Who is REALLY to blame for Arsenal’s problems?

New Year, but no real change and is it going to get better or far far worse? by LD

Well happy new year gunners, or is it?
It would seem that with the festive period out of the way and the start of another transfer window that there is a lot of fat to chew over for the faithful Arsenal Fans.

Yesterday was atrocious, our defence was non-existent and the way the team played in general was well below standard and against teams such as Southampton who have everything to play for it’s really not acceptable, but who really is to blame?

The rants go on and on and its either Arsene knows best or Arsene out and certainly for one travelling fan yesterday there was no doubt as to which camp his loyalties lay with.
However are we fans really getting it right by wanting Wenger out?

I really do believe that AW was without doubt the greatest manager we have had, he has taken us into the modern age and created some legendary players as well as taking us through a whole season being unbeaten, however I do feel that he has been found out and has lost that sharp competitive edge perhaps he has become complacent and is happy to coast through as he has convinced himself that fourth place REALLY is like a trophy.

BUT !!!!!, think on this people, It’s clear that the Board are totally behind AW and that as long as the club makes the required monies for the men at the top then they will be happy to let this drivel continue unabated. This tells me that the board, who are all ex Merchant Bankers and silver spoon types are happy with what wenger is doing and really do just let him get on with it as far as the football is concerned. So if Wenger goes do any of you really feel this will solve the problem? Much more likely the Board will swap “like for like” and get someone in who will do exactly the same job as Wenger is doing now, or worse he won’t and it will get worse.

While watching the partnership of Fabregas and Hazard yesterday it occurred to me that this was a partnership that Wenger was hoping to have in the Arsenal kit at one stage, and that if we had a board that were more motivated by success than financial profit we would be looking at a combination of this ilk.

However the club is controlled by a group of Old Etonians who all have former careers in the financial world and is headed by a man who has about as much interest in football success as I do in having Root canal treatment without an anaesthetic. They are more interested in selling key players at profit or at least were until the fans had enough of it and kicked up a stink, and in just making champions league football each season to make the numbers add up, there’s one thing that’s hardly ever mentioned in any articles on this site or in the national press that really makes the picture clear (for me anyway) and that that we have a 33% shareholder who DOES NOT HAVE A PLACE ON THE BOARD!!!!!!!

Regardless of your opinions of Alisher Usmanov, regardless of the rights and wrongs of his business ethics and regardless of if we would have suffered due to the Russian economic trouble at present this fact tells you all you need to know about what’s wrong with our club. Nowhere else in any other business would this be allowed to happen and with our current manager’s inability to change his attitude or approach it can really only mean more frustration and upset for us the fans that at heart make the club what it is.

I live in hope and await with baited breath as I read articles about players linked to the club but in my heart of hearts I really don’t see it ever changing with the current board in charge and the managerial approach and while I can write a reasoned article about the problem I have no real idea on what we the fans can do to change it….

Liam Dicks

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  1. Blame it on arsene and the AKbs that watch the games at emirates, it was pathetic hearing them sing praises while we played newcastle at the emirates, this season we struggle to beat mediocre teams like burnley, c.palace and qpr and we FAIL to beat the big boys (as usual), even leicester and hull got a point from us, Arsenal is finished.

        1. @muff …….. Gotta admit how fascinating spurs are playing …..not gon feel suprised if rabiot’s attracted by that

    1. Is it me or does anyone else realize that we stop playing free flowing football with fast nippi passing since Pat Rice arsene assistant left. For the past season and a half we have we have been playing what is called tiki tacki football that takes us no where. And by the way there is no one else to blame than the “GREAT ONE” asene wenger I am sure everyother manager is paid for performance on the pitch what is wenger paid for.

      Opinions divided

  2. The fans have a right to be calling for Wenger arsenal fans have stuck by him for years I get angry when people keep saying the fans are terrible but tell me any club as big has arsenal with Wenger record would the manager still be there NO And this year to get top four will be a real challenge

  3. I agree with everything you say Liam…and I too do not know what the best thing to do is either.

    I just hope that whatever happens Arsene goes with some vestige of his great reputation in tact…..The best thing is if he would announce now that he was leaving at the end of this season…..Then the fans would all get behind the team and him for that matter, and perhaps he could then go with his head held high for all his great PAST achievements.

