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Who should be in the Arsenal starting XI against Everton?

I must admit I was amazed that Unai Emery played so many of the Arsenal first team against Vorskla on Thursday, but I can’t imagine he will be playing them all again today against Everton. Petr Cech had a rest and is certain to be starting today, but which other players will be starting again?

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The defence against Vorskla was not our usual four with Lichtsteiner and Holding making their first starts of the season, but I expect Bellerin and Mustafi to regain their places. Monreal must play as we have no replacements available but will Emery pick the 30 year old Sokratis to play his third game in a week, or will he give Mavropanos a chance to impress?

In midfield Emery gave Torreira and Elneny their first starts as well, but I think Guendouzi and Ramsey will be back on the teamsheet this afternoon, along with Mesut Ozil.

Up front we had Iwobi, Welbeck and Aubameyang, and to be fair Iwobi had an excellent game and may retain his place. Aubameyang scored twice so should really start again, but as Emery said, he has lots of choices for the front line. When asked about wether Aubameyang would keep his place, he said: “I also have a lot of confidence in Lacazette, but also Welbeck and Nketiah. They are our strikers.

“I am going to work with them and give them my confidence and our work is to do one collective work to give them the best possibilities in the attacking moments to score.

“The players played like we want [against Vorskla] and we take more minutes and Sunday, I think, we have a big range of options to choose the best first 11. I think we also have players to help them after the start of the match.

“I am very happy to have these strikers for us.”

I think Lacazette was rested on Thursday so he can start today, but maybe Aubameyang will likely go back out to the wing. Nketiah scored twice more for the U23s in midweek and I would love to see him given a chance but that is unlikely today…

So my team for today is…

Bellerin – Mustafi – Sokratis – Monreal
Ramsey – Guendouzi – Iwobi
Ozil – Lacazette – Aubameyang

Who would you choose?


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27 thoughts on “Who should be in the Arsenal starting XI against Everton?

  1. Phil

    Bellerin Mustafi Sokritis Monreal
    Xhaka Mykitarian
    Lacazette Aubamayang

    That is the best team and formation we currently have at the Club.

    1. Midkemma

      If I was the boss then I would prob go with something like this for the players we have in the squad, I personally feel the formation can leave us a bit narrow unless we accept the fullbacks will be acting like wingers for large parts, the DM/CBs would need to cover the fullbacks when they are forward/ahead of play.

      This formation though gives us both Laca and Auba upfront, it would allow Auba to play to his strengths and Laca to play to his strengths… I personally have wanted to see this for a while but kinda got used to accepting we will only see them together with one of them as an inside forward.

      I would also like to see Mkhi in CM, he may not be as good as Cazorla but could he take up the carrying role from CM? Someone we can trust to hold onto the ball as he slips past a player or two before releasing our attack? With good def players around him then maybe… and it could relieve pressure on the CBs if we didn’t fail to carry the ball out our own half as much.

      Also, I do think the players around Ozil in this formation would allow Ozil to focus on what he is best at, dropping off the radar (for everyone, us fans and the opposition players) and getting into positions where he can utilize his passing while not being pressured instantly because he is so obviously a big player for ‘them’ (They saying about us) and can’t shake the persistent attention. The four players around him will be close enough to grab players attention and they all have slightly different qualities which can trip up oppositions thinking.

      I doubt we will see this though. I do believe it will take a brave manager to break the current meta formations in the EPL currently, teams copy what works and until a manager has the footballs to show this will work… I doubt we will see it.

  2. Alldwayfromafrica

    Litch mustafi sokratis monreal
    Xhaka toriera guendouzi
    Ozil lacazete iwobi….
    I don’t fancy aubameyang as I wingers or ” inside forward” because he is been wasted there and won’t score 10/13 on the wing…. however, whatever team we start with should be winning a game like this…..and carry on the momentum…coyg

    1. Midkemma

      You claim he will not score 10-13 as an inside forward and I would like to hear why this is the case when Aubameyang shown a better goalscoring record for Arsenal last seasons when he has played as an inside forward.

      He has been used as a CF this season and he has done poorly at it, unable to hold the ball up well enough and not aiding the attack by involvement, his gameplay is off the ball movement or driving at players with the ball at his feet… Not so much the getting involved in linkup one twos and bullying CBs around.

      As I said earlier, Aubameyang has scored more as an inside forward than as a CF(last season) and I need to double check this but I think the UEL game meant he has 1 less as a CF to his time as a inside forward in total for Arsenal.

      If you are unwilling to see how Aubameyang can score 10-13 goals from the inside forward position even though he has been for us then what does he need to do?

  3. Quantic Dream

    I’d ditch Ramsey and Bellerin but otherwise its a good line up. ION So satisfying to see the utd fans angrily turn on the little, underperforming snake Sanchez! Are even calling him “the worst utd signing in years!” Some Falcao 2.0! What a wonderful sight.

    1. gotanidea

      It’s because of the way Man United play, or maybe because of how EPL teams generally play

      Falcao was also lousy at Chelsea, but he thrives at Monaco

  4. barryglik

    Should be a cracker fixture.
    Going for a home win
    and yes a clean sheet
    Arsenal 3 Everton 0.
    5th = with the homeless neigbours 🙂

  5. Alldwayfromafrica think I didnt want him gone..
    Mhki just had to turn up full time to make man u fans go berserk about the deal.

    1. gotanidea

      Sanchez was great and he helped us to get three FA Cups. It was Arsenal that cancelled the Man City deal

      Sanchez still gave us 19 EPL goals/ 7 EPL assists in his last season. Actions speak louder than words

      Mkhitaryan has to fix his fluctuating performances. I believe he can do that if he plays as a no 10

      1. David Rusa

        No Sanchez won two FA cups. He hadn’t yet joined us in 2014. It is Ozil who has won 3 FA trophies. Whatever record Sanchez had, he spoiled it through his antics which forced us to offload him mid season. He created dressing room unrest which partly contributed to our poor season. It is not enough to do good once and then do worse things than the good you did. If you compare Sanchez and Van Persie, who would you say is better? Sanchez became bullish when Chile won Copa America on the trot. He saw himself as a kind of cult figure which led to his ultimate decline. It might take a move away from Man U for him to regain his erstwhile status as a top player.

        1. jon fox

          Sanchez? Oh yes , now I just about remember him. The avaricious Chilean dwarf, who is hated by most United fans, as well as ours too and who thinks the whole world revolves around his giant ego. GOOD RIDDANCE JERK!

  6. nayr







  7. Alldwayfromafrica

    Hahaha…I don’t know which I found more funny..
    Keeping a clean sheet or our homeless noisy neighbors..@barryglick

  8. Alldwayfromafrica

    OT…just watched the gervinho goal for parma in Italy and wondered where this gervinho was when he missed a sitter against Bradford some season back.

  9. gotanidea

    I predict Emery would select these players, based on their seniority:

    Bellerin . Mustafi . Sokratis . Monreal
    …………Ramsey ….. Xhaka
    Mkhitaryan ……Ozil ……Aubameyang

  10. jon fox

    Mr.Admin, You are crazy in saying that Emery played so many first team members against Vorskla. He did not! He made 8 changes to THAT starting eleven from the true first team he picked the game before. Most of our preferred starters today did NOT therefore play on Thursday. We have a first team squad for a reason and he used it. Where is YOUR problem? In any case ANY of Thursdays starters he might use today have had three days rest and no travelling in between. Snowflakes excuse maker supreme, aka MR. ADMIN. I am horrified at your wimpishness on our players behalf.

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