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Who do you think are Arsenal’s five ‘untouchables’?

There are reports going around that Unai Emery has told Arsenal that there are certain players that he considers as ‘untouchables’ and must not be sold at any price as he intends to build his team around them.

The Daily Mirror reported….

Hector Bellerin has been told he is one of five “untouchables” who Unai Emery wants to keep at all costs.

Arsenal boss Emery has held talks with Bellerin and made it clear that he sees him as a key player and wants to build a midfield and defence to maximize his potential.

Emery also told Arsenal when he arrived that Bellerin is a key player in his plans and outlined him as one of five existing players that they must go all out to keep.

They go on to say that the other four have not been named, but they are guessing that they are Aubameyang (of course!), Lacazette, Xhaka (because of new contract) and Mhkitaryan.

They also give a mention to Aaron Ramsey as Emery is desperate for the Welshman to extend his contract. And does no one rate Ozil any more?

Who would you choose as the five players that are crucial to Arsenal’s development next season?


58 thoughts on “Who do you think are Arsenal’s five ‘untouchables’?

      1. Eric Ogbe

        Idiot how has my comment affected your dull brain? Did I criticize Bernd Leno? Because justarsenal doesn’t detect halitosis doesn’t mean you should spew trash from your mouth to anybody on here

  1. Innit

    I hope it’s :
    1. Aubameyang
    2. Lacazette
    3. Mkhitaryan
    4. Monreal
    5. Kolsanic or Bellerin

    Im not saying that I hope he sells Ozil, Ramsey and Xhaka but I hope he understands that we need upgrading in central midfield if these two continue playing the same way. Maybe he can improve them. I don’t know but a SOLID SPINE is essential for a top team in my opinion. I hope Emery is more openminded than Wenger. And of course we need a defensive midfielder unless he also believes that only attacking is in “our DNA” lol

    1. Mwsupporter

      Sorry slightly puzzled, he said Bellerin is One of his 5 but he’s not in your list?

    1. killamch89

      Exactly what I said. Emery is axing people left and right – almost anybody barring mkhi/auba/laca/ozil seems to be fair game.


    The good thing about Arsenal now is that you hear rumors about a player and they end up still buying the player unlike in the past where we fans live by not trusting what we hear until we see it on arsenal official website. Now we can hear a rumor and just believe its true and it ends up been true. I’m loving this change. Exciting times to be a gunner .

    1. Arsene is Out

      Leno, Lichtensteiner, Sokratis, Soyuncu, Torreira, Golovin. Martins. IN

      Ospina, Mertesacker, Mustafi, Cazorla, Wishire, Welbeck, Perez, Campbell, Jenkinson out.

      1. Atid

        Interesting to see u are bringing in all non-homegrown players and yet shedding 4 homegrown.

        So who are your 8 homegrown players and who are your 17 non homegrown? Remember u21s don’t count, like AMN for example.

  3. Eric Ogbe

    Jack Wilshere just confirmed on Instagram that he will be leaving Arsenal once his contract expires at the end of the month. Good day for football 😂😂

    1. Sue

      Knew it was coming, but a little sad if I’m honest. I do like him….thanks for the memories… good luck at your new club…. and Jack, what do you think of Tottenham?! 😜 👍

      1. killamch89

        Yeah, Jack is a Legend for that hahaha! Just like when Theo did that 2-0 gesture to Tottenham fans when he got injured and they threw coins at him. I admit I’ve wanted Jack gone for years and he is finally leaving – I’m not sure how to feel about this…We are signing players early and kicking sick notes out of our club…Somebody get this Oculus off my head!

  4. Eddie Hoyte

    No I can’t take it!! how dare they?? this is not my Arsenal, 😢😢.
    where are the “Increase in transfer fee?”
    where are the “delay in transfer ”..
    how about the Transfer hijacks”..
    This new Arsenal seems to be close to perfect with their transfers…

      1. Eddie Hoyte

        Sue I gotta admit I’m really impressed with how we are dealing this summer.
        I just pray Emery shocks the world next season and we end up doing what City did this season😆😆…
        shut up, don’t tell me I’m not allowed to dream also😊

  5. Lupe

    So wilshere is leaving after 17 years, arsenal is changing so much. Sad for wilshere but all these changes are going to bring so much excitement for us fans.

  6. RSH

    I don’t even believe the story, so not much to say there. Wilshere confirmed leaving makes my day even better. Thanks for the memories, and good luck in the future, but have to admit I am happy to see some of AW’s favorites go. Gibbs, Walcott, Wilshere were just not good enough. Excited for what the future holds for Arsenal.

      1. RSH

        i think he’s another player that will get one season to impress or he’s out. Does anybody even Iwobi? Even in this crazy market he’s worth maybe 7-8mill max??

          1. Big Charley

            Iwobi can be improved. He has age and energy. What Jack Wilshere doesn’t have is the tool for playing football LEGS. So I don’t think iwobi will be next at all. He is a young talent and am sure Emery will give him chances. He is not making demands about playing time like Jack.

          2. RSH

            wow, wonder what team would pay over 10m? Imagine scouting Iwobi and going back to tell your boss he’s worth 10mill. Okay, I’m done being mean

        1. Likama

          never rated Iwobi i still think that he should leave Arsenal hope Sven and Emery notice early that he is jst not good enough for Arsenal and axe him. Golovin is as exciting as they get ,Lozano should be another that we go all out for .EXCITING TIMES FOR AFC.

          1. hardave

            Iwobi is good. He’s a young player who played in a terrible team last season who were without confidence. Of course his confidence will drop as well. In fact, even Ozil was terrible for majority of the season except the two months before his contract extension. Once our defence is sorted you will see Iwobis real quality. He’s young so he can take his time to improve. But when you’re young confidence plays a big role and last season our performance showed the whole team lacked confidence. Except Auba and Laca at the end.

