    1. Xhaka? Absolutely not. Martinelli has given us a little hope. He gets my vote. We have someone special on our hands.
      Cedric from Southampton was playing rubbish because everyone at Southampton was playing rubbish. Even Ward-Prowse was rubbish and he is a good player. Soares will be a good temporary replacement IMHO.

  6. Well Sylvester, I am sorry to tell you that I am indeed frowning, even at the RIDICULOUS mention of the immobile Xhaka in your list. So you are quite mistaken when you say that no Arsenal fan should frown at the prospect of Xhaka a being awarded player of the month. I AM ALSO FROWNING AT MY OWN STUPIDITY IN EVEN DEBATING WITH SOMEONE SO OUT OF TOUCH WITH TEAM REALITY AS YOU.
    My choice would be Martinelli, narrowly in front of Saka with Torreira third. So your list was 75% sensible and 25% daft.

    1. Jon, it was not his list, it was the list on Arsenal.com as he said so right at the start of the article. Your comments were unnecessary.

  7. I go for Xhaka thou am not his fan but that does not stop me from saying the truth ps i don’t Hate Arsenal players because its part of my duty to like all our players and accept them the way they are thats what a true fan does,so since MA has arrived i think he’s Arguably the most improve player under him,his errors are now reduce,no useless Foul like before,he cover for other players mostly Kolasinac maybe that is arteta new plans but at least he did it Well,he’s now making big impact like never before,he takes Responsibilities uppon him self,that Chelsea game at bridge only can make me give it to him because of his impact in that game especialy when we are 1 man short he replaced david Luiz and did good job at back and also support attack when we have the ball in fact he took control of the game generaly i will rate that game his best in Arsenal Shirt for now

  8. Martinelli for me, breaking Anelka recor, his goal against Chealshit was a game and morale booster for the team,he is the reason we got something from the game, I see no one scoring for Arsenal that game b4 bellerin equaliser, he’s been terrific,

    I just hope we don’t over exhaust him with games, cux the tempo he plays in need managing and care

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