Who needs Aubameyang while Isak is being lined up for the summer window

So it now seems certain that the rift between Arteta and Aubameyang is irreparable and our ex-captain is looking nailed on to move to Barcelona tomorrow. The Gabon hitman would appear to have played his last game in an Arsenal shirt.

But the big twist is that Real Sociedad are not interested in selling Alexander Isak in mid-season and any deal would have to be for the summer window. Arsenal seem to be happy with that idea and will make do without any replacement until Isak turns up in June.

The official story from Spain says that Isak was only in London (and Finsbury Park!) on a short holiday and had nothing to do with any transfer rumours (yeah right!) and in any case, won’t let the Swede leave for less than the 90m euro full release clause.

As I explained yesterday, the fact is that Arsenal really have no need to increase their outgoings in January with nothing to play for except the 17 League games to aim for 4th place, which is quite possible with the reduced squad that Arteta has at his command right now.

A lot of Gooners are pointing to the fact that we have not managed to score one goal in January, but fail to remember that we were scoring goals for fun in December, without Aubameyang, and our old idol has only hit the back of the net 4 times in the previous three months.

Also, in January, 3 of our 4 games were against Liverpool and Man City, which puts a different perspective on things, but did we really expect our squad to win any of those with our squad reduced by AFCON and injuries?

Let’s be honest here, we can do well enough with just one game a week, and without Aubameyang, Maitland-Niles, Kolasinac, Mari and Calum Chambers (and Balogun), none of which featured even once in December which was our best month of the season so far.

Let’s stay calm and remember that Arteta knows best, shall we?

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  1. I’m by no means an Auba apologist but last I
    checked Eddie and Laca have a combined 3
    Premier League goals combined. Arsenal
    banking on the youngsters to continue to
    shoulder the scoring burden is absolute
    Madness and quite frankly not fair to them.

    Auba isn’t the long term solution but refusing
    to extend an olive branch or shipping him
    off to Barca without a suitable replacement
    lined up is Criminal Negligence by Edu and the

    1. The writer just mentioned that Aubs has 4 goals this season till December which is not a great stat either. Our wingers and MF can chip in one goal a week. And all this noise and din is because Laca missed a sitter, which me or my father in law or my kid would have scored. Target and vent your feelings on the pathetic Laca and not on Mikel. Fleecing us a mega wage every week for this performance while 99% of the working masses put in 48 hours a week for the wages we earn? Good riddance to utter bad rubbish, If it hurts some, so be it. Well done Mikel to remove the mediocre ones from the roster. We need to tweak our game to a fast counter attack and score rather than the useless possession based tekke taka remnant of the Wenger era.

    2. What I don’t understand is how it is so difficult for some people to see that apart from how much Auba digs a hole in the club’s purse each week, Auba offers nothing to the team outside his goals. When Auba is not scoring the goals, he’s simple useless for the team.
      In fact ‘useless’ is an understatement because he becomes a minus one player and a drag for the team.

      1. Auba this, Auba that, Auba has not been scoring. Before you kick away the one you have, who has Arsenal brought in to replace him? So Arsenal is going to play the 2nd half of the season with Laca and Nkettia as strikers. Even star studded teams like Liverpool and Man City and busy adding to an already solid team, while weak Arsenal is busy doing bonanza with players without replacements. They have to survive Winter before they talk of Summer.

  2. Summertime??? We live in the present. ‘Now’. We have watched our season crash. We need a couple of players ‘Now’. There is a chance of fourth with players, without a couple of players…. no chance. Why would we give up our chance for fourth and the Champions League? We’ve been playing for tomorrow for countless years. The worst thing in the world is tame surrender.

  3. If he goes and we don’t sign a player in midfield or up front will just make us weaker. I can see us barely making the top 6 not top 4

    Im hoping there will be a last minute quality signing but unlikely

    Well done again Rafael for getting number 21

    1. Yeah,delighted for Rafa also a big shout out to Kristian Bielyk who scored a screamer for Derby in the 96th minute,this was his first game back after a year due ACL injury,sadly he injured his shoulder when scoring his goal, hopefully this is not too serious.

      1. The only reason why he’s not playing in the EPL is due to injury. A fit and in form Bielik would be good enough at Arsenal

  4. I don’t believe top 4 was ever the goal this year. Arteta and the club cleverly avoided mentioning any goals in fact for this year.

    Top 4 finish would bring higher expectations, something Josh and Arteta don’t want currently this year or going into next.

    AMN or Chambers better options at RB than Cedric, going by performances. We have 1 game changer coming off the bench, one! ESR, Pepe wasn’t selected before ACON, and Arteta seems to prefer Nketiah.

    Shocking considering Pepe offers far more than a woeful Nketiah; at least Pepe has a chance of scoring.

    Hard to sell this lack of ambition in the transfer market. Only bite we had was Arthur, and he has been quite poor and voted 1 of 3 worst players in Italian league.

