Who should be Arsenal’s captain next season?

Who should be Arsenal’s captain next season? By SK

The season is almost coming to an end. No matter how we end the season we surely need to plan ahead for next season. One major issue we need to thrash out at the end of the season is the issue of who wears the captain’s armband.

Per Mertesacker is our captain for this campaign but he has not featured in any game this season. Mikel Arteta was also our captain last season but he played few games for us. This trend of choosing captains who don’t really play for us has to stop. We need an on the field general and not a non-playing captain. We need a captain that will also be the leader and the coach to his fellow players on the pitch. At the end of this season, I believe our BFG will be allowed to go and the issue of choosing a new captain for next season will arise. So, who should wear the skipper’s armband next season?

Whoever coaches Arsenal next will be the one to choose his captain but suggesting certain players for him to choose, won’t be a bad idea, will it?

1: Laurent Koscielny: The Boss, as he is fondly called by fans, has done a great job of deputizing for the captain this season. His impact in games can’t be over-looked, especially in games where we need defensive stability. He has led quite well from the back and even scored vital goals for us, when we needed a goal. That football pundits generally agree that Arsenal fell apart against Bayern Munich after he left the field is a testimony to his leadership qualities. He won’t be a bad choice to be captain next season that is if he can remain fit. The boss is in his 30’s and he is at the stage where he should be playing less. So, if he is to be given the role of the skipper, then the club needs to look for a way to keep him fit for more than half of the season.

2: Jack Wilshere: Something tells me the Jack will be the future captain of this club. Probably because of the zeal and passion he puts into games he plays for the club. He is skillful, has the fighting spirit in him, plays with his body and soul, and he knows how to score. A good choice for the skipper role if you ask me – but he has to be fit! Jack is no stranger to injuries and this may rule him out of the list. We need a captain who will be on the field more times than when he won’t be on it. So, unless he manages to be fit, he won’t be a good choice.

3: Petr Cech: Do goal keepers still captain teams? Well, I can’t say much about that but what I know is that Cech will be a captain if he is allowed to be. He is calm, experienced and calculated. He is also a good goalie, despite the goals he has conceded this season. What more can I say about him that we don’t know about him? If he remains an Arsenal player next season, then I strongly feel he should be considered.

4: Hector Bellerin: This young Spaniard has proven he has really improved. He has played so well for us these past two seasons, to the extent that other bigger clubs are looking to prise him away from us next season. The surest way to keep him as an Arsenal player, is to make him the skipper of the team.

So Gooners, these are the players I will recommend as future captain of this club, who will you recommend?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. ThirdManJW says:

    If by some miracle, Sanchez stays, I would make him captain. Like a lot of players, he hates losing, but unlike a lot of players, he doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind. We need a strong minded individual that isn’t scared of ruffling a few feathers.

    1. verstellung says:

      I agree with Sanchez, but if he goes, I think Xhaka or Wilshire.
      Someone with some stones. BFG and Koss have not acted as captains while wearing the arm band, IMO
      Feel like you could cut line on them at Disney and they would just bow their head and turn away.
      For that matter, only a few Arsenal players show any stones to back up their team mates. Disheartening really….

  2. frank says:

    Probably someone that will sit on the bench and cheer them on like the last few years.

    Sanchez is going and I know people keep saying that Arsenal are spineless but it is true. The only one in that team that is a leader is Laurent Koscielny.

    So other than Arsenal winning the FA Cup, how good would it be to see Leicester City win the Champions League.

  3. Jansen says:

    I am sorry to say and mean no disrespect, but these type of questions mean very little without knowing who our manager is going to be. If Wenger will be our manager again next season the answer to this question will have no impact, the players who stay or leave will have little impact and the players we buy will have little impact, that is of course if you think in terms of winning the PL or CL.

    We could buy Messi and Suarez and still would win nothing.

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