Who says Aubameyang doesn’t turn up in big games now?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been incredible since he joined Arsenal, scoring a record amount of goals and easily our top scorer every season, but he was also labelled with the assumption that he always goes missing in the big games.

But I think he has now proved those naysayers wrong, and Mikel Arteta made that clear on Arsenal.com after the Gabonese hitman got another Man Of The Match award in the Cup Final. “Big games require big moments from big players, and he’s delivered that in the semi-final and he’s done it again in the final. That’s why you ask about those players. Some were questioning that he couldn’t do it in big games. There we go. He was a big, big part of delivering this trophy. He’s done it and we are so proud to have a player like him in our squad.”

Of course Arteta was then asked about the chances of Auba signing a new contract, and although Arteta has made it clear that nothing is yet set in stone, he has been doing his best to persuade him to stay. The boss replied: “I hope so. Everything is based on my conversations with him, how he sees his future, what I expect from him, the team that I want to build around him, and the conversations I have with the people who are very influential around him. The club, we all respect and admire him, the players are all behind him. We know the players that we have and we have to value him. I think if we reach all of those points, we’ll make progress.”

It must be very difficult for Arteta not to be sure yet if his best player and captain will still be at the club next season, but I can’t think of a better way to persuade him than to give the player happiness and a trophy, and of course confidence that we can be even better next season.

I personally am much more hopeful Aubameyang will stay now compared to a few months ago.

C’mon boss, sign da ting!


  1. Off Topic: Some fans here were saying the job for Arteta is huge and his inexperience will cost him. They even said Lampard had to manage Derby first before heading to Chelsea but our manager has zero experience. They forget he learnt a lot from Pep and also he was learning coaching skills from Wenger during his time at arsenal…

    The experienced manager in Emery we got didnt help our course..

    Arteta over Morinho or Anchelotti for me right from time. Even if we lost yesterday, I always wanted a young manager that will build this team.

    I just wanna hear Aubamenyang sign the new deal

    1. You know what? In the absence of Arteta, Man City dipped before they recovered. Pep saw something in him.

      1. Very true Godswill… Arteta even show his appreciation towards Pep after the game. That says a lot..

        I also want to believe he speaks to Wenger sometimes. I stand to be corrected though.

        He is still young and learning. There is still room for improvement. I m only stunned when people sound as if he knows nothing about the game

  2. If PEA signs, it’ll be down to Arteta and how the board intends to act this transfer window.
    Ornstein said PEA is happy with Arteta and loves Arsenal and the he’s been very good because he (PEA) loves the way the club is going under Arteta, but that getting to Europa and seeing enough investment and ambition by the club will make him consider staying.
    Somehow I feel PEA will sign, I’m confident about it just as I was about Arteta’s appointment.
    I’ve not seen the players this happy and in harmony for over five years. They’re all happy together, we need this bond to last, bring in Partey, one creative midfielder, a left winger and another defender

    1. Little too big list Bro
      I think one singing from Doucouré, Danilo or Partey
      Coutinho who can play through Left and Aubameyang will take his natural central position….
      And we can hope MA will work hard with Pépé and change him the way he changed Xhaka in performer instead spectator in game…
      And hope that Saliba will bring more steel in defence..
      Whatever you are saying can be done next summer if we would accumulate some cash from coming season..

    2. Eddie, the big if is the “investment and ambition by the Club”. Let’s hope that the Board and senior executive give Arteta the financial support to sell under performing players, bring in the players he needs to upgrade the obviously deficient positions, build squad depth and quality, to build on the FA Cup success and push on in the EPL and Europe next season.
      Emery wasn’t given this support and Arsenal reaped the results; however hopefully the powers that be have learnt from their failure to fully support the head coach.

  3. I don’t want to mention names. Not to be compared. Pay him that amount. He’s a big game player.
    AMN is becoming very useful under Arteta.

  4. Great performance, Auba was there for those big game moments where it needs a cool head. He showed his class with that left foot chip yesterday.

