Who should Arsenal fans now support in the Europa League? Wolves or Man United?

Happy Tuesday Gooners all over the world. Hope we enjoyed our FA cup game last night? The FA cup to me is not really relevant to me, as winning it won’t excite my heart. So, either we win it or not, I am not that bothered. Sorry, if I sound blunt but that is just how I feel right now!

While the FA cup game was going on last night, I found myself eavesdropping on a conversation between two jolly good Arsenal fans. One was of the opinion that since Arsenal were no longer playing in the Europa this season, he would love any of the English clubs still in the competition to lift the trophy. The other one agreed with the first guy but in a different manner. He supports the idea of an English team lifting the Europa trophy but he would not want Manchester United to win it! According to him, if the Red Devils should win the Europa this season, it would be a slap in the face to Arsenal and it will give a lot of his Manchester united friends enough ammunition to frustrate his life, both at work or at home. Interesting one, you will agree with me.

Well, to me, I think I agree with the second guy. I would gladly support Wolves in the Europa, if I was asked to choose which English team I would love to support. Why? Read on..

We are aware that Wolves are playing Olympiacos in the round of 16. If they are to play against the team who knocked us out, won’t we be getting back at the Greek team by giving all our full support to Wolves? There is a saying in the Yoruba language here in Lagos, and it says “if one of your enemies is fighting another of your enemy, it would be wise to support the enemy that has hurt you less.” What am I trying to say here? Wolves are our rival in the Premiership; they are even in the race to finish in the top four, but are they really a problem to Arsenal? No, they are not! If Arsenal had gotten their act right, Wolves may probably not be so close to the top four at the moment.

Wolves are not the cause of our problems and they won’t ever be. Now that they are playing Olympiacos, we should support them and use our fans strength to push them to glory. If they get to the final and lift the cup, maybe that may pave the way for Arsenal to even end the league in the top four or top five, as going all the way in Europe may weaken Wolves in the long run and it could be beneficial to us in the league. As for Manchester United lifting the Europa, I seriously hope and pray against that.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. was long as the team is from England and has gone through all the English people should rally behind their own putting behind rivalvies, etc aside. it shows good sportsmanship and maturity at highest level.

  2. No one – who cares?

    and as for rooting for the other English teams left in the tournament – absolutely not. I’m an Arsenal fan and under absolutely no circumstances would I ever root for another English club in any competition….apart from maybe Newcastle as I am a Geordie, but them challenging for any kind of trophy is unlikely!

    1. “Arsenal were founded as Dial Square in 1886 by a group of workers employed by the Dial Square workshop at the Royal Arsenal, an armaments factory in Woolwich, Kent.

      They were led by a Scotsman, David Danskin, who purchased the club’s first football, and Jack Humble.”

      We owe our famous “Red & White” to a former Nott’s Forest keeper joining, and blagging a set of kit from his old club.

      No Wolves connection I’m aware of.

  3. Good point here: not play Europa gives us an edge on both teams, obliged to play Thursday and week end; 6 games before final.

    As long as we focus and winning each games, we’ll make it to top4, Man City excluded.

    If I’m correct, can be 5 EPL teams in CL if Wolves or Man U win it and out of top 4.

    If Im still correct; Spurs, Reds, Man City wins CL and in top 4, would have 4th team pushed to EL football. Maximum of 5 EPL can make CL, not 6.

    Our target is winning all games and hope Leicester and Chelsea and others lose and draws many, wich is most likely to happen.

    Not playing league cup also gets us more rest while Cup win secures EL football.

    It’s really up to us and must of course wish to have 5 teams in CL and be in it. Gonna be a tuff fight with many teams targeting Europe football or fighting for survival.

  4. Love the arrogance: “Wolves will never be a problem to us”. So typical of the fans of the so called big clubs. I think you might find out that Wolves are a big problem for you. They have the much better side right now, are well above you in the table and have more ambition. You let yourself down with that comment.

    1. Ooh!
      Wolves are indeed doing very well and YOU appear to have a great structure at the club

      I grew up in a generation long since past when only one team played the European Cup and a couple in the one below. We all supported the team playing for us as a nation rather than against our rivals in the league

      As an Arsenal supporter now I’d choose any team that I believe would suffer as a result of pursuing the Europa league if it helped Arsenal climb into a European place next season


      1. Yes me too for my own club which isn’t Wolves by the way. I was just commenting on the arrogance, shame to see if from an Arsenal fan, a club I have long admired but then again the media only cares about a handful of clubs and so the fab start to look down in others.

  5. No-one, personally I don’t care about this Cup now we are out. This may be small minded but I am an Arsenal supporter and don’t follow or support any other English team in Europe.

  6. Europa is dead to me now just like the League cup was once we are out. The only reason I am still watching champions League is because I want to see spurs and Chelsea lose. Hopefully by Wednesday night I won’t have to watch that anymore either.

    But if someone held a gun at my head and said u have to su[port a team in the Europa league, it would be Glasgow Rangers, because I hate Celtic too.

    Oh an for the record, Arteta was complaining about too much football for players. So he shou;d go all out for Champions League football, not the fa cup or 6th place.

    If we do end up playing in the EL next season he should completely not involve his best x1 and use it totally for rotation purposes along with both domestic cups until both cups offer champions league football that should be that.

    I think that should be a consideration instead of 4th place automatically getting in why not have a 2 match final at wembley and scrap the community shield league cup winners v fa cup winners with the winners meeting 4th place in the final.

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