Who is the defender transfer set to fix Arsenal?

It is coming Arsenal fans, and I am not talking about Christmas day, Hannukah or the winter solstice for you pagans out there. The event that is on some of our minds is the January transfer window. Last season it was a disaster, with an injured Kim Kallstrom on loan when we needed so much more.

This season will hopefully be a lot better, not that it would be difficult, and with an even harder injury hit season than last time the manager must agree. We were in a lot better position at this time a year ago and the Frenchman has already accepted that the defensive side of the Arsenal squad needs strengthening.

Arsene Wenger has proved that he is willing to spend big money but now he needs to prove that he is willing to spend it on more than just attacking players. We are heading in to a vital period for the club and this is no time to mess about. The right couple of transfers now could make all the difference. That’s why a lot of fans want a Hummels, Godin, Varane or Howedes.

At the same time, the Premier League experience of someone like Ashley Williams, Ron Vlaar or Winston Reid might pay dividends and reduce the risk of settling in issues. Maybe a promising young player like Van Dijk at Celtic or someone doing well in another league in Europe.

What do you think Gooners? Is it time for Wenger to splash the cash and go for a big name? Who is the right defender for Arsenal in January?

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  1. He cn buy 2 one mature and one young- I say celtic’s van dyk. And basels fabian schar; we cld hv chambers-schar in a couple. Of years

    1. Off Topic___

      “When we won the league at Tottenham, they came back 2-2 in the last-minute of the game, and they’re celebrating – because they’re happy to draw against us, obviously. And I remember saying to Mauricio Tarricco, do you realise we only need a point to be Champions? And they all [were really shocked]. So I said ‘Yes. Now we’re going to celebrate on your pitch. Bye bye!’”

      H.R.H. Thierry Henry

      Ahahahahahahhahahaha! FOYS! FOYS! FOYS!

    2. Wenger wont buy Cup tied players thats for sure, Antonio Rudiger will come in January, Very fast powerful and German.

      Oh and he supports Arsenal.

      1. I really hate disappointments. The worst time to be an Arsenal fan is during transfer windows. You just need to see me—-completely restless and clueless, roaming the internet like a mad cow.

        It’s even worse when you read a seemingly interesting transfer info only to find at the end: Source__CoughtOffside.

  2. I’ve already been here so can tell you what will happen:

    He will chase an unrealistic target which will most probably be some kind of young but established attacking player. They will dance the dance all window long but player will not come. Wenger will then sober up on the last day and in a mad scramble will try to sign any player available let for loan.

      1. @rvpayslip… those unrealistic targets you are talking about were all just paper talk. Suarez was the only proven big transfer target and we were going to spend the Ozil money to get him.

        @malik… the truth is that 98% of transfer targets are all just paper talk… rumours to sell papers or rumours from agents drumming interest.

    1. Andrea ranocchia…think that’s how you spell it. Inter captain and cb, 26 yrs old, out of contract in summer 15…but he’s italian and their skipper.

      1. Interesting one. Italians know how to defend it is in their blood. He is also tall great to head the ball away.

  3. I would like to see schar come in but I doubt Basel will sell this January bc they’ve qualified for the knockout stages and he’s has some sort of weird team option for next year if certain goals are met, so it’s not a for sure his contract expires this summer.
    I would take vlaar but I think he would hold out for a united offer over a chance to join us.
    I think Reid will be the one to sign. With his contract expiring in the summer, being relatively cost effective, and entering the prime of his career, it’ll be hard for wenger to pass him up

  4. A top side needs 10 quality defenders.
    2 RB’s 2 LB’s 4 CB’s 2 DM’s.
    Arsenal has 2 top defenders.
    Most of Arsenal’s defenders are injury prone battlers.
    Add Koz who is injured (probably long term) achilles.
    We need 6-7 quality defensive aquisitions
    yet we are being promised one player only.
    EPL champs? ECL champs? Umm no.
    But we might just win “our” 4th place trophy.

    Not saying it’s wrong .. just saying.

    1. 6-7 defenders in January? Seriously? Just because you can buy 6-7 players in January on FIFA doesn’t mean you can do it in reality.

    1. Did not say we would get 7
      defenders in Jan. Just an overall
      assessment of what the team needs
      to go from perennial 4th place addicts
      to seriously challenging for both the EPL and ECL.

  5. Completely agree. We do not need attacking reinforcements at least for the next couple of years. We have enough. Just pray Theo stays fit from now on and we are sorted.

    In mid-field too we are OK. We can in fact sell Wishere- he hardly plays 2-3 months in a season. Sell him and spend big to get POGBA/Schneiderlin. Play Chambers as the second DM

    In the defence we need at least 2 CBs, and 1 rightback to cover Debuchy. Bellerin needs time. Mert has to sit in the bench starting next season.

    It is not that we do not have players- the problem is a) injury and b) balance.

    Wilshere is shit. Arteta and Flamini don’t cut it at this level anymore. Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla can play cam. In fact the front 3 are very versatile. Beyond that starts the problem.

    1. On second thoughts why are we not looking at Kondogbia- a cheaper option but well worth the money for the DM. There aren’t many good players in that position anyway !

    2. Yes Wilshere has talent but he loves to dribble too much and take players on. He looses the ball or gets injured in the process. I do think we can get good money for him and use that to upgrade where it is really needed.

  6. Reid is the best one for us. EPL experience, London based, Out of Contract in summer, Not cup tied.

    Mings for the future but if not sold this winter, we could try again in summer.

  7. For Arsenal to compete for ECL and EPL we need to buy like 4 defensive players…I’d say the following 4 or their equivalents:

    1) CB- Mats Hummels.
    2) DM/CB- Javi Martinez
    3 ) DM – Morgan Schneiderlin
    4 ) LB- Fabio Coentrao.
    Obviously this can’t all happen in one transfer window.

  8. Of those set defenders named i believe Williams would be the safest bet. Seeing how well he played recently when we visited impressed on me allot. I think himself and kos would be a good pairing. Hes quick strong and a good reader of the game also fine aerial ability. Hes not your world class siigning but how many defenders are. Although not European experienced, a solid looking player at a good age bringing decent PL experience with him. Defending well in the English league is a big plus in my opinion with many examples im sure.

  9. N’Koulou who plays for Marseille is the best defender according to Squawka for this season. Only 1.80cm tall though. Apparently the Hammers are looking at him as a replacement for Reid. He could be a long term replacement for Kos and he is FRENCH.

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