Who is the Arsenal-target Lucas Perez? (plus video of all goals last season)

There are reports everywhere saying that the Deportivo striker Lucas Perez will be signing for Arsenal imminently. This is how The Mirror reported it this morning:

Arsenal are set to sign Deportivo’s Lucas Perez in a bid to end their striker crisis, according to El Confidential.

The Gunners are poised to complete a £17million move after reportedly hijacking Everton’s attempts to sign the 27-year-old.

Ronald Koeman’s men were the favourites to land Perez but the report claims that a late “surprise” bid from the Gunners came in at the last second.

Well, Lucas might not be Gonzalo Higuain, but he did score 18 goals in 37 games for lowly Deportivo last season, which is not a bad return, but that was his best stats for many a year. Maybe he was late maturing?

Although Lucas was actually born in Coruña, he started his professional career at Atletico Madrid’s C team where he scored 18 goals in 55 games over two seasons, before being moved on to Rayo Vallecano’s B Team. In the next two seasons he scored 25 times for the B side and once for the A team in 7 games.

Then in 2011 he inexplicably moved to the Ukrainian Premier League team FC Karpaty Lviv. Again in two seasons he scored only 14 goals in 51 games, and then was shunted off to Greece to play for PAOK, where he only lasted one season, scoring 9 goals, before being sent on loan to his hometown of La Coruña.

He had a quiet first season, only scoring 6 in 21 matches before hitting top form last season. He has hardly had a glittering career, but he is certainly well-travelled and hopefully (for our sake as well as Wenger’s) will settle quickly and carry on his excellent form in the Premiership.

Anyway you can decide for yourself whether you think he will make it at Arsenal. Here is a video showing all his goals and assists for Deportivo last season.



  1. This guy reminds me an awful lot of David Villa. Looking at his history it seems to me that he’s a late blossomer, and at age 27 it’s the perfect time to sign him! He looks very mobile AND opportunistic, something Giroud & Walcott clearly lack. I get that most people are disappointed with him instead of a marquee signing but look at how Nolito is doing already for Man City, I think this guy is a GOOD signing for us.

    1. @Skndalouz,
      I agree with you.
      True that most of us had not heard of him before now. Same way that most of us never heard of Viera or Henry before…Sanogo also. But we’ll never know how good or bad he is, if we never sign him. I say sign him…it’ll lift the spirits of fans at the Emirates (morale has been low for a while now).
      I wish Arsenal all the best during the transfer process.

      1. Well if you look at ie. Islam Slimani’s goals from last season, he scored a lot more than Perez.

        However, literally half of Slimani’s goals were tap ins, penalties or headers (what’s the point when we rarely even cross the ball), while as Perez seems to make killer runs behind defense.

        Look at the goal were Perez ROBBED Jose Maria Gimenez and scored. That was class.

  2. He was also wanted by Barcelona,Inter,Valencia and some other clubs this seaspn.I hope we sign him so that he can come and bang them in.He’s gonna do very well and his stats suggests this is the best time for Arsenal to sign him.I feel we are gonna see he’s gonna better Giroud in the long run.I pray he’s not judged ignorantly as ‘average’ just because he’s unknown.I’m also happy Arsene Wenger didn’t overpay for mediocrity.The same fans would have slaughtered him here.A certain striker here was beimg hyped along with another striker in a certain Italy and I’m glad he didn’t pay fpr mediocrity.If he wants to overpay he should rather do that to quality players.

  3. He looks quite decent from his videos (however, so did Sanogo).
    If we get him, I’m sure it’ll lift the spirit of the fans.
    Seems the Mustafi deal is back on also.
    Wishing Arsenal. all the best.

    1. You spoke my mind. If we end up with only Lucas Perez by deadline day, it will be a blow nonetheless. However, if we somehow add Mustafi to that, it will soften the blow.

      Better still, if we end up buying Perez, Mustafi and another marquee attacker/goal-scorer, it will beautify the blow and apply some lip gloss to it. ?

  4. 17 goals and 11 assists in 36 games.
    Mahrez 17 goals and 11 assists in 37 games
    Conclusion: He’s better than Mahrez

      1. it was obviously/probably a joke from him as perez just played one game less, i thought it was funny but of course if you want to take it serious just do it (nike)

  5. Looks like a great signing, bangs in goals with both feet, sweet crosses with his right but left footed so could take the Sanchez role on the left, can score one on one with a keeper, looks hungry and quick. Good corners. On the downside, at least three of those goals were offside and we didn’t see any headers, maybe all those keepers were terrible and how would he manage in Arsenal’s usual position of having a wall of defenders in front of them – most of those goals were counter-attacks. Just saying.

