Who is getting excited about Mikel Arteta winning more trophies this season?

Great signings, signs of great things to come By Lagos Gooner

Hello Arsenal family. I believe we are all looking forward to the beginning of another premiership season; especially with the few exciting new players we now have at the club. With Willian and Gabriel on board, I am so convinced next season will be better than this. If I should make a bold prediction and say we may shock the world and win the premiership next season, would I be speaking our minds?

When Mikel Arteta was appointed as coach of Arsenal, I must confess that I was one of those who believed he wasn’t going to do better than the previous coach. But right now, what do I believe? I strongly believe that with the right set of players needed to fit into Arteta’s style of play, he would deliver a bigger trophy than the FA cup, next season. I won’t be surprised if we won the Europa league next season or even the premier league! Wow!

I am just this excited because I love the type of players we newly acquired into the club. Tell me one Arsenal fan that won’t be excited seeing the club actually splash out money to fix our defence, will you? Towards the end of last season, I noticed how Mikel had managed to transform our players into fighters. If I am asked to mention one player that really impressed me towards the end of last season, I would gladly mention David Luiz. Yes, you read me right.

David Luiz impressed so much, that not a few Arsenal fans were happy seeing him leaving our FA cup final match against Chelsea, before the final whistle. I personally kept praying he would start and end the game. But that’s in the past now! We won the game and that is all that matters.

So, what am I expecting next season? I am expecting to see an Arsenal team that will pick up from where they left last season. An Arsenal team that would start instilling fear into the spines of opposition teams, especially at the Emirates. Finally, I expect to see an Arsenal team that would qualify for the UEFA Champions league next season, while topping it with a trophy bigger than the FA cup. Don’t get me wrong, I love the FA cup but I believe we have conquered the FA cup; we need to start winning other trophies.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. No way.
    He needs to sort out central midfield first.
    Currently our protective midfield is xhaka Elneny toreira Guendozi.
    That isn’t top 4. Let’s see where we are end of transfer window

  2. Very excited about next season – it’s started off well, with the community shield! Can’t wait to see how our new players fare..
    So much to look forward to and be positive about… 8 days to go… COYG

    1. Definitely Sue. I’m looking forward to it. A midfield trio of ceballos, Partey and Aouar 😍… I’m not exactly sure how the front line three would be just yet. Willian Auba Pepe? Or Auba Laca Pepe? Or Auba Laca Willian?. Tough but good choices for Arteta. Also who’s gonna start in goal. Martinez or Leno, I think Arteta will start Leno but I honestly want Martinez there. I don’t think Gabriel and Saliba would start right away, I believe they would be integrated gradually. I think it will be holding and Luiz for now. Great times ahead. Looking forward to the Fulham game like it’s tomorrow.

      1. Talk of Holding going to Newcastle on loan…I think out of the 2, Gabriel is more likely to start… then we’ve got Mari and Mustafi to return… ha, spoilt for choice!!
        I’m not saying we’re going to win the PL, but we’re definitely heading in the right direction and I can’t wait to see it all unfold!!
        I think our faces will ache loads – from all the smiling we’ll be doing 😄😁 COYG

      2. Kstix, Arsenal has to sign the last two midfielders you have identified. I personally would be happy with Partey (box to box) and Diawara (DM), and look to sign a Aouar type midfielder next season when Ozil is off the books.

  3. I believe that getting Thomas Partey added to that squad will give us an edge. Even if we don’t get Aouar, I think Partey is just fine. But if we have a midfield trio of Ceballos, Partey and Aouar, I believe we would be strong contenders for the league if the new players gel well and injury favours us.

