Who do Arsenal fans want to win between Chelsea and Tottenham today?

Arsenal are currently 8 points behind the League leaders Liverpool at the moment, but the Scousers will definitely be demoted to second place later this afternoon when our two biggest rivals, Tottenham and Chelsea, meet at Stamford Bridge to slug it out for a place at the pinnacle this evening.

Tottenham are on a great run of 8 unbeaten since losing to Everton on the opening day, while Chelsea are 7 unbeaten since losing to Liverpool at Anfield.

Chelsea are favourites with the bookies, but that may just be because they are the home side but, as we have seen, there is little advantage for that when there are no fans in the ground to provide the”12th man”.

Everyones favourite manager Jose Mourinho, was asked by SkySports whether he thought Lampard would be fearful of coming up against Mourinho’s rejuvenated side, and he said: “You’ll have to ask Frank if they fear us or not,”

“But I don’t think fear is the right word at this level. We don’t fear anyone.”

“We respect their potential and I think they respect our potential. Honestly, I don’t think they believe they are going to play an easy opponent,”

“I would love them to feel that way, but I don’t think they do. Frank is a man with a lot of experience in football and I think they know we are a difficult team that is capable to go there and win.”

So we have an intriguing contest ahead, and of course Frank knows all about how the “Special One” works, having been under his wing for many many years at Chelsea.

Whatever happens, Arsenal are still going to need to beat Wolves after this game to try and maintain some sort of pace in the League, so perhaps we would prefer a draw so no-one pulls to far ahead.

What would like to be the result between Chelsea and Spurs?

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  1. I hope Chelsea smash the totts but I doubt it will happen. As if this year couldn’t get any worse, spurs winning the league would just about finish me off. Unfortunately I expect to see that smug look on Mourinho’s face at the end of the game.

  2. I can’t say that I’m bothered who wins, but if push came to shove I’d say that Spurs are the more worthy due to not having a sugar daddy financier and are operating as we were after having a new stadium debt, and I used to go to WHL to watch my school teacher play, so have a bit of history with them.

  3. I am hoping for an earthquake centred on Spuds new toilet bowl home where both sides are flushed down the pan and never seen or heard from ever again. Actively looking right now for the bookie who can offer best odds on this dream happening.
    I expect better odds on that than the chances of Mogunna ever writing anything good abot the club he CLAIMS to support though!

    1. To be serious, it is best for a draw and I suspect most Gooners would prefer a draw, as it obviously helps us most and is better than either side winning. Though I have no love for either side – and if THAT is not the understatement of the century, then I don’t know what is – there have been times when I have wanted one or both to win, but ONLY EVER when by winning, that aids OUR league position.

      My take is I ALWAYS love Arsenal MORE than I loathe all our rivals. Incredibly, it seems a FEW Gooners don’t think that way!

      1. What I would like to see Jon is a draw combined with an extended dip in form for both clubs. Any chance to trigger Jose’s mania will result in his paranoia complex activating. This inward spiral bypasses his ego and rapidly culminates in a complete regression to his id.
        His chilish antics of desire and self gratification above all else lead to the implosion he is famously known for, dragging the spuds down with him.
        That is my wish for this match. A very long-winded articulation for Jose’s psychological inward spiral where he is yet again the author of his self-destruction.
        As for Lampard, perhaps a bit of spoiled cheese in his after match meal resulting in an upset tum.

  4. A nil nil draw, a mass brawl resulting in 2 sending off on each side. Chuck in a couple of cruciate ligament injuries and I’ll be a happy man. Oh and arsenal smash a 5 nil win.

  5. I hate both of them. Still if I don’t let my bias gets in the way, I think Spud should win the game. They innovate and get everything right at the moment. It’s really frightening how Mou developed Kane into a complete forward. Now Kane could stay in the box and score goals as usual. Or drag defenders out of position and let the space exploited by Son (who’s even a bigger threat right now). Or the defenders stays in position and let Kane shoots from distance because he’s clearly capable of doing so. Or press Kane and concede freekicks in dangerous position because he’s such a good actor. That’s a real headache.

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