Who Might Arsenal Sign in The January Window?

Who Might Arsenal Sign in The January Window?

It’s almost that time again when clubs start looking to add or take away from their rosters. Fans everywhere are anxious to see if the player they would personally pick will make it onto their team and so it is with Arsenal this year. If you were to place a wager on your favourite picks, do you think you’d win? Let’s take a look at the players everyone has their eyes on to see if yours are in the line-up.

The Clock Runs Down

Just weeks away from January, the excitement is growing as are rumours of who Arsenal will keep and who they will sign. Yes, you have your own personal favourites, but will they make the grade? Perhaps it’s time to place a bet on your personal picks to make a few pounds in the process. If you don’t already have a casino or sports betting site online, it’s time to do a bit of searching. While you can Google online places to bet on your picks, why not check the Paddy Power sign up bonus? After all, a bit of extra money to play with never hurts! Are any of the players we are about to talk about on your list of favourites? If so, those are the players who just might bring you a bit of luck this time around.

Players Poised to Leave

It doesn’t appear to be just a rumour that Folarin Balogun, Arsenal striker, is making his way out. In fact, it is quite obvious he is looking for a new home when scouts are flocking to his games to see what he has to offer a team should they sign him when he exits. Don’t you think that’s a sure sign of his intent?

Then there’s Mohamed Elneny, Arsenal midfielder, who is rumoured to be out of a contract at the end of the year. His current contract expires and although his father speaks to the contrary, it is expected that it will not be renewed. This is why everyone is abuzz linking Elneny to the Newcastle team who will likely pick him up.

Since Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe have beaten the record signing contract of Nicolas Pepe, it is thought that he will be sold at the end of the year as well. Unfortunately for fans, there is no new club associated with Pepe so it’s a wait and see cliffhanger to be continued.

A Look at Promising Players for the Arsenal Club

It’s finally time to look at those interesting players everyone is looking at as the next Arsenal superstars. Get out your pencils and paper to jot down these names when it’s time to make your wager.

First, there’s a striker who just might be in line to take the place of Balogun who is predicted to leave on loan. In line for that spot just might be Darwin Nunez, currently on the Benfica roster. Some have also thought that Arsenal ‘might’ pick Dusan Vlahovic, but it doesn’t seem like Arsenal is the only club looking at Vlahovic. It is also rumoured that Tottenham and Manchester City are in the competition so it’s still a wait and see game.

Since Arsenal will still be looking for a midfielder, Renato Sanches coming from Lille seems to be in the lead of potentials. Rumours also have it that Arsenal are not the only club he’s dealing with. It could be that AC Milan will snag his trade.

What about Isco of Real Madrid who has been on the bench refusing to warm up with the club? Could he be a target for transfer to Arsenal? For at least three games he remained on the bench which is a sure sign of his dissatisfaction with Spain, so he just might be ready and set to accept an offer coming from Arsenal.

The January window for trades is almost upon us so we don’t have long to wait. However, if you are going to get your wagers in before that window opens and closes, you just might want to get online to put your money where your hopes are. Don’t forget to look for sign on bonuses to use for your bets and you can be a winner too.



  1. Greetings, after the Sunderland game, Bolarin not impressive, nor Pepe. Neketiah needs a lot more games to evolve as a striker. Yes he got the hatrick and Pepe the assist, however, against top defense, the two won’t pass muster. That’s my 2cents worth

  2. I’m hoping we sign Nketiah in this coming window. Balogun needs a loan in the Championship or League 1. Pepé needs minutes but I’m not sure at who’s expense. White needs to play alongside Gabriel and not Holding.

  3. I don’t see us signing a striker in January but i’m hopeful that we will get a midfielder in. Zakaria or sanches are quality options and would cost too much

  4. I think it a shame that JA Admin Pat is enticing new gamblers to take up this mugs game. Only a miniscule number of people ever make money from betting sites. The ones who do make money are not so much gamblers but actually deeply understand where the VALUE is in any bet and where it is not.

    IF any Gooner is serious about making money from betting, then I urge you first to deeply study the science of odds and what is value for good betting and what is not.

    Otherwise, do not touch betting with a bargepole, my friends, as you will lose money for certain.

    Only those with REAL mathematical knowledge have even a TINY regular chance to make money.

    My success is made largely by trading(ie buying and selling) odds over extended periods, rather than individual win or lose bets.

    1. Its true Jon betting sites are for mugs.
      I believe many punters are lost souls living in a parallel universe. They are looking for success in the wrong place and are doomed to years of pain and misery chasing moon beams. The odds of a big win are so bad even regular little wins are hard to come by. Yet they go back year after year and spend their lives cursing their misfortune the Gods are always against us. Pitiful characters all. You and I both have seen the light and avoid such pain like the plague. We wise heads prefer to follow football a very healthy pursuit. I can back my team to win the league every season. Sure we have not won in 17 years but I know my luck will change soon. Yes the trainer is clueless and the players are half a4sed. The referees are always against us and VAR always gives the win to our opponents. Its enough to make a grown man cry.. But hope springs eternal the endless dream of winning the lottery (the title) is all consuming I am hooked for life. So I totally agree Jon never take up gambling it will ruin you. Follow your football team always because you are on to a winner where you can suffer year after year as pre season hopes of the title are extinguished by November but I never give up believing Jon because I know next year is our year when our team will romp home at 30-1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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