Who else should Arsenal rest for Galatasaray clash? Everyone?

It would be great if Arsenal could travel to Turkey on Tuesday with a fully fit and fresh squad, win our final Champions League game and then celebrate after hearing that the Belgian champions Anderlecht had done us a massive favour by beating Borussia Dortmund in Germany.

Unfortunately, despite all the fairy dust being sprinkled around in the run up to Christmas, miracles do not happen and none of the things mentioned above are likely to happen. The Gunners might well beat Galatasaray as the Turks have been woeful in their European games this season, but it looks like we will have to do it with the reserves.

Arsene Wenger has already declared that Alexis Sanchez will not even travel, and with Laurent Koscielny still not fully fit and quite a few of the fit Arsenal players needing a rest after playing so many games, I suspect that the boss will be tempted to leave a few more of his first team players in London or at least on the bench. We must focus on the Premier League now and there are a flood of fixtures just around the corner.

In a way, the red card for Calum Chambers helps Wenger out on one decision, as the 19-year old is set to miss next weekend’s game against Newcastle and it is then another week before our next game. So Chambers can play in Turkey and then have a good rest, probably at centre back with Bellerin at right back.

After that it gets tough, as I’m sure the Frenchman would love to rest all four of Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs and Monreal as well as the likes of Welbeck, Chamberlain and Cazorla. So will it be an Arsenal academy XI that runs on the pitch on Tuesday night?

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        1. @soopa Aeon sometimes i wonder if per is trying to make a joke by acting mad demanding the team to play better because the truth is he is the part of our problems(cant run but the most shocking one this season is he cant jump)

        2. @Soopa, he thinks this is the cartoon: Tubor. He’s a damn snail, for f**ks’ sake; they neither talk, run or jump.

    1. @NY_Gunner. I liked your statement said @Good article” to someone who wrote about the so called “positives” after the humiliation to stoke, in fact there are no positives when we keep losing to the sides which we could have possibly beaten them. It looks like there are highly mental erosion coming through our fans, how could anyone find positives when losing to a team like Stoke?. Can anyone reminds me if there are any Chelsea fan or the manager (I mean the special one) talking positives after the Newcastle game?. Why you arsenal fans who by then you were the strongest in the world? Why? What happened to you with your manager ( I mean the special in failure)?.
      Ok for me, i found one strong reason why we lost to Stoke which is also known to you but you intentionally avoid talking about it. the reason is the starting lineup with Giroud upfront. If you correctly assessed the game especially at first half, it was very slow and that was due to the fact that Giroud was very slow, he didn’t provides a room for our midfielders to attack with high pace, and this was the case in last season maybe some of you have forgotten. Regardless of how poor our defense were, if we started our games with Welbeck we could have been able to attack them with high speed and that could have reduced their composure. So dear if at all we want to wins our coming matches we need to be honest and admit that Welbeck is our only proper striker right now, even if he does not score many of his chances, still he can provides what the team needs (speed) and plus he is a good team player.

      1. @fab
        You’re entitled to your opinion dude. And hindsight is 20/20. But next time don’t sugar coat your bullsh*t before you present it.
        And in case you haven’t noticed, Stoke is a Premiere League team, made up of professional footballers with a former professional player as manager, capable of beating any other team on the day. And just because we are Arsenal FC, that does not guarantee us wins over any other team in the EPL. We have to fight just the same. Analyze the Chelsea defeat to Sunderland. What happened there?

        1. @NY_Gunner, Yes I know how much these teams can do against the so called top 4s’ including AFC but my main concerned is, why should the fan concentrate on analyzing the positives?

    2. You know whats funny Mr Hankey? You love to babble about fans not daring to boo Wenger at his face, and i just saw a bunch of them booing right into his him. Ahahaha, that was kinda harsh but this should teach him a lesson for trying to play the smart one.

      ” I dont listen to fans and critisem”, He says. Well he clrearly did this time. ahahah

      1. Many fans are #%^&^. The same morons who wanted Pardew gone have gone quiet. The same fools who wanted Big Sam Allardyce gone have closed their mouths.

