“Who he’s trying to impress?” Premier League legend slams Xhaka

Alan Shearer has slammed Granit Xhaka for his red card against Manchester City, which resulted in Arsenal failing to fight back in their 5-0 loss to the champions.

The Gunners had already been chasing the game and would have wanted a senior player like Xhaka to help them lead the younger players.

Instead, the former Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder lost his head and went in with a two-footed tackle on Joao Cancelo.

He was shown a straight red card and from then on Arsenal had their work cut out for them.

Xhaka was an Arsenal captain before they stripped him of the armband for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

He also has reportedly signed a new Arsenal deal after the Gunners staved off interest from AS Roma in this transfer window.

This was a terrible way to show why he was kept at the club and Shearer slammed him for making mistakes and earning an 11th sending off in his career.

‘That’s 11 red cards in his career, you can’t excuse this,’ the former striker said via Mail Sport.

‘All he’s said to his teammates is “sorry you’re on your own I don’t feel this today”. Who he’s trying to impress? I don’t know.

‘You cannot tackle and go in like that, we all know the rules. He’s putting his opponent in danger. 

‘It’s the correct decision and he’s said to his teammates ‘’sorry you’re on your own thanks very much I don’t fancy it today’’. 

‘He (Arteta) will be raging at that tackle. You’re up against it anyway, you can’t afford to do that kind of thing.’

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  1. to me Arteta is tactically brain dead, he has no idea about systems positioning of players, nor can he get 11 fit players on to the pitch they all look shattered after 10 minutes, it was time for him to go at the end of last season. when he remained with us i thought that the main player we needed would be bought in first weeks (a no 10) to make us more potent in attack. But he wasted 7 weeks chasing a defender and after 3 games its 9 leaked goals and none scored. we can slag off all the lesser teams but at least there managers have a game plan Arteta has nothing. time for choices to be made relegation or Arteta I know my choice

    1. We had the 3rd best defence last year. We haven’t scored this year. See what annoys me with you ignorant arteta out (insert insult) is your not capable of making a sensible argument. We need to create more and score more that your line of attack but you so bad in your assessments you can’t even zero in on that. We not get relegate you absolute (insert insult.) Your complaining about fitness when half of them either were ill or arrived later and their rotation options are injured, sure are an expert rofl.

      Further you wouldn’t know tactics if it hit you in the head.

      1. You also complain about the defender that didn’t play for 7 of the 9 leaked goals due to covid seriously? Stupid doesn’t even cover it.

        1. further 1 of the 2 leakengd goals he did play for is widely accepted as one that should have been instantly disallowed.

  2. I dont blame Xhaka, I 100% blame Arteta and Edu. Should’ve taken the 12-15mil from Roma and ran.

    Let’s not forget he also got a new contract. But according to some on here the new contract means we’ll now get 30mil minimum for him when we do sell 🤣

    1. This I can see argument for but you do have to replace him. 12 mil doesn’t get you alot. 25 mil which I believe was both fair and what we asked gets you close to Neves/Bissouma (or locatelli which was always a long shot and failed, got to go for those long shots though.) Otherwise we need a Lokonga signing but one we’re less impressed with hence why Lokonga was signed 1st.

  3. The excuse they are giving Arteta is not his dream 11 squad, that is why you have back up or 2nd team, no excuse for this clueless Arteta and for Pep he love to see Arsenal fans to suffer in pain and it is his joy that arsenal not doing well. No problem all Arteta dream squad will be back before Norwich game, let wait till then. But honestly we have a stupid owner and stupid board, who still don’t want to spend money on super quality players. All those player they got will not improve this squad position from 8th. Don’t see why we could not go for Maddison, Declan Rice, bissouma… They spend money on wrong players.

    1. Why spend money on Maddison, Rice, and Bissouma and let Arteta ruin their careers the way he’s ruining the team now. Better to get rid of Arteta now, get a new manager in to stabilise the team then let him use the money to buy his own players in the next transfer window.

    2. It’s a fair excuse. His two largest signings last year Partey/Gabriel are out. His largest this year White was out too. Can’t say he’s spending wrong when they are not playing for the results your complaining about? Logic?

  4. Saliba, guendozi and mavro doing very well this weekend. This guys were deem not good or ready according to MR TRUST THE PROCESS, who has a brain fart by keeping and renewing a liability of a midfielder who goes by the name xhaka and decide that kola, chambers, mari and holding are better than saliba n mavro.
    I pray to see the back of this vindictive Arteta out of Arsenal.
    Sometimes it better the club not give total power to reckless coach like arteta to make some questionable decisions that killing the club.

