Who should Arsenal buy with our £200m kitty?

You have got to hand it to the Arsenal Board. Every summer, Ivan and his cronies manage to tell us how many squillions of Pounds Arsene Wenger has at his disposal IF he wanted to buy a few superstars to join the team. This year is no different, but this time it is Lord Harris rather than Gazidis who is breaking the news.

The Arsenal Director was quoted as saying: “We could go into the market and probably buy any player in the world, apart from half a dozen who are un-buyable. In the accounts, there’s over £200million in the bank. You could say to Arsene we’ve got no money and he wouldn’t worry, or you could give him £100m and he might not spend it.

“At the moment there are no plans to sign anyone, unless he finds a real superstar like Mesut Ozil or Alexis Sanchez. He’s looking for one of those but there aren’t many available.

“We would back him to break the club’s transfer record. If he wanted the man, he could have him. Apart from Messi and Ronaldo, he could have any player. We will probably have to break the club record to get the man he wants.”

As our club record is the £42m that we paid for Mesut Ozil, who could we buy that would cost more than that and would slot into the Arsenal team, and improve it?

If you were Wenger, who would you pick (anyone but Messi or Ronaldo) to spend the kitty on?


  1. I agree we have to buy big now we have money
    But for the 200M thing, it is our cash reserve which means if we spend all of them this year then next year there won’t be another 200M. The club is not making profit of 200M per season. And the board is the one who decide how much of that cash reserve going to the transfer budget of this season. Just to be clear as I started seeing fan assuming 200M is our transfer budget

    1. @ethangooner

      £200 million is just the part of money Arsenal have, within a few weeks sponsorship money will be paid and CL group stage 25 million will be received, so you can say we will soon have around £300 million in the bank, £300 = € 420

      Every year if we don’t spend money on transfer we will have around £120 million profit,

      So even honest Lord Harris is not telling the whole story

      1. Could you quote source?
        The last time I checked, last year Arsenal only make profit of a few millions before tax.
        Which is actually a very good number as we invested heavily into Sanchez and Ozil in the last 2 seasons.

        1. i don’t know why everyone is surprised Arsenal hinted in Feb that they had around 170 million in the account they never mention the investments only cash in account

            1. Budd we are on the same side mate why are you fighting anyone who criticizes AW or Arsenal, Criticism is the most natural way and if we don’t they will not spend a penny

              1. agreed.An if we really have that much money we should go out an make 50 million bid for Lewandowski,not sure if hes really available but his names been floating around. why not test out Bayern?

        2. He has no source. The statements from the board are free on arsenal.com. You can see exactly how much money Arsenal have. We have shareholders, everything is accounted for. Is not like at Chelsea where Abramovich (god keep him for giving us Cech) reaches to his pocket and pays the bill.

          1. Budd if i had 100 ponds in the bank then i took it out and bought shares then i will have nothing in the bank DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY

            what part of them announcing that they have the money you don’t understand
            accounting is a complex issue you can move funds around to hide it,

      2. Why should the board brag about how much money they have and who we can or can’t buy. That’s a sure way to get overcharged. No, the plain truth is that there wont be any more business, never was going to be, never will be. They are just killing time by raising hopes. Typical public school juvenile stuff really.

        1. I think they mentioned it to purposely get the agents of top name players to come calling or to get them and the players making waves within there club.

        2. i think Lord Harris is trying to put pressure on Wenger to spend more.We all know it won’t work,Wenger doesn’t react well to this kind of pressure,only makes him more stubborn

    2. Butt get your head out of your Butt and smell the cash, why are you against anyone who outside your box, you was slating me in the past for saying we have shit loads of money

      1. What cash? 200 mils is not transfer budget you simpleton. It is more like 1/4 of that amount, this have been said everywhere but if you chose to keep your head in that wan ker leo’s ar$e, fine with me. Just don’t come back to me crying you are unhappy.

        1. @Budd don’t worry I won’t come to you HAHAHA

          all I’m sayin is that in the past when we were desperate for players we had the funds in the bank and we chose not to spend, if we had spent in season 2013/14 we could of wine the EPL

          1. And had we spent that and won EPL, you would have come out this season and cried for us to buy Ronaldo so that we can win CL and then Messi so that we could win the treble. Have some sense before you speak something.

            1. HELL YES

              that’s the whole point NO? win cups if not then why bother with the whole thing of sport

              we have the money the stadium 90% wining players why sit back now

      2. Yeah, amigos!!! You heard it!!! Money!!! Money!!! Money!!!! We f*******king have the money now!!!! Ahahahahahahahahahah!!!!