        The deluded Arsenal “football experts” will shut up soon, eat another crisp and watch the game and forget that their football knowledge stops at FIFA14.

    1. @Thando
      And it’s totally uncalled for. What do they expect to achieve from that? Bunch of ingrates the lot…

      1. @ny gunner arsenal is losing it class the board really need to step in and stop this.we can show our anger by anything not that way it not classy

        1. I really don’t think Wenger should be subjected to very abusive remarks, but sometimes you just can’t help it, particularly when u get to think he actually never considered or considers the emotions and thoughts of the fans when handling transfers and managing the team.

          1. Seems Like the one chance in a Lifetime they got to tell wenger what they really felt…..Live and Direct ……..L()L

          2. @kickassfan
            Are you for real dude. Do you ask the elected leader of your country to consider your emotions and thoughts when he makes decisions which go against your best interest and which directly effect your life?
            AW’s job is not to appease ever fan. It’s to try and do whatever is best for the club as a whole. He ain’t Santa Claus or Jesus.
            You want someone to care about your emotions or thoughts, go to your parents, get a girl or buy a damn dog.

            1. @Ezat
              It says a lot about you and anyone else who feels humiliated because your team lost.
              You need therapy in order to correct that low self esteem problem.
              Yet you’re calling me a “moron”…
              F**kn Priceless…
              By the way. Over the internet is not really to my face. But you can keep pretending it is, if that makes you feel manly…ctfu

            2. “Are you for real dude. Do you ask the
              elected leader of your country to
              consider your emotions and thoughts
              when he makes decisions which go
              against your best interest and which
              directly effect your life?”

              OMG! @NY, can’t bliv u said that. Why won’t an “elected” leader put into consideration the feelings of the electorates? How did he get there in the first place? U call him elected. If he’s elected, then he’s there to do whatever is good for the people. That was__________LAME, pal.

              By the way, Wenger is just an employee, but a damn arrogant, clueless one and the best he can do for the club now is merely drag us further down.

              1. @kickassfan
                Your elected leader/official is a damn employee also. One who you directly hired. And just as arrogant, but you’re the clueless one…lmfao

                1. @NY, I’m so displeased with you right now, I wish Santa gives u nothing this Christmas. U deserve nothing. #BadChild

                2. @kickassfan
                  I never believed in Santa, even as a kid. And gave up on Jesus/God at about the same time. So save it…

          3. “he actually never considered or considers the emotions and thoughts of the fans when handling transfers and managing the team.”

            What? no manager does !!!!
            You think ANY MANAGER in any league gives a crap about fans thought when they buys a player?
            No manager has to think “what is that couch potato screaming at the TV thinks if I buy a midfielder?”

            You are NOT THAT IMPORTANT. Sit down , watch the game, cheer and curse. That is all the input you have.

      2. NYGUNNER why are they wrong, those fans paid a fortune to go and see there team, they are fully entitled to their opinion , just because some fans don’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are wrong

        1. @john0711
          Thats rich comin from you dude. Anyone here whose opinion about AW differs from you and you’re buddies who want him out, gets abuse. And are considered “wrong” for thinking so.
          And yeah. Hooligan antics are wrong. Regardless of how much money they paid for the ticket. That only gave them the rights to see the damn match. Not to try and dictate how the manager should do his job…

          1. Hooligan antics
            Booing him
            Give me 8 million and you can boo away, if wenger can’t take the heat bye bye

            1. I just watched Wenger get booed and to be honest it wasn’t that bad. He had a terrible summer transfer and his management of the team has been a disgrace, in every aspect. Why should the fans pay to watch that rubbish? He HAS to be the one held accountable and if the actual fans that pay season tickets and travel to away games are unhappy then that is saying something.

  1. People need to get a grip! As an Arsenal fan, this sickens me…It may well be time for Wenger to leave, but he does not deserve to be treated this way. Disgrace

    1. Right, I watched the video, didn’t like it. But in what ways can we get our points across? Ask him politely? Sit back idol for another 10 years?