  7. Ken1945

    Tony Adams.
    Dennis Berkamp.
    Patrick Vieria
    Thierry Henry.
    David Dein and Arsene Wenger.

    Sol Campbell.
    Robert Pires.
    Martin Keown.
    Emanuel Petit.
    Bertie Mee and George Graham.

    1. jon fox

      As an oldie, as I am too, I am surprised you do not go back further. Mine , for what it’s worth are : Herbert Chapman, Sir Henry Norris, Thierry Henry, Tony Adams, Eddie Hapgood, David Dein. Subs Bastin, Whittaker, George Allison, Wenger, Mee, Graham.

      1. Ken1945

        Good on you Jon, nice to see some of the past Arsenal greats being remembered.
        For what it’s worth?
        We’ve lived through most dramatic changes this wonderful club has ever seen!!
        Haven’t we been fortunate?

  8. Big Charley

    Am really sorry to see Jack go. I know Emery told him that he will not be playing regularly and I think the new manger is fair. The problem with Jack Wilshere is his injury. No manger will want to build a team around someone who might get injured regularly, and no team will do well with a player who hasn’t got the legs. Maybe a reduced playing time is what he will need to prolong his career, but Jack knows best. I wish him luck!!!

  9. ThirdManJW

    How on earth is Bellerin one of our ‘untouchables’? It’s funny because the author asks us, who our our five ‘untouchables’ would be, but I can only come up with three! Haha

    Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, and Monreal.

    I love Lacazette, and I want to keep him, but if I had to choose between him, and Aubameyang, then it’s the latter all day long. If Emery goes with two upfront, then Lacazette becomes one of our ‘untouchables’, but I don’t want to see Aubameyang on the wing, coming deep to defend, to accommodate Lacazette. I want players to be used in their most effective positions from now on!

    1. RSH

      Agree. If Emery wants to do one upfront then that is what he should do. Laca will have to ride bench and take his opportunities. Part of being at a top club is competition and Arsenal need to get back to having a competitive squad. Choosing between Laca and Aubameyang is a great problem to have. Aubameyang is a world class player and he is at his best playing upfront. Any manager pushing him to the wings need their head checked.

      1. killamch89

        I agree. Imagine Aubameyang coming off after scoring a hat-trick then Lacazette does the same. We would end most games 6-0 lol. I’ve been calling it that the competition between them will push both strikers to new heights. No more look the lampost Giroud is coming on – it’ll be oh snap! Lacazette is coming on! Teams won’t even try to hit us on the counter anymore they will camp out in their own box.

    2. Hep Yo

      A year or two ago, one of the Arsenal fan blogs had an analysis of all the major strikers in World football concerning their percentage of chances converted to goals. Lacazette was the highest on the list and Giroud was near the bottom, so the author was suggesting to sign Lacazette.

      His injury partway through the season (that he later had repaired by surgery) may have given fans a negative impression, so he will be another one to give another chance.

  10. Ronny

    Checked in tonight to see we’ve bought Leno which I’m happy about. Cech is fading and Ospina is Ospina never rated him! See his indecision for the winning Japan goal today!
    Slightly saddened by Jack’s news to leave but it’s time he needs to play, buy back/sell on clause?
    Iwobi someone mentioned should be sold but I think he’s got something in the first Nigeria game he showed it though he rarely does for arsenal. He may come good under emery.
    Xhaka well not sure I think he’ll play not as a dm player once we sign torreira. Which is a God send in itself.
    I do hope after the defensive signings are made we can get ourselves some blistering pace into tge sqaud on the cheap ot even free. Gelson would be a good option I think.

    Ozil well less said the better!
    His half tackle for the Mexico goal says it all and it seems his personal has spread through the German team. Let’s see what they bring 2nd game.

  11. ruelando

    I guess we will soon know who are Emery untouchables in the first 10 games of the season, i will not go with the media crap.

    Wilshere leaving Arsenal? something that was expected, a sad moment, but such decisions have to be made for Arsenal to step forward. There are better midfielders available and if we can get them, let us get them and stop holding on to sentiments.

    I am not really excited by the Leno news, but i guess it is ok, i am hoping Cech and Ospina are moved on to allow Martinez to flourish. We have a new goal keeper coach so let us see if there is any improvements.

    If all the players we have been extensively linked with or the ones being mention has signed, we could be looking at an improved season, top four a certainty

  12. Hep Yo

    All the players that the fans hate should be allowed to start over, under this new system.

    Also, British fans tend to rate players by the number of kilometers they cover during a match. However, I remember Mark Viduka, who used to draw fan ire by just standing around for a lot of the game…. but…. he never failed to score more than 20 goals in every one of his professional seasons. Whereas Michael Owen never scored 20 goals once.

    I think Ozil is similar – he looks like he is doing nothing – then when you look at the stats after the match, he had 3 assists. He waits for the right opportunity, and then makes the perfect pass. He is always among the assist leaders in World football.

    Before match with Athletico, Simeone was asked “What is your task?” and he said (paraphrase) “To prevent Ozil from being effective”. When we also had Cazorla, that strategy did not work because it is difficult to cover both of them…

  13. Hep Yo

    BTW, The England match was a great example of players running back-and-forth at great speed like headless chickens and accomplishing nothing. Only the calm and relatively stationary Kane was able to do anything.

  14. Gooner Craig

    Apparently UE wants to build the team around Aubameyang and Ramsey. Ozil has to be another. Bellerin is supposedly one of the 5, then I’d say the fifth player is probably either Xhaka/Lacazette as Xhaka just signed a new contract and Lacazette is the heir to Aubameyang

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