Who exactly is in the Arsenal Legends team for tomorrow?

Everyone is looking forward to seeing some of Arsenal’s Invincibles and other legends playing for the Gunners against Milan Glorie tomorrow afternoon at the Emirates, but who exactly will be on show?

The Arsenal managers are, of course, Arsene Wenger and Pat Rice, and their full squad is as follows: Jens Lehmann, David Seaman, Martin Keown, Marc Overmars, Ray Parlour, Emmanuel Petit, Pascal Cygan, Gilberto, Nigel Winterburn, Kolo Toure, Robert Pires, Freddie Ljungberg, Sylvain Wiltord, Anders Limpar, Gilles Grimandi and Kanu.

There is no Thierry Henry, who is away with the Belgium national side, or Dennis Bergkamp, but there is enough quality on show to give a good account of themselves against Fabio Capello’s star-studded Glorie team. Their squad has some massive stars on show, and their full squad is: Christian Abbiati, Dida, Cafu, Paolo Maldini, Demetrio Albertini, Alessandro Costacurta, Paolo Di Canio, Edgar Davids, Marcel Desailly, Daniele Massaro, Marco Simone, Angelo Carbone, Dario Simic, Giuseppe Favalli, Kakhaber Kaladze, Zvonimir Boban, Massimo Ambrosini, Stefano Eranio, Giuseppe Pancaro, Ibrahim Ba, Serginho and Christian Vieri.

Robert Pires summed up the feelings of the Legends when he said: “We are all very excited to be taking part in this match.

“To play in front of the Arsenal fans once again will be amazing. Playing alongside some of my old team-mates against a team of Milan legends will be very emotional. I’m so proud we’re raising funds for the great work of The Arsenal Foundation.”

The match is a 60,000 sell out and the earnings will contribute to the £1m fund for the various projects that the Foundation has around the world, as well as helping local kids in the Islington area. To date, working with Arsenal in the Community and Save the Children, The Arsenal Foundation has helped develop 14 pitches locally and recently opened two pitches in Iraq for refugees from the violence.

Ivan Gazidis explained how the Foundation works and why: “It’s important that football and clubs like Arsenal use the global passion for the game to make a difference.” he said on Arsenal.com. This game gives us all a chance to create something very special here on the doorstep of Emirates Stadium and in places where children are fleeing war and drought.

“Using the Arsenal name and football as a motivating force, the club – together with its supporters, returning legends and visitors from Milan – are helping to fund pitches in places where children are living in challenging circumstances.

“These children are often football fans. The game is part of the joy of their childhood. In some places, so much of that joy has been stripped away by what they’re going through, but football pitches provide them with a place they can play, where they can be children again and do something they love.

“We are sending a message to them that Arsenal cares about them and we hope this can be a motivating force and give them hope in desperate times.”

So it not only promises tobe a feast of entertainment from our Old Boys, but it will also be doing good for kids all around the world. The profits will also be used to build five new football pitches in Jordan and two in Somalia as well, which just shows how far Arsenal’s influence can be used for good in our strife-ridden world.

If you can’t get to watch the match live, then you can see it broadcast on Arsenal.com, or you can even download the official Arsenal App and get it on your phone….


  1. Hahaha ?
    I’m sorry but wouldn’t it be better to donate food and shelter for the children who are affected in these War ridden countries?
    No!.. Let’s build them a pitch instead,
    Typical Arsenal, always on look out for young talent.

    Hey Shami, my house just got bombed and I’m hank Marvin (Starving) …. Do you still have that old sheeps head?..
    fancy a kick about, on that new pitch that Arsenal built for us?

      1. Hahaha ? Don’t worry about me mate,
        It’s that time of the month. .. Again! ??
        You know! Nagging, bugging and that killer 5 day diet. Unless of course you don’t mind plenty of ketchup on your Burger? ?

        And I’m sure that the last thing on any child’s mind that is fleeing from war and droughts is having a game of footy! Theres Probably a notice board on the side of the pitch stating ” Ball not included” ?

        Anyways, if Gazidis is making a big song and dance about this charity match, you can be sure that a few Bob is going to be landing in his pocket too. ?

        1. Don’t overestimate yourself, no one is worried about you. Let the crowd enjoy their heroes. Who knows, the children where the benefit go will one day pay your pension. That’s got to be something, innit?

          1. I make a simple yet realistic statement about what use is two football pitches to the unfortunate children who only God knows what kind of mental scaring ordeals they have been through and how food and shelter would have been much more appropriate, instead.
            And that comment is regarded as being negative! Bugging and a pitch is better than F’ all … lol
            Unbelievable! ?

            Let the crowd enjoy their heroes? ? ?
            Yet, no one is worried about me!
            Hahaha, Yes Bud that makes great contradiction, as always!
            Mate! I’m One of the most selfless beings on this planet! ? So you need to get over yourself before making assumptions/ judgement.
            And I can guarantee that no one, let alone Arsenal will be paying me any pensions! …. And I thought that my English was bad! ? wtf are you on about? ??

      1. Hahaha No! ?
        I’m actually a UNeducated Gentleman in disguise, that lets off steam, by winding you up mate ?
        Reality is filled with negatives and just because you choose to close your eye’s to it, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist! … Now where’s that Ball, let’s have a kick about. ?

    1. I agree with your point. Who ever is thinking Gazidis, Stan and Wenger are going to give a million to charity without any ulterior motive, well, I am lost for words. With this million, they can do more useful things than just fund pitches.

  2. Good news…… Alexis about to sign new contract at arsenal…………. Which will last for an extra two years… 210 per week…???????

    1. all good, worth it
      this buy out clause has been inserted tho no?

      im thinking hes the one that could angle for move next year

    1. the real beauty of this game bergkamp pulls out of the game an is swapped for a even bigger legend
      thats right
      my dads goin haha..

  3. Jens Lehmann, David Seaman, Martin Keown, Marc Overmars, Ray Parlour, Emmanuel Petit, Pascal Cygan, Gilberto, Nigel Winterburn, Kolo Toure, Robert Pires, Freddie Ljungberg, Sylvain Wiltord, Anders Limpar, Gilles Grimandi and Kanu

  4. Since when is Pascal Cygan an Arsenal ‘legend’. Or Giles Grimaldi for that matter. Am I missing something?

  5. Arggh, it was Henry and Bergkamp that I wanted to see. Even now I think they would’ve thrilled us, Adams would’ve been nice too. It’ll be good to see Keown Overmars Gilberto Freddie Pires and Kanu again, I think Seaman might look a bit suspect, but I reckon Jens will still do ok.

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