Who said Arsenal couldn’t attract quality players without a Champions League spot?

Can we finally stick two fingers up to those people that said Arsenal will struggle in the transfer window when it comes to bringing in top quality players, because we failed to qualify for the Champions League?


Managing to stamp down Gabriel Magalhaes’ signature surely sends out a message that no matter where you qualify and end up in a season or what you do during a season, there is always a chance for any player to end up at any club. Just look at the rumours from BBC sport linking James Rodriguez to Everton.


Arsenal managed to beat many clubs to get the signature of Gabriel, a young, talented player who will no doubt produce some quality moments in an Arsenal shirt and go on to become a very, very good player I’m sure.


On the day of the signing of Gabriel, it was revealed that it was Arteta and the fans who managed to help lure him to the club. With the Brazil contingent we have at the club and with the personal phone call made by Arteta himself and the messages being sent to Gabriel on social media by the fans, it is clear to see that the power is in fact at times in the hands of the manager and the fans. Not the club or the board but the people who make the club what it is today!


A season for us that ended in 8th place yet within the space of one month gave us two trophies, clearly shows the direction the club is heading and with the likes of Gabriel, Saliba, Aubameyang and many other talents in the team, surely Arsenal are in a position to have a better season than the previous one.


Whatever happens we have shown that no matter where we finish and what competition we do or don’t qualify for, we are never out of the running for being able to attract and buy some top quality players.




Shenel Osman


  1. We aren’t doing bad in the transfer window but our opponents too are also doing great in the same transfer window so we need fill the remaining hole leaking in the team which is the midfield, because we will need at least 2 more in the mode of partey/Zhaka/Soumare/Dialo and Aoura/ Anderson/Said benrhaman/ zhoboski…… Then we can talk of competing in the top 4 or even league, you can’t never say never, who knows what will happen along the way in the league….

  2. We haven’t done badly in the window but it’s not exactly amazing business either Gabriel might become world class one day but is at least 3 or 4 years from being that and ceballos is a talented midfielder but wouldn’t be considered one of the top 10 in his position in England never mind the world and the difference between us and other clubs is the ability to identify a target and get the deal over the line quickly we just drag our heals over nearly every transfer allowing other teams to swoop in I’m also concerned about our boards apparent willingness to sell our players for well under market value most clubs sell 10 million pound players for 16 or 17 million were we try and sell them for 5 or 6 its amateurish

  3. Thomas Partey and Aouar/Coutihno the we are done… But why are we slow to clear our Deadwood and green but not so productive branches

  4. We need three good midfield players and we’re done. If we can’t get Partey then we should go for Soumare or Diawara who’re cheaper. If we can’t get Aouar, why not Cotinho on loan from Barca?

    Time is running out more so when they need to go through quarantine and require adjustment to play well in the EPL.

    Time is of Essence. Chelsea seems to have finished their business and are already integrating their new players.

  5. It is strange watching Abramovich finance Chelsea, with his money, and buying the Crema. Watching City buy who they need with the assistance of their owners is how they have historically done business. Watching Arsenal struggle to get money together although their owner, Kroenke, is one of the richest men in America, is the saddest thing. He won’t even ‘lend’ the club the money to buy players. We have to sell to buy. It is like Kroenke has no interest in Arsenal. Lend us the money to buy and the club will pay YOU back. Sorry….lend YOUR club the money and YOUR club will pay you back. You will be lending the money to yourself and you will in effect be paying yourself back. Mean shit.

    1. Sean, how do you know Kroenke won’t lend?
      Given current interest rates, why doesn’t Arsenal approach the banks?

      1. Because…..Chelsea and Man City have done their deals (as far as we know in the usual way), by paying the money without farting about. It seems true, and probably is true that we have sell to raise funds. No problem with that at all. Why doesn’t Kroenke in the interim put the money up…pay what it costs to get Partey and Aouar. Then when we sell whoever, Kroenke can pay Kroenke back. Kroenke’s business techniques have taken over our world……sadly. That’s why we went downhill many, many years ago. Kroenke can put money up front for Arsenal to buy. It’s his club….he’d be lending to himself and paying himself back.

