Who is responsible for Arsenal’s lack of confidence and desire?

When will it ever change? by Konstantin Mitov

I am so depressed writing an article, yet as much as I try to find a reason for Arsenal’s spectacular downfall it only ever goes to one man. And I ask myself when will it ever end?

A lot of people don’t really blame Lacazette for missing the chance at the end because there is a reason he is out of confidence. He had an amazing record before coming here so how come he suddenly can’t find the net? The guy had a lively start to life here, but most of the games he was subbed at minute 60 to 70 for Giroud (who was sold this window) and other games he was benched in order to play Alexis who clearly wanted to leave. Now we brought in a great striker and instead of pairing them we benched Alex again.

How do you think Lacazette feels now? Who’s fault is that and what price will he pay for this? When was the last time Arsene said “it’s my fault”? When did he last accept he was wrong? He was given on of the best strikers in the world and he set up a team who failed to create a single chance for him.

Wenger tried to play defensive football with one of the worst defenses in the entire league! He has incredible attacking talent, yet he plays players like Xhaka and Elneny and instructs players like Cech and Mustafi, low on confidence, to play passing football at the back, when they cannot do it. When can we abandon the tiki-taka football which we don’t have the players for since 2010?

Look at the number of mistakes Cech makes and think how many times he did that at Chelsea? Was he ever asked to play the ball from the back there? Pep got rid of Hart, because he wanted a ball playing keeper. If we want one, let’s get one or play players to their strengths.

We haven’t had a proper DM since Gilberto. We bought Xhaka who is the biggest waste of 35 million ever, and after repeated mistakes every game he keeps playing him. Mourinho dropped Pogba, because he was bad against Spurs, do you think Wenger will drop Xhaka, Cech and Mustafi against City? And what kind of a captain is Koscielny? The quietest guy in the dressing room. We need a real captain. Someone who with heart and spirit who will shout to players like Xhaka and tell them to pick themselves together and remember which club they are playing for!

Who’s responsible for the lack of desire the players show, especially on away games? The squad doesn’t want Wenger. Last year’s performances clearly showed the players were not playing for him and the fans said it too.There was a reason people were protesting before Everton. One game cannot determine anything. Losing every away game though speaks something. And this is since January last season if you’ve forgotten Palace, WBA and so on.

Last season we sang “you are not fit to wear the shirt”, but I firmly believe none of those players cares about the manager and this is the first time I feel like our players are doing what Chelsea players try to do when things go wrong. Look at the pressure Conte is under after winning the league! Wenger hasn’t done it in 14 years yet he’s the only safe manager in this, or in fact any other, top championship! Conte gave players 3 days off to think about what they want to do. For Arsene it’s business as usual.

I want to known what Raul Sanllehi does at the club and what’s our vision for next season after finishing 6th this year at best? City will destroy us in the cup and in the league and then what? We’re never winning the Europa League so I can see the players just waiting for this painful season to end before thinking about their futures elsewhere.

Managers like Tuchel, Enrique, Ancelotti and Conte are, or will be, available in the summer. If we don’t add one of them and stick with Wenger, we’ll all be one year older speaking the same thing next January. The protests are 2-3 weeks away. Then it will all be ruined and just like Arsene everything will be happening too late.

I pray that the old deluded Frenchman destroying this club leaves this summer, but it’s more possible to see Jesus coming back to life than this honestly.



  1. It’s very obvious, Wenger cannot discipline and motivate his rich and spoiled brats under difficult situations, such as harsh weather and heavy pressures. You are talking about Wenger’s tiki-taka, actually it is just another Wenger’s method to play safer by holding the ball longer.

    He tried Sanchez as a false nine and it worked for a while (until Sanchez could not keep up with the physicalities of his opponents), I wonder why Wenger does not try it again? Entertaining teams like Barcelona, Guardiola’s Manchester City and Klopp’s Liverpool have used it with great successes:


    1. Another rant from Konstantin, full of unsubstantiate assertions. Where is the evidence that the squad ‘doesn’t want Wenger’? When we won the FA Cup last year, beating the two best teams in the country in the semifinal and the final, did the victories constitute a rejection of the manager by the players? Did Ozil, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan agree to sign for a team whose manager they no longer respec? And how exactly is it Wenger’s fault that Lacazette missed two good chances against Spurs? One thing I am sure of. When Lacazette recovers his confidence in front of goal, which will inevitably happen because he is a class player, Konstantin will assure us that it is despite the manager. For you see, Wenger is only responsible when we lose, never when we win. And as for playing out from the back, Cech often launches the ball upfield nowadays, especially when the opposing team press high. He does this reluctantly because a) it is not the Arsenal way and b) it can restore possession to the opponents. So I for one am pleased that he tries to play from the back when he can. Finally, fair minded fans will be appalled at the unwarranted abuse (‘old deluded Frenchman’) of a great manager who has won ten trophies in twenty-one years and who for twenty years kept us in the Champions League.