    I’m very optimistic and look forward to the new season, although a top 4 finish would not be a bad idea for next season coupled with winning at least one major trophy(europa league anyone? Just so we silence those people who say we’ve never won anything in Europe).
    The target for the club is getting back into the champions league and that is going to be an herculean task right now giving Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Man utd are all good right now and seem to be improving their squad further. Next season will be super tough and the fight for the top 4 and title will be right up to the end of the season. We also have the wolves, Sheffields, Leicesters just lurking in the shadows waiting for anyone to slip up, Leeds are also going to be a force to reckon with.
    It’s gonna be a really long season but I believe in the coach and what he brings, I hope the players believe too and stay injury free.

    1. But to get Thomas Partey to Ashburton Grove the club must act, and show the man a lite more respect. It’s becoming embarrassing how this excellent football player should sit there and wait as an unwanted bride while the impotent and clumsy suitor from north London are sneaking around and never get the work done. I can only hope that Mr Partey is a patient man, and I think he is, of what I’ve read is he a decent person with social commitments. But if he get tired of the clumsy suitor he maybe get another admirer, and that would just ruin my believe in Asn’l. We need this first class DM to strengthen our defense and midfield. So be patient, Mr Partey, I beg you, the sweater with number 5 is waiting for you.

      1. I believe we’re cash strapped at the moment but very much interested in Partey as he is in us, if rumours are to be believed, we’re just looking to offload players to get enough money to go sign him. I believe strongly in our resolve to get a player we really want and that was proven by the signing of Gabriel. I believe is in high demand by Arteta and edu and we will do whatever it takes to get him, including letting Laca and bellerin go.

    2. Partey alone isnt fine, we also need an edge in our midfield whether you like it or not. Just adding steak and not more options for attack won’t get us that far

      1. I love to see Houssem Aouar and Philippe Coutinho to make us an attacking team, but I think we have to start with the defense. This is a project for at least two summer windows. How realistic it is to dream of HA and PC I don’t know.

      1. Don’t laugh at Rottenham. You know they have no sense of humor. They can get sour. By the way, that shaker Joe Mourinho always start using after 60 minuts, what can it be in it? Vodka Martini? Shaken, but not… He’s a real Bond-character, Joe.

      2. Haha. I didn’t forget, what I forgot to add was that I left spurs out on purpose as I see them sacking mourinho next season.

  4. Until we unload the raft of mediocre players currently in our first team squad and replace them with one of two high quality players I will not be getting too excited regarding our prospects for next season.

    1. 👍 I’m with you Grandad. We’ll discuss this again at the end of October, when the current transfer window closes.

  5. Not sound like a pessimist, but the truth is it’ll be delusional to think we’re winning the EPL next season.
    Europa league maybe, but EPL? Come on guys!!
    Even if we add Partey and Aouar, it’s not happening next season. Give the coach and team some time.
    Expectations this early only breeds unwanted pressure

    1. It’s not expectations Eddie, it’s hope (a never say never attitude), that doesn’t mean we’re putting pressure on Arteta and the team (even if Partey and Aouar do come in) to win us the league. What we’re saying is the addition of those players complete our puzzle and we would most likely be contenders but no harm if it doesn’t happen as a more realistic target should be the top 4 or europa league(now this is where we can apply pressure assuming we get both Partey and Aouar to gel and stay injury free). Even if we don’t win the league, we want to see the fight and passion like we’ve seen so far. All roads should lead to the qualifying for the champions league next season.

    2. Eddie, Hurrah to your welcome post full of realism and also to the two sensible posts immediately above yours.

      So many (mainly younger) fans and massively impatient Gooners have little idea how much extra pressure and thus, even HARM, they do to our club by their silly, vastly over optimistic hype and impatience. Anyone who seriously thinks we have a hope in hell of winning the title this coming season is living in cloud cuckoo land.

      1. And what happens if we do Sir Jon of the Old guard? You seem to talk like you know what the future holds, you will come back later (like you you usually do) to say how wrong you were. Maybe try to not seem overconfident of what the future holds in the first place so you don’t have to apologise when it turns out completely different from what you’ve said with so much certainty.