    1. Spot on comments. Saliba, Mavro and Guendozi are all far more athletic and gifted than Chambers, Mari, and Holding.
      That Arteta loans out more talented players while starting inferior players bereft of natural skills should signal the end of the Arteta experiment.
      The real problem with Arteta is that he chooses players who he feels are more like he himself was as an Arsenal player. Arteta was only average as a player. WENGER saw him as a necessary ‘Yes-man’ who helped out by setting a good example in training and in the clubhouse. Aside from that, Arteta contributed very little athletically to the team.
      Wenger also understood that you can’t field an entire team made from ‘good soldiers’ with limited skills!! Sadly, Arteta just doesn’t seem to grasp this.

      1. So so funny that Saliba and Gouendouzi had storming games for their new team and White is in the naughty corner after Brentford and Xhaka is a bigger hot head than Gouendouzi ever was and 1/2 the footballer too.

          1. Guendouzi literally got involved in a mass brawl for Marseille in recent weeks (accused by Nice of faking a neck injury after, he play this weekend so they are most likely right.) Go figure. Also slated the Emirates season ticket holders and did so implicitly, no doubt. Sure want him.

          2. Will add to this Marseille were within their rights to react to that situation but Guendouzi being willing to fake an injury after sums up his character in general.

    2. You guys just makes things up. None of you were paying attention to what Mavro did but added to argument anyway. It’s embarrassing.

    3. Got deleted for no apparent reason but Mavro lost 4-0, 3-2 last two 11 men 90 mins 5 at the back formation games and got subbed in both, hardly tearing up trees.

  5. The problem emerging is that Arteta just can’t coach up players.

    In 20 months he has failed to imprint ANY style whatsoever into this team, and the only solution he has shown is using the checkbook.

    13 new players, over half the 1st team, in less than 2 years and still we look as bad as when he took over.

    Still struggle to play out from the back, still struggle to consistently press as a team, and still struggle to string passes together and create chances.

    FFS! It’s not the players, it’s Arteta!

    Where is the genius, the tactician, the coach Pep and everyone raved about?

    Stupid risk hiring an inexperienced coach who never built a thing, and now club lacks the guts to end this failed experiment.

    Over £207 million spent under Arteta, over £300 million since Edu took over!

    Epic mismanagement from top to bottom; f-ing disgrace from a top English club.

    Vinai, Edu, and Arteta should all go. Overmars would be a good start, and also Ten Haag; good manager with youth and brings some degree of continuity with Overmars.

    1. Saka looks pretty good for bad coaching just saying. He was nowhere near the England 1st team before Arteta and praises him to the hilt and signed a new contract when he could of gone anywhere instead. Must feel good about the coaching (smith-rowe did the same.) Players at that age do not sign new contracts if the coaching is bad, their development is too important to wait for a new manager. It would slow down their careers min and potentially ruin them if they signed to a bad coaching manager. Ode certainly doesn’t trade Madrid (when they wanted to keep him) for us in that scenario.

      1. Players ahead of Ode in the Real starting team are all old. He doesn’t come to us unless he believes in Arteta. That should be obvious to even the largest Arteta doubter. Spelling it out in abc because honestly i think some are incapable of seeing it otherwise.

  6. Just imagine the footballing wet dream we provided for Pep once he realized that Xhaka was our the sole “DM” on the pitch in front of a “back 3” of Chambers, Holding and Kols…now if that isn’t the definition of amateur hour managerial tactics, I don’t know what is…Xhaka’s sewering of his teammates was simply the cherry on this sh** sundae called Arsenal…I don’t even want to speculate what asinine maneuver will happen next with Mini-Arsene at the helm

    1. TRVL4e, the team selection for an away game at Manchester City was mind boggling regarding no DM, except Xhaka. .

  7. If Granit Xhaka said what is quoted to his team mates after he left them a player down, he should never be selected to play for Arsenal again. Can anybody imagine a team mate wanting to play with him again, let alone have him captain your team? Not the sort of person you would want to be in the trenches with.

    1. No doubt OG…I find it difficult to believe that he’s either that tone deaf, considering what had transpired so far this season, or so exceedingly unintelligent(stupid, that is), so it really makes you wonder if he actually acted so recklessly on purpose…I know it sounds absurd, but it’s not like the tackle in question was necessary to protect us from some imminent danger…maybe he’s our Lennie and just can’t help himself

      1. Or maybe he didn’t say it that way. Maybe? Seriously you’ve watched TV in general for how many years and you act this naive? As long as it fits your opinion right.

        1. Angus, you should really stop sticking your clearly twisted nose into situations where you don’t comprehend the nuanced components of the argument being made…once again, you’re so thirsty to sit at the adults table that you eagerly, albeit mistakenly, try to bait/challenge those who’re clearly out of your league…like I’ve said before, stay on your lane little guy

  8. Interested to see if Shearer slams Pogba in the coming days for the same kind of challenge. As to the comments obviously he felt he shouldn’t of been sent off, the attempts to pretend its somehow aimed at his teammates is disgusting.

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