Who is this ex-Chelsea idiot that is insulting Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil?

Idiot ex-Chelsea failure insults Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil

I know it is the international break and there is not much for the TV Pundits to talk about, but sometimes they simply go too far. I don’t think I’ve even heard about a nobody ex-Chelsea player called Jason Cundy, but he really needs to get a life before he starts criticizing proper World Class players like Mesut Ozil.

Apparently, he reckons that Ozil is not good enough for Chelsea, and he would even rather have Tottenham’s Dele Alliinstead if given the choice. He told Football Fan.Zone: “When I say this I don’t say it lightly but Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil is the most overrated player in the Premier League.

“Every week I get Arsenal fans bigging him up to me, telling me how good he is and that he’s world class, but he’s not.

“If you want to talk about world class, let’s look at someone like Luis Suarez for example, he’s the standard and Ozil can’t be mentioned in the same breath as the former Liverpool man.

“Last week we were forced to bow to the midfielder because he scored a wonder goal against a bunch of Bulgarian farmers to complete an Arsenal comeback but why were Arsenal losing 2-0 in the first place?

“Who on earth are Ludogorets that we should be getting so excited?”

“Aside from not being world class, he isn’t even the best player at his club right now as [Alexis] Sanchez is proving more important. I wouldn’t have him anywhere near Chelsea.

“I was asked who I would take between him and Dele Alli prior to the North London derby, give me Alli all day.

“At least he has backbone and heart for the fight.

“Ozil is like a taller Juan Mata, incapable of physically imposing himself on a game and can be muscled out of the action.

“For me Ozil epitomises Arsenal, the two were made for each other.

“He’s pretty on the eye but when the bullets start flying he is nowhere to be seen.

“He’s the kind of person that rocks up to a party when the cake is being cut and blows out the candles but isn’t there to help set up or help clean up after.”

So how brilliant was this man that gives him the right to criticize Ozil? I’ll tell you. In 4 years at Chelsea he made a grans total of 41 appearances, then was shipped out and ended up playing for clubs like Palace, Bristol City and Ipswich, and only the last named actually gave him a proper contract. He was rubbish personified, but he thinks that Ozil is useless!

And as for his beloved Chelsea, where was he when we destroyed them just a few weeks ago without conceding a goal? He obviously needs to talk rubbish to make his money as he couldn’t perform on the football pitch.

Get a life or go back and crawl under the rock you came from…..


  1. Twig says:

    Ozil and Sanchez are world class some of the times but not all the time. We need them to be world class on a difficult day at Stoke not just against Ludogorets.

    1. Wilshegz says:

      there is no such thing as being worldClass ‘some of the times’.. you are either worldClass or you are not.
      I think you get WorldClass confused with form hence why you said ‘some of the times’
      By that even Messi n Ronaldo are world class ‘some of the times’ or ‘not always’

  2. jeff says:

    Loool who is that guy? and why should anybody give a flying f### about what he says?

    Comparing Özil to a centre forward shows how much he knows about football. We all know that Özil can go missing in some games but this season he’s been class most of the times and he definetly improved a lot on his physicsl game.
    But why even ask that guy about his opinion. It’s like going to an Arsenal fan and asking him of his opinion about a Chelsea player.. chances are pretty high that he will hate on that player out of bias…

  3. Break-on-through says:

    If England had a player of Ozil’s level I think we would’ve heard it by now, like never heard the end of it. He’d be called the English Messi. This dude is saying give me old fashioned English grit over actual ball playing brilliance, his prerogative, and a little bit typical. But if England had a player of Ozil’s abilities, I think this dude would quickly become a hypocrite. And others who say he doesn’t do it all the time, no-one does. But Ozil’s consistency and quality looks to me like it can match up to anyone’s in that position.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Ps, the reason why people try to compare him to Suarez, is actually because they might have to admit he’s one of the very best, if he’s compared to other playmakers.

  4. truegunner12 says:

    Ex Chelsea fan or not let’s look at this objectively here. Is Ozil world class? I’m not talking about ability here as Ozil unquestionably has the capacity to do incredible things on and with the ball but has he done that on a consistent enough basis vs all sorts of opposition to warrant being placed in the same bracket as Suarez? For the moment the honest answer is no.