    1. The counter attack thing, we do need a striker who’s good on the counter. Walcott is next to useless up front and he’s probably our best option for counter. Giroud holds us back when we’re in a game that needs quick forwards. That’s why I didn’t get people saying, Vardy, but Vardy is for counter attack. The champions league is again where this is needed. And even against a compact team, chances can come up in the game for counter esp when we go a goal up. I think Arsenal misses good runs from midfield and strikers, running between the lines, like Ljungburg Pires Wiltord used to do. Hopefully this lad can make them, if bought.

  6. If he can play the way he did last season that would be great
    He has only had 1 good season though (like Theo)
    Seems to have had injuries
    So still a risk

    We would still need a CF as he isn’t one
    I would still get a Top striker

    I still believe that it was wrong to get rid of Joel Campbell
    Very useful player

    1. the sentiment towards joel is going a bit over the top, he was a solid player but we have enough solid players, i even prefer ramsey on the rightwing to joel, let the thumb-down start

    2. Jamie vardys has only had one really good season (24 goals) and we all wanted Wenger to sign him so…

      Yeah i don’t really understand why he let Joel go out on a loan

      1. If you wait for multiple seasons to show he is quality then he is headed to either Barca/Real 🙂 so I say lets take the risk and PAY THE DAMN PRICE IN ONE INSTALLMENT

  7. Guillem Balague just tweeted that I will be having a medical at Arsenal tomorrow, Wenger believes the signing can be completed in time for the Watford game as Benjas is a free agent and only personal terms will be agreed.

  8. Hahahaha well it’s only Wenger that can go into the market rather than looking for top Strikers,CD will always get below standard but knowing him even this Lucas Perez that people know little about will not be signed. Fans let’s stop kidding ourselves senile Wenger ain’t singing any more players so we should all accept relegation.

      1. yes it looking likely that we will be relegated from the top FOUR if we don’t get a descent defender

        as a striker i would rather use Akpom who is familiar with the team then buy someone not proven second rate and spend Arsens money sorry Arsenals money

        why cant we just break the bank and go for Griezmann

        1. and even then we have no chance as getting him as he CLEARLY stated that he wont leave simeone, the club, his teammates and his friends .. he even said that could see himself once in the PL after his CONTRACT with AM is finished.. he seems to be pretty loyal towards AM but of course if you think it is possible to buy him then its obviously right 😉

            1. Like you said the long term strategy of the board probably is get Simeone + Griezmann + Godin next year. So NO FUNDS FOR WENGER !!! 😉

  9. Park chu Young, Girvinho
    Chamakh and Sanogo were all
    killing it before they came to Arsenal.
    Then they just died at Arsenal.
    Walcott went to the world cup when he was 17.
    Chamberlain scored v Brazil in a friendly 4 years ago.
    Wilshere ran the show v Barcelona 6 years ago.
    Wellbeck was supposed to be the new Henri.
    Flamini and Arteta were to be the new Vieira and Fabregas.
    Senderous and Djourou the new Adams and Sol Campbell.
    Chambers Debuchy and Gabriel were all said to be world class.
    Now it’s Lucas Perez the new Maradona.

    1. 3/4 of your statements are just made up by you.

      Concerning Park, Gervinho and Chamakh, I never had any expectations from them. Maybe Gervinho but the other 2, just no. None of them were actually ‘killing it’ before they came.

      I would have expectations for this Perez lad though.

    2. I hear so many times that ‘he is the new bla bla or he was supposed to be the new whoever’. There is no such thing..

      1. Sanogo, may be the best of all.. And still counted by the deluded one in the list of Arsenal strikers this season

    3. Everyone always goes on about Park, yet he only appeared in 3 games as far as I can recall, a couple of those he was a sub, and he scored in 1. That wasn’t a bad return. To me it looked like he caught Campbellitis a lot quicker than Joel, and Wenger refused to play him.

  10. i hope we sign him because steve walsh scouted and recommended him to koeman,everton were trying to sign and even put a bid for him,it,s steve walsh we should have signed!!

    1. every team shows an interest in up and coming or someone who is having a good season dose not mean that they are good its just clubs having a bit of a banter by gazumping prices to other teams to pay or to hide who they really after

      1. this is what AW and Arsenal do, they get us desperate so instead of buying world class we get maybe’s WAKE UP GUYS

        1. So you are saying if we cannot bring in world class strikers, well then lets not do any business.

      2. i think steve walsh,s record in signing up & coming players speaks for himself.just in case you didn,t who he is,kante,marhez,vardy….that,s him!!