      1. We are not talking about his first 10 years – when he inherited a real defence plus Bergkamp, Wright, Merson, Parlour …. plus a good balance between skill and strength. Wenger’s Arsenal have stagnated and declined for the last 10 years. If you cannot see that there is little can be done for you.

        1. Spot on Chris; plus he had David Dein at his side. Once the board forced Dein out, Wenger’s decline began and has brought Arsenal to where they are today; no leadership, players lacking size, physicality and drive, relaxed environment with huge wages for sporatic performances, no ramifications for failure, team changes every week and players out of position with no rational explanation and a total neglect of coaching defense.

      2. Ridiculous statement.Who do you believe is responsible if it’s not Wenger?Ozil re-signed and both Mikki and Auba signed for the club because they were sold on a future WITHOUT Wenger.
        This is Wengers players.Wengers tactics.if the players are not motivated to perform,which is so obviously evident,it says everything that is wrong with the manager and explains what is wrong with OUR CLUB.How can you possibly even begin to defend yet another capitulation,this time against the one team you PRAY that the team turns up?
        Thankfully his days are numbered as even this Board with this Owner will not allow his total INCOMPETENCE to continue past this season.
        By the way Pal-for £9m a year salary I would expect my manager to win the odd Cup now and then even though he has proved he has no ability to turn us into genuine Title or Champions League contenders.

        1. I think as fans we are very right to be worried with our away form which will ultimately cost us a top 4 position this season. The team looks unbalanced and the defenders (except for Monreal) look championship level – sad but true. Fighting for the EPL title looks a little far fetched for now. We need a major revamp of our side to be even able to finish top 4 because the quality of the contenders is just immense. Wenger clearly is responsible for not strengthening our defense and the transfer failings in general. But it is very harsh to blame the man for everything that goes wrong. I was watching the highlights and Lacazette scored a similar goal against Man city which he missed against Tottenham – he is in no means a bad striker but not world class (which neither Auba or Lacazette is). The man may be finally changing his ways but it is a bit too late. I think almost the entire defense + Xhaka needs to go and that will not happen in one transfer window. Everyone knows what we need and the price will just explode when we go to buy them. I am not a person who believes buying is the only way to solve problems but looks like there is no other option. We need to buy a defensive CB pair asap. Kolasinac with every game seems to be a defensive liability- we need to sort that out. Xhaka needs to be replaced. On the attack side I think we are sorted for the next 3 seasons at the least. As far as the manager is concerned, I have concerns that given our defensive issues if Ancelloti will just come in and turn it around. Long story short – there are deeper issues with our club than just the manager but it seems that moving on Wenger is probably the first step in the right direction but irrespective I will be sad when the man leaves and I would love for him to get the respect he deserves when that time comes.

        2. Agreed but the question is who out there can turn us into “consistent” title contenders. we just need to be realistic. I raise this question not because I want Wenger to stay but because I hope the board has a solid back up in place and all this takes time. Apart from Pep I don’t see a coach who can satiate our thirst for beautiful football and at the same time turn us into world beaters instantly. It is normal for us to want to be winning / competing for everything but success is never guaranteed. Look at ManU for example. Even after spending hundreds of millions of dollars they are still far away from winning anything. Wenger deserves slack for where we are today but the board is equally to be blamed for giving him the entire power (which we conveniently forget)

            1. Managing in the french league is very different to competing in the PL. He has had one good CL run. What else has he done?

      3. True, Steven, and the best post here in weeks.

        Let me guess, you’re one of us, older than 15, right?

        This is a site for junior gooners, full of hysteria, full of unsubstantiated brashness, and this Konstantin is one of the most obnoxious spoiled kids around. How would they support a team that plays in the Championship, I wonder? Finding actual mistakes in Wenger is perfectly fine, but REPEATING always the same shallow drivel is beyond annoying.