      Not commending what those Gooners said, but as fans, what are we to do nowadays. Nobody is listening to us and we’ve been hurt for too long under his nonchalant management.

      1. No one has to listen to YOU. You don’t get it do you.
        Do you own shares?
        You think there is a poll before a manager buys a player.
        You really think there a a fan vote before a manager selects player A or player B?

  2. @ny gunner arsenal is losing it class the board really need to step in and stop this.we can show our anger by anything not that way it not classy

  3. I want Wegner out, but I wouldn’t abuse him like that but I saw this coming for a long time. For me even if they lose a game I don’t get angry or I don’t overreact anymore, but for the fans starting to realise the truth now that we are not going in to right direction it might be to much to handle and painful. Sad sad day…..

  4. I think we all no MR AW will be here for 2 more years so stop this crap and get behind the arsenal. We need the 12th man now so sing yr hearts out. Thing is I do think with a fit team arsenal would be flying at least 3rd. Yes we need some new blood and I get what AW was saying by numbers. To many new players could be bad but so much players not being fit is now a real problem and we need I think 2 minimum. Sing your hearts out lads AW is not arsenal we and the players are

  5. @kickassfan the board brings the worsest out of our fans this season and all i can say they havent seen nothing the worse is yet to come.speak out you sh*t board!save our club from downgrading

    1. @Thando
      Thats another line of pure “bullsh*t” The fans are bringing out the worst in themselves because they’re a bunch of ingrateful kids. Plain and simple.

      1. I presume you mean ungreatfull so what do they have to be greatful for , and don’t give me a history lesson

          1. Ahh so we should keep wenger because of our history, good argument
            All cluba move on and managers are paid huge sum for success if this is a buisness which you’ve said before, then we are failing, so want us to continue


    2. @Thando, the whole shit reminds me of my abusive uncle and his wife. He would always maltreat her, beat her up like she were a kid. He’d slap, kick, punch and flog her, but she always respected him and revered him as her husband.

      But it got to a point when she realised the sh*t will never stop with her playing the good, submissive , respectful, obedient wife. So she started taking karate lessons secretly.

      One day, he was gonna do the same abusive stuff to her but little did he know that things had changed. Well, don’t wanna say much. She gave him sh*t that day.

      We the fans have been taken for granted for much too long.

      1. @kickassfan
        Says a great deal about you, that you stood by knowing she was gettin her ass kicked and didn’t step in from day 1…
        Now I know what your name really means.

        1. @NY, good to know u’d have luvd it if I had Kicked his a*s, but she damn did the right thing, she stopped the abuse, us fans wanna stop the abusive and I’m happy u see nothing wrong with that.

          1. @kickassfan i do get it we are(the fans) the ones who are abused,season ticket prisez?transfers(empty promises),why the board dont put pressure on wenger by giving him season targets?

        2. But @NY you can’t make assumptions on this situation. We don’t know the circumstances in @kickassfan’s family life.

            1. Well damn guy what’s biting you? As you wish but @kick was just giving us an example no need to come at his character like that

      2. That analogy did not make sense.
        You are NOT on the Arsenal board, or a player. We are fans.
        We do not tell the manager which player to buy, when to make substitutions, which goalkeeper to play.

        If you feel like, send back your season tickets. Someone else will buy it. There is a waiting line.
        Most of you (plural ) football expertise stops at FIFA14. Not real life.

        Internet ranting is not productive.

  6. Wenger said “We are creating something special at the club”…!!
    Still wonder what it is?
    This is one of the worse Arsenal team I have ever seen…!!

    This team has been consistently mediocre since 2006…!

    Top four is the objective and still achievable…

    I don’t know why we are panicking… As soon as we get the injured back we will get a top four finish.

    I am not a “Wenger admirer” because as far as responsibilities and managerial skills, he is a “con artist”, “a fake” and just not from this era.

    Why was he given a 3 years contract? Only the board and the motherf*cking cronies know?