    Otherwise I can see this pulling him down, the players down, our results down and it turning into one big mess

    We ALL respect Arsene for the thing he has achieved for the club…but the truth is he should have left after winning the FA cup last year

  4. Please don’t pretend you don’t know! Who was credited for the early successes under our present incumbent and banners going up all over the place singing his praises, ‘THERE’s ONLY ONE WENGER, IN ARSENE WE TRUST, ARSENE KNOWS BEST’ etc, etc,….? If he could take the credit for those early successes, then he must also now shoulder the blames for ALL our problems in the last 10 years! There you have your answer Mr QUESTIONER!! It’s time for a change… long overdue if you ask and if I’m honest!!!

  5. Ideally, both the board & Wenger can be replaced but for the board, Kronke needs to go broke & sells his shares to Usmanov who can then bring changes to the board.

    AS for Wenger, no matter how big he’s now at Arsenal, he’s just a contractor worker, he has to leave once his contract is out & not renewed.

    In order to save Arsenal from sinking further from Wenger’s tyranny, fans want him to leave now, or in the summer , or anytime asap, even all that is not possible, at least not renew his contract when it’s up.

    Between now & then, fans need to keep up the pressure on Wenger to let him know Arsenal doesn’t belong to him, he can’t do things according to his whims & fancies which have been harming Arsenal !

  6. Mr. Liam Dicks (Admin)
    I see a scoring pattern developing here which makes you equal to Mr. Putin of Russia in dictatorship! You’ve scored down all those who have disagreed with your rhetorical question and have only marked up Sohara who agreed with you. You ought to be ashamed of your tactics!

    1. @Darlingbudsofarse
      Firstly mate Im NOT the admin or any part of it so don’t go running around with that idea, secondly I have not been on the site until this morning (Monday05/01/2015 so I didn’t even know the article had been published.
      Why would I mark anyone down for disagreeing with me? I wasn’t making a statement either way apat from pointing the finger MORE at the Board than AW though I also put plenty of blam at his door as well. You may want to READ THE ARTICLE BEFORE YOU GO CALLING ME AN EQUAL OF PUTIN, if I was Putin you be less inclined to throw accustions around you fool

    1. He actually got chamahk for free and sold him for 2million so wenger will think thats grwat business which money wise it is but on the field we need better than the likes of chamahk squillachi santos

  7. Yes 4th place has been the
    Arsenal target for several seasons.
    Wenger says “4th is a trophy”,
    Kroeneck asks “how many
    touch downs did we score”?
    Gazidis says “we can buy the Bundesliga”.
    The players say “sorry about last season but
    we promise next season we WILL win the Quadruple”.
    And so it goes on season after season.
    Promises, excuses, more promises more excuses.
    Maybe I am being too harsh maybe 4th place is a trophy
    4th Yehaaaa 4th place Woooohooo 4th Fantastico
    4th Vunderbar 4th Magnifique

    1. If we finish 6th or 7th this year, which looks very possible will that also be a trophy? I suspect it will be called a blip and that this time next year we will all be millionaires.

  8. Whoop whoop all good in the club.

    The board is happy, Wengers happy, the players are happy and I guess that means the fans are happy.

    Great stuff guys let’s keep it up, whoop whoop.

    4th place, hip hop horary

    1. Ok theres definite sarcasm there.
      No tribunal required.

      Did u mean hip hip hooray?

      Ive never heard someone cheer hip hop horary

  9. At least I can win the league in Fifa15. If any of you guys want to experience that feeling I suggest you purchase the game. It the closest we going to get.