        As for the protests being 2, 3 weeks away, Konsta, does that mean you’ll stop posting if it turns out you were lying once again??

        And if you’d rather play Holding or Chambers instead of Mustafi or Ospina instead of Cech, you’re an utmost fool.

  2. I agree with ALMOST every word of this fine and accurate article. Where I differ with Konstantin is that I am virtually certain that Wenger will be sacked in May – after yesterday we are 7 points behind Spurs, now 9 behind Liverpool and after tomorrow evening a likely 8 behind Chelsea(who are at home to WBA). By comparison we only missed out on top four on goal difference last year. These are early February figures. By May we will be probably 45 points or more behind the Prem winners, City and well into double figures behind whoever is fourth. To ensure Wenger is sacked I do not mind two thrashings by City in next two weeks and to be knocked out of the Europa, ASAP. Unlike many, I look a little further forward in time than merely the hope of beating the Spuds yesterday and a lot more deeply than just beating the Spuds. Tribalism is an important part of football rivalry, but sometimes it can get in the way of common sense. Anyone with even an ounce of sense knows with their whole soul that the first and major step to curing our ills is to get Wenger out ASAP. Our defeat and it’s manner will be a blessing in disguise come May. Mark my words.

    1. But why do you feel 2 consecutive city thrashings will have any effect on Wenger’s future when the 3 consecutive 5-1 demolitions by Bayern had none? Man utd whipped 8 past us Wenger survived the axe. City 6 Chelsea 6 liverpool 5 Wenger survived. We must accept Wenger will stay and hope he wins Europa and Carabao because the past has shown he has 9 lives.

      1. Since Ivan came out with slogan “ catalyst for change “ yes Wenger ‘s days are numbered like also Paul Merson pointed out to bring Aubameyang with that price based on on his age, that’s not Wenger decision

      2. Tipping point; the last straw; final realisation dawning on those who make decisions; fans turning on him like even never before., starting after we lose to City twice. Choose one or all of them. All are relevant.

        1. @jon fox

          I really hope you’re right about Wenger getting sacked, because he SHOULDN’T be allowed to leave on his own accord. He must be sacked, because he’s more than deserving of it, and it would appease the fans a little. Wenger needs someone to tell him that his performances have been unacceptable, and that’s what a sacking does. It also sets a precedent for future managers. If you do not perform, we will sack you. There needs to be this constant pressure coming from above the manager.

          Knowing our luck, a Carabao Cup win will probably bail out Wenger YET AGAIN!

          1. @ Third Man JW, Agreed with all, save your last sentence in vain hope. For the first time in many years there is now a clear unwillingness to accept continued drift and mediocrity. I am a betting man and often make money on seeing what to me is obvious, well before the mainstream sees it. Man City have lost once all season , to a rampantly attacking and deadly Liverpool team. There is ZERO chance of our porous defence with the pathetic Xhaka “protecting” them , from preventing at least several City goals, both in Prem game and League Cup. I also see the certainty of huge fan protests straight after these games, on a hitherto unprecedented scale. Well before August 2018 we will all be looking forward to a vastly improved new season , without Wenger here, further damaging us year after year. I can hardly wait and this is NOT difficult to foresee. iT IS FAR BETTER FOR ARSENAL THAT WENGER IS SACKED IN DISGRACE AND GOES WITHOUT ANY FANFARE. The worse we do from now on the more certain this is.

    2. Yes, I also think a 6th or 7th position and a Europa League KO would force the board to ask Wenger to step down (or up to a non-managerial position)

    1. Threeee to gooo !?!? We as normal human beings cannot wait that long

      The players have to help us in getting rid of him and I feel yesterday’s match was their first effort to do so

  3. Wenger is a complete fool if the board is reding this please please get rid of that frog cos he is killing our team and the players have no cofidence any more

  4. Good article K.

    Wenger has destroyed some of the players confidence, Laca is a better CF when on form than Auba, Laca will bring other attackers into play better with more regular linkup play.

    I wonder what will happen to AMN, I like how players can learn from playing in roles around their main role but Wenger is keeping that kid out of CM for Xhaka, I can only imagine at what AMN must be thinking.

    1. I CAN imagine what he is thinking (AMN).

      Since he said in a recent interview that his natural position is on the wing, he’s thinking, ‘We need a better player than Xhaka. I wish it were my position, but since I said I prefer to play on the wing, it will have to be SOMEONE ELSE.’

