Who should Arsenal drop to to fit in Alexis against Tottenham?

Hello Gooners all over the world! by DD

I hope we are all buzzing with the 5-star performance from the Arsenal lads yesterday and we are all now looking forward to next weekend’s North London Derby. We are all hoping that the boys will be firing on all cylinders against the Spuds. Saying that, Arsenal will have Alexis Sanchez back for the Derby but who will Wenger drop to put him back in the starting line-up? Ozil or Walcott??

In my opinion Walcott should be the one, simply because he had more clear chances yesterday and his finishing and decision-making were bad, he still has to come to his best after his injury. Alexis, on other hand, should start and link with Ozil – that will spell trouble the Spuds defence.

My second argument is Ramsey’s poor passing and selfish play compares badly with Thomas Rosicky’s recent brilliant form? For me Rosicky should start with Cazorla and Coquelin, his passing and creativity, plus experience, should convince Wenger to pick TR7 over the Welsh international. The team I am picking to beat Spuds is….

Bellerin – Per – Kos – Monreal
Coquelin – Rosicky – Cazorla
Ozil – Giroud – Alexis

With Likes of Ramsey, Walcott, Gabriel and Welbeck on the bench we should be good to go to White Hart Lane and beat Spuds. I also hope the other teams lose so we can sit in the driving seat for a Top Three finish plus retaining the FA Cup.

Since this is my first article I will keep it short and simple. ‘Til next time.
Love and peace to all Gooners all over the world.

David (Tatek) from South Africa.

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  1. Ozil should come off the bench for Cazorla not played wide on the flanks, that’s not his strength and this is not Aston Villa. We need Walcott’s speed on the flanks to stretch the spud’s defense and get them on the counterattack. TR7 over Ramsay is a brilliant idea, he’s a better defender, passer and even scorer plus more experience so that one is a no-brainer, even though wenger is all about youth TR7 should get the nod against the bigger teams

    1. Why not…
      Coq santi
      Walcott ozil sanchez
      Ramsey is probably my favourite arsenal player but hasn’t quite reached the form that we all know he is capable of

      1. You guys need to listen to Martin Keown’s break down of our win over Villa, he highlights the importance of RAMSEY in the transition from defense to attack.
        When asked of the importance of Coquelin in the win he goes on to point out how Coquelin is the solid DM, Ramsey allowing the transition with Santi moving the break forward.
        Watch it, you would learn a lot about football.

        1. AH OK a thumbs down because some dick obviously thinks they know better than Martin Keown, one of the more intelligent and articulated pundits on TV, with a great footballing brain.

    1. The only player I can suggest is Sissoko as he is being offered by Newcastle

      Other than that I can’t see anyone

  2. We’ll probably see Walcott left out. Seems the obvious choice seeing as he isn’t quite fit enough yet. Özil and Alexis on the wings, Giroud up top, Cazorla, Ramsey and Coquelin in the middle. I don’t like seeing Özil on the wings.. But knowing Wenger, that’s what’ll happen.

    1. My team is the same. My problem with Ozil in the middle is his defending.Seeing as Monreal has speed Ozil on left would be better as he roams inside.Walcot to come on for Mozart in 65 min Akpom if Ozil tires in 75. This is the headache we and Wenger have been waiting for.From now it’s gonna get awkward,but that’s life. 2-1 Arsenal. CB

    2. i think all 9 of these positions are set. To me, the only argument will be between starting Ramsey or Rosicky and between Theo or Ozil.

    3. Alexis for Walcott seems best. Subs of Rosicky, Walcott, potentially Akpom. Defense is key. Winning possession with Alexxis, Coq, Ramsey sounds good. I feel like if we can keep possession, counter. We can win. Big game for Coq laying in front of center backs and keeping possession. Limit turnovers playing from the back.

  3. The Spuds game is vital. We must maintain our momentum.
    So the Man City line-up is preferred, to protect back 5 in 1st half and counter attack.
    Bellerin – Per – Kos – Monreal
    Le Coq – Santi – Ramsey
    Alexis – Giroud – Ozil (free role as against Villa)

    Rosicky, Walcott on from 60 minutes

  4. Walcott must start if we can’t start Sanchez. He’s got same amount of goals in 335 minutes than Oxlade-Chamberlain has in 1957 mins. Let that sink in..

    1. Some of the Liverpool lot were moaning about their team’s attacking players pressing too much.

      They seemed to feel the pressing effected their ability to set themselves up for an attack.

  5. Team rotation is what we need, recent tactics works better if we can stick to it and improve more.
    Most goals were counter attack not a typical arsenal style but we have result in counter football.
    Watch out spuds!!!

  6. Walcot must sit on that bench as we take on Totenham.
    They guy was bad on and off the ball.
    Did some of u actually watch this match or u are just joking!
    The guy was only saved by that goal he scored otherwise he was below average.

  7. what a silly write up. Ramsey??? bad passes? I didnt see dat and his marking was ok plus his positioning which helped him in getting losed balls forward. I think we shd leaarn to praise and respect our players when due. abt theo yeah he cud be dropped. I’m nt saying he had a great game yesterday but saying that he had more clear chances sounds ridiculous. he faded dor most part bt he was always lurking. all in all Roza though is arguably our best passer bt he needs someone like walcot who is always lurking for spaces and I also think ramsey offer more defensively this days than Roza. you might need to re-watch the match to understand my points. one love gooners everywhere

  8. Maybe use all- Walcott, Ozil, Cazorla, Sanchez
    in 4-1-4-1 formation with Coquelin behind them and Giroud ahead of them.

    Wenger will work something out

    Whatever the players are, we will mash the spuds.
    We have to

  9. Nice article indeed. The way I see it, walcott and Tomas should rest on the bench for atleast 60mins.




    My subs will be:
    Szceszny, chambers, walcott, Tomas, Akpom
    For substitution, walcott come in for Ozil and Rosicky for Ramsey then may be Apkom given a little minutes to feature also.
    My idea is that; we started with a strong team and when we substitute, we added into our game pace; by that time they (Spuds) must have wear out and we can now use pace to stretch them to breaking point. Also, Tomas is more defensive than Ramsey, which means more cover for back four. (@Maigari33)

  10. The question is very specific. “Who gives way for Sanchez?” The way the question is set clearly indicates that Sanchez must come back into the team against Spurs and why not? He is our top goal scorer and his work rate suits a derby as crucial as Arsenal vs Tottenham. Who do I feel should start on the bench? My answer is Walcott because he is the one who is not strong defensively and yet we need plasyers who can do both defence and offence. This is not the same thing as saying he shouldn’t play. All it means is that on Saturday Walcott will start on the bench and then come on as a substitute with about 25 minutes remaining. Walcott can steal have positive impact and can even score a brace in those 25 minutes.

  11. Correction. My last sentence above should read “Walcott can still have positive impact—–” instead of ‘steal’.

  12. As a starting XI I would go with: Ospina-Bellerin;Mertesacker;Kolscieny;Monreal-Coquelin;Ramsey (Cazorla)-Sanchez;Cazorla (Özil) ;Walcott (Chamberlaine)-Giroud.

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