  10. There’s talk of an arsenal revolution..
    Well I’ve got my own theory on this..
    A list of players that can elevate us into title contenders instead of peripheral top 4 wannabes..
    Before I do, let us spare a thought to all the deluded wenger lovers who still believe he is the man for the job..people on here are actually defending the fact we were always going to be beaten by Southampton and that we were always going to struggle after playing 3 games in a week.. Those of us that want a change listen to this (according to the akb’s ) WE ARE MISSING SOMETHING HERE.. WE ARE DELUDED BECAUSE FOR 10 YEARS ARSENE HAS BEEN BUILDING A SOLID FOUNDATION ..WITH ONE HAND TIED BEHIND HIS BACK.. What I call it is this.. Stan kroenke couldn’t give a shit if we don’t win the league for another 20 years as long as he has someone in charge to balance the books and get us into champions league – I’m sorry to all those akb’s but our beloved arsenal are worth more than that, more than just making up the numbers in the CL or scraping into the top4- I’m done with all you that believe mediocrity is the new norm and that we should thank our lucky stars we have someone like arsene in charge..! He’s the luckiest coach in the world and we won’t realise how hard done by we’ve been until he and kroenke are nomore..
    Arsene wenger needs to act NOW to save face.. To save our club and to save his legacy.. January needs to be acted upon like we are going to be relegated – that doesn’t mean signing an injured midfielder !!!!
    A season or 3 ago we were in for Phil jagielka and Mark Schwarzer but tight arse refused to pay the £12 m and £2m respective asking price – and we fell away from competing without a whimper…well the spine I’ve been bleating on about for so long needs creating so go and get petr Czech now and shore up our diabolical defence.. Scezeny needs dropping for being a headless buffoon and Try and sign jagielka or Ron vlaar Getting rid of mertesacker in the process!
    Stoke midfielder Steven nzonzi great going forward likes a pass and strong in the tackle.. £8m will secure him. Schneiderlin would be a good acquisition but not quite the hard enforcer we need..£20m would be better spent on carvalho!
    Up top it’s simple – podolski is off and if he will come – go and get wilfried bony before he joins city.. He’s as strong as an ox with an eye for goal – if he won’t, take a chance on Edison cavani.. We need a costa type rough and ready goalscorer. Giroud and wellbeck are good subs to have but not premiership champions! With the sale of podolski Id say add £40m and that would get us there! Not saying all these players are top top top but at least they are better than the likes of scezeny, Mertesacker and arteta!!
    That’s it- a revolution with 3/4 players- id also say give bould the freedom to either put his stamp on the defence or sack him and get someone with balls to stand up to wenger!
    Deep down we all know this won’t happen – so what do we do..?
    We start a revolution – to bring back our arsenal to its rightful place!!
    If kroenke won’t do it then it’s down to us, the people it affects most, the people that will still be here when wenger and kroenke retire on their yachts in the south of france or California without a care to the wellbeing and success of this truly fantastic club!

      1. Hiya mate, cheers.
        Same to you – hope you are well – and let’s hope for a productive january…
        Although we all know what will happen..

    1. Great post , I actually think you should join admin, full of common sense yet you can still see your love for the club

    2. I won’t nick pick as to why you think Jagielka, Schwarzer, Nzonzi, Bony etc would be the answer to our problems and propel us up the table but one point I would like an answer to, because it is at the heart of all the angst, anger, division and heartbreak amongst the supporters, how do we determine and establish with any certainty what Arsenal’s “rightful place” is? And you are more intelligent that many of the numpties on here who will come back with “£8M a year salary…blah, blah”, “most expensive tickets…..blah, blah” as the dumb-ass “reasons” we should be winning the PL every year. Is our “rightful place” where we were in 1998-2004? Would be a certain irony there if it is Wenger who has set the bar so high. Where we were from 1955-1988 when we won the title once in 33 years? Or do we go all the way back to the 1930s when we dominated? And why is Arsenals “rightful place” the “rightful places” of the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Man U, Liverpool etc? “Rightful place” is a dangerous phrase that smacks of arrogance and entitlement and if it becomes the sole measure of Arsenal success we are in for a very, very rocky ride for a long time to come regardless of whoever comes in to replace Wenger.

      1. Jonestown- nobody has any divine right to be here there or anywhere.. However we are one of the most successful teams in history and been in the top flight the longest of any team ever so my point is that when we are in a position to actually be ‘one of the top teams’ then it’s not a God given right for us to demand anything it’s just the norm’.. Our gripe anger division heartbreak whatever you call it is down to common sense not being realised.
        As supporters we have a right to see our club ran in a particular way.. And by no means am I saying our club isn’t ran in the right way (financially) but when the board and manager refuse to budge on their stubborn outdated beliefs then we as supporters have a right to be concerned and upset- if it wasn’t for the supporters we would have no club!
        The club the team and the supporters support each other – Arsene Weneger (Kroenke) has/have proved over the past few years that they no longer care for the supporters!!