        I luv money!!!! Money!!! Money!!!

    3. It actually surprise me.
      It is very unlike Arsenal to boast about how much money we have. As in any negotiation, when the seller know the buyer having a lot of money, seller will always try to push up the price.
      So possibly the purpose of this is to scared of potential rival, kind of like “We are no longer the ‘poor’ Arsenal, we have resources to outbid most clubs, so don’t even think about starting a bidding war with us”. We may be on someone that many other big clubs want too.

      1. That’s why I am saying that Lord Harris fscked up a bit Arsene’s plans to buy some great player. Every agent on the planet knows now Arsenal has 200 mils to splash. You think Benzema was 40 mils? No way, now is 60. You think Lewandowski was 30 mils? Sorry Arsene, for you price is 50 now. The fsck out, you guys want to splash 200 mils. You have the money!

        1. Budd it don’t take a genius to work out how much we had in the bank all you need is basic accounting knowledge, every club in the planet knows how much we had, it’s only us fans who don’t know

            1. Tas, I mentioned a couple of players a while back which totaled up to around 100m, but then someone replied that it was more like one ten to fifteen mil and where is the money coming from or is Hafiz donating it. Well his reply got liked whereas mine didn’t even though I pointed out how we spent just under that the previous season and with the new TV money and commercial deals enriching everybody it is obvious to me that this is well within our reach.

        2. Don’t think so, his Lordship is not a fool, and Benzema will not leave Real Madrid this season anyway.
          All he’s doing is promoting the Gunners, a bit of chest beating, M.Dissunited, Shitty do same and even the cessPool. Nothing new about this approach.
          AW will only pay what he thinks a player is worth, not what others banter about the price.
          Do you think he will pay 60m for a player he rates at 50m, no way. No sirree.
          He will use some of the dosh on one or two players but only AW knows who he wants, not the fooking Metro

    4. HUH? Yeah CAVANI instead!
      This is sound like 10 pounds prize TV quiz. If you Arsene Wenger and you have 200M pounds who you would like to sign?
      An Arsenal board member actually said to the press that AW has 200M pounds transfer kitty? Where the hell this lord came from? Real Madrid is used to brake transfer record every year but not even Florentino Perez ever said about manager transfer’s account. LOL!!!

        MARCO REUS

        it really is that simple
        (Dm also but dnt need big name)

    5. Budd says… Leo Leo where for art thou Leo.
      Leo says… Help, my heads stuck in the rumour mill.

  2. It will probably be approximately £220m by the end of the window after we sell some deadwood and fail to sign anyone.Wenger logic

  3. Muzzi Ozcan……….. Lord Harris……..these dudes be igniting the Arsenal fanbase………… Who’s next? Hahahahahahahaha

  4. C’mon Lacazette!………..show us what stuff u are made of………Emirates cup……. Loading…..

  5. I would buy reus, and i think we will get him. I dont think we newd a CD or to urgenetly a CDM although cover for le coq wud be nice. But with podolski going and campbell too, arsene is making room for someone…reus or benzema and draxler

  6. Let me put one thing out there…..the club is a business in case dimwitted fans care to think this 200mil is just sitting for transfers.

    ALL teams require a cash reserve to operate, ours is a little higher than normal but with a stadium like the Emirates still being paid it’s the smartest way to run the club. So all said and done yes there’s 200mil in the bank, but of that 200mil probably 60-80 can be accounted for transfers.

    Another thing for those who love to simply rack a new signing in a nice little 20, 30, 40mil package, this money is also there to cover the contract any potential signing would get. So if we do buy Benzema at 45mil keep in mind his 180k 5year deal will cost 46.8mil.

    When all is said and done Arsenal do not have 200mil to spend on players, let’s just burst that bubble right away before hoards of people write fantasy lists (looking at you Hafiz….). Whether we had 20mil or 200mil we still are only 2 players from being competitive and THAT’S the most important aspect in all this.

    1. Steady on with the name calling Budd you’re above that. If anyone chooses to be as close-minded as that let them be, it’s a waste of time conversing with them. Stick to the people who can have an informed debate on topics pal.

      1. You have an old feud? This isn’t Game of Thrones mate, move the f*ck on with things, it’s a bloody Arsenal forum….if you don’t like the guy don’t talk to, or about, him and vice versa.

        Christ I’ve went back and forth with plenty on here but there’s no need to start mudslinging like this you both look ridiculous. Swap email addresses and spend your days haranguing each other if you like but keep it Arsenal in here.