      Jeez, the ignorance people spread even when not paid by evil billionaires.

  5. No one should be surprised by yesterdays performance. We’ve been seeing it all season. Wenger has been changing the formation, putting players in unfamiliar positions. What was the game plan yesterday and where was the leadership? Once we concede, we seem to crumble every time. Just three away wins in the league all season. Speaks volumes….

    If the club couldn’t afford Johnny Evans in January. I can’t wait to see what we end up with in the summer ?

    Big changes are needed ?⚪️

    1. Exactly Sam-afc; how good did Spurs look with their settled 11 – everyone knew their role.

  6. Another depressing ill formed article. Taliking about Cech as a “ball playing keeper” for goodness sake. He makes a mistake in the box and yes, got away with it, but implying he has been asked to play like that is rediculous. He made a mistake for f sake!
    BTW, people being francophobic with the “frog” references are bang out of order. This is 2018 not 1970.

  7. It doesn’t matter. Wenger won’t change.
    Wenger doesn’t seem to motivate them. I would love to hear what he says to the players at half time. He probably never did. He got very lucky with the invincibles and that got to his head and gave him huge job security. An extra 14 years

    He has also become a striker killer lol ie Perez, Walcott, Podolski. He stopped or hardly played them.
    Im worried about Lacazzette. Wenger isn’t doing wonders for his confidence.

    A new manager is the only answer
    Someone who will sign more top players who we need ie defensive midfielder, creative box2box midfielder, centre backs and looks like we need another RB to push Bellerin too.
    Someone who can motivate and push the players in the dressing room and training ground.
    Also new offensive and defensive coaches.

    This Farce has gone on too long
    (I appreciate the trophies that Wenger helped us win. There is NO hatred at all but its clear he isn’t capable of creating a champion side. Weve seen Chelsea, United and Liverpool win Champions League. Even Leicester won the Premier League. Enough is enough. A manager shouldn’t keep his job for what happened in the late 90s and early 2000s)

  8. I hope Wenger is sacked now so that the new manager gets some time with the team for next few months and can plan the summer transfer window accordingly. This will also give a kick in the butt to the players who are Wenger favorites and will probably improve their performance.

          1. No Sue, but unlike you, it seems to me, I can clearly see the next step, then the one after etc., which will result in Wengers sacking. It really is not difficult to read the signs as they occur. One point that I did not make in THIS thread is that when Wenger was given a TWO year contact last summer, it was surely only to try to prevent all the “will he go or won’t he” of last season. That was the ONLY reason it was TWO year contract. Isn’t that obvious? This season we are miles away from making top four with the only vain hope of our defence withstanding some of the top sides left in Europa cup and thus us winning it. That is NOT going to happen, except in fantasy land, inhabited by some foolish Gooners whose hope is more than their common sense. I think the club were always going to sack him this summer UNLESS things dramatically improved. Instead they have got much worse. Just think about it, Sue!

            1. I do think about it Jon… it bloody depresses me if I’m honest, but if you’re right (& hopefully you are) it’ll only be for a few more months! It’s going to get worse before it gets better right??

  9. Wenge no doubt brought revolution to english football back then but d truth is he has lost touch with modern day football,how can he possibly have xhaka in his teem then play him with elnerny on a day he needs to play progressive football. He’s killed confidential of so many good players beside he is blind to see that we don’t have good defence & mid fielders. At this point we appreciate his long time effort thus far but his needs to take a bow.

  10. Wenger has reached a point of no return. Whatever he does now he will not retire with euphoria and dignity, he will just walk away, and the ruins of Arsenal will smoulder for a season or two. He really should allow himself enough time to spend his millions.

  11. “I am so depressed writing an article…” – YOU’RE always depressed, KM, nothing new there. “How do you think Lacazette feels now?” – PERSONALLY, I don’t care how he feels. He’s a professional football player getting paid millions of dollars. His only job is to train hard, and to play hard when called upon. Giroud never complained. He was primarily a sub this season but he was always ready. Lacazette wasn’t, and that’s on HIM, and him alone. So stop blaming Wenger for everything and everyone. “City will destroy us in the cup and in the league and then what? We’re never winning the Europa League…” – CAN we at least play the games first?

  12. I agree with Sue. Wenger is not going anywhere soon. The man has no life outside AFC. Our owner doesn’t care whether we win or not and he is the only one who can sack him. Expect another contract for AW after this current one. I really believe that.

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