        1. Fair points PTN. I have supported Arsenal since May 1971 when Charlie George laid down on the turf at Wembley after scoring the FA cup winner and my greatest day as an Arsenal fan was outside the Wenger era – it was in a pub full of scousers watching Michael Thomas slot it home at Anfield to snatch the title in 89. I had suffered for 18 years of nothing – so it probably explained the sheer elation I felt at the time. My lowest point came 1992-96 watching the Graham era unravel and I often wonder what would have happened to us if Wenger never turned up out of the blue; a “no-one” who Dein bought to Arsenal. No one can prove it either way – but I reckon there is a fair chance that if AW never arrived and did what he did then we could be sitting here angsting over 23 years of no PL title, be mid-table perennials and at least half the people on here now wouldn’t be Arsenal fans. Wenger frustrates and annoys the hell out me over the last 5 or so years and I am really upset at where we are now in terms of performances but I don’t want to see the guy humiliated or lynched. I fail to see the sense in a fair bit of what he does – but being the charitable sort I give him more benefit of the doubt than maybe he is entitled to because I just know that every decision he has made or has not made has far more complexity to it and involves things that will probably remain unknown outside of the AFC board room for ever. I think you are well wide of the mark to say Wenger “doesn’t care”. I don’t buy that for a single second – he presents plenty of opportunities to people who wish to abuse him but that just strikes me as nonsense. If you boil it all down to the bare essentials then the AFC board are ultimately responsible for this mess we are in – Wenger is an employee nothing more. If Wenger really is the problem and is that bad then they are culpable in not sacking him. We might find out one day precisely what financial impediments Wenger had to work with, if any, and people may be little kinder with his record if we find out his hands were effectively tied. And lastly, I think the players have gotten off lightly in all of this – think lots of them need to take a long hard look at themselves.

          1. Agree mainly
            I’m not in the majority of wanting Arsene out either and wholeheartedly agree that Arsene has transformed the club to the amazing heights we all so desperately now crave.
            The problem is either with the board or Arsene- we will never know, but because Arsene is the boss then fans think he should be held accountable for the poor signings and glaring failings we ALL SEE..
            And as a manager that once brought superlative football to our great team then something isn’t right because it’s gone wrong.. And getting back to your point about David Dein bringing Arsene to the club, it makes you wonder is it Arsene or was it Dein that was the mastermind behind our success??
            Arsene inherited the famous back 4 from rioch and graham and I don’t actually believe Arsene knows how to spot a great defender anymore- either that or he’s basicslly trying to do too much- run the club his way instead of delegating roles to the appropriate people..
            My opinion is that it is the board who should be held accountable for showing little ambition and allowing Arsene to amble along in the top 4 without being really competitive..

            1. I’d also like to say I agree that Arsene does care about the club – but, and it’s a nicki minaj but .. I think his judgement is clouded by living on the past and attempting too hard to stand by his outdated principles .
              It’s a difficult one…

  11. Is arsene giving his all??? if that’s really his all, then his all is NOT good enough!!! #ChangeWeNeed

  12. One fan brave enough to confront Wenger on Thursday be great to see sixty thousand do the same on Sunday and run the fraud of a manager out of town once and for all.

  13. No doubt, the money driven (not results driven) suites on the board plus Kroenke who sees Arsenal as just one of a number of his under achieving sports investments are partly to blame for AFCs decline.

    When entertainers (like football Clubs) are run by suites and the main aim is book balancing (and those same suites getting suitable ROI) there will obviously be an adverse effect on the performance side of the team and its potential.

    BUT Let’s get one thing clear here:

    WENGER is responsible for:

    Buying suffecient players of both quality and depth before the season starts.

    Dictating tactics (adapting / Plan B)

    Playing players in natural positions

    Ensuring defense, midfield and attack are well drilled and function as indicidual units and as a team.

    Motivating players to perform.

    And most importantly delivering success on the pitch. Now this seems to have become finishing the season 4th (for the board, wenger and some fans)enabling us to spend a short stay in the UCL and collecting our significant fee to do so.

    But is that Really success? Real Madrid, Bayern or Man Utd and dare I say Chelski would not say so. Yes they work in different environments under varying conditions but come on! AFC are the fifth richest club in the world with a long and proud heritage that needs to perpetually move forward and achieve more.

    Wenger is a part of our success (and our failures) to date and for that I thank him. But now is the time to move forward once more and as I see it AW has shown through both his actions and inaction that he is no longer the candidate to do the job effectively in a manner that delivers results.

    1. Again I agree but do you really think the board will allow a new manager to go against the party line?
      Does anyone on here think we’d get a managers who wants to radically overhaul the entire system in order to win trophies and compete ? I’m not sticking up for Wenger I just pointing out that once he has gone don’t expect anything to change cos the board wont be employing anyone who wants to change it anytime soon.

