Who should Arsenal use until Alexis is back?

Depending on how quickly the Arsenal and Chile star Alexis Sanchez gets back to match fitness and into the swing of the new season, the Gunners will have to manage between one and four games without our best player of last season. And with all the talk of how much our slow start cost us last time and how important it is for us to hit the ground running this year, Arsene Wenger has a big decision on his hands about who to use in that left forward position.

I think that Danny Welbeck would be the manager´s first choice if he was fit but it looks like the England striker is still carrying a minor injury problem and unless he sees some action during our two Emirates Cup games this weekend, I cannot see him starting against Chelsea and Wenger will want to have his starting line up set by then.

Assuming that Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott will occupy the other two forward positions, who will take the place of Alexis? It could be young Chuba Akpom and if the 19-year old can impress and get himself on the scoresheet this weekend then he has a good chance to claim that spot.

After that we are looking at players that are not specialist forwards, such as Jack Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and even Aaron Ramsey if the boss goes with Coquelin and Cazorla in the middle. So Gooners, who would you go for in the Alexis position?

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    1. Ox seems to be a no-brainer, so that means Ramsey will start on the wing. Wenger usually does the most illogical thing, and then condescendingly explains how perfectly logical it is.

  1. the 200m in the bank atm is because of all the ST renewals Circa £60m spare, rest goes on wages & costs
    based on AST Analysis of Arsenal Holdings PLC Year Accounts taking in2 accounts matchday revenue/broadcast / retail/commercial/loans /property wages etc
    we have roughly 80-90m to spend & have cleared wages upto 455/w

    because @budd/b*tt was blaming me for lord harris statement the idiot gives his opinion to everybody

      1. the awkward moment budd is lurking around breathing around your neck ready to go super ghetoo ready for insulting, killing, fooling, hahah. Sometimes i get the feeling that this to and fro between them is staged or something.

    1. Any reliable intel on a striker coming to the club?

      It’s painful watching giroud upfront especially for another year .. His the weakest link by far in our side

      1. it would be more painful if we only sign 1 striker….

        if the striker get injured for 2-3 months…we would still rely on Giroud…

        1. That’s what I liked about tying Oli down, we have a French International first teamer pushing hopefully a star striker for game time. The haters should admit that not many teams would have a better second choice striker than Giroud. His battling qualities are much needed in a title chasing team, granted you need more than one established striker, but Giroud none the less… has allot to offer.

          1. Erm

            Costa falcao
            Rooney Hernandez (they want another striker)
            Aguero bony
            Sturridge ings

            Bearing in mind giroud is our first choice atm all them strikers are ahead of him

            1. Falcao flopped, Hernandez and Ings are below Giroud, Sturridge is turning into Diaby mkII.

              I agree on the others.

            2. LOL – “All ahead of him” in what? Scoring less goals? 6 of the 8 are behind him in terms of goals scored in last 2 seasons.

    1. Do these people on this site earn money whenever they pull out a new topic out of there asses or whats up with this?

      The question which are being asked have ben answered a milion times before. And even if they havent, a half functional brain would know who will play in Sanchez absence. It is not my fat Gf but Ox, Welbeck, Wilsher, Ramsey, Ozil. And so on.

        1. Ha ha well played sir. But no insults, name calling, or anything?
          No points, and I thumbed you down b/c you weren’t childish or petty, lol

  2. Welbeck used to play Left at the mighty championship winning Team De Gea Utd !!!

    The House of Rahman and its representatives would go for Gibbs…hes a leftie and has pace..

    Monreal at LB….Gibbs in front of him….Gibbs knows the left side well

  3. I reckon it’ll be Ramsey. Not sure about left wing though he may play Theo out there like in the Eve game for spells. Ox and Theo would suit me fine, if Welbz is injured.

  4. Would really not like to see ox play on the left because he has been developing into a fine rite winger. Ask yourself this, would you play Alexis on the rite when his best position is on d left? No. Den y play ox on left.

  5. All this talk is shit bottom line we were 5 games away from the EPL last season end of. All the top teams have new players in we have a 33 year old keeper that is past his best. Everything has gone up at arsenal to the point we can’t fill the stadium. 4 players needed as he has let enough go on loan or sold. MA BFG MF are some that will keep holding us back. I like BFG but he cost us points so new players needed. Or AW needs to go and a kloop or next season PG from Munich

  6. Logically given the the formation last season he would go with:
    Coquelin Santi
    Ramsey Ozil Ox
    OG12 or TW

    But here is another possibility

    Ramsey Coquelin
    Wilshire Ozil Santi

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