Who feels sorry for Debuchy? And what happened to Carl Jenkinson?

I don’t know whether to feel sorry for Matthieu Debuchy or not. He started his first game for Arsenal for more than a year against Bournemouth, and he was obviously not fit enough as he was taken off with a hamstring injury after just 16 minutes. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the last time he takes to the field in an Arsenal jersey.

Arsene Wenger said after the match: “He thinks it’s a severe one. Don’t go too far because I have to speak to medical people, but you can only assess it really after 48 hours. You have to let it bleed and after, usually they have an MRI 48 hours later to see how big the damage is.”

Wenger also admitted that he had reservations about playing him in the first place. “When I picked the squad, I imagined that something could happen to Debuchy because he’s had many setbacks,” said Wenger on the BBC.

“He is devastated. He is such a great guy and puts such a commitment into his daily preparation.

“He started very well and was sharp. He did it on a backheel pass that is quite dangerous for the hamstring.”

The reason I’m not really feeling the sorrow is because of his attitude last season, when he sulked straight from the first match when he wasn’t chosen over Hector Bellerin, and then forced Wenger to send him on loan in January despite us not having any other specialised backup for our young Spaniard. And he did it because he wanted to be picked for France at the Euros and got injured again anyway and wasn’t selected!

This year I thought that we would do without Debuchy anyway, but it would seem that Carl Kenkinson has not impressed Wenger enough to even put him in the squad yesterday. It is being suggested that his career at Arsenal is now over after Wenger chose Gabriel to play in his place. There was no mention of the lifelong Gooner being injured but Wenger said: ‘I imagined that something can happen to [Debuchy],’

‘I had Coquelin who was ready to play right-back as well. But I have gone for Gabriel, because he is more a defender and he’s very quick.

‘And he adapted well. I watched tapes of him of playing full-back at Villarreal, two or three times he played left-back.

‘I found only one tape of him playing in Brazil as a right-back, and I must say it was not super convincing. But I think today he did well.’

So what do we make of that? Could he have an injury that we simply don’t know about? Or has Wenger just decided he is not good enough?



  1. G-Rude says:

    Neithere Debuchy or Jenkinson are good enough anyway.
    I’m happy with Gabriel until Bellerin comes back. It won’t be long now.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Very harsh and unfair
      Debuchy is a very good RB and good enough for us. Its just injuries have plagued his time with us. He has only played 12 PL matches for us.
      Debuchy is good enough for the French International Team. He played every single match for France in the World Cup. He was picked over Sagna

      1. Mark_K says:

        Well said.

        Debuchy would have been a very good signing for us had he not suffered injuries so early into his Arsenal career.

        How that Stoke thug Aarnautovic wasn’t given at least a 3 match ban for shoving Debuchy in the back, off the field is beyond me, it was a cowardly, calculated thing to do. He dislocated his shoulder and was out for months.

        The video of his shove in the back is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44kaYqVMXAI

  2. Break-on-through says:

    It must be said that Arsene made all the right changes in yesterdays game. He went with the correct line-up, he also made the correct substitutions. Well done Arsene. Some fans are going overboard with how we were not at our flowing best. First of all that is expected when you make a certain number of changes, second of all the changes were needed because we were already a bit sluggish with how many games certain players were playing.

    I like that we can win and not lose when we are not playing too well in peoples eyes. Some see this as a bad thing, myself, I see it as a maturing side. Long may that continue because nobody is at there best all of the time. Lets see how Che city and liv cope when they are not playing at their best, che already lost two when not at best, city stumbled a wee bit too. Can’t wait til we are back to our flowing best. Cazorla Danny Perez still to come back, lastly, I hope Girouds hamstring is not seriuos.

  3. atid says:

    People call for rotation then when he rotates he is wrong or there is conspiracy theories.

  4. Tas says:

    I think this season our tactics have changed we are inviting the opposition to come to our half and have a go so not to park the bus like previous seasons, AW is always looking calm lately i think his plan is working YES it looks like we are not at our best but we are getting the results, EPL is a marathon and not a sprint

  5. SQ says:

    I feel sorry for Debuchy cos am human..you could see it in his face the series of injuries are fustrating him

  6. ruelando says:

    I was not impressed with Gabriel for about 10 -15 minutes after Debuchy got injured, but then he stared to move forward and add to our attacking threat, his passes were firm and accurate, matched the pace of his attackers and looked like he was born to play that position. I am really looking forward to see Gabriel in that role again to see if it was a fluke.
    I think Jenkinson although not having the finesse of a Bellerin is still our second choice right back and only more games will allow him to become better, Debuchy is just a bad lucky player in regards to arsenal and is best he looks another team to play for to end his career on.
    Should be an interesting game this week against Southampton, what kind of team will Wenger select, competition like these are good for the moral of our players who are not getting enough game time, so it should be an interesting team selection against a very good team

  7. Kostafi says:

    I feel bad for Debuchy. Jenko moved to West Ham as soon as he heard he was coming off the back of a decent season at Newcastle. He was a direct replacement for Sagna, sturdy at the back and providing something going forward. 10 games into his Arsenal career, he is shoved off the ball by Arnautovic (who wasn’t even booked) and dislocates his shoulder- he has never fully recovered since. I think like Saturday, he has as always been too keen to return to action and stake a claim for a first team spot. 2 goals against Spuds reserves after injury hardly means he was match fit. Credit to Wenger for giving him a chance but he should have been working more on his fitness and probably played the Southampton game to ease in. We played six games in September and October, and one more to make it six this month (plus six to come in December), so he would get game time.
    I think he would regardless have lost his place to Bellerin anyway and if his ego cant accept playing second fiddle or waiting for his chance, he should move on.
    I honestly dont know why Jenko wasn’t in the squad, he looked better in the second half against PSG after a torrid first half. I can’t imagine anything other than injury would keep him out of a match day squad.
    I think AW has rotated well which has minimized injuries this year. November usually combines poor results and injuries for us. I hope Giroud isn’t injured, but as i saw him stretching for the Sanchez assist I knew he would pull a hammy or close. He is not a player gifted with pace so it was always a stretch. He is a true Arsenal warrior and I think Sanchez really appreciated that. Lets hope Perez is ready to return to action if Giroud is indeed injured.

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