Who do you think will be the best Women’s Super League manager next season?

After winning five straight WSL titles, Emma Hayes’ departure from Chelsea to coach the United States Women’s national team (USWNT) changes the dynamics of the WSL managerial fight. One might wonder who is the best of the top five managers in the current WSL: Sonia Bompastor, Gareth Taylor, Jonas Eidevall, Matt Beard, and Marc Skinner, not based on championships won but on tactics, strategy, and player development.

Some might suggest Bompastor because of her ability to change things around when they aren’t working. They’ll also state she’s fantastic with her players, who seemed to adore her at Olympique Lyonnais. And there is a clear admiration for how far she has taken the Lyon team. But this is her first season in the WSL..

Some might say that Marc Skinner’s recruitment at Manchester United failed him last season after he attempted to challenge Chelsea for the WSL title in the 2022–23 campaign. They will claim that he is a good coach with authority and control at Manchester United and that INEOS, which has been critical of the club’s leadership, even offered him a contract extension because they clearly rate him. But United fell to 5th in the WSL last season..

Liverpool has had a significant resurgence under Matt Beard. Under his leadership, the Reds have consistently risen up the ranks. Depending on what they accomplish in the transfer window this summer, they could be a serious threat next season, even competing for a UWCL slot. Matt Beard was awarded the WSL Manager of the Season for 2023-24.

While Gareth Taylor’s Manchester City team performs well, there are questions surrounding his management style. In fact, some claim that Pep Guardiola’s template, which allows the women’s squad structure to be similar to the men’s, influences City’s women’s football style more than his (Taylor’s) management.

I always support our Arsenal Women manager, Jonas Eidevall. He had the best head-to-head record against the top teams last season. Our Swedish tactician is enthusiastic on the pitch and gets along well with his players. I believe he knows what he’s doing and where he wants our club to be. He just has to prove it this coming season, with consistency and and silverware being the clubs main aim.

What do you think Gooners? Who do you admire most?

Danni P

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  1. in terms of building a team of super players, definitely Jonas, in terms of integrating them as a team, i hope Jonas b/c this will be the key factor for us gunners, , in terms of developing strategies to keep opponents guessing and break them down, i think Jonas can do this, in terms of keeping clean sheets, i really hope Jonas hones in on this skill, all in all Jonas looks very likely to be the best manager in the WSL NEXT SEASON … especially now that Emma Hayes has gone, despite there being some very good other coaches there, i reckon Jonas comes out top ! Cut him some slack til the season starts, and support him to the hilt, please fans ! the judgement will be in the results as they roll out out

    1. Jonas can be quite rigid in sticking to his plan when it’s not working tho. I hope U are right Evan. I would be peed off if it was Matt beard, I don’t think it will be Taylor, and bompastor is an unknown quality, a really good intuitive manager, but in a different and more physical league….it will be interesting, and I hope U r right about Jonas, as I don’t think I can barely another ‘nearl’ season. Pelova already being injured for most of all of the season is already a bad omen

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