Who fancies the Monaco manager at Arsenal?

Everybody is sure to know the Arsene Wenger situation by now, so it’s fair to say that there is no need to go into the nitty gritty details of it. But Arsene Wenger is at a point in his Arsenal managerial career, where his future remains very uncertain. This could be the final campaign the Frenchman holds control over Arsenal, and should he leave the club at the end of the season, of course the club will look to quickly identify a replacement.

There have been several managerial candidates for the job, with Simeone, Low, Allegri, Howe and even Arsenal legend Thierry Henry. Bosses from Spain, Germany, England and Italy have all been linked with possibly taking the reigns at Arsenal, however AS Monaco boss, Leonardo Jardim, is the latest name to enter the race.

Jardim has been on the edge of Arsenal rumours before, but he has not received the same amount of attention that Howe, Simeone and Allegri have all featured in. It’s quotes from the Monaco boss himself that has raised interest in the links with Arsenal, with Jardim having stated:

‘Well, I think that all managers and players want to coach and play at the highest level and, today, the Premier League is perhaps the biggest national league in Europe. Everyone would like to have the opportunity to coach here.’

The statement from Jardim has of course increased the talk about a potential move on the cards, however I think it’s a very standard answer in which he gives no indication that he wants a move away from Monaco, to England, or even to Arsenal. Jardim recognises that managers desire a move to England but he doesn’t specifically call out Arsenal in particular, nor that he has been contacted in regards to a move.

Jardim has had a fantastic season managing AS Monaco this season, with his side currently on top of Ligue 1. Monaco have scored a ridiculous 76 goals in 26 games, 22 more than Arsenal and 13 more than the next competitor Barcelona. He’s worked wonders with Monaco this season and although many will claim the French division isn’t the most competitive and hardest, his achievements should still be well recognised. I think the Gunners board will be keeping a close eye on what this season holds for Jardim and Monaco.

Arsenal and Monaco have good ties between them already, with Wenger and Henry both having links with the French club. Should Jardim be considered for the job, if Wenger leaves this summer?



  1. Twig says:

    Jorge Sampaoli

  2. Jimbeam says:

    Simeone with enough money to bring in Saul and Griezmann from his team and a couple of other players he needs. And allow him to sell whoever doesn’t fit his plans.

  3. Jansen says:

    I have to say Arsenal could do a lot worse. Simeone would be my first choice but there are enough reasons to believe that is unlikely to happen.

    Jardim would be my second favorite. We all remember the spanking he gave us, a far superior team, in the CL.

    Monaco doesn’t have a huge budget or a big attendance, yet this man has created a solid team and adjusts his tactics when needed. He is also not unfamiliar with managing senior players like Falcao or Moutinho, something Howe for instance has no experience with.

    We could do worse IMO.

    I like Koeman but fear another job change within one year might be too much for him. The thing about Koeman I like is that he has PL experience and has been pretty successful at both Southampton and Everton and having played for Ajax and captained Barca under Cruijff he has an A-list mentality and is not afraid of big name players and hard decisions. At 52 or so he is also not too young for the job.

    I would look forward to either of 1. Simeone, 2 Jardim or Koeman. I am not so sure about Allegri, Low or How.

  4. Vlad says:

    Frank de Boer is out of a job, and would be a perfect fit, IMHO. And if he brings Bergkamp over with him, it’d just be icing on the cake.

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