Who is on their way out of Arsenal this summer?

It is becoming a yearly cliche that “Arsenal are three players away from winning the title” and that could probably easily be said again this summer, although if we hadn’t had any injuries this season we may have been a LOT closer to the top.

We are still a long way away from the transfer window, but Wenger was asked what his plans were going to be in the light of our untimely exit from the Champions League, and he replied: “Ninety-five per cent of the players will still be here next season,”

“And what is important is the attitude of this 95 per cent of the players and how much we improve, how much we push on now until the end of the season.

“We are in the semi-final of the FA Cup, we are in a strong fight in the Premier League.”

We all know that every season there will inevitably be some departures either because of contract issues or simple old age, but shall we try and make a guess as to who will definitely be replaced this coming summer.

The outsider must be Theo Walcott, and this will all be down to whether Wenger can persuade Theo’s agent to be a bit more reasonable in his demands for his new contract. I can’t see Wenger being so lenient as during the “sign Da Ting” saga. The England winger is nowhere near as crucial to the squad as he was in those bygone days….

My money’s on Flamini going – to make way for a new top-class Defensive midfielder, and there is simply no way that Lukas Podolski will be returning to the fold after his comments in January.

Will Szczesny listen to his Dad and force his way out in search of first-team football? And will Mikel Arteta beg Wenger to let him finish his career in Spain?

Abou Diaby is a certainty to NOT have his contract renewed now, and what about Per Mertesacker leaving for a club in Germany where he might be appreciated a bit more by the fans?

Who do YOU think will be out the door?

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  1. I’d like to see Theo stay.. He may not be 1st team but i wouldn’t like him being sent to another English club, since i don’t see him going abroad. The rest for me should go. We need to stop being a charity like we are with Diaby and Wenger. Arteta and Flamini don’t cut it for me, Per will always have a question mark above his head, and Sczezny is done for me. Bring in a new keepr, a new DM, a new CB and a top quality striker and we are in with a real shout next season.

    1. It all depends on what our prospects are. We may not even buy more than one , maximum two players. Arteta will probably go unless he will stick around to finish his coaching class. Flamini will probably lurk around unless he’s on a year contract. He does not cost an arm and a leg. Podolski will force his agent to find him a team because he can’t come back after him bashed Wenger in the press. Campbell will go if anyone will put a double digit bid for him. Sanogo will stick around in EPL for one more year, same as Jenko. After that they may return or being sold. Diaby will go but where? No team will take him. If I were him I would say, listen, thanks for the support and I will pay you by asking salary game based. I would bid for Forster and sell Szceszny. I will also give Gnabry game time if Theo can’t be persuaded to stick around for the huge amount of money he’s earning. I guess we will see how this will work out. Seriously, at AFC you are never sure.

      1. Budd,

        I understand AW’s and most managers aversion toward aggressively(bringin in and selling multiple players) reshaping there clubs roster in a single transfer window, but do you personally see Arsenal just 1 or 2 players away from lifting major silverware next year?

        1. Something along these lines, honestly. It was not quality that killed us in the beginning of the season (Palace & Hull defended like crazy) but quantity with some quality. And yes, Wenger should have had balls (like LvG) to call upon the young because this is why he put them in the squad. Bellerin, Hayden, Akpom should have been called earlier into action. With or without them we lost so why not use them.

    2. I’m OK with Theo leaving if necessary, last thing I want to see is Wenger have another player earning a ton that he doesn’t want to use (Podolski). Better to take the sale and bring someone who he will use into the team.

      Could see the merits in a Dybala/lacazette type if that scenario played out. As good as Ox is I don’t think he should be 1st choice RW.

      Alexis – Giroud – NEW GUY (Griezmann would be dreamy)
      Wellington – Welbz – Ox

      I think JC is off in the summer along with Poldi, so there’s 15-20mil in the pot for a first choice winger. Another 20mil if Theo’s sent packing. Would really like to see us get Benteke if Villa go down, he’s a much better prospect at ST than Welbz who could be Alexis’ backup at LW. Lots of ways we could go about things.
      I actually think Theo will stay, which would lead me to prefer a ST like Benteke (Focal point) than a Dybala (short and tricky). Time will tell

  2. I think Cazorla will be shipped out, 90% of Gooners on here and other websites were happy for us to sell him to A.Madrid. They all wanted him gone in the summer because he had a so called very poor second season and that he was turning 30 years old.

    I think Cazorla, Podolski, Campbell, Jenkinson, and to some extent Flamini are likely to be moved on.

    1. I think Santi has been in brilliant form the last few months of the season, however if AM are serious about there interest in the diminutive Spaniard and offer in the region of $20M he will probably be off in the summer.

