Who should be England’s first choice at the Euros? Bukayo Saka or Phil Foden?

Does Saka start for England at the Euro’s?

I know a lot of Arsenal fans aren’t too concerned about how England will do in the Euro’s this year, but considering how the last Euros went for England, this will be another massive tournament for Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka and his England career. After the loss to Italy, it couldn’t have been easy for Saka, getting a lot of abuse and being one of the player’s who were most blamed, because he missed a penalty, and coming into this tournament is going to be a huge thing for him.

Obviously since then Saka has grown a lot and disappointments are a huge part of any footballer’s journey, but the level of abuse he got after last time, does leave you to wonder how he will approach this tournament, especially how the manager will approach it after last time.

Saka will be fighting for his spot against Manchester City’s Phil Foden and after another great personal season for Foden at City, it’s hard to argue that he won’t get the starting spot over Saka, but I think Garreth Southgate has a few big decisions to make. Saka had another great season at Arsenal, scoring and assisting goals for fun and has really proved that he can compete with the big boys.

Luckily for Southgate, he has two great options and I think Saka will start at least a few games and knowing how hard he trains and plays, I don’t think anyone will be able to question that decision, but taking in to account everything that happened last time, I’m worried that Southgate will try wrap him up in cotton wool and won’t take another risk on the young winger like he did last time.

I watched ‘The Final’ on Netflix the other day and relived the Euro’s final again and just couldn’t help but feel sick about the whole thing. Saka is still a young lad and missing that penalty would have crushed him.  I can only assume that it haunts him till this day, so this tournament will be big for him and will show us his determination to prove himself and all the doubters wrong.

So, will he start? In my opinion, yes, but I don’t think he gets more starts than Foden. I think Southgate will be careful of what situations he puts his young players in this time and unfortunately, I think a lot of the problems from last time will weigh heavy on his decisions for this tournament.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. My thoughts ate: if both the right wingers of Foden and Saka are all fit and in top form to start. They SHOULD fit individually or even collectively if need be. Start matches for England at the next Euro tournament this year. But with the Football Player Of The Season Phil Force likely to get more starts than Sake would. I would think.
    And if Foden does play very well for England from the on set of the tourney. And which culminated to hin scoring goals and proving assists and went on like that.
    The possibility of Gareth Southgate the 3Lions boss dropping Foden to the bench for Saka to start for no any apparent reason may become a hard decision for Southgate to make.

  2. Saka is the only England player where defenders are so scared of his skills and ability that they always double up their marking of him. I could not say the same for Folden. Saka is still able to produce the goods even when double marked, that puts him in the same class as players like Messi who was also double marked. If Folden was unfortunate to be double marked like Saka every game, then he would be marked out the game and considered ordinary. Folden is luck that defenders do not find him as threatening as Saka.

  3. They’ll both start. Not sure why the author thinks Saka will be ‘haunted’ by what happened at the last tournament when he has clearly gone from strength to strength since. Including stepping up to be Arsenal’s penalty taker without, seemingly, a second thought.

  4. Right wing isn’t foden best position, the position doesn’t suit his skills if saka will competition for his place than it’s Cole Palmer, foden will battle it out with Bellingham

  5. There’s no need to choose between Saka & Foden, as they can operate together, but if there had to be a choice I’d go with Foden as he was on fire last season. Palmer is the obvious player to alternate with or even replace Saka.
    England are blessed to have such talented attacking players.

  6. Foden and Palmer had better seasons and should be the starters if that is the metric.

    I love Saka as an Arsenal fan, but Foden is better if I am being honest. Maybe it will change in the future, but being honest Foden is the better of the 2.

  7. If it’s a choice between the 2 Foden is miles ahead of Saka. Now i love Saka but I don’t have the blinkers on like some.

    Saka is a very good player, that’s all.

  8. Foden of course. Don’t want to risk an injury to Saka. Hope he doesn’t play a lot of minutes for England

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