  14. Liam dicks

    Well written article, and it’s only the few that see this.
    With a new manager it may not be any different as long as they keep the books balanced..and yes, it could actually be worse!!?

    Like you say – it’s a complete overhaul from top to bottom – owner to kit man, because if the owners have no interest in the success on the pitch, then Wenger can basically do as he pleases – pick up his £8m and we can wallow in the peripherary of almost being a big club..
    And like you say, what can be done..???
    Well, if enough people start it, a revolution will be the only way, but enough people have to want it.. My guess is, the corporate lot that jumped on the band wagon to the Emirates are quite happy with 4th place!!!

    1. Would you like to see this complete overhaul include being bought out by a wealthy individual? Just asking – because reading between the lines that is precisely what the unhappy lot on here are wanting. The only way to go in to a 3 or 4 way title fight each year with any sort of parity is to spend BIG – and be rich enough, without shareholders, for it not to matter if we don’t pull it off in any given year. Easy to forget it is 8 years+ since Mourinho last won the title with Chelski and they have only won it once in the interim with Ancelotti whilst spending astronomical money and changing managers 6 or 7 times along the way. MC have been spunking money for nearly the same period and scraped home twice with titles.

      1. Chelsea have won 11 titles in 9 years including the champions league.
        I’m not asking for us to be trigger happy like the petrol ran clubs of man City PSG etc just for the board to either employ a manger who knows what he wants instead of a manger signing players for the sake of it without any real thought behind it..?
        Is it Arsene or Kroenke asking Arsene to balance the books?? We will never know unless Arsene leaves …
        We can actually compete if we signed the right players.. Why did Arsene buy ozil..? We could have had 2 quality defenders for that price.. Sanchez is an excellent buy, but we could have signed bony and Hernandez to compliment Ramsey Cazorla wilshere and walcott.. Someone with an ounce of common sense wouldn’t have signed Sanogo or Kallstrom ..?
        I just don’t see Arsene changing his spots- so until them we will all have to be patient until he retires..??

        1. Hey PNT – no double standards on here – we all know the FA cup and League Cup do not count for anything so you need to deduct them from the total! Noted regarding the UCL – they say no-one remembers how you won something but I think that is b****cks sometimes. Huge does of sour grapes BUT I remember how they won that – they stunk the competition out and won on pens. I remember Man U winning on pens with Terry slipping on his arse and last minute acts of God against BM for their UCLs and a once in a life time fluke in Istanbul for Pool. Not holding my breath in my life time wouldn’t it be nice for AFC to be the first PL team to win it in a dazzling blaze of glory and brilliance.

          1. Totally agree..
            I’ve once said on here that nobody will remember how brilliant we played or we went a season unbeaten (unless it’s never done ever again)
            All that matters is the history books, and if arsenal are on the list of CL winners 5,6,7 or 8 times I wouldn’t care how we done it, as long as we were in history for doing it..!
            Unfortunately in my lifetime, I think there’s more chance of England winning the World Cup than arsenal winning either the premiership or CL under the current regime…

  15. Let’s see what the window brings.
    Fingers crossed Arsene pulls the deluded fans out his ars* and gets what we need.

  16. Well let’s see… Wenger – “We have a decimated squad for the Hull game”… Podolski passes medical for loan deal and Yaya in talks with Bordeaux… Pretty obvious to see who the culprit is here.

  17. No George Graham was our greatest manager ever.He turn average players into great teams.Wenger use to do that but over recent years he makes world class players average

  18. Welll…..
    Who is to blame????
    I really dispise that question, we as arsenal fans keep on blaming this that or that, can we say that we our touching our 100%, just meant to say as fans our job is not signing, coaching, selecting, playing players, we hardly have any say in any of the above and frankly speaking no fans in the world have a say in the above matters for their clubs, so its in the best interests of Arsenal FC that we cut the crap and get behind the team, shout our throat out this is the best us fans can do for our team.

    In Arsenal we trust!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Really ??
      you know what the surest sign of madness is?? its doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result!!!! are you happy to be a sheep in everyway and not critique something when you want it to be better than it is? especially when its something you love? you carry on shouting and supporting the current system and Ill see you in ten years and we’ll see if your satisfied with the clubs results then!!!

  19. For nine years we have been ‘drawing positives’ from shitty perfomances.enough is enough and mr bean should just walk away.

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