      If Arsenal are genuinely SERIOUS about challeging for the EPL and in Europe the following players should be given there walking orders;
      JENKINSON(unless converted to CB)
      *THEO(all about the contract)

      Thats in the region of $30-40M(closer to 65M if Theo is sent packing) than can be applied to strengthening the squad into serious title contenders on all 4 fronts

      1. I think we will find it extremely difficult to find anyone willing to hand money over for Diaby. Anyhow he has probably forgotten how to play football having been out all this time.

        I hear he is getting rather good at darts, pool and ping pong!

      2. I respect everyone’s opinions on this board and within this specific thread but honestly am somewhat surprised by the prevailing belief or consensus that the players I listed are paramount to Arsenals ability to challenge in the EPL and Europe next season. So the following scenarios would be seen as disadvantageous by Gunner Nation:

        BFH out: Dragovich, Schar or Van Dyjk int: -$5-10M
        Podolski out: Silva back from loan: +$8M
        Campbell out: Gnarby back healthy: +10M
        WS out: Cech in: -$10M
        Jenkinson out: Debuchy back healthy: +$8M
        Theo out: Lacazette or Dybala in: -$5-10M
        Flamini out: Kondogbia in: -$15-20M

        Approximately $20-25M spent for MASSIVE squad improvements. Honestly do you all really think the current squad can bring EPL and Champions League silverware to the Emirates. The abovementioned reshaping of the roster would IMHO would

          1. Definitely Schneiderlin, along with Cech and a very top striker and i think that would be enough. There has to be a decent young defender coming through at Arsenal but if not then i wouldnt mind Schar/Dragovic.

            Doubtful Wenger will do this though because these names we are coming up with are from the papers and websites, we do it every year.. transfer story comes out and whoever are the best players keep then getting peddled by us. All the previous years though the players we called out for ended up flattering to deceive with a couple of exceptions. Thats why im not on this Dybala Lacazette bandwagon i think our targets must be already proven as the previous years rumours only Higuain looked sure thing.

    2. It really depends on him. He may want a go for the title, the last one until shipping out to sunny Spain.

  3. Arteta will stay, Mertesacker will stay, Ozil will stay 😛
    Podolski will go, Flamini will go, Diaby will go
    Sanogo might go, Rosicky might go, Walcott might go 🙁

  4. Podolski, Flamini, Diaby should be let go. Arteta, we’ll see. Rosicky needs to be kept. Walcott…. seriously, he’s an idiot for trying to get bigger wages. He’s been injured for a whole year and has done nothing to earn a higher salary. I don’t blame the club if they can’t come to an agreement and want to sell him. We have Ox, and other players like Gnabry coming through. Walcott would be a loss but we just wentover a year without him and we’ve sort of been better. Theo, wake up and realize Arsenal is the best place for you and stop chasing after the money instead please…

    1. No theo will go. Mark my words.

      His agent and he will go to pastures new for a bigger paypacket. Probable destination City or Liverpool.

    2. Walcott even when healthy is the 3rd best wing player currently on the team and he will NEVER be a 20 goal a year striker in the EPL. I would hate to see him in a POOL jersey next summer but to pay over a $100K a week in wages to an injury prone, one trick pony type of player is financially reckless from a club that values fiscal responsibility.

      At some point Arsenal has to evaluate the future worth of certain players, not there past moments of glory when such ridiculous sums of money are being thrown around.

      1. 22goals and 17assists in his season before the ACL injury. Say what you like about him technically etc but his end product is undeniable.

        IF he’s pushed out for someone who “offers more’, then that player better bring some serious end product to go with the all-round play.

    1. Usmanov does not want to take the club over. He had the opportunity but he graciously passed it. In fact I doubt the board will motion such a move. Pep? Sweet dreams. Not sure what Keown has and Bould doesn’t but hey, since is Friday I will agree on the last one.

      1. I’ll give you Usamov back (as it’s Friday:) but with Pep it could all just be about the timing and things ‘aligning’ at the right moment;)

        Keown as he did as a player was/is not afraid to open his mouth. Bouldie was always quiter (but equally deadly). Without AWs vocal restraining order on Bouldie, Martin could stand up and froth and bark at the players Peps wishes (once he learnt Catalan).

      2. Completely wrong. Usmanov wanted for the longest time to own Arsenal solely but he was denied because the current Arsenal board don’t like him and his ideas. That simple, he doesn’t fit the stuffy style they go for the way Stan does.

        If usmanov could gain total control tomorrow he would, he talked all through the ‘leaner years’ about how he offered to finance player purchases out his own pocket but the board refused through ‘principle’.