    Based on the fans affluence, ticket prices, stadium size, finances, and support, it is unacceptable and wrong (as a matter of fact it is intellectual corruption) that a manager earning such a huge wage (£8millions/year… F*cking joke) is not capable of delivering trophies, and I mean major trophies (not those small ridiculous domestic cups) on a regular basis.

    Next season, you will (yes you the deluded fans) queue again at the Puma shop in order to get the new shirt (Pathetic) and increase the sales (400% this year, not far from Real Madrid even though we are not on the same planet football wise)… You will also, run to the ticket office and get your season “mug” pass…

    You want to solve the problem… Hit the purse and you will see…

    The Denver Nuggets fans did it (even though they are still sh*t), and got some improvements.

    Do not make any mistakes about it… For Kroenke, this is just a business and only a business… He has no interests in winning trophies as long as money is still coming in.

    1. What is your football knowledge ? NONE. Think about that.
      The internet has spawned idiot “experts” who vent from their couch.
      Pardew is still at Newcastle. A month ago internet MORONS wanted Sam Allardyce gone.
      If owners listened to very internet “expert ” we would be like Italian teams; 22 coaches in 12 years.
      Feel free to leave, there is a line waiting for season tickets. I just bought another kit.
      What is your football knowledge ? NONE. Remember that.

      I remember watching the Chicago Bulls, and Jordan missed two shots. The fan next to me screamed “sit him down, bench him.” Sheer STUPIDITY !!!

  7. Disgraceful and a sad reflection of how this situation has developed. I am actually staggered that Arsenal fans could behave like that. It’s getting irrational.

    1. and if things don’t change, it is only gonna get worse. But I don’t see how things can change anytime soon.

  8. Play Podolski, Campbell, Rosicky, Bellerin, Hayden, Gnabry and try Chambers at Defensive Midfielder position.


  9. ————–Martinez
    Bellerin Hayden Ajayi Gibbs
    ——–Chambers Ramsey
    Ox———-Rosicky– Podolski

  10. Yup..I think wenger needs a breather matter a fact the whole first team dont needs to take this trip…I say send the reserves manager and all give us all something to be exicited about

  11. @ny gunner who are responsible for season ticket prizes?who are always giving fans empty promises everytime by june?who responsible for not giving wenger targets for each and every season?

  12. Boy is as Tall as an Iroko Tree, but can bare reach a ball fLying at 3ft…….. And then he makes sloth-like runs into the opposition box anytime a corner ball is about to be kicked…… And the worst part is, Running back 2 his defensive box takes 20mins tops

  13. Play whoever you want. Win or lose it doesnt matter. What matters is us going to pick up a heavyweight in Bayern or Barcelona very soon. Sigh.

    I dont want to go through this Drama with Wenger and this never ending humulation of our club. I am pretty sure that Wenger will call Henry back to give as some kind of moral buster bec right now we are utter pathetic and a mess.

  14. It may be BS BUT IVE JUST READ
    According to the French media Olympique Lyonnais have tabled £30m offer for Olivier Giroud.

  15. Arsene coming under attack from fans at the train station.


    shame it has come to this…result of do nothing and lack of accountability at the club!

  16. I hate to think what affect all of this is having on our players…..

    I also hope that Wenger, decides to spend big now in January in an attempt to save his reputation…. I think we all want him to leave but with dignity and respect for all the years he has given us

  17. If Arsenal was Star Wars

    Sanchez = Luke Skywalker
    Wenger = Darth Vader (started well, went to the dark side then redeemed himself by killing Kroneke and then dying)
    Mertsacker = Jar Jar Binks (height and clumsiness)
    Sanogo = Stormtroopers (shoots but misses targets)
    Usmanov: Yoda (wise)

  18. Same fans dat wrote “in Asene we trust” some years back r now writing “Wenger out” this man is not greater than d club, wenger out, I don’t blame d fans, let wenger come to some ghetto area in Nigeria, fans ll stone him. U ppl need to see what we face in d hands of other club fans here especially chelsea fans.

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