    I think getting into Europe was a big hing for the Auba contract, Arteta seemed confident Auba would stay from his post match interview but that maybe the win talking.

    Fingers crossed let’s hope and see.

  5. Now dont get me wrong Auba had a great game, he ran alot, scored 2 goals and any other day i would say he was MoM but Dani Cebellos was the best player on the pitch all 100+ minutes, he had Kovacic and Jorginho in his pocket all game.
    I really hope we can get him to stay, hes made Xaka a competent player and works tirelessly for the team

    1. I agree but because of his 2 goals MOTM had to go to Auba but Ceballos once again performed well,on and off the ball!

  6. He certainly turned up yesterday, big time.Off topic,Eddie I usually agree with you on most occassions, but do we really need another left winger? We already have Auba, Saka, Martinelli and perhaps Pepe who does not convince me on the right wing. 2/3 quality newcomers are required, for me CB,DM and BtoB.

    1. I mentioned a LW because we might be losing lacazette this summer, if we do. Auba will need to take the number 9 spot.
      Now Auba can’t hold up play or get in games much like Laca but with two tricky wingers he’ll have all the help he needs.
      I do admit the LW shouldn’t be a priority though aa we need to strengthen other positions, I just think having a winger like Zaha won’t be bad

      1. Am I the only one not too bothered with Auba playing as LW,he is scoring goals,the team plays a lot of balls to him and I am not too sure that he would score more playing as CF then again I could be wrong and lastly has Auba been complaining about playing on the left?

        1. His brother has. And if his brother who he’s very close to has complained about it, Auba must not be comfortable with it either. I think he’s just doing it to keep the team together and Happy especially as he’s the captain. I think Auba would prefer playing as a 9. He’s not a skillful winger but he’s an excellent goal poacher. I’ll like to see him in a front 3 of martinelli/saka, Auba and pepe. See how that works it out. Hold up play is not the only way to play attacking football. Lewandoski and immobile play as 9’s and they have the highest goals in Europe this season.

    1. You can say that again Sue. What. A. Player. Phenomenal… I think he’ll get in the invincibles team. Probably the only current player who would make the invincibles starting line up. No disrespect to King Henry and Bergkamp

  7. He’s by far our best player imo
    And he’s our hero after yesterday (as well as the other players)

    My mother sadly died in June, that’s why I’ve been absent. Death isn’t easy to deal with. But I’m glad to be back. We needed this trophy after such a bad season

    1. Sorry to hear that,condolences to you and your family,I hope winning the cup yesterday somehow brought you some joy.

    1. Thank you everyone for your kind words. It’s nice to have support during both wonderful times and terrible ones 💕👍💗💝💞💓

  8. MAs long term plan is to play a possession based attacking team like man city,for that he needs more creativity and control in midfield,ceballos and maybe another additional midfield player would do especially to play the dm role(Partey would be great)

    And about Auba he is a vital player in this current 343 system and our attacks start from the flanks or long balls so his clever runs are just vital than ever before.But if MA is to change to a good system like a 433 to bring his philosophy then we will need a more complete striker.MA did say that he will build the team around Auba so maybe he has a plan for him.


  9. OT:as if I didn’t have enough reasons to dislike Deeney he is now being linked to the spuds, somehow I am not surprised,the spuds,Maureen,Deeney sounds about right to me!

  10. Very Sorry Innit and I know how it feels, as I too lost my Mother in 2007. Parents are irreplacable but be strong and courageous, time will heal. As for Auba, he is clearly Arsenal’s messiah and one can only hope he signs a new long term contract. MA clearly has a plan for him and will build a team around him. But I do hope we sign Partey, a creative midfielder and a CB like Sarr to support Saliba next season. AMN also played great and so did Ceballos. All in all it was a great team performance and thanks to the players and MA to bring back smiles on the faces of millions of Arsenal fans. Up the Gunners!

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