  6. I am super excited with the signing of Willian and Gabriel so far.
    We are just one or two signing away from being top 4 contenders.

    The sale of Torreira will show that we need a specialist DM like Partey.
    If we get Partey then I will be convinced that we will contend for top 4.

    Let’s stay positive and see how the transfer business end up come October 6.

    1. He is not but he does put in a commanding display in the midfield. Passes, interceptions, ball recoveries. I think he’s both a DM and a box to box CM wrapped in one. Not a specialist DM like SJ thinks. He’s a player made in the image of Patrick Viera.

      1. When Arsenal had a great midfield it was anchored by Patrick Viera as box to box midfielder and Gilberto Silva as DM. In otherwise two physical commanding midfielders, such that even Manchester United at their peak couldn’t intimidate them.

  7. With a front 3 of Willian, Aubameyang & Pepe we’re guaranteed at least 1 trophy.

    And with a defence of Cedric, Luiz, Gabriel & Tierney, top four is surely guaranteed.

    Aside from Liverpool, not any other side has a better attack or defence!!! Of course don’t be fooled by media hype for average teams like Man U, Spurs.

    What makes Man City better is that they play as a unit… If someone has to pass that’s what he does, no fancy tricks etc.

    I can see only Chelsea putting up a sustained competition to us for 3rd and 4th spots.

    If you see us buy a combative, dynamic, technical defensive midfielder, then count us in the trophy.

    1. Good one…. I love the way you analyze soccer,with what we have now we re top four contenders already. With the spirit those lads are playing with, Arsenal will go very far next season.

    2. Herbz, that attack and defense still needs a Thomas Partey to achieve top 4. Arsenal are too porous in midfield without the ball. Winning any trophy will take more luck, without a midfield upgrade.
      The Board has to provide Arteta the tools he wants and needs.

    1. Euphoria, no one remembers who came third. Although it gains access to Champions League and resultant money, a trophy is listed in the record books. Just ask the Club’s who won nothing last season.

  8. Im excited about next season but get a grup everyone. Our league form is dire, we are miles behind Liverpool and City, our consistency is what matters and it is dire. We will have a nearly new defence that needs bedding in then testing and our midfield is being based on dreams and hopes. Yes we obviously can win a cup but the league, we are a light year behind. Get real and lets hope we can at least put a challenge in for top 4. Beyond that it is all pipe dreams at the moment.

  9. Arsenal fan here. Just gotta say, we do this every year, we hype ourselves up and end up with disappointing results. No doubt I’m excited for this upcoming season with the players we currently have but there’s more work to be done, we still need a proper number 10 to open up opposition defenses. No way can win the premier league, we’re still far from that… y’all need to calm down. This season is going to be a banger though

  10. When Arteta took over, the media reports claimed that our defense was so bad, that not even Klopp or Pep could fix it,unless there was a complete overhaul of the players. Yet,we have seen, the great improvements of our defense, both in personnel and team,under Arteta. I am convinced and confident that under his leadership, with the current squad, including Willian,Gabriel and Saliba, Arsenal is destined for a top four spot. However, to compete and try to win the premier league, Arsenal must strengthen the midfield and buy Houssem Aouar (creative midfielder /pivot) and Thomas Partey(defensive midfielder).

  11. Very good Article Sylvester.. I hope MA wins big things for us very soon.. he has proven to be capable and I can’t wait.

  12. Despite the new additions to the squad so far, I am not expecting any miracles from the team in the first half of the season. The new players will need time to settle, train, play and develop together as a cohesive unit. There are no shortcuts.
    Yes, we are Arsenal, we are proud but we need to be realistic, too.

  13. Well said Sylvester. You took many a thought from my mind. I also didnt believe that Arteta had the necessary qualities to transform our club. He made me eat my words. We have not done a team shake up like this in many years. I believe that this year will go towards developing team spirit and boosting the morale of both players and fans. And I can foresee us taking the treble next season.

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