Who do you think would challenge Saka as Arsenal’s Player of the Season so far?

How good has Saka been this season for Arsenal? A lot of pundits claim that the Arsenal star is one of the  most in-form attackers this season in the PL alongside the likes of Marcus Rashford, Mohammed Salah, Harry Kane, and Erling Haaland.

The youngster has been superb for Arsenal football club since the beginning of the season, and he has been able to impress when called upon and has played such a vital role in Arsenal’s good run this season that the ex- Premier League striker Glenn Murray sees him as an Arsenal player of the season candidate.

“There’s a few candidates, isn’t there?” said Murray about who he sees as Arsenal’s player of the season.

“You’ve got Saka; he’s got nineteen goal involvements; he affects games when his team need him to.

“He’s superb; I mean, how young he is, how mature he acts, and how he leads by example.

“And whether it’s this year or whether it’s another year, I’m not sure, but special things will happen for that group.”

Arteta is dependent on Saka, and this was quite clear when he opted to give him 90 minutes against Sporting Lisbon when he could have rested him. Saka is no doubt an inspiration to many; his humbleness makes him loved by many. The 21-year-old isn’t talked about as much as he should, but with 12 league games to go, we may just get to talk about him more. There’s no way Arsenal win the PL, and when pundits talk of how good Arsenal have been this season, one would fail to write a paragraph about Saka.

Anyway, without being biased, who is your choice for Arsenal player of the season? Tell us below and why?

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  1. Saka, zinchenko and partey have been the top 3 for me.
    Odegaard, GM, xhaka, white, Gabriel, saliba and ramsdale have been brilliant in bursts, but those 3 have been fantastic in almost every game they’ve played and they’ve been difference makers most often.
    The great thing with all of the players is that they’ve very rarely been outright poor. Always given the side a solid base. I put that down to the manager putting together a system that works for everyone and giving them confidence.

    1. Dan kit. I’m always looking for your comment, one of the things I love about you is you always stick to what you believe in and I respect that in humans. I respect your love for Martinelli, but even martinelli himself will know he’s not in top5 of our players of the season. The fact that you don’t think odegard is among our best players this season is amazing. But I respect your opinion sir.

    1. I won’t count partey in there , not because of his displays on the field but because of his fitness. He misses too many games and playing a lot of games is one of the part of being best player. Ronaldo and Messi are not GOAT only for what they have done on pitch but also because of the number of games they have played and number of years they have been doing it .

  2. I would say Zinchenko has been as influential, if not more so, but no one has risen to, let alone, maintained the level of quality demonstrated by Saka. I think Eddie has had a really good season, given the thankless task of filling in for Jesus. It was a huge ask but I think he has given it his best shot and actually tried to play the same way as Jesus and not just be a penalty box predator with I think is more his natural game.

  3. so far Saka takes it hands down. He’s ever present, he’s goal contribution numbers are really awesome, the consistency has been really good. A fit Partey, A consistent Martinelli and Odergard, and also to mention Zinchenko and Gabriel Maghales

  4. We will drop points without Saka

    We’ve already seen how our shape is not that good without Partey & how we are also easily opened-up without him

    Jesus gives us an edge
    But we’ve seen that if someone good enough feels his role we’ll be fine

    That’s the case for Zinchenko, Tierney will fill-in, our play won’t have the edge Zinchenko brings-in but we won’t drop points because he’s absent

    So to me:

    1. Saka
    2. Partey

    Then if we go by the amount of creativity that happens at the Saka-Odegaard side, then

    3. would be Odegaard

    But I think 3 has to be one of :

    4. Odegaard, Zinchenko, White, Saliba

    Almost doesn’t feel fair on Martinelli & Xhaka

    Just two players we have that are irreplaceable:

    Saka & Partey

  5. Ode, ziny, partey , but again the home stretch could be crutial. Jesus was impressive before the injury, might nick it in the end or better still help Saka in running away with it!

  6. Partey and Saka have been immense, followed by Odegaard, White and Zinchenko who could be even more influential if he was played in his natural position of left midfield.

  7. My personal view is that as football is a team game, the view of many that it is helpful to pick out ONE single member of that team as being the best player, is highly disrespectful to all the others who have ALL played their part.

    I have always much disliked the cult of the individual being promoted above the WHOLE TEAM. I try to avoid ever doing this, by and large.
    In any case, it is always entirely a subjective call and achieves nothing, IMO!

  8. I appreciate Saka, he has been phenomenal, but i feel like besides scoring, at times he holds us back. Unfortunately we dont have a talent that can match him, in my crazy opinion, some of his goals were merely luck, thanks to people like Hugo Lloris, Erikson, Gueye Gana, etc. but when it comes to consistency i think noone matches Partey followed by Oleks.

  9. Saka takes it hands down, followed closely by ziny, ode and Partey. We have all seen that we will survive without Gabriel Jesus, we will survive without martinelli, because we have trosard who in my opinion is a bigger talent than Martinelli, but I don’t think we wil survive without saka, because we don’t have anyone good enough to play like him, the number of chances he creates is insane, teams now put 3 players on him.

    1. Arsenal have lost just three games in the Premier League this season. Partey was missing for two of those, the defeats against Manchester United and title rivals Manchester City.
      He had also been substituted at 0-0 before Arsenal eventually lost 1-0 at Everton!
      Partey is a player that makes those around him look better and for me the one most irreplaceable player who can’t be replicated by anyone in our squad so again, Thomas Partey for me is our most important player IMO.


  10. I’m surprised there isn’t much mention of Saliba here tbh. But, for me Odegaard deserves massive praise for his input this season. Without him we would have way fewer goals. His control and clever vision has changed the way we play in a very positive way. For me, at least 90% of the team have upped their game this season and had we had Jesus for the entire season things could be a lot different!

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