  11. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers, especially while Wenger is running the show.
    Even Bendtner looks WC on YouTube… ? And if we do sign Lucas then Good luck to him and Us! ?

    I wouldn’t hold my breath though, as wenger will surely balls this up with his penny pinching offer. ?

  12. The increasing number of below average players we have been linked to lately and the way we have desprately latched unto each of them here just aptly captures how pathetic Wenger’s approach to the transfer market is and captures even more how pathetic we the fans are. Ever willing to settle for mediocre players hoping they will turn world class when they sign up for us. When have sunken so low? When shall we stand up and demand value for the over priced tickets we pay for?

    1. It’s just a link and there is so far no indication there is any truth behind it. BBC posted an article 2 days ago saying Everton were in advanced talks. They would have known if Arsenal had entered the scene.

      They have reported nothing on Arsenal in the last 24 hours regarding this player. So not sure how you have managed to blame the club for wanting below par players when this is just a made up story

      1. Arsenal are set to beat Everton to the signature of Deportivo La Coruna striker Lucas Perez, according to Sky sources.

        The Merseyside club were close to landing the 27-year old having triggered his release clause, which is around £17m.

        Sky Sports News HQ understands Arsenal’s negotiations are at a much earlier stage, but the lure of Champions League football is likely to prove decisive.

        1. Exactly Fat Boy, you almost always see things from my perspective. The truth is Wenger as usual is gambling with bargain priced players hoping to unearth a rare gem in his gamble. Even though it has failed him time and again.

          1. Wenger loves playing poker( in the real world) and thats probably where most of his money is spent! And probably one of the main reasons for his divorce.
            I’m sure this will all come out in a book, once he retires.

            Wenger only became interested in this player only after hearing that Everton have activated Lucas’s release clause. Which makes me wonder if this is one of Wenger’s poker tactical bluffs, trying to use this player as a bargaining chip for Lukaku?
            (The, we will step back and let you sign this player if you agree to let us buy so and so)
            Rumours have emerged lately that Wenger has been holding back £60 million for a Griezmann bid, but it needed the Domino’s effect ( which was the case with signing Ozil and Sanchez) to open the doors for this to take place.
            Lukaku to Chelsea, Costa to Athletico Madrid and Griezmann to Arsenal.

            So it now makes sense why Wenger would step in and try to disrupt Everton’s move for Lucas. As its a last gasp effort to push those doors open.

    2. If Wenger’s Matchday tactics and shrewdness were as good as his transfer market deceptions and skulduggery’s, we would have been the champions of Europe by now.

  13. We’ve started again??? Who wrote that in the mirror? Huigain, Vardy were both written in sky sport and mirror, where are they now?if i see them kick a ball at emirate then I will believe, even if it’s written on our website I still won’t believe cos it might an error! Wish this transfer can shut down today!

  14. I don’t really think it matters as the Arsenal fans (especially the Arsène Wenger fans) will take anything right now.

    I watched Lucas Perez last season and he was quite descent playing as a lone striker. He is quick, quite powerful and skilled. Barcelona was also on the case, but it was to put him on the bench (no one on this earth could take Messi, Neymar or Suarez spot).

    He could be a good signing if he is used “correctly” (and we know it might not be the case with the clueless deluded manager we have, but hey, one can be optimistic).

    Are we going to be lucky and see another CB coming our way too?

    Again, Everton are also following Lucas Perez, so let’s be patient and vigilant.

  15. Strange reading down the first set of comments and seeing so many positive remarks. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that. Not really sure how I feel about this player. His clips do look handy, and he looks like he can play a bit, but I was more positive about this one before reading how all his other spells went. I do believe a punt on someone who looks promising and could be just a late bloomer is better than doing nothing or hoping someone big becomes available. If an opportunity comes up for a big player we should still try get it done, but moving for someone in the mean time is a good move. If we do get this lad hopefully he’ll have a similar impact as Falcao did, he too was a bit of a late bloomer.

  16. Lucas Perez prefered position is playing off a striker or wide on the left which means that he likes to receive the ball in a deep and wide position to commence his attack. Recently he have excelled playing for teams which does not dominate the ball or less possession who plays counter attacking style football.