  5. Podolski would have been certain to leave anywhere else but this is arsenal, arsenal lead by wenger himself, bendtner said more crap and was still allowed to play eventually. Not necessarily a bad thing as the faith might inspire him but it’s the wages he is sitting on that would be a concern. It’s so funny really, with the form that they both started with I thought Giroud was going to leave first but one kept improving and the other just kept getting worse or was later exposed for who he really was

  6. OUT: Wenger, Diaby, Ryo, Walcott, Flamini, Arteta, BFG, Monreal, Gibbs, Sheez, Wilshere, Poldi, Carzola, Rosicky, Sanago…

    Loan or sold with buy back clause: Gnabry, Zalelem, Bellerin, Akromp

    1. Hafiz!

      I’m waiting for your article. I will even give you the title:

      “How I will save AFC” by the House of Rahman in association with emoticons.

      in a 500 word essay please Due in by next Friday..

  7. Don’t want to talk about who should leave and who should stay……but surely would like to see few player in the squad in the summer transfer window

    Morgan Schneiderlin, Cavani/ Paulo Dybala, and Petr Cech.
    This is my MUST BUY list….for the upcoming transfer window.

  8. I want Theo to stay. At his best he is quality, but not proven world class like Alexis so he should not be given a pay rise to £140,000 or anywhere near it. He makes £90,000 per week, so in my opinion he should not get more than £100,000-110,000 per week. Anyway, that is up to Arsenal.

    Again, I consider Walcott to be a quality player when on form and want him to stay.

    If he does leave, we MUST get a top (even better ) forward to replace him ie Reus, Greizmann, Draxler

    We shouldn’t be cheap on replacing him or not replace him at all like we did with Vermaelen

    Which leads me to our forwards (strikers and players who play wings): Alexis, Walcott, Ox, Welbeck, Akpom, Ozil, Campbell, Podolski, Sanogo, Giroud, Gnabry

    I think we should sell
    Podolski- Wenger hates him
    Campbell- hasn’t shown enough improvement and excess to what we require
    Sanogo- I see more potential for Akpom (we should have kept Afobe also)

    Other players to sell/let go
    I like Jenkison but unless we move chambers to another position, we may need to sell him (personally id prefer our RB to be Debuchy, Bellerin and Jenkison with Chambers concentrated on CB and DM)

    Release Flamini for obvious reasons

    Release Diaby for obvious reasons

    I’m fine with Arteta having one more season but that shouldn’t stop us from getting another top DM

    I’m also fine with Mertsacker staying but we could use another CB.

    So get rid of Flamini, diaby, Podolski, Sanogo, Campbell, Jenkison (maybe) and get a top DM, top striker, quality defender and backup young LB

    1. I actually have higher standards. Sanchez is not world class to me TBH.

      World class: Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic, Suarez, Thiago Silva, Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero, Robben, Neuer etc. I’m afraid, Sanchez isn’t in that category YET, but he has ALL the potential to be.

  9. I agree with you.

    Don’t see Reus coming though and Griezmann is doing pretty decent with Atleti. Draxler? Maybe… But who knows, Gnabry could become that top winger that we would all hope for.

    1. Keep an eye on Wellington Silva. Been watching him play on loan at Almeria. Extremely dangerous and dynamic. Finally has his paperwork sorted out to return to us. May fit the mold of SOuth American front runners that Wenger is currently interested in.

  10. I dont know why everyone is so happy to ship jenko out…No matter how much dislkes I get,
    I am quite sure that bellerin wont be here for too long.He will be replacing alves at barca after completing his development into world class rb at arsenal.Any doubts,just browse to find an old interview of him and toral where he clearly said that he would like to rejoin barca in future.
    By trusting in jenko, we would be getting a quality rb for the next 10-15 years.

  11. All good thoughts on here today.

    For me:

    Scez (if it’s his choice. I still think he could stay and be a good keeper eventually.)
    Campbell (unfortunately never got enough run of games to repeat his world cup form)
    Theo (will be his choice. doesnt seem to be finding his way into the rhythm of the team, and continues to make runs through the spaces of our CF)

    Sanogo again
    Belik (spelling)
    Akpom (with clause to bring back in. I’d like to see him stay though.)

    Jack – I would cash in on him, as I don’t see him replacing anyone in the current 11 or beating out Ramsey for the first sub. Chances will be even fewer if we purchase a new DM.
    BFG – Still has a purpose to serve, just maybe shouldn’t be first choice.
    Jenkinson (could potentially be loaned or sold altogether thanks to Hector, or converted to CB)

    PURCHASED or Brought back from Loan
    New CF (to compete and rotate with Giroud and give us a different option)
    Wellington Silva – on loan at Almeria and is a tricky brazilian winger. This kid could potentially really be something as Wenger looks to bring in more South American front runners.
    New DM (to compete and rotate with Le Coq. Look at what our team has accomplished with that type of player. Holy cow)
    Potentially another CB – if Jenko not converted, and if there are concerns over Gabriel’s progression.
    Potentially new GK if Scez decides to leave.

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