    Ozil will absolutely rip a team like Ludogrets to shreds but for Ozil to really be labelled as world class he needs to have more of an impact on matches where it counts and he needs to be able to pull his team along when the going gets tough. I can count on Sanchez to do that and always put in a shift but objectively Ozil doesn’t do it on a consistent enough basis vs top quality opposition to be labelled world class. He helped in the blitzing of the early Chelsea team this season that was generally a threat to nobody as Watford and other clubs nearly beat them. Would you back Ozil to do that vs the current iteration of Chelsea ? Liverpool, Barcelona, City ? I dont know but I would definitely back Sanchez and Cech to perform.

    Ozil has all the tools to play at a world class level but he doesn’t do it enough vs top class opposition to be put in the same bracket as Suarez.

    1. Alexis the Great says:

      Ozil was voted Player of the Tournament for Germany when they won the World Cup, and has won numerous German Player of the seasons. Surely he must have played well to earn them?

    2. Big Gun says:

      Since Ozil joined Arsenal he has had highest assists each season. Last season he had highest assists in the BPL. The previous season he had second highest assists in the BPL. So to say he is not consistent is rubbish.

  5. arseniel says:

    Who gives a toss what this two bob pleb has to say. He’s not fit to wipe Mesut Ozil’s anus. He couldn’t hold down a regular starting spot when he was at Chelsea even though they were a mid-table crap team at the time. He was sent out on loan most of the time and eventually moved to the spuds but they sent him out on loan as well.

    Q. Which trophies did he win during his failed football career
    A. Sweet FA

    1. Olivier's toe says:

      Agreed. Everyone in the world has heard of Ozil, but I have never seen the name Jason Cundy until today!

      I reckon everyone on Talksport just gets drunk and sees who can think of the most insults

  6. Big Gun says:

    “Mesut Ozil created more goals than any other Premier League player in 2015/16 – but despite finishing top of the assists table, he just missed the chance to set a new record. The previous year he has second highest assists in the Premier League.”

    Not sure how this idiot can say he is not world class, his stats clearly speak for itself. I understand why some pundits don’t like Ozil, but lets be honest since he joined the BPL, he has toughened up quite a bit and his defensive side has improved. Off the ball he is working harder too. But his vision and thought process is superior to most creative players in the world.

  7. Mark_K says:

    It just shows how old I am and how young a lot of the people who post articles and comments on this website because I remember Jason Cundy.

    People are always going to slate Ozil because he isn’t an in your face player who is known for his physical presence, some pundits and fans only rate a player if they’re regularly shoving other players over and screaming at the ref.

  8. leo...fourteen says:

    why are you guys worked up about an ex-Chelsea player not legend,….just ex-player who is trying to get recognition from his chelshit folks after a long time away from the lime lights…the guy is not even same standards as Emmanuel Frimpong

  9. Iffybright says:

    Sanchez, cazorla and koscieny are more important than ozil in that arsenal team….cazorla injury is already costing us points…all this ozil hype must stop, what is even wrong with some arsenal fans….am on fasting now for God to touch Sanchez to renew his contract with us, because he is a machine, he is a gift, he is a joy of any coach to have in his team….Sanchez is the best in arsenal…I don’t care if ozil doesn’t sign, but I will cry to see Sanchez leave

    1. Wilshegz says:

      importance in a team doesn’t determine class always. Casemiro is more important to Madrid than Benzema, doesn’t make him worldClass.
      V.Moses is more important to Conte’s Chelsea than even Cesc, doesn’t mean Cesc isn’t worldClass

  10. citrenoogeht says:

    I find debates on whether a player is world class or not ultimately futile because they are largely based on biased opinion. It is a fact however, which is bourn out by his stats that Ozil contributes massively to Arsenal’s success. Whether he is world class or not is a matter of opinion. Where the likes of Jason Cunty goes wrong is he obviously bitter about Arsenal and for that reason his attacks cannot be taken too seriously.

    Adrian Durham, who also works for talkSPORT, is the biggest Arsenal hater that I know. He daily undermines everything to do with Arsenal to the point that he had a regular spot on his ‘drive’ show called the ‘Daily Arsenal’ in which he regularly rebukes everything to do with our good club. Ironically this imbecile regularly goes to the Emirates to watch matches. To top it off, you have idiots that phone up his show and agree with his outrageous insults about Arsenal. They are so stupid that they cannot see the big picture of what Durham is trying to do i.e ridicule Arsenal. The above make listening to talkSPORT very painful indeed.

  11. citrenoogeht says:

    There are many Arsenal trolls out there. The most loathsome on talkSPORT in my opinion is Adrian Durham. I can’t abide this creep.

  12. Wilshegz says:

    and the “ex-chelsea player” is just begging for cheap popularity as he is hardly recognized

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