    Now Arsenal overall football is different, Arsenal tend to try to dominate the ball which means that he will be ask to hold a position high up the pitch allowing tall and powerfull defenders to lean into him and hence maintaining good control of ball pass to him in that position is essential in succeding as a striker at Arsenal. In addition to that attacking crosses and corners in the air and along the ground is also important.

    Lucas at 17 million has none of these credential, Balotelli at 7 million has all these credentials in abundance, in my opinion Lucas his better suited to a counter attacking team like Leicester City. His going to experience the same problem which both Walcott and Sanchez suffered severely from. Balotelli is a much better buy.

    1. but then again, we cry out in agony when Giroud only scores 16 goals a season, Balotelli would score less, so even if Balotelli was handed to us for free, i wouldn’t take that gamble…

      1. The most goals Lucas Perez has scored in a season is 18, Balotelli scored 26 goals for AC Milan in Serie A 2013-2014 season,he also played well in the World cup in Brazil and he has Premier League experience his also younger than Lucas who has no Premier leage experience.

        Olivier Giroud overall game has deteriorate over the last six months, in the Euros he never look like scoring a goal with his feet, his movement was sluggist and when the ball was pass to him he took just one touch on every occasion, by not taking many touches he effectively run himself out of form in games.

        1. You are right about Perez, and wrong about Balotelli, He scored 18 goals for Milan 2013-2014! Balotelli is just another “fallen star”

          I would still rather fiddle with the buttons in a russian nuclear plant, than risk signing Balotelli for other reasons than his stats.

  17. Not the forward i was looking for i really wanted Lukaku or a Benteke, i actually think arsenal needed a forward that would compete with Giroud and the hold up style of play, with the additional pace ( a Sebastien Haller also).

    Perez is more in competition with the Welbeck position wide player /forward, which i think we have sufficient players. I do not mind getting Perez because from what is seen of him, he seems a far better finisher than walcott and Welbeck and might be the perfect match for Sanchez.

    I was also thinking about Sanogo and Akpom, i figure Akpom will be sent on loan because he cannot play the wide player/forward role which Welbeck would have occupied and he needs a tremendous amount of game time to compete fr that arsenal strikers role. Sanogo may be fortunate in his arsenal stay, because of injury, no team will be looking to take on an injured player(only arsenal), which may be a blessing in disguise, because his recovery more than likely will be after the window closes, so if i was him i would try get some goals in the under 23 games and hopeful that will get him into the cup games or even the chance at the Giroud role again.

    Anyway thats my view

    1. I agree with you a striker whose a cross between Giroud and Agurero would be ideal for Arsenal. Because too many times I have seen Arsenal get stuck in the opposition box against tight abdurate defence for long spells where the striker is so tightly mark that his role is reduce to holding the ball up and operating in tight spaces with good close control.

      Therefore, I striker with the ability to withstand defenders weight leaning onto him and still hold the ball and allow players in wide position like Walcott and Sanchez to make runs is important. I personally, dont see that ability in Lucas I see that ability in Balotelli.

      1. Who are you ? Balotellis agent? He is a nightmare and don’t want him in the same country as Arsenal never mind playing for us.

        1. G-Rude am an Arsenal fan like you, over the last couple of years Balotelli has been a well behave footballer on and off the pitch. If you look at what available on the transfer window in terms of experience, style of play, age, transfer fee and wages Balotelli is the best fit for Arsenal and Mr Wenger being an intellegent person and eloquent speaker is without doubt one of very few manager who could get the best out of him.

  18. Its clear from the players we are persuing what our target as a club is and that is the covetted no 4.thats the ambition and sadly some fans are satisfied with this.

  19. For all those thumbing down anything good said about Perez here, you guys are gonna come back here in the next couple of weeks to apologize… Take it or Leave it , he is better than all our options in the position, great footballing sense, good speed a good passer, a shooter with both foot, He will be great with our type of mid field cos he will get lots of feeding…

  20. Perez seems to be a talented lad, a late bloomer that plays with passion and industry that is sorely missed amongst the current crop of Arsenal players. He may very well be an astute signing by Wenger and develop quickly into an impact player for the Gunners.

    I have no issue with the DLC striker but more so what the potential transfer exemplifies about our beloved club.

    Instead of adding the likes of a Minolas, Kouliaby(sp), Bailly or Umtiti Arsenal are in for Mustafi(overrated), Johnny Evans and Toprak.

    Instead of adding a Lacazette, Lukaku, Batsichy, or Griezman, Arsenal are in for Perez and Silami (sp) and soon to be Loic Remy. Lol

    Life of an Arsenal fan

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