Who says Arsene Wenger can’t motivate the Arsenal players?

If ever we needed proof that Arsene Wenger really can influence a game through his half time talks we only have to look at last night’s game against Liverpool when he persuaded the Arsenal players that they had the ability to get back into the game – after looking dead and buried in the first half.

The boss rarely talks about the half-time dressing room talks as he usually says that should stay private, but last night he revealed: “I told the players the good thing is we are only 1-0 down, we had a great opportunity to create a different phase. What we did was not good enough, we had nothing to lose, we wanted to go for it but at half-time we were only 1-0 down, it could have been game over. We showed quality and character in the second half. We played inhibited in the first half.”

Even the young Spaniard Hector Bellerin spoke about Wenger’s influence in giving the players back their belief before taking the field for the second half. He told Arsenal.com“We didn’t start well, they got in front but [at half-time] the boss put us in our place,” he said.

“He told us what we had to do and the team got a great reaction. We scored three quick goals and you could see the belief in the team. But we needed to defend better to keep the score. We couldn’t do it so it’s a bit bittersweet, with being in front but then drawing the game.

“But there are positives, like the belief the team had and how we turned it around.

“There was a great talk at half-time, there was a lot of belief from the boss and we knew we had it in ourselves,” added Bellerin. “We showed we could turn it around but then we made a mistake at a corner and paid for it. It’s a draw that could be fair for both teams but, with being in front [at 3-2], it’s a bit bittersweet.”

Jurgen Klopp was on his feet for the whole game, cajoling his players and giving instructions, while Arsenal fans often complain that Wenger just sits there playing with his zipper and throwing water bottles, but this is positive proof that Wenger really can make a massive difference to what goes on out in the field.

Credit where is’s due?

Sam P


  1. Ivan says:

    Shame the dinosaur can’t motivate the players to start games well instead of always falling behind to sloppy goals in the important

    1. neil says:

      he should not need to motivate players… especially if he played the right ones…
      ..Koz is gone at the moment..
      ..Not sure why we are playing back 4 when back 3 has been winning games.. we are losing or drawing with back 4 like last year.. just get better defenders
      ..Where is the beast Kolasinac ?
      Drop sanchez and then see if he wants to be a team player and try to get back in the team !

  2. Why didn’t Wenger motivate them before the game? Anyways, anybody watching El Classico? The passing there is exquisite! Xhaka and Bellerin should pay attention.

  3. Mitch Connor says:

    One of Wengers shortcomings (for which there are many) is that he expects too much from players sometimes. For example wanting a Lb to perform like a wc CB or a midfielder as a LB or Xhaka like a top central midfielder lol

    He doesn’t understand the concept of players having specialities. I remember how frustrated i was the first couple of years when Ozil came. Wenger played him LW instead of behind the striker in middle . Also 2015-2016 playing Walcott up front instead of spending money on a top striker

    Wenger is stubborn. He will NOT change. A dozen years and he hasn’t replaced Viera yet or thinks Eleny and Coquelin are same quality. Wenger doesn’t understand how to win premier league anymore. 13 years is enough time

    1. jon fox says:

      A sensible and correct post but methinks you are being ratther too kind, despite your correct but understated criticism. He is clearly totally unfitted to manage at top level and is actively regressing and destroying any remaining hopes some(but not me) have of ever winning top honours again. The club , even more than the squad, is now a basket case run by fools , sharks and amateurs, albeit disgracefully overpaid in professional way. PERSONALLY, I LOATHE AND DETEST HIM AND THE BOARD AND OWNER . HE RUINED HIS “LEGACY” FOR ME MANY YEARS AGO AND IS NOW ACTIVELY DESTROYING OUR CLUB.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    You know, we do have defenders, not only forwards get motivated. Liv are like us, they don’t have a clue how to take pace out of a game with allot of little stoppages and some keep ball moments. They just go head on even if they are winning away at a big club who is chasing same thing they are chasing. It was as much about that than it was an inspirational speech. The first half would have been the same except our players let the nerves get the better of them, also we atleast tried to have a shape about us in the first half. So second half we threw caution to the wind and we hadn’t got the same high expectations because we were losing. We get in front and these lads show their mental state once more as well as our manager showing his lack of courage and know how.

  5. Tatgooner says:

    We know he can motivate players but he has zero tactics zero game plan and poor team selection

  6. Marty says:

    As others have said why can’t he motivate the players to start the game with spirit and passion rather than wait until half time when we are losing. If they can’t motivate themselves to play against Liverpool at the Emirates then they shouldn’t be in the team.

  7. ks-gunner says:

    Imagine barcelona playing against us lol

  8. RSH says:

    Arsenal can only score against the big sides when they’re 2-0 down and it looks like all hope is lost. Arsenal were garbage for almost the entirety of this game, there is nothing to celebrate and anyone with eyes can see we are continuing to decline under this dinosaur. Keep the blinders on I suppose and pretend we’re making top 4 when it’s so obvious we are a long way off.

    1. Steve H says:

      Theirs lot blind fans on hear, i just want him gone,

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