    How many players have gone through the exit door in January? In midst of covid postponements players like AMN, Balogun, and Mari were shuffled out.

  5. Without CL football we will not be getting isak, Lewis or anyone, that is the bottom line. We are not going to keep bankrolling failure.

  6. I’m so happy with how the transfer window is going. For once we haven’t panic bought the wrong players to appease the fans. Of course its incompetence we’re at this stage in the first place but I’d rather none than players who won’t be good enough and also struggle to sell. It wasn’t too long ago that Lautaro Martinez was being overrated by skme of the fanbase and now its Isak for no reason hahaha.

  7. Isal is not a prolific striker, no where as good as Aubameyang. Stop the disrespect. Aubameyang did not force the club to agree to pay the high weekly wages, not fair take out the frustrations on him.
    If the club want him to leave because of the high wages, it should be done in a responsible honest manner, not on flimsy excuses.

    1. Exactly my point Jay. Some people here would have branded Auba a traitor had it been he left in 2020. Now some deluded fans are clamouring for Isak, an unproven PL scorer. Who even knows if arsenal will have a chance in the summer if some top clubs call on Isak?

  8. What a strange pathetic attempt to defend mediocrity. I suppose your unfounded faith will be justified should Arsenal finish in the top six, but that is a stretch of the imagination considering the rubbish which is Nketian and Lackofgoals inability to turn his perspiration into anything productive.

    1. And your pathetic LACK of faith will really show your support for the club will it makes? Would you prefer to see Arsenal lose to make you right in lack of support?

      Have some faith in your manager and your team, why not?

  9. Don’t be so defensive all the time dude. Give others the space to also express their opinions. I have been an Arsenal supporter /fan since 1969 and chose this club because I loved their history and have always had a thing for sports teams which had seen better days. Like Nick Hornby and others of our generation we been rewarded with some amazing moments. Where I disagree with you is the blind optimism you have for a failing process. Arsenal will be strong again probably not in my lifetime, however it won’t be doing so under the current leadership.

  10. Sorry PAT, BUT had we signed a top striker in this window to replace our hopeless lot of all non scoring strikers, then I could then have agreed we had a serious top four chance.

    Without a striker, as now seems very likely, we have not a cat in hells chance of a top four. I predict 6th place, possibly 7th, UNLESS we bring in someone top class by this time tomorrow!

    I am above all, a realist!

  11. Exactly so why not give our leading goalscorer a chance up front? Smith Rowe or even our record signing Pepe? I am done with Aubameyang, as the captain and the elder statesman in the pack, he had a duty to act like a captain. He was being paid the most money, not to fly off and not come back on time. He wasn’t being paid to spoil Ferraris and Lamborghini’s by wrapping them in chavvy Colours and neither was he being paid to lay on couches getting bloody tattoos instead of being in training . Even when we had an NLD at home to them, he turned up late, to us that have been born here and lived with that rivalry that is sacrilage. I was only a supporter, but for a match day against them I would take a day off work. I would set my alarm for 6am even if it was an evening kick off and I would pace up and down and sweat all day. If we lost, do not expect me to talk to you, sorry you are only my Wife, Kids or Mum. How dare Aubameyang disrespect us by signing the biggest contract ever to be offered to an Arsenal player and then insult us by disrespecting an NLD and then being late for training and meetings. If you don’t respect your contract give back the money and clear off it really is simple. If it was you or I in our place of work, we would not stand a chance.

  12. so much pessimism in the name of opinion. some of you would rather have the team and Arteta fail just to prove your points.
    If Arteta and the Board have not signed a player and won’t this transfer window, i bet it is for a reason whether you can comprehend it or not.
    Its funny also, how some of you talk with so much air of authority and certinty in the outcome of your suggestions you forget to incude other salient factors. I gues we are all risk takers.
    Wake up, this is not football manager. This is real life.
    have you forgotten how long it took pool to get to this point? and the cost?

    signing players in a flurry is not guarantee of success. please…Ask Man U.

    Please lay off Lacazette. if you play like he does and is asked to, scoring a ton of goals won’t work. how many goals does firminho score a season in the league?
    i dare say Lacazette works harder than Firminho especially defensively.

    besides, Pool get most of their goals form their wingers. why can’t/shouldn’t we?

    I see what the board and Arteta are doing. Clearing average players to make room for better one. is that a crime? surely it is not.
    Keep calm. Ask questions about the vision, consider obstacles/challenges, third parties. be patient and support the team. It is never a smooth journey to rediscovery and great success.

    than God Fans don’t sanction transfers….S’Shiny object syndrome is real’.

  13. Madam poster let your Isak sign for arsenal first and score goals the way Aubameyang was scoring. Stop counting your chicks before they’re hatched. How many players have Arsenal not courted and they end up in top/ambitious clubs?

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