        1. You make a valid point Sean. I’ve actually thought about this a lot. He could just lend the club the money so we can avoid all this dithering about in the transfer market. I wouldn’t be surprised if another club swoops in for Partey and Aouar tomorrow, and that’s our plan A gone. Pity Stan doesn’t care.

  6. In Arteta we trust as Arsenal fans but wat suprises me always as an individual is the way we struggle during transfer windows…If really Arsenal FC has a caring owner who mean business why can’t he sucrifice his money in the name of lending the club in order for Arteta to be supported finance for him to finalise his transfer targets before the window closes rather than depending on the sales … Because u can’t expect good results from poor market value during the transfer window…it’s very disappointing seen your rivals buy quality players in all positions wen u can’t much them due to lack of funds…

  7. There is a “vicious circle of struggle” in our club, no thanks to a “boring Kroenke” and his nonchalant attitude towards the club.
    This man might be one of the good reasons a player refused to agree to a pay cut.

  8. Well Shenel, having rightly slaughtered your “so wrong” Ozil article, THIS time we can agree in total. And good to be able to do so too, as THIS TIME YOU HAVE WRITTEN TRUTH.

    In football, momentum is of massive importance and all can easily see that since Arteta came here, with Edu having more say , now that Sanllehi has gone, momentum is running strongly in our favour. But for the the inconvenient fact of Kroenke being our owner, I would be predicting great things, even for this coming season.

    But wishing and even genuine hope must be tempered, in reality land, by the awful realisation that Kroenke is still in ultimate charge of money.

    Nevertheless though, your article is true and we ARE able to attract the interest of good players, some of whom will prefer to play under a dynamic and special coach, even though they may get more wages elsewhere.

    Finally, please do not be put off writing because some fans like myself will always speak our mind and plainly too, whether we agree or disagree. All are entitled to our opinions, just as others are eentitled to disagree withthem and say why, even forcefully.

    At least you CAN write and in the end that matters a great deal and is a great gift!

  9. All clubs, especially big ones, I am sure they are all doing to build better team, also buying better players..
    I will support the coach, MA and his coaching team and also Edu and all staff for trying to do the best, improving, to get better Arsenal performance for this new season 2020/2021..

  10. We’ve signed a chelsea player on a free, and a defender from France who is still young and we dont know the quality of. We always overhype players we dont know the real quality of. If the window were to end now this would be an awful window. I would save saying these things until we are finished. If we dont bring in a top midfielder, we will be seeing 8th/7th place yet again. This is still not a good squad. No quality in midfield.

  11. We urgently need a quality DM and a CM, those are the two key positions if not filled, we will sing next season before November

  12. Hahaha another delusional article it’s not like we were fighting with top champions League team for his Gabriel signatures. Also before we declare our signing such world class …de dude just had one good season in French league (the same league with Giroud won and was highest goal scorer at one time). Gab could not even break into the first team a season ago and was constantly sent on loan. He is not a regular for his national team either. …how can you say fans who thought we will struggle to attract big name players can stick two finger up their ***….it’s shows how deluded and away from reality you are. When you are comparing an unproven (talented yes) player signing to us signing some sort of super star.

    1. @Mohsan. Hazard and Drogba were also bought from the French league, along with about 25 players we signed from the french league. So your comment about Giroud winning the league and being the highest goal scorer falls by the way side.

  13. Arsenal’s ownership are not willing to spend enough money to get the top talent. Look at Chelsea. They should win the league this year because spent money on top level talent. Arsenal won’t compete for the league title as long as Kroenke owns them. If you want FA cup trophy’s then you don’t want to compete at the highest level.

  14. The fact we are not a CL football team puts us financially and factually at a distinct disadvantage. I fail to see what players we have signed so far to back your article. Willian is a “good” signing, very good foe Arsenal and Gabriel is a possible future very good prospect. As for anything else, we are shopping in a league below the likes of CL teams. Its all a building process but we are building with a handicap and that is our inability to sign the very best.

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