        1. @Charlie
          Thanks for saying, I get tired of scrolling past Budd and Leo’s feud. I used to read their comments, but now it’s mostly name calling and nothing to debate.
          Real shame b/c they have had good posts in the past.

          So Budd and Leo, please get back to your insights I truly enjoyed reading your comments.

        1. I agree YingYang. Anymore childish insults and they will BOTH be into moderation for a while….

          I have deleted their petty posts.

    2. Yeah not any old two playerd though! World class players, personally id say 3 only because we havent really seen too much from gabriel yet…..mertesacker isnt good enough

    3. Agreed mate but as I’ve said previously time is ticking inexorably towards the end of the transfer window and with all the “available” major targets being snatched up it seems that Webber IS gonna opt for the one signing and play with what he has already. Major mistake in my mind but with him clearly stating that he won’t be leaving anytime soon it’s apparent that although we’re two major signings away from being competitive we are going to stay those two signings away and that won’t change. Those at the top won’t encourage weber to spend and wen gers arrogance won’t change so we’re f@ cked as fans. It’s as simple as that it seems

  7. “Money was tight when we moved to the Emirates but it’s a lot freer now,” he told theDaily Mail. “We could go into the market and probably buy any player in the world, apart from half a dozen who are un-buyable.
    “In the accounts, there’s over £200 million in the bank. There are no plans to sign anyone, unless he finds a real superstar like Ozil or Sanchez. He’s looking for one of those but there aren’t many available.”
    “We get a list of the players that Wenger wants. On the list is a centre forward, but I’m not going to tell you who he is. You’ve got to get the other team to sell him, but I think he wants to come.
    “It basically comes down to whether the other team can find a superstar to replace him, because they don’t have to sell. We would back him to break the club’s transfer record.
    “If he wanted the man, he could have him. Apart from [Lionel] Messi and [Cristiano] Ronaldo, he could have any player. We will probably have to break the club record to get the man he wants.”

  8. If Arsenal spend 45 mill
    for Lewa or Cavani
    Giroud will be sold for 20 mill
    so net 30 mill is not such a big spend.

      1. FFP brakes are off.
        Arsenal a frugal club
        ready to spend 50 mill.
        City buy unproven Stirling for 50 mill.
        City looking to buy De Bruyne for 60 mill.
        PSG buy Dimaria for 50 mill.
        Higuain put up for sale for 59 mill.
        Man U are preparing
        a 100 mill bid for Muller.
        Whats 20 mill for a guy
        who 3 years in a row has
        scored well in the
        toughest league in Europe?

  9. We dont have to spend in the next season or much in the future because of the youth policy and homegrown quota.Now we need to spend atleast 100m on two wc players this season,am happy that wenger is looking for a striker giroud should be our 3rd choice ST at best,

  10. Lewandowski over benzema every day of the week offer 45 mill and go from there this guy would score 25-30 goals with the amount of chances that would be created for him he could fire us to prem league tittle add a dm to compete with coq and we have a squad to challenge on all fronts come on wenger break the bank for this guy and the proper glory days will return!

  11. Not sure how reliable Muzzi Ozcan is but when he said if we pulled off this transfer it would be the signing of the season a lot of people presumed benzema and while he would be more then a decent signing i personally dont think this is the player he is referring to that brings me on to lewandowski now thats what i call a signing this would have our rivals very worried and if we signed him then that would be the signing of the summer!

    1. Yeah, I was thinking myself that Benzema is not a forty plus mil player, thirty oddish is about right. Reus is another that would break our ceiling, him and Lewy whichever would definitely be described as player of the market especially from a Gooners point of view.

  12. Its good having the money but why would a director come out and told the whole world that we have 200mil for transfer?Why would you reveal the money that you have?It like asking the selling club to ask what ever money thay want? For me thats just plain stupid and its not necessary to say stuff like this,if you have the money just spend it on WC player.

  13. Daily Mail headline that Wenger has £200m is nonsense. The available to spend cash is about £70m-90m to spend

    every year we have that kind of a figure last year it was 208m

    1. saw u moaning claiming that agents will drive up price in last article because of harris now singing a diff song someone must have told u right ???????

      what were u smoking back then

  14. I wouldn’t know what is it that has prompted Lord Harris to make such a staggering and implicating revelation which is out of the ordinary. We ‘ve been told on the news media that the Boss will be given £50m to do his summer transfer business. And he has bought Petr Cech for nearly £11m, leaving him with a balance of nearly £40m and he sold Podolski for almost £3m. So the Boss has about £43m to continue with his summer transfer business. I think Ivan Gasidiz should refute Lord Harris claims that Arsenal have over £200m to buy any player the Boss wants. That is absurd as the Boss has only £50m made available by the Arsenal board that includes Lord Harris to him to do summer transfer business. The rest of the money is security money which every viable club have. No Director of any football club has ever revealed his club life savings publicly, save Lord Harris. Is it to be heard and be publicly known or for what has Lord Harris done this?

    1. Just read the Arsenal accounts. Go to companieshouse.gov.uk available to anyone. Or for for detailed stuff search for Swiss ramble on Google. This blogger knows all about football financials.

    2. Samuel,the director knows more than I,you and all other Arsenal fans,if that money was not available to spend he would not have said it. Let’s understand the article and what it is really saying basically,that we can buy any player we want barring Messiah n Rinaldo. In my opinion he is basically trying to expose Arsene Wenger so the world know that it is the manager who don’t want to buy the needed players to afford us the chance to not only compete but win the EPL title. We need a better striker than Geroud as well as a DM to offer competition as that’s the only way our present DM & CF will get better & work harder. We close last season transfer window with over £40m pound unspent,are some of you telling me that the club had made no profit this past season. One guy said that we are still paying for the stadium,that’s false and we should stop thinking that if we don’t defend Wenger we are not true Arsenal fans. Because you love a person don’t mean you can’t say or tell them that what they are doing is wrong,Wenger need to be held accountable for his none actions. For the past two seasons we have these weak links in the team and he did nothing about it. He is comfortable with the team only finishing in the top 4 but we are not and we are not asking for too much or for him to do the impossible. Time for us to stop saying at the end of a season what if………???

  15. I dont understand why Bayern would let Lewa go? They do have no other striker besides him, so you guys should better stop babbling about him leaving the club. And by the way, why did we lose out on Vidal for 26 mil on a 90k a week salary if we have the money?

    Money is there to be spend, Wenger has to use it, and stop his complaining about others iluminati lol

  16. Ivan said the same thing some years before, that we could get every players besides Messi and Ronaldo. Even Wenger claimed many times that the money is there to be spend and that he only needs to walk in the bank and take it to spend.

    Wenger is a guy who thinks like this, if a player is not better then the ones i have, then i will not spend. The problem with him is that he tends to overrate his players to much. Not wanting to bash, but players like Giroud, Mertesacker are no Arsenal quality. They are, but not for the first team.

    We also lost the oppertunity in getting Fabregas back. Its true that you can get every player you want, but whats importat is that you need to find players who rrlly want to play for this club.

    Spend the money on Reus. And no stupid 40m and 1 bids anymore as we did emberras our self rrly bad back then with Suarez. A little more cash to what we offered and today he would be playing for us.

    1. I fully agree with you. Arsene does tend to rate our players too much and Giroud and Per would make good subs for Arsenal but not starting 11 players. I am also not sure about how good Gabriel is, I just have not seen enough of him and also not sure about Le Coq, I mean he did have a great half a season but it was only half a season. I would love to have an alternative for him as well.

  17. If they talking about how much we have in the bank then I would say our business is already concluded. We are either only going to get Cech or have someone already wrapped up that they haven’t revealed as yet. There is no way any club let alone Arsenal would reveal their hand like that, it would just bump up our price of who we were buying and makes no sense.

  18. As much as i love the justarsenal forum it does get mental at times.
    The article asks for the opinion of gooners on potential transfers now that we have been told money is available and instead people are having a go at each other.
    One club one love

  19. Unsatisfied and confused fans the author was very clear on his topic… Who can arsenal it with the said 200m and all I see is ‘analysis’ on whether the money is there and how the Lord is misinformed!!

  20. If I was in Wenger shoes..

    I’ll spend £30m on Varane.

    £20m on Wanyama

    £70 on Aguero

    Then we ll have





    Subs: ospina,bellerin,per,gabriel,gibbs,coquelin,arteta,ramsey,wilshere,ox,rosicky,giroud,welbz

    Loan: szczesny,chambers,gnabry,akpom.

  21. Hahaha….some (fake) arsenal fans are so petty….loserpool or chelshit should accommodate them just fine

  22. I think even the Arsenal board is getting fed up with Wenger not spending anything. We don’t want to recklessly overspend but at the moment we are recklessly underspending. Remove Wenger from the transfers and bring in David Dein. I think not going for Schneiderlin will turn out to be a big mistake.

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