Who is Arsenal’s best signing? Ozil or Sanchez?

I know this is purely a matter of opinion as both Alexis and Ozil are both fantastic players, and I was thinking of adding Petr Cech to the choices as well as he is a world-beater in his right. But we are going to compare our two record signings who are both working in the attacking area of the team.

Ozil has been awesome this season, but to be fair it took him a while to become accustomed to playing in the Premier League (although some may say that Wenger played him out of position and didn’t make the best use of his talents) while Alexis (who has been here one season less) made an immediate impact and seems to galvanize the team to utilize extra reserves of energy in every game.

Jack Wilshere admitted that he was gobsmacked when he heard that a player of Ozil’s calibre could be joining the team. He said: “I think we knew what sort of player Mesut was,”

“His history as a player and the clubs he has played for… to bring him in to play with us was massive.

“I remember watching [the TV on] transfer deadline day and seeing that Arsenal were interested in Mesut Ozil, and you almost didn’t believe it. When he arrived the players were buzzing and the fans were buzzing and I think that gave us all a massive lift.

“I watched him for a few years, he was another player who started off young and went to a big club like Real Madrid. I remember watching him a few times and thinking that this player really understands football. You can tell he really understands football and to play alongside him is something special.”

Wilshere doesn’t say what he thought when he heard Sanchez was joining, I guess he wasn’t quite as well-known to Arsenal fans as Ozil was at the time, but now that we have watched them both in action for a while, who would YOU consider to be the best signing of the two?

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  1. I honestly don’t care.
    we would not be where we are without both of them
    They are both brilliant, WC players. We need them both

    We also have three not WC players in Cazorla, Koscielny, Cech

    And other excellent players Coquelin, Bellerin, Monreal, Ramsey, Walcott etc

    We shouldn’t concentrate on who is better but the team as a whole

      1. Yes, Of course, it’s all about the team performance,
        But when you consider the fact that we only won our first major trophy in years when Sanchez arrived,
        We have to say that it is Sanchez that made the difference.

        Therefore, Sanchez was the better signing, with his energy and work rate in training, he has brought the best out of all our players.

    1. You do care , you just want to be bias.. Sanchez has clearly been better than Ozil
      The right question should have been CECH & SANCHEZ ?????

      1. There is no disputing that in my opinion. Sure it took time for Ozil whereas Alexis blew everyone away immediately. Alexis is tops at defending as well as his attacking displays which means he is the more rounded player.

        I think the question should not be who has performed better overall, more like which player of the two is best ..when playing at his best.

  2. “I am trying to think if there has been a better signing in the last five or six years. It is still early days but so far it is very good. He is doing extremely well. He is going to score goals but it is his all-round game that I am so impressed with. That has no price. ” Henry words about Sanchez … I stick to the king words …
    I criticized Wenger for not signing striker and signing Ozil instead in a time our best player was AMF (Cazorla) … But I have to admit that Ozil is doing so great right now …
    Unfortunatel, my critics of not signing quality striker is still valid because I firmly believe it’s the missing piece upfront (not undermining Giroud current form)

  3. Well, just for the sake of arguement, I would choose Sanchez cos he play all positions in the attack…
    RW, LW,CF, no.10….and he will play it perfectly well
    Ozil’s influence is quite limited when played in a different position.
    Having said that,they are both important to us as a team.personally, I love sanchez

  4. Ozil is our most expensive signing that signals the beginning of a new era…sanchez on the other hand is an explosive signing.Ozi raised more eyebrows cos he was the first to comebuh judging by performances, Sanchez standouts…Mr 100%

  5. Definitely Sanchez. Ozil had been fantastic, absolutely brilliant this season. He’s my POY for arsenal if we were to vote today. Sanchez bends so much that doesn’t show up in the stats. Ozil fits in yup the team, Sanchez literally forced to the team to play harder, to focus on defending as a team, not just at going forward. Every single player is working harder, playing more energetically, after the Sanchez signing. His intangibles and his effect on the team are outstanding, and not something that I can ignore.

  6. Ozil has been slightly better this season. Sanchez’s game suffered immediately his centre forward was changed from Walcott to Giroud.

    Overall I’ll say Sanchez has been the better (not best as used in the article 😉 ) signing of the two so far.

  7. In a TEAM(Together Everyone Achieve More) every is important. I ozil does not pass to Alexis, Alexis won’t make those nice moves and vice vasa. And so, either of them is better when on the ball. Thank you.

  8. Love both Alexis and Ozil, but Ozil is just so unique and sometimes so breathtakingly awesome with his vision that Ihave to edge towards Ozil.

  9. If Aaron Ramsey takes off the way he did in the 13/14 season and makes that b2b dlp role his own now then for £5m from Cardiff, he will be the best signing Arsene has made since our move to the Emirates. Scored the winner when we were down 2-0 in the fa cup final in extra time for our 1st taste of silverware at The Emirates so imo, hes right up there with Cech/Ozil/Sanchez

    1. Plus its even sweeter when Arsene made him the player he is and he turned down Utd for Arsenal. Ozil started a new era for us, Sanchez is a superstar already so we were expecting great things from him as to was Cech! Love both Ozil/Sanchez wont compare whos better as two differnt kind of players but both will be huge along with Aaron even though he cost a fraction on their fees from Madrid/Barca!

  10. The Man who is about to set the unbeatable record. CECH CECH CECH. He is the reason Messi Neymar